Wednesday, July 29, 2020

C19 Update: Mo' Records, Mo' Records, Mo' Records

New records are the order of the day for the Wuhan virus in Mississippi.   The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 1,505 new cases of the Wuhan virus yesterday as well as 20 new deaths. The total number of cases is 55,804. The virus has caused 1,563 deaths. Nursing home deaths comprise 48% of overall Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi. There are 30,315 recoveries. More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website. The Rt factor is 1.15.

 The news is all bad for the big chart.  Hospitalizations are 969, ICUs are 288, and vents are 169.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ain't skeered, ain't skeered, ain't skeered . . . of this little ole virus.

Anonymous said...

My God. A whole 600,000 plus dead in the whole wide world, out of what, & Billion, with 150,000 of that total in the USA. Yup, you all are right we are all going to hell, so pack your bags boys and girls. Maybe they will come out with the pills they used for "On The Beach", or Jim Jones Koolaid instead of a vaccine.

Anonymous said...

To borrow a line from "Cool Hand Luke", "What we have here is failure to communicate." Wake up, Tate! The virus does not stop at the county line!

Anonymous said...

Tate is awake and doing the best he can with the idiots at both extremes.

Anonymous said...

Y'all I am genuinely concerned that a huge percentage of our population are having a break with reality. They are refusing to accept the moment, so they are constructing alternate realities where it's okay for them to live without guilt. America is on the verge of a social psychotic break.

Sol Juette said...

When the tough times really hit, the State of MS and the USA are in for a real kick in the pants!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the worldwide numbers are anywhere near complete. There are too many areas where medical evaluation just doesn't exist and anyone who dies is buried, cremated, or otherwise disposed of.

As far as American numbers go, you've got an estimated 33,000,000 total infected including those that haven't been tested. Since nobody has immunity and you need 75% to get to herd immunity you would be looking at another 210,000,000 people getting infected and an additional loss of 1,000,000 lives, not to mention the medical costs associated with the 20,000,000 who would need hospitalization and follow-up treatments for complications.

You may pooh-pooh "only" 150,000 people who have died so far in the past four months, but you can't ignore over a million dead if we don't do something to control it before a treatment or vaccine is available.

Anonymous said...

@5:38 You cannot ask folks to essentially be non-social, change their work environment, limit once in a lifetime activities indefinitely. They asked for a couple weeks initially and we are now 5 months in. Is the virus serious for some? Yes, which is why the most vulnerable need to do everything they can to protect themselves. Would it slow the spread if we all sheltered In place? Yes. Would it eradicate the virus? No. We are only prolonging the time the virus will be with us by stopping/limiting all normal activities. Is it necessary at times to put measures in place to slow the spread? Maybe for a very defined and short period. However, at some point, everyone has to realize that none of us are getting any younger (life is passing by) and we have to learn to live with the virus. Flatten the curve means prolonging the curve...speaking of that, what happened to the "Flatten the Curve" mantra?

At some point, life and the world has to move on even though the threat of the virus is still with us. What happens if some other infectious malady strikes after Covid? We cannot stop living life forever.

Anonymous said...

Basically you are just realizing we are living in f*cking clown world.

We have been disconnected from reality since the TV became popular. Combine that with the insanity we are forced to swallow in the name of social justice.

So yeah the sleeper has awakened. Neo takes the red pill. The fire rises. You can't take the Truth Glasses back off.

The sheep are finally starting to notice we have reached peak collective psychosis and are clawing back control in whatever way they can.

Anonymous said...

Have friends in Central America. Writes that they have stopped watching American TV and can't believe how the American people have allowed themselves to be so duped and cowed. It is a very un-American condition. I'm feeling pretty dang embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

I realize it is only the NEJM, but:

This is in the public section, so folks should be able to go right to it. There are several other papers on the subject, but some are subscribers-only. Of the last 3-4 I've seen there, all find that hydroxychloroquine has not been a prophylaxis or had substantive efficacy in treating COVID-19.

Anonymous said...

7:20. Tell your friends we do this to ourselves all the time. This time we have really stepped in it. I agree with the other post, what will we do if something truly bad happens in this country. Betting we find out shortly.

Anonymous said...

It boggles my mind as to how people believe this is fake/conspiracy or that you can get it from wearing a mask. Do you know how many people have to be in on this conspiracy and how long they'd have to commit to it to sell it to the entire world? As for the masks (SMFH), how have surgeons and hospital staff been performing hours long surgeries in the past while wearing masks and never contracted anything or died. THIS IS REAL, I know people who refused to wear a mask and that contracted the virus and recovered, and I know some who refused to wear a mask and died. We wouldn't have to shut everything down if people committed to taking measures to stop/slow the spread. Wear a mask. It is extremely childish and idiotic to call something fake b/c it contradicts what you believe. This is akin to flat-earthers, fake moon landing and the earth being the center of the universe. This should not be political, left/right, red/blue. This is natural selection. I've been wearing a mask when I go out since about March. I'm not dead, haven't contracted the virus and still go to work. There's really no harm in complying with the Governor's suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Compare the US to the rest of the world and it is truly embarrassing for us. No other developed country has the numbers we do, because no other country has the amount of MORONS we do. Wear a mask. Hydroxychloroquine is not going to save us. Don't you think if there was a drug that worked the pharmaceutical companies would be jamming it down our throats?? Wake up from your Qanon and anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories and check out some actual science.

Anonymous said...

You people are definitely putting a price on life. Your childrens, your elder, the disabled. To you people money is more important. But the truth is the money hasn't even been real for a long time. They always print as much as they want for nukes and rockets and airplanes and submarines.

Calm Down said...

Landed on this article that might interest some of you concerning the 'test' that is being used to diagnose corona. It's not as black and white as you might think.

Anonymous said...

I have posted on this site several times venting about the little shit Nazis who live all around us and have tried to scare shame or bully us all into closing down, going broke, putting our kids once in a life time moments in the trash can, no church, and wear a mask(which just read about past studies with proper scientific methods, masks are usually worn wrong make it worse, at best slow transmission by 1.4%!) and I have Been hated and battered on by these same nazis and none of you people were commenting, I thought I was the last sane person alive! One Karen read the link to a study I posted then claimed with that 1.4% transmission rate, the virus would be eradicated so “wear the damn mask!” Can you all believe that? Right here on jambalaya! Then the rest of her little idiot compatriots piled on the shame me even tho we are all anonymous....

Anonymous said...

The NEJM published study was done by Drs in Brazil on hospitalized patients from 55 hospitals (can you even imagine the disparities) (25% “suspected” Covid, not even confirmed) and they were given excessive amounts of HCQ and Zpack (without zinc) which will cause QT prolongation. Many of these studies are being done intentionally to prove HCQ doesn’t work so usually they are done with incorrect dosages or very sick patients who are advanced in their Covid disease progression.

The patients in the control group were not receiving the same standard of care as the standard was defined by whichever physician was attending those patients.

Also if you dig into the study numbers, you’ll find that out of the patients given HCQ and Zpack, only 3 died. In the control group and HCQ alone group, 10 died. So FEWER PEOPLE DIED ON THE HCQ/ZPACK REGIMEN. Statistically insignificant but still, maybe people deserve to know that?

FROM THE ACTUAL STUDY UNDER TRIAL LIMITATIONS: “The trial cannot definitively rule out either a substantial benefit of the trial drugs or a substantial harm....It is conceivable that interventions that may limit viral replication (e.g. Hydroxychloroquine) may be more effective earlier in the course of the disease.” That’s what we’ve all been saying. Early intervention would save lives.

They practically admit their own study is half-baked and inconclusive. Much ado about nothing.

HCQ should be used as early prevention against Covid, or at least made easily available to whoever wants it. Many countries around the world have much lower Covid mortality and they attribute this to HCQ/Zpack/Zinc combo, especially for high risk category patients. —see the low mortality rates around the world where HCQ is not politicized, 100% positive success rate when used early or prophylactically — Fauci’s NIH published study shows Chloroquine can be used to treat SARS Coronavirus — World’s top epidemiologist from France has success with HCQ in over 1000+ patients — Yale epidemiologist says HCQ could save thousands of lives

Anonymous said...

Statewide mask mandate now.7

Anonymous said...

Yawn! If you want to listen to this crap live, seven hours a day, tune in to Supertalk.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. death toll is the worst in the world, by a large measure. Despite having less than 5% of the global population, nearly a quarter of the 662,000 deaths reported during the pandemic worldwide have occurred in the United States. The next-worst toll is in Brazil, which is reporting around 89,000 deat

Despite the massive death toll and alarming spikes in new cases, Trump continues to push for a national reopening,(This is why Tater and other Republican Governors are failing to do the right thing) including a plan to tie federal funds to students' return to in-person classes when the new school year starts.

Anonymous said...

Add goggles to your shopping list per Fauci.

Anonymous said...

Sources of COVID outbreaks in San Diego County, California, as reported by Union Tribune reporter, with date of outbreak.

Food processing facility, 7/25
Business, 7/25
Business, 7/26
Restaurant/bar, 7/26
Restaurant/bar, 7/27
Restaurant/bar, 7/27
Restaurant/bar, 7/27
Restaurant/bar, 7/27
Restaurant/bar, 7/27
Gym, 7/27
Nail salon, 7/27
Residence, 7/27
Healthcare, 7/28
Restaurant/bar, 7/28

Is there any reason to believe that Jackson is much different?

Anonymous said...

Bet this is not a hoax or a Nazi-like plot to the families of those who have died.

Anonymous said...

well...we have our wall. we can’t leave the country because we are the third world country who can’t deal with a virus. how much GDP did we lose? 33%.

leadership is good AND bad times. america wasn’t made great again.

Anonymous said...

Once again, your emotional appeals are not an argument.

Anonymous said...

Tate should now follow the advise of Dr. Deborah Brix reported as follows:

"Birx then strongly argued for expanding mandatory mask-wearing orders at the state and local level, a step Trump has resisted on the national level.

“We believe if the governors and mayors of every locality right now would mandate masks for their communities and [if] every American would wear a mask and socially distance and not congregate in large settings where you can’t socially distance or wear a mask, that we can really get control of this virus and drive down cases as Arizona has done,” Birx said."

Tate: Just do it

Anonymous said...

Herman Cain died today from COVID. Cain attended Trump's rally in Tulsa just nine days before going into the hospital from COVID complications. He posted pictures of him in close contact with other members of Black Voices for Trump without any masks, and he had other travels without a mask as well. Poor guy had to suffer for almost a month with the disease before finally succumbing.

Just a hoax, right? No worse than the flu.

Anonymous said...

I cannot post the studies (or links to them) because they are subscription-only, but I can relay the gist of the results. I can also suggest that anyone interested can do some searching for the terms "rheumatoid arthritis plaquenil covid" and find some information. Plaquenil is a trademarked name of a specific dosage of hydroxychloroquine used for rheumatoid arthritis and lupis as well as a prophylaxis and treatment for malaria in non-chloroquine resistant areas (it is not a universal for malaria).

Because of its use for RA, etc., there were already cohorts that had been regularly taking it prior to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Studies done on members of those cohorts have indicated that it did not provide any substantive protection against COVID-19. The patients in the studied cohorts became infected and had symptoms consistent with the general population (i.e., a range of symptoms and some died). Is it possible that some of the issues associated with COVID-19 in particular patients can be treated by hydroxychloroquine (or azithromycin and/or zinc)? Yes, it is. But that is treating the "side effects," not COVID-19. It is akin to someone with a thoracic cavity gunshot wound and receives post-op antibiotics like cefazolin to prevent/treat infection. The fact that the cefazolin prevented or addressed the infection does not mean that it is a "treatment" for thoracic wounds and no sane person, doctor or not, would suggest or think that cefazolin could or would prevent people from being shot in the chest or treat anyone who had been shot in the chest.

Prior to COVID-19, Plaquenil was not prescribed to any and all RA patients (or even malaria patients) because it has side effects, including severe ones, that require testing, etc. for safe usage.

It is dangerous for people who have no training or experience with these things to take what they have heard on social media, "in the news," read online, etc. and either make unfounded assumptions about efficacy or spread such assumptions. Imagining and spreading impossible conspiracies to "hide" these drugs as "cure" or treatment is equally dangerous. There are simply too many people around the world, and with vastly different interests among them, to "hide" something as widely-known, widely-available, and widely understood as the chloroquine-based drugs being a general population drug for preventing, curing or even treating COVID-19. These drugs didn't gain initial notice because they was new, it gained that notice because SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 was new. But once it was clear that it wasn't as some early observers thought and studies were done showing that it wasn't effective, it became clear that they simply weren't useful for this. At the beginning of something like this, lots of things were theorized and tried that didn't turn out to work. I suspect if it hadn't been for Trump pimping it, it wouldn't be an issue. I also suspect that history will not be kind to him on this aspect of his tenure (his overall handling of COVID-19), regardless of anything else.

Anonymous said...

10:55 While I agree with the sentiment of Dr. Birx's appeal, it is the second part of her statement where everything falls apart. The sad reality is despite widespread knowledge that masks help prevent the transmission of respiratory diseases like COVID, there is a sizeable percentage of Mississippians who either disbelieve the science, think such a mandate is an attack on their liberties, or just simply can't be bothered with doing something for the benefit of society.

Tate can issue all the orders he wants, but without police enforcement the consistent usage of masks is not going to increase from where it is now.

Anonymous said...

11:39: Agreed. Local authorities or Tate should mandate fines for not wearing masks so everyone cooperated in common protection. Tate get serious with the virus!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to share @11:12. @5:28 AM We are not the worst in the world. We are 10th in death per 1/M ( If you compare number of deaths you have to compare equal populations, which would be US compared to half of Europe. And why is the US as high as it is? Top 5 death rates in US: NJ, NY, MA, CT, RI. Must be all those freedumb loving covidiots up there huh? Sweden deaths are at 0, many of the countries with the strictest lockdowns are having a resurgence. If masks were this end all be all of prevention we wouldn't even be dealing with this virus. They were a regular accessory of the Chinese and much of Asia before we even knew what COVID was.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I'll just keep on listening to the MFing SOBs who would let you freaking die with a hose down your throat while cashing in on the Gov't COVID game rather than try zinc supplements and a safe $2 drug that has been around for years at a dose of one 200mg tablet twice a week.

Anonymous said...

I really wish people knew how important it is to get your information from RELIABLE and TRUSTED sources. All .COM, .EDU, .NET, .ORG, .INFO ARE NOT created equal. Some have a duty to report correct and accurate information and report retractions and errors, and others don't and some are literally blogs and opinion sites. NEJM for example, while you may disagree with some of its content, the informaiton is peer-reviewed which is better than relying on some stranger's opinion.

Anonymous said...

2:42PM wrote, among other completely false things, "...Sweden deaths are at 0..."

Kingfish, why do you allow things like this? I'm not suggesting that you should prevent folks from expressing their opinions, but allowing completely false claims is another matter.

Sweden has had about 80,000 confirmed cases with about 5,700 deaths and is not effectively closer to "herd immunity" than, for example, Mississippi. And that's *Sweden* fer chrissakes - if Mississippi tried something like that, we'd have 200-300,000 cases and 15-30,000 deaths in a couple of months.

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