Thursday, July 23, 2020

C19 Update: "Wear a Damn Mask"

Hospitalizations, ICUs, & vents set new records.  
Video of Governor's briefing posted below. 

UMMC Vice-Chancellor Dr. Louanne Woodward has had enough after watching her hospital and ICU beds get overrun with Covid-19 patients.  The Incident Commander tweeted:

Feel free to watch this experiment.  

Meanwhile, Mississippi's Covid-19 numbers continued to worsen.  The Department also  reported 982 new cases of the Wuhan virus yesterday as well as 13 new deaths.   The total number of cases is 48,053. The virus has caused 1,436 deaths. Nursing home deaths comprise 48% of overall Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi. There are 30,315 recoveries.  More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website.  The Rt factor is 1.09.

The big chart set new records today: 950 hospitalizations, 293 ICUs, and 163 vents.  The chart below reports 140 vents but Dr. Dobbs reported 163 vents at the Governor's daily briefing this afternoon.

 Governor Tate Reeves held his daily Covid-19 briefing.


Anonymous said...

They can talk til they're blue in the face, it isn't going to change behavior now. Those that are willing to do their part to control the spread are doing so. Those that don't care aren't going to suddenly start. All the governor can do is use his authority to eliminate as many needless vectors for contagion as possible. Bars, nightclubs, organized gatherings, sports, etc. all need to be suspended until things are controlled.

Asking people to be responsible is a losing proposition, they have to be mandated as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Taken from the Virus, Virus this date;
"1:33, they are not the same person. And, why does it seem unhinged to you? Projection, sweetheart.

Everything normal and decent seems unhinged to the actually unhinged.

Wear a damn mask. Wash your hands. It is not big deal. It is not political. Just do it!
Stop social gatherings. The virus is spreading unchecked. (18-29 year-olds = faster growth of new cases. you are not bulletproof!)
There is no cure. Preventing spread is MUCH more effective than supportive care.
This is not just a COVID patient problem. We are struggling to find hospital beds for ALL patients who are ill or injured.

Health care is doing its part. Now do your part. #PleaseDontMakeThisWorseForUs

Guess what "unhinged" (LMAO) "pseudo" intellectual wrote that?"

So whom is plagiarizing whom here?

Anonymous said...

When will this story finally go away and news media folks stop talking about this nothingburger??? Most of us are ready for normalcy to come back. Kids in schools, teams on fields, restaurants & bars thriving.

It is no worse than the flu.

Anonymous said...

If it's so bad in the hospitals, why aren't they singing and dancing on TikTok to "blow off steam" anymore?

Anonymous said...

These briefings are getting old as hell. What is the point if he continues to do briefings one month or two months from now? Slap a PSA on a screen-scape channel every day/night. The Governor's time is more valuable than dealing with no one who listens cares or gives two fks about this. A good ass kicking hurricane would be a welcome distraction.

Anonymous said...

I wear the same mask everyday. Does that count? I touch my mask and my face every minute to adjust it. Does that count? I put my phone against my face. Does that count? I touch my face now more than ever before I wore a mask.

Anonymous said...

Wear a condom! It can save you from wretched diseases and hundreds of thousands of dollars of child-raising headaches.

That never worked either. People are just stupid and selfish.

Anonymous said...

If you hate wearing a mask now, you will really hate wearing a ventilator later.

Anonymous said...

Hard to tell people not to gather while hammering home that schools have to open.

Give us our tax money that usually goes to the district per child, and let parents homeschool or pay for an actual quality education online.

Anonymous said...

Virus really popped after the 4th. Wish there was a chart showing all the data since March with the holidays highlighted

Anonymous said...

Just take your vitamins and exercise outside in the sun. It's how I beat the 'Rona. I tested positive after exposure to an infected obese coworker and I never felt a thing. The diabetic hippo is still on a vent. It really is a killer of the already unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

@3:56 here,
I also wanted to mention that masks wearing has been required at my employer since May. And 15 people in the building still contracted the virus.

The mask does very little. Maybe if you are changing out fresh disposable masks every 20 minutes and sanitizing all work surfaces hourly.

But no company is providing them in that quantity. We were all reusing the same masks for days.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Tate and Trump need to adopt the slogan. “Wear a damn mask!” Make it part of MAGA

Anonymous said...

" These briefings are getting old as hell. A good ass kicking hurricane would be a welcome distraction. "

Agreed 3:36.

This time next week , we might very well be dealing with a hurricane.

Until then, I'm upset Tate stopped wishing everyone a Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

There is no serious attempt to slow the virus in Mississippi. Screaming "wear a mask" will not work. The virus is spread by close human contact and inside buildings like restaurants and bars where the air conditioning spreads it nicely. I drove by Twin Peaks yesterday and it looked packed. If you are serious about mitigating its spread, you minimize close human interaction for a while. And that means no bars, restaurants (inside), or other types of close personal interaction. Then the incidence drops. It really is that sad. No one likes to see bars and restaurants closed to inside dining. And it really is that simple.

Anonymous said...

3:56, several people at the capital who I would consider pretty healthy had their ass handed to them by this virus. Affects us all differently. I’m not risking it. I’ve heard from several who wondered if they were going to die they were so miserable.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good folks dying. Lots of arrogant assholes refusing to wear masks to protect others from their stupidity.

School will be cancelled this next year a few weeks after it starts, from serious outbreaks among children and teachers. The football tailgate and stadium fan outbreak will put the kabash on the sports season. Bar and nightclub breakouts will take partiers to the hospital, where they will be turned away because of lack of space and exhausted medical staffs.

The herd will be significantly thinned this fall and winter. How else could Covid be an ongoing disaster if such things don't happen.

I apologize to those who see me painting a rosy picture that takes folks away from their real concerns, which is the lack of a new fall TV lineup.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:33 is exactly correct. We are too far along for people to change merely at the request of others.

Anonymous said...

3:56 - I'd bet that diabetic hippo has a better heart than you do. I'd bet humanity would be better served by her survival than yours. That's the thing, see, it's hard to know a life's value. And we surely don't measure it by BMI.

Anonymous said...

" UMMC Vice-Chancellor Dr. Louanne Woodward has had enough"

I've never heard of this person, (but whether one agrees or disagrees with her ) . . . this Vice-Chancellor has more guts than the main Ole Miss Chancellor in Oxford.

Kingfish said...

Well, he put it crudely but he touched upon a subject that should be discussed. Obesity. We have a lot of fatties in this state. Look at the death charts for this virus. Underlying conditions: Obesity, hypertension, heart problems, diabetes. Type 2, blood pressure, and other problems are often driven by weight. Being lean and mean doesn't ensure you will be immune to the virus but it damn sure gives you a much better chance of surviving or avoiding nasty symptoms.

Problem is, our leaders won't say this. They won't tell us what we can do to improve our immune systems. They won't say anything about diet. Right now with this bug going around, the worst thing to do is go eat at a restaurant that specializes in deep fried smothered honeyed _______ with gravy. Just stand in line at Corner Market's deli on fortification Street. See which pan empties first: the delicious baked chicken or the fried chicken. ;-)

I'll be the first to admit it. I need to lose some damn weight and I'm trying to do so. At least I know it and am willing to admit it. It would be nice if our leaders would start addressing this aspect of the problem.

Go ahead and fire away. I know I've stepped on some bunions.

Anonymous said...

4:08 Wearing a mask is just part of the process. Maintaining distance and avoiding long-term contact is even more important. I too know of a place where masks are required and some employees got COVID. The ones that got it were still having in-person meetings and were engaging in casual conversation among themselves.

The good thing is the spread was relatively limited to just those who continued to have close contact so it is likely masks helped keep it from spreading more widely in the workplace.

Masks will never be 100% effective, but to use one failure as an excuse to not wear them at all is going to increase the spread. They do help.

Anonymous said...

4:26 here. I agree JJ, but that horse left the barn eons ago. People have been dying of obesity related illnesses for a long, long time. I wish we were more honest as a society and that we encouraged healthy living, as opposed to normalizing unhealthy habits. A little tough talk would do us all good. But right now, with a virus circulating that preys on the obese, we need to show a little heart and compassion, instead of finding some heinous comfort in the thought that they got what was coming to them. For the record, I'm not obese; I'm just kind.

Anonymous said...

@4:26 said... I'd bet that diabetic hippo has a better heart than you do.

Doesn't matter if her arteries are full of fondue.

Anonymous said...

Overweight and obesity were associated with nearly 1 in 5 deaths (18.2%) among adults in the United States from 1986 through 2006, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health. Previous research has likely underestimated obesity's impact on US mortality. Infectious diseases kill over 17 million people a year: So why haven’t we been wearing masks before???

Anonymous said...

@4:04 - I guess you are assuming (incorrectly, obviously) that the workers at your employment have absolutely no other contact with people except at work, where they are required to wear a mask.

The fact is, and clearly left out of your analytical discussion, every one of the employees at your workplace leave there for probably 2/3 of the day, plus possibly 24/7 of the weekend.

The mask protects other workers in the place when one comes back with COVID, but not aware of it. It does not keep a person from getting the virus, although it might have a little beneficial affect.

That 15 people have come down positive with COVID, although your employer requires the wearing of a mask (at work) means nothing about the effectiveness of a mask.

But - thanks for playing. You can get your consolation prize at the door.

Anonymous said...

Good point, KF. Another simple way to boost one's immune system is to stop drinking alcohol. No one is really talking about that one much, either.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, I hate to say this because you will bask in it for days, but "you are right" ---- at least in the first part of your analysis.

There is a big problem here in Mississippi with COVID and its effect on overweight people.

But, the solution to the overweight is a long-term issue, it cannot be done overnight, or over a few months, much less weeks.

Would it be better if many of US would lose weight, so that the effect of COVID would be lessened. Absolutely. But, at a few pounds a week for the first few weeks, then a few pounds a month for several months afterward, the solution is not last spring, or this summer. It is 2021 and 2022. The problem today is TODAY. So, to ask for leaders to focus on the long term strategy is wrong.

So, I guess I withdraw my earlier comment. You were wrong in saying that the leaders should focus on what you identified as a problem. Right now, we need to address the ICU beds, the hospital beds, the entire medical system.

Should we address the long term health issues in the state? Absolutely. But - today's problem is not the fact that obesity and diabetes makes one more prone to being hard hit by the virus. Today's problem is the spread of the virus - to any and all. Obese or not; old or not (by the way, you can't change the old factor in the equation, so your pointing out the obese only hits one factor).

And - your Corner Market meal is full of vegies cooked in plenty of fat, as you have said before that's what makes them good. Can't preach about obesity and then recommend their deli bar and its veggies while proclaiming their good taste.

And their catfish and fried chicken also hits up your obese issues - but never mind the details. Both are good.

Anonymous said...

I am a practicing physician for over 25 years in the Jackson metro area. We are facing an invisible enemy with no effective weapons. Only 2 patients on ventilators at a major hospital in the Jackson area have survived and left the hospital alive. They linger for weeks on end, consume a massive amount of resources and infect health care workers. A nurse is fighting for her life after being in the ICU for months caring for these patients. Health care workers are exhausted and the hospitals have increasing number of COVID patients .Till it touches one closely, does not seem real. Trust me, no one is bulletproof. Let's all pull together, be kind to all, understand that the fear affects everyone in different ways. The Governor needs to show some spine by curtailing gatherings in bars, restaurants and social events with enforcement penalties. We are unable to do many surgical procedures that require overnight stays. Other than cosmetic surgery, very little is "elective". For a suffering patient to be told to wait, with no end in sight to restrictions, is cruel.

Anonymous said...

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, "focus on immune health instead of trying to scare everybody..."

Perfect opportunity to talk about obesity, hypertension and diabetes, heart problems, exercise and food choices. Why not?

Anonymous said...

Limit the Spread….

With the rise of weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) lung volume decreases leading to restricted air entry. The National Health Institutes’ confirms being overweight or obese are second when ranking the causes of PREVENTABLE deaths in the US—only behind the use of tobacco and its adverse effects.

This morning 35% of Mississippians are OBESE (around 700,000) and over 65% are just plain overweight (around 1,300,000) , the 2nd highest rate in the country. If we really want to do something long term to limit the strain on our Healthcare system lets focus on limiting the spread…….of obesity. It’s an easy choice with obvious benefits….Just look at obesity in Vietnam…maybe their results with COVID 19 were predictable….


Anonymous said...

5:11 has gone from preaching to meddling.

Anonymous said...

Here's what KF is hitting at. The young are acting as if it can't affect them, but it does. They look at a list of vulnerabilities and ignore that 40% of the US is fat.

Here's the folks at Johns Hopkins on it:

"Our data show that if you are younger and you end up in the hospital with COVID-19, it is more likely that you are obese. The younger patients are less likely to have other major co-morbidities such as hypertension, heart disease, and even diabetes—so obesity can be the primary factor that impacts their COVID-19 course. Studies have now shown obesity increases the likelihood that you'll end up in a hospital or an ICU, and that your disease course can be more severe.

The reason the co-morbidities aren't showing up in younger patients—let's say under 40 or 50 years old—is that the cardiac, vascular, and metabolic risks linked to obesity may not have had enough time to develop in a concrete way. You'll find that COVID-19 patients who are younger are unlikely to have heart disease or a prior stroke, and many are not yet diabetic. So we need to be paying attention to obesity as a major risk on its own."

IOTW, the Powers that Be won't say, hey, we got a lot of fat young folks who can be in serious shape over this. And, it doesn't help if Slim Pickens sits there fat shaming them without a mask, because he's as likely, or more likely, to give it to them.

But I agree with KF but not the fat shaming of victims. Bad Karma awaits those losers who do that.

Anonymous said...

Actual company selling "Damn" Masks. Cue the DeMaskulated Dotard claiming LouAnne violated ethics laws by "promoting" this. SHE DID NOT. But their website made me laugh.

"Why Wear A Damn Mask?
We at Damn Masks are all about encouraging others to be responsible members of the community. Many Cities and States in the United States currently mandate that all people who venture outside of their homes must wear a face mask to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Our Damn Masks can help you comply with these requirements. Similar to the seat belt rule on an airplane, even if you are not required to, we still strongly encourage you to wear your Damn Mask whenever you leave your home."

Well, I'll be damned.

Anonymous said...

@4:17 and for others wanting to close things down, I would ask you for how long should we close these establishments and activities? The virus is not going anywhere, a vaccine is not a sure bet, and these type events (rapid spread) typically go for 18 to 24 months without a vaccine. In my opinion, we are trying to straddle the fence (keep some things open and close others), which is ineffective at stopping the spread and still causing personal hardships on folks and crushing our economy that will saddle our young folks with trillions in debt to pay back. My point is threading the needle is probably not possible at this point. There are certain jobs that are absolutely essential, and these folks will continue the spread regardless of what everyone else does. When you lift the shutdown some say they want, the numbers will rise again.

It reminds me of the old AC Delco commercial- pay me now or pay me later. Life has risks- mitigate the risks as much as possible with common sense but live your life. We are not guaranteed tomorrow even without Covid.

Anonymous said...

"Overweight and obesity were associated with nearly 1 in 5 deaths (18.2%) among adults in the United States from 1986 through 2006" yada yada.

'Associated with". Right on. But were all the causes of death listed as 'obesity'? Nobody DIES of obesity.

Anonymous said...

For those (such as 5:51, for example) who are focused on the obesity of others as adding to the spread of C-19, perhaps you should quit drinking alcohol, for the greater good.

"Alcohol misuse both activates the immune system, causing inflammation, and interferes with the body’s immune response to viral and bacterial infections. In the lungs, excessive alcohol damages epithelial cells that line the lung surface and is associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Ultimately, impaired immune system function and an increased susceptibility to respiratory illness could contribute to more severe COVID-19 and greater risk of mortality."

Anonymous said...

Last week Dr. LuAnn was against a mask mandate.

Why did she change her opinion?

Anonymous said...

It kinda reminds me of this quote i read on Captain Awkward's site a few years ago.

She was quoting someone named Hershele Ostropoler:

If you step on my foot, you need to get off my foot.

If you step on my foot without meaning to, you need to get off my foot.

If you step on my foot without realizing it, you need to get off my foot.

If everyone in your culture steps on feet, your culture is horrible & you need to get off my foot.

If you have foot-stepping disease & it makes you unaware you’re stepping on feet, you need to get off my foot. If an event has rules designed to keep people from stepping on feet, you need to follow them. If you think that even with the rules, you won’t be able to avoid stepping on people’s feet, absent yourself from the event until you work something out.

If you’re a serial foot-stepper, and you feel you’re entitled to step on people’s feet because you’re just that awesome & they’re not really people anyway, you’re a bad person & you don’t get to use any of those excuses, limited as they are. And moreover, you need to get off my foot.

See, that’s why I don’t get the focus on classifying harassers & figuring out their motives. The victims are just as harassed either way.

Anonymous said...

More people than ever are wearing a mask, but the numbers continue to worsen because not enough people are wearing a mask?

Anonymous said...

8:57 It's a combination of a relatively low percentage of Mississippians wearing masks and the frequent lack of social distancing like you've seen in the various party videos posted here.

Those who go to Walmart and other places that require masks will see high levels of forced compliance. That isn't reflective of the general population. There was a study done on mask usage and the percentage of people who wore a mask in public at all times ranged from a high of 70% in New York City to a low of 33% in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Any level of mask usage is going to be helpful and the spread is not as bad as it could be. But overall mitigation with distancing and mask usage isn't widely enough practiced to make the spread of the virus start decreasing.

Anonymous said...

I will tell some of you this bit of info...I have Type 2 Diabetes...I have never weighed more than 212 pounds... I have never been obese.. I currently weigh 195 and am 5’11. My diabetes is genetic. I do not eat carbs. My diet is very well defined. When I got diagnosed with diabetes, ..I lost weight and changed by diet. I no longer am required to take mediations. I have an A1C that is in the normal range. I walk daily and watch what I eat. You people who think it’s cold that diabetics are on the A list for death because of our fat asses have a lot to learn.

I have always exercised and been in fair shape. I am very concerned about getting this disease, because I am one who really has sacrificed and done the right thing so my kids could grow old with me.

Think twice about categorizing every one with a condition. Some of us did nothing to bring things on ..some of us do all we can to do the right thing.

Wear a mask for us out of respect for your fellow man. I do.

Anonymous said...


It's far worse than the flu, and killed more people than the flu in Mississippi taking three months to do so.

Please research before you comment.

Or don't, and let us call you out on it.

Kingfish said...

No one was categorizing every one with a condition. I am talking about probabilities and risk factors. Yes, type 2 can be reversed in many cases with diet. Yes, in cases it is genetic regardless of bodyfat. However, it develops in many cases due to being overweight.

Anonymous said...

Obesity, or good health practices - begins at home. Natural consequences are the antidote.

Anonymous said...

Tate: Statewide mask Order now. Get serious.

Anonymous said...

Anyone here remember Rage Against the Machine? They had a song called Killing in the Name where the last 1 minute of the song was just
F-you I won't do what you tell me
F-you I won't do what you tell me

Repeated over and over. Thats how i feel about you sheeple and your masks.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that most of the guys that I know that listened to RATM back in the day are card carrying conservatives. I guess they had to get the rebellion out of their systems in college while Daddy wasn't around.

Anonymous said...

KF The problem with throwing in weight is that 1) there are diseases that weight gain is symptom 2) there are medications where the side effect is " may cause unintended weight gain".

Oddly, we don't "judge" those who are too thin. Doctors, in clinic terms will tell you that you need enough weight to survive cancer or other diseases that cause weight loss.

Ironically, weight shot up with the end of smoking as some people could never lose the inevitable weight gain with quitting for various reasons.

I think in encouraging us to be healthier( and no surprise the insurance industry finances these campaigns), we've come to assume it's someone's fault if they aren't healthy. Sorry but genetic research is proving that false.

I'm not arguing against living a healthy life, I'm saying that won't help everyone. I'm arguing that unkindly judging by sight is not just unkind but stupid.I'm also arguing that it's unhealthy for females to be fashionably thin.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I listened to Rage back in the day, and I still like them. I often resist when someone tries to tell me what to do, even when they're right, because I still don't like being told what to do. I also wear a mask in the grocery store, which is about the only building I enter these days that is open to the public.

As far as the comment about "I guess they had to get the rebellion out of their systems in college while Daddy wasn't around," please see the comment at 9:01, third and fourth lines down, first two words.

Anonymous said...

@10:03pm Your concern is appreciated, but your clinical profile is likely in the narrow 2% of diabetics. You didn't mention at what age you were diagnosed with the Type II, or what your intake/diet looked like leading up to that diagnosis....there's LOTS of research out today about being "skinny fat" and how it can compromise your immune system, often related to high sugar consumption including excessive alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Tate: Statewide mask Order now. Get serious to crush the curve. Flattening it is not enough.

Anonymous said...

@9:01 AM

Also notable are the following verses:

And now you do what they told ya, now you're under control
And now you do what they told ya, now you're under control

I'm also curious what is meant by "The Chosen Whites?"

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