Friday, July 17, 2020

C19 Update: 1,032 New Cases, 24 Deaths

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 1,032 new cases of the Wuhan virus yesterday as well as 24 new deaths. The total number of cases is 40,829. The virus has caused 1,332 deaths. Nursing home deaths comprise 48% of overall Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi. There are 25,932 recoveries. More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website. The Rt factor is 1.04.

 The big chart remained the same, which means hospitalizations, ICUs, and vents are still at record levels.  

The Health Department chart only goes back three weeks. This chart provides the whole picture.

The virus continues to spread in Hinds County.


Anonymous said...

Just look at that death chart and the hospitalizations. We were supposed to flatten the curve and keep it flat, not call it a victory and return to normal without any further mitigation.

For those of you saying we just needed to keep the number of sick and dying to where the hospitals are not full, guess what, we're there. I assume now that we are being forced to transport patients out-of-state due to lack of resources that you support going back on lockdown.

At a minimum the governor needs to go through with his plan to shut down bars, indoor dining, and gatherings of more than 20 people. Call off fall sports and shut down college fraternities while he's at it. No amount of appeal to the public is doing any good, it is going to have to be done by mandate.

Kingfish said...

Show me where the outbreaks are coming from restaurants.

In Ca, they are keeping a log of such data. Are we? Would help tremendously.

Anonymous said...

I pass by the Overlook on the Res every weekend, it's much worse than going to school, shopping, bars and restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Can we start taking PE seriously in school again now? Sweden is showing us up.

Speaking of school, this new JPS superintendent seems 1,000 times better than the previous two. Seems to have a good plan, just gotta try and execute it now.

God Bless America and the World.

Anonymous said...

KF is correct, show us suspected infection points and MORE importantly, show us an age breakdown. Also breakdown who doesn’t even know they have it, those who sneezed and it turned out to be COVID, show us actual hospitalizations and deaths

Anonymous said...

Scared much of a illness that roughly 98% of affected survive? Like I say, WTF we gonna do when something with balls hits us.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, none of this data is all that useful for prevention without knowing the counties, demographics, and/or sources of positive cases each day. Hospitalization numbers also mean nothing unless we know how many are there strictly due to Covid and how many are there for other reasons but just happened to test positive while there.

Anonymous said...

"@PeterBurnsESPN tells us frustration is boiling over with coaches who follow safety protocols, but then see residents in their communities not taking safety precautions that would help allow for a football season."


The last thing that the masses who aren't wearing masks and following the recommendations want will be Coach Orgeron coming after their sorry asses. I've heard that he recently has taken up boxing lessons, too.

Anonymous said...

Dunno KF, but I thought dining was one of Tate's specific callouts. Now I can't find his quote. My apologies if I was mistaken.

Anonymous said...

we aren’t handling this pandemic as well as most third world countries. no leadership at the top. look around the world. we are the nation suffering the most.

Anonymous said...

I would love to a see a video of Coach Orgeron
talking about the Wuhan virus.

Can anyone provide a link ?

I can't find it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

3:38 The current estimate of infected Mississippians by is about 3.3%. So at most about 3 out of every 100 patients could be expected to randomly test positive. Most hospitals are screening patients before admission so that is going to weed a lot out before they get into the hospital. The odds of a person in the hospital randomly also having COVID is quite remote.

The vast majority of patients with documented COVID infections and almost all of those in the ICU with COVID are going to be there specifically because of COVID related problems.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, bars aren’t the problem. Packed bars are the problem. Full of young folks who spread the virus and usually never know they had it. They go to work on Monday, go see family, etc.

You can’t track where everybody got this. Not when it takes five days to get the results back. And up to a week for symptoms to show up.

Anonymous said...

It's funny watching my school system spouse prepare for in person school. Madison will be okay half the kids are doing virtual even in kindergarten (these kids will never get it). Unfortunately they are one Covid case from shutting down any pitucular school.
Get ready for the redeo!!!

Anonymous said...

African-Americans are heavily overrepresented in the number of cases. Why has they been no investigation as to why this is? If there has been, why is there no messaging on how to stop this? Why isn't this this being addressed?
I think there are two possibilities, and they both deal with racism:
1. Officials are racists and want all people of color to die (I think this unlikely) or;
2. Officials are reluctant or prohibited from investigating or messaging at-risk groups due to regulations or they are afraid of being labeled as racists.
Either way, African-Americans continue to die at a greater rate. I guess not-All Black Lives Matter.

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to say we have no leadership but few mention the fact that due to years of biased media reporting, it’s impossible to get simple factual and reliable data the way we did in prior generations.

Imagine the news in the 70s or 80s and the stern anchors telling us nothing but FACTS.
Facts that aren’t doctored to advance the goals of conservatives or liberal politicians and their career goals.

The amount of misinformation that had been peddled by MSM for ratings has created a nation of distrust.

Imagine how useful unbiased science and factual reporting would be amid a pandemic.

Anonymous said...

3:50, It has very little to do with leadership at the top, or anywhere for that matter. It's been 4 months. People know what to do. They are not doing it. It's personal responsibility. Is Trump or Reeves going to keep you inside or keep you from letting your guard down? Not saying it's easy but the enemy is us.

Anonymous said...

For every new 1,000 cases, we can anticipate that about 170 of those people will need hospitalization within the next 2-4 weeks. You can look at the numbers and tell we will not have enough capacity for those who already have Covid. So, the focus right now needs to be on building capacity to make sure those people can be treated. Have we requested any assistance from the feds (army medical units that could staff empty beds and ICU's) or charitable organizations (like Franklin Graham's mobile medical units) to come staff existing empty beds we have in Mississippi? There are whole units of beds that could be used if we start planning now. Is MSDH doing any of this? It is absolutely criminal not to have a plan in place when we can accurately estimate what the hospitalization/ICU numbers will be shortly.

Anonymous said...

Tate: time for. a Statewide Order mandating masks. Will cost the State and businesses nothing. Will save lives. The virus doesn’t respect county lines

Anonymous said...

Can we catch a break from this incessant, meaningless bullshit taking up most of the space on this blog? It's like Supertalk..nothing but nonstop covid wuhan.

Anonymous said...

My granddaughter (11) and her father (48) just came down with the virus. They have been isolated in a semi-rural area and the father has only gone to Walmart. for the past month. He wore a mask. Others did not.This is real and Tater needs to become a leader and get with the program. Shut this state down! Everyone needs to wear a mask.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with wearing a mask.

But if it's "mandated" by the gub'ment . . . they should provide free masks to everyone.

If this government can pay $600 per week in extra " unemployment benefits", they should be able to provide free masks to the public.

Has Tate, Gilbert or Gunn adressed this fact ?

Anonymous said...

@ 3:58:



When the coaches speak, we must OBEY!

Calm Down said...

We are 2 weeks away from something.

Anonymous said...

5:12 - the black prevalence is most likely due to a variety of preexisting disparities. Black people are more likely to work low wage “essential” jobs where they have constant contact with the public and can’t afford to take time off. They have higher rates of the kinds of chronic conditions that exacerbate covid. They are more concentrated in areas with bad health care infrastructure (especially the Delta). They’re more likely uninsured. This is all due to racism of a sort but doesn’t mean anyone is out to kill black people.

I don’t think it’s a matter of public education. Anecdotal but black folks I see are wearing masks at a much higher rate than white people. I think they get the message, but there’s only so much to do when you’re poor and have to keep going to work.

Anonymous said...

5:27 and 5:34 have hit the bullseye. We need real news instead of the politically slanted information that we are being inundated with. Also Tate needs to quickly ramp up our capacity to deal with the increase in Covid-19 cases. Last but not least, we need to take self responsibility and wear a mask, physical distance, and wash our hands.

Anonymous said...

Serious question: this article says wearing masks reduces transmission of by .9% to 2%. N-95 masks, the clothe masks are useless, apparently.

Is this article fake news? It was the first one that provided any real % benefit after a simple routine google search. Can someone provide evidence that it really reduces transmission more than shown in these studies?

Anonymous said...

Masks are not going to save the vulnerable Mississippians because sooner or later, all of us will be exposed to Covid.

If everyone wore a mask, the virus still doesn’t go away. It just comes through the open spaces of your face covering, or microscopic droplets of water on doors, handles, touch pads, etc. Maybe some viral load is reduced but the vulnerable individuals will eventually still be exposed. It’s a microscopic virus—it’s not going to be contained by a mask.

What CAN save Mississippians who are vulnerable is medical treatment in the outpatient setting BEFORE THEY ARE SO SICK THEY HAVE TO BE ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL.

HCQ (with zpack, zinc)
Budesonide breathing treatments
Dr. Reed Hogan’s treatment course is available online

Please research these treatments and demand MS physicians provide treatment, and allow our government to get out of the way. Until we do this, we are stuck with mask mandates and hoping for the best.

Imagine this was Ebola, or Malaria, or Tuberculosis spreading through the country. Would you want masks only, or would you want medical treatment/cures?

There are people right now whose lives are being saved because their doctor is prescribing treatment, while others are sitting at home isolating and hoping for the best.

Helping sick people in the outpatient setting after they test positive is crucial. Once someone is hospitalized from Covid, they may or may not even qualify for Remdesivir treatments which are costly and given via IV.

Anonymous said...

8:22 back again. I thought this one was quite interesting too:

Anonymous said...

8:29 - I am absolutely not a doctor or a scientist, so take this with a grain of salt. But it seems to me that, just like with dexamethasone, an inhaled steroid can probably help combat inflammation in the later stages, the so-called cytokine storm. But it would be foolish to have millions of people out there preemptively suppressing their immune systems and basically opening the door for not only corona, but other opportunists as well. The first line of defense is always your immune system. If a doctor decides its time to call in the steroids, then fine, but I worry that all this internet chatter about this one doctor's anecdotal experiences will cause more problems than it solves.

Anonymous said...

"We are 2 weeks away from something." You seen that asteroid I've been hoping for?

Anonymous said...


My information comes from an MD directly.

We aren’t talking about millions of people; we are talking about the small margin of people who are Covid positive, their symptoms are worsening, they are in a high-risk population (diabetes/heart/kidney/lung issues or elderly) and they are headed to the hospital if there is no intervention.

The breathing treatment calms the lungs and doesn’t impair the body’s immune system.

The only reason you’re hearing anecdotal stories is because our government and media has LIED and failed to provide treatment protocol for those who need it, and have created a punitive environment for physicians who choose to treat Covid patients—instead we are being turned against each other over masks and shutdowns. They’ve unfortunately created a Wild West scenario when we have modern medicine that can help and in some instances kill this virus before someone needs hospitalization.

Also I should mention the Budesonide treatment protocol came from one of the leading physicians in the state of TX. That’s how advances in medicine and science are made—one person pioneers the way, provides evidence, and others follow suit.

God bless to you and to all who are reading this. I hope we can come together as Mississippians.

Anonymous said...

8:22 The results of that study are reported in the percentage reduction in cases per day. Look at it this way, a 2% reduction per day means approximately a 50% reduction in 25 days. You do have to account for compounding, so it won’t be exact, but you can see it is very significant. It could be virtually wiped out in two months at that rate.

Anonymous said...

8:22 pm - I think an important point to glean from the studies cited in the UCSF is that mask wearing has been shown to reduce the rate of spread. I would not treat the percentage decline as a settled fact. The study with the 0.5% and 2% apparently looked at overall growth after a mask mandate issued. It did not attempt to measure whether people actually wore masks. It should come as no surprise that not everyone does (and I would guess that almost no one wears a mask in their own home unless they know someone is infected). That the numbers went down is more important than the percentage decline itself, since the fact of a decrease supports the hypothesis that masks help. As to cloth versus N95, what I gathered from the article is that there is evidence that both help, but that the primary gain is on reduced emission of the virus by those who have it (and perhaps don’t know they have it). If the plan is to enter a sick patient’s room (when the patient is coughing or sneezing), I’m sure all will agree you need something more than a cloth mask. But if hundreds of people (many of whom could be spreading the virus without knowing it) are going in and out of closed spaces (such as a store or restaurant), the more masks worn should, according to the hypothesis, result in less emission of the virus. If we all wore N95 masks would the rate of emission and reception be lower? Sounds like the answer is probably yes, but those masks are less comfortable, more difficult to obtain, and the gains may be negligible if you’re in the wide-open grocery store rather than a closed-in patient’s hospital room. I agree that everyone would benefit from stronger evidence and explanation about why masks work and the exact percentage of help they provide, but that level of data apparently doesn’t exist right now. I think we should be careful, however, not to misconstrue that as a reason to discount evidence that masks help even if we don’t know the exact degree of help they provide.

Kingfish said...

Hospitalizations are going to be 903 today.

Anonymous said...

Looks like July 4 celebrations are making their way through to the parents and grandparents, This was not unexpected given Tate’s lack of any mandates until things were completely out of control. You can’t depend on the 18-30 year old group to act responsibly.

Anonymous said...

From the Wall Street Journal today: Face Masks Really Do Matter. The Scientific Evidence Is Growing.

Anonymous said...

This is so stupid my doctor told me back at the first of March that any kind of face covering is going to stop something. He didn't say it was 100% or even 50% but he said it's going to stop something 100% of the time. I have been wearing them whenever I got out since.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"the Budesonide treatment protocol came from one of the leading physicians in the state of TX."

First, Richard Bartlett isn't even among the "leading physicians" in Odessa, much less all of Texas. He is, from all I've seen and heard, a long-practicing GP with a fair reputation, but he isn't a star even in his own region or practice. In other words, he's just an average competent GP of no particular note, good or bad.

Second, he has only treated a handful of COVID-19 patients, most or all of them in high-risk categories with multiple co-morbidities. There was an article in a med publication about this in early June and he had treated 12 COVID-19 patients total.

Third, even if Budesonide works as he claims, it isn't a "cure," it is a treatment for those in elevated levels of distress, including cytokine issues. In other words, it would be akin to having a great new technique to save those with gunshot wounds to the thoracic cavity: you have to be shot in the chest, but hey, your chances of survival are now better!

The more people spread these "I saw on Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/(some political website)..." bullshit rumors, the more dangerous the situation becomes. Why in the name of God would someone with no medical knowledge at all take something with little or no medical basis that they saw or heard being touted by others with no medical knowledge at all as a miracle (and that Nancy Pelosi is hiding from you to get Biden elected), yet ignore the simple advice that nearly every medical professional is now telling you? Wear a mask and practice physical distancing when out in public.

Look, Bubba and Bubbette, let me make it simple since you two are simple-minded dumbfucks: if your buddy Cletusearl (or his galpal Cletusearlette) shoots you in the ass, chances are that you won't die immediately, we can dig the bullet out of your butt, sew your stupid ass up, and you'll more-or-less heal. But do you really want to be shot in the ass just because you probably won't die? And if you need to be put under for any reason, you're more at risk from the knock-out and wake-up than you are from the ass repair itself. The bottom line is that you're much better off just not getting yourself shot in the ass than you are getting shot and being patched up. So - WEAR A FUCKING MASK, STAY OUT OF BARS, AND DISTANCE YOURSELF FROM Cletusearl...he's just as big a dummy as you are.

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