Wednesday, July 22, 2020

C19 Update: Capacity is Maxed Out

  The Department also  reported 1,547 new cases of the Wuhan virus yesterday as well as 34 new deaths.*   The total number of cases is 47,071. The virus has caused 1,423 deaths. Nursing home deaths comprise 48% of overall Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi. There are 22,167 recoveries.  More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website.  The Rt factor is 1.10.

 Hospitalizations, ICUs, and vents stayed at their record highs.

 Covid-19 patients fill 32.5% of all ICU beds in Mississippi.  The Health Department reports there are 902 total ICU beds.  There are only 163 available ICU beds.   The supply of hospital beds is in better shape as Covid-19 patients fill 14%.  31% of hospital beds are available.

Governor Tate Reeves warned the pandemic was getting worse.

* Governor Reeves said there are only two available ICU's in the Jackson area (West Central Region). 

* Dr. Dobbs said 40% of all ICU patients suffer from Covid-19.  

Health Department sources said the number of cases are expected to rise to 2,000 cases per day within two weeks.

* The Health Department released a hospital report that is posted below. 

* The deaths reported today include six that were gleaned from a review of death certificates.


Anonymous said...

Yeah and it has a 99.5% survival rate. I'm more concerned about economic collapse, civil unrest, and mass starvation.

Anonymous said...

Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves
Hospitals in the black now, bringing in the sheaves

A wise man once said "it must be really hard for a funeral director to look sad at a $13,297 funeral".

Anonymous said...

So, where they parking the reefer trailers for the morgue expansion for this "hoax?"
Guess it's not magically disappearing.

Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for the inevitable shutdowns. Does he do it selectively, or do we go back to a shelter in place order. A decision has to be made on whether schools are a priority or if bars and nightclubs are more important. There is no way schools open back up without causing a noticeable increase in cases.

If he doesn't start taking drastic action now then there is no way to get the kids back in class. We need to have the capacity to handle it, and right now we don't. Anything done today won't be reflected in the hospitalization numbers for at least two weeks or more. Time's ticking Governor, what are you going to do?

Anonymous said...

Where my Covidiots at

Anonymous said...

Jackson is out of ICU beds already. Columbus, Southaven, and Hattiesburg are getting real close. By the end of August the entire state will be over 100% capacity. That isn't workable. God forbid what is going to happen after Labor Day.

Anonymous said...

Chart's not impressing me much. Appears that the Suspected (love that term suspected) cases have flattened out some. The difference between Infected and ICU cases is widened up some. Still no idea how many folks are being treated at home or in plain old hospital beds, and of those, how many could be at home. Still think we will do ok unless an asteroid hits or a Super volcano lets go. But then again, I'm an incurable optimist.

Anonymous said...

wait till football season...3k a day!

Anonymous said...

So far this year automobiles have killed more than Covid-19. Yet cars are still on the roads. We dont even hear about every Scamdemic death but we are still told about the traffic fatality in the metro.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah and it has a 99.5% survival rate."

47,071 Positive tests and 1,423 deaths in Mississippi. Do the math rather than the JPS calcumalatin' and I believe it will show otherwise. Yes, there are cohorts that show lower death rates, but I would suggest that such claims maybe be more appropriate over on "Stuttgart Schnitzel" rather than here on Mississippi-based Jackson Jambalaya.

Yet again, folks looking at this as a binary outcome, "recover" or die, clearly demonstrate their utter lack of familiarity with the facts. There are already a substantial number of those who are among the "recovered" here in Mississippi and throughout the US that have and will continue to have serious medical issues, often life-altering and lifespan-reducing. And yet again, I'd call on our gracious host, Kingfish, to include the criteria for how the "Presumed recovered" number is actually derived.

Anonymous said...


the current case fatality rate is around 3.6%. so if most in MS catch this, about 100,000 will die. just in MS. most do just fine with this virus. some are sicker for a little longer. but around 10% will need a higher level of care. maybe some BiPap for a few days or even a ventilator. if the hospital system is full, that 10% won't be able to get the care they need and the case fatality rate will go up. way up. look at what countries are doing that are beating this. or even just look at states in the USA that are beating this. we need to do more than we are doing currently or it will get ugly fast.

Anonymous said...

7:33 - math is a simple thing, but for some numbers you don't even have to do math.

You want to know 'how many are being treated in plain ole hospital beds'? that number is given to you every day. It is the number of hospital beds on these charts. If they are in an ICU bed, that's different from your 'plain ole hospital' bed. Look at the damn chart and read. As to the number being treated at home - its the number infected minus the number in the hospital - (plain ole beds plus ICU beds).

Think you can do that math, or do I need to send my second grade kid over to do the math for you - she's been out of school for the last few months of her classes, but she can still figure out that damn equation.

Anonymous said...

Screw the damn yankee hoax-sters! It’s all fake like the Truman Show! I mean come on....if this was a real emergency, would our governor really turn down billions in government Medicaid money that could help our hospitals? Keep up your middle finger to DC, Tater!

Anonymous said...

It seems like the first couple of comments on every C-19 post are always either "open 'er up," "we MUST support the economy," or "this is a nothingburger hoax." I wonder why that is?

Anonymous said...

We need to lock back down for a couple weeks to bend the curve, then open back up with mask mandates and a better testing and tracing system. I don’t think there’s the political will for that, though, and I think you’d see some very angry people opposed to it. Therefore, I’m afraid we’re just gonna continue this experiment and see exactly how lethal this thing is when unleashed on the population with no meaningful government response.

Anonymous said...

The TV said there are no ICU beds in south Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

The United States had 38,000 auto deaths last year. COVID-19 deaths are way above that. Lord, at the denial and disinformation on here.

Anonymous said...

@7:42 – "football season" ... bless your heart if you think that's still going to happen.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah and it has a 99.5% survival rate. I'm more concerned about economic collapse, civil unrest, and mass starvation."

Not in Mississippi. Here, multiply that 0.5 fatality rate by six and you get the real figure.

In addition to directly causing deaths (starting with your grandmother and her friends), it often results in, among other things:

-permanent damage to physical health;
-lingering mental health issues;
-potentially huge medical bills;
-the chance of passing it on to a loved one, killing, or at least harming, them; and (as mentioned in this story)
-hospitals that are at capacity and have limited (at best) room to take on Non-Covid cases (indirect deaths).

And that's if you survive.

Do you really think there won't be another shutdown if there are 2K to 3K new cases per day?

If this happens, you can thank bozos like the first commenter on this page - people who refuse to take this virus seriously and just cannot do the bare minimum (things as easy as wearing a damn mask). When your business goes under because people are too scared (or are prohibited by law) to go out, you can thank people like this guy.

I hope the civil unrest you are scared of is directed towards people like you.

Anonymous said...

The Only thing is if 10 times more people have had the Corona than the survival rate is even better. The thing that is getting my attention is the 18-29 group that has exploded and we all sit around fussing etc at each other wear your mask this is the bunch that is mainly partying gathering not wearing there masks. Also probably a large portion of the group protesting etc. So they are catching it and spreading it to other age groups. So we could probably require everybody 18-29 to quarantine until they learn to properly social distance. One mans thoughts

Anonymous said...

Here comes blasphemy to many southerners: Fall sports for high school and college should be suspended for now. What's more important - football or kids getting an education.

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions that maybe someone in the Jackson area medical community could answer regarding the Covid virus:

1. For someone in their mid sixties with no underlying issues that has tested positive with either no or very mild symptoms, what would a Doctor recommend. Would they start any type of treatment (if so what kind) or would they say stay at home until things got worse.

2. What type of symptoms require hospitalizations and if admitted what type of treatments are being used.

3. What symptoms require being placed on ventilators? It seems now some are saying people have been placed on ventilators too early causing less chances for recovery.

4. If I tested positive with no or mild symptoms would a Doctor start treatment if I requested it even if that wasn't standard protocol. (i.e. inhaled steroids or hydroxychloroquine, etc.)

Early on the "experts" were saying to not even contact your Doctor until you were having breathing problems. It would seem to me that treatment should begin asap for older adults testing positive to prevent possibility of conditions worsening and therefore warranting hospitalizations.

I appreciate any responses.

Anonymous said...

Is there research to show that in fact “closing the bars and nightclubs” is the best way to save us?
I’m too old to be attending said locations so I am not personally affected, but even I am sick of this chant from the Southern Baptists.
What did “bars and nightclubs” ever do you you people?
I can think of several equally dangerous places with crowds that y’all are not so specifically targeting.
Ex: church, grocery stores, restaurants

Anonymous said...

7:43 - You should really be asking a medical professional and not people on anonymous message board.

Anonymous said...

7:53 Tate has said contact tracing shows the virus is spreading among unrelated individuals in bars/nightclubs. He threw out the idea over a week ago about shutting them down to slow the spread.

Churches are most certainly a vector for spread, but he doesn't have the political will to do anything about it. Any long-term indoor group exposure where people are talking loudly or singing is risky. Concerts, seminars, and other such events are just as risky and should not be allowed to happen.

Grocery stores are another matter. People are generally not confined in one area around the same people for an extended period of time. Any contact is brief and casual. As long as distancing and mask usage is observed shopping is going to be much less risky than church.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the comment at 7:53:

1) I don't think it's the sin-busters that are pushing the closure of bars, though they surely would have been a driving force at some point in the past.

2) I read on JJ a while back where someone (I don't recall who) in an interview explained it this way: In bars there is a lot of ambient noise, causing people to draw very to close to each other and talk loud in order to be heard. Plus people are already in very close proximity, regardless of whether they are part of the conversation. The closer and the louder people talk, the more they breathe on each other. Also, alcohol lowers inhibitions and impairs judgment, making people less conscientious in their behavior.

Anonymous said...

The governor has already looked into the new 4 story barracks that were built a few years ago at Camp Shelby for housing patents. I know that doesn’t seem like a good fit but everyone says it will work. They can house thousands there. But, I just heard on the news that New Jersey has 180,000 cases. We are not in bad shape. We just don’t need another shutdown. Businesses are already drying up and dying all over. We can’t take anymore. If it means wearing a mask, then let’s do it. Let’s get over this but I bet....this will be over the day after the election.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 6:47 am

I wish I had the answers for you 7:53 am.

I understand that while seeking medical advice is a good answer, doing it is difficult navigation these days.

You'll likely just ( if lucky) be able to get the nurse of the doctor you see most often to call you back.( I hope they've all be given guidance to respond). You might try the MSHD after that.

But, your point is well taken with me. It would be very helpful if MSHD and UMMC would give advice about what to do at home when you have tested positive to relieve symptoms at home that don't require a prescription, which symptoms should be alarm bells and which medical specialties of doctors you visit could best respond with needed prescriptions and when you should seek ER or call an ambulance immediately.

I suspect many doctors don't know that their phone and office staff are too more like Praetorian Guards than qualified " intake/screening" personnel.

Jacksun said...

Given the emergency here, why hasn't Gov. Tate imposed a State-Wide Mandate for wearing masks? It would cost nothing to do. T23 counties, a list that would need to change every day. The virus hot spots change so often among 82 counties I think Tater is chasing his tail just picking 23 to worry about. Doesn't Tater realize the virus does not respect county lines, and that this is a Statewide problem? If the ICU beds are filled in Jackson, that will affect every county in the State. Tme for a statewide mask mandate at least to show we understand this is a crisis and that we are all in this togther, not just 23 counties.

Anonymous said...

11:54 New Jersey had their cases early on. Then they instituted mitigation actions and now they are 47th in the nation for infection rate at just 2 per 100K per day.

Mississippi, on the other hand, is going ahead full steam like nothing is wrong. We are 3rd in the nation with 41 per 100K per day, over 20 times the infection rate of New Jersey.

Whether or not you admit it, Mississippi is indeed in bad shape now and only getting worse.

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