Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Couple Beaten in Florence Home Invasion

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey issued the following statement.

Tuesday morning, July 21st at approximately 8:00 a.m. deputies were dispatched to the 300 block of Old Enochs Road in Florence where the caller stated that an individual had broken in to their home. The caller stated that as she went out the garage door a black male in a camouflage jacket wearing a surgical mask pointed a gun at her and forced the caller back inside her house. Once inside the caller stated that the suspect hit her with the gun. The caller then began to holler for help. When the caller’s husband came to check on her the suspect then struck him with the gun as well. Shortly thereafter the suspect fled the house where witnesses say they saw him on a bicycle. An investigation has developed a potential suspect and a search of the area is underway. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department.


Anonymous said...

If you don't already have a concealed carry permit or open carry 24/7 then the time to start is now.

It's like those of us who started wearing face coverings in late February and early March. Who cares if you get mocked by fools?

It is up to you to protect yourself and your family.

Anonymous said...

Man! That's in the country! You don't normally hear about that kind of stuff out there!

PittPanther said...

7:36pm, I have my own firearms so I'm no gun grabber. But tell me how having accw or even open carrying would have helped in this specific situation? Unless you're walking around your home and garage with your weapon in your hand.

Sometimes they have the drop on you...

Anonymous said...

A black man who hits you with a gun and escapes on a bicycle. Yep, we have the whole story. .

Anonymous said...

I hope they catch Pew Wee Herman soon. He fled on a bicycle. Sad to see a famous performer go down hill and have to resort to a life of crime.

Anonymous said...

8:11, hubby hears call for help, grabs his sig. end of conflict. Try self defense sometime. You don’t have to be a weenie

Anonymous said...

Always be armed
Open Carry 24/7
Gun life

Anonymous said...

@8:11 - Always carry. Only take it off to sleep at night, and only then it’s inches away on the nightstand. 1.5sec or less draw and I’m sure they would’ve had plenty of opportunities to ventilate said thug. Stop being a fudd.

Anonymous said...

oH MaH GaWd, MoVe oUt oF rIcHLAnD ImMeDiAtElY iTs a jUnGlE

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to offer another point, but the case where the person is ever vigilant & always prepared only happens in the movies & TV.

If you have to go around always on edge, something bad is going to happen. You need to be aware of your surroundings & recognize unusual circumstances/situations...but they may be just that, a fluke...someone actually lost, asking for directions. You don't have qualified immunity or a sworn oath as Officers do.

The main problem is...you can only REACT to someone else's ACTIONS. You will always be behind the curve. They have leisure to plan, contingency plan, know what they are going to do. You dont. You have milliseconds to absorb, process what your eyes are sending to your brain...process your possible reactions & decide what to do, if anything + adrenaline + fear.

Open Carry is a death sentence if someone has already decided what they are going to do. IE...2 victims & 1 is open carrying...1st one going down.

Remember...the only gunfight you win, is the one you don't get in. Even a justifiable shoot, can cost 50-100k in civil suit defense costs. If you catch a Criminal Charge, it can be exponential.

I know of a person who made the mistake of buying hunting land about 45 minutes from his home (Different County). Had a constant problem with a local hunting on it. Game Wardens didn't care. He was walking in on his land to hunt, guy coming out in truck. He said guy tried to run him down. He shot through windshield. Wounded driver. Called Sheriff. Local Game wardens 1st arrived. Gun that was in other truck disappeared. Got charged with Attempted Murder, because of where it was & local Politics + witness against him. After 3 years of hearings & 130k of lawyers fees, the stress of facing 20 years & almost losing his job, his lawyers told him to take the deal, aggravated Assault, 10 years suspended, 7 years probation & $100k to "Victim". He had already had to sell the land. Never hunted again. Aged 15 years in 3.

Anonymous said...

Nice fantasy story 11:47. We all know around here no one gets convicted who
Might be in the right. We have no sympathy for “criminals” on this blog. “Do the crime do the time”

Anonymous said...

@11:47 PM
But can you put a price on your own survival?
Because the dude in your little anonymous anecdote didn't die.

And, yes, I'm usually armed said...

Only in the cowboy shows can somebody, in a deep sleep, be awakened and in 1.5 seconds grab a weapon and properly and effectively discharge it, in the dark.

You make-believe cowboys are, how can I say this...full of shit.

In reality, about the only way for a normal human to prepare for this contest is when you're driving your vehicle and approach a man in the middle of the road waving his arms and you have an opportunity to reach in your console for your 9mm and place it in your lap before stopping to evaluate a potential need for help.

The rest of these 'cowboy illustrations' are typical nonsense.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:47
I'm going to assume you grew up in a 2 parent household and attended private school. I grew up in a single parent home with crime very prevalent. It was a world your obviously not familiar with. Yes people need guns to protect themselves. Tell the single black mother that shot the baby father trying to break in her apt that she didn't need a gun. Thankfully she had a gun and used it to protect her life and the child's. Gun control is a form of white privlidge.

Anonymous said...

11:47 - You mentioned a disappearing gun. Where's the evidence of that? Sounds like your hot-head friend simply decided he'd pretend to be LEO and make somebody pay the ultimate price for being on his remote 45 acres. Trespassing, yes.

Taking A Closer Look said...

Oh....the reason he 'never hunted again' is that aggravated assault is a felony. He sold his land because he was not allowed by law to hunt it.

Anonymous said...

I bet you really stink. Do you not bathe or shower?

What about exercise? I assume people avoid you at the gym if you are carrying.

What about all the stores and restaurants with signs that say no guns. Do you avoid them or do you carry in anyway, thinking it doesn’t apply to you?

Anonymous said...

I keep Mossberg Shockwaves strategically hidden in the few places in my home that I may not be armed. Places like the towel closet in the bathroom, kitchen pantry, hay loft in the barn, etc. Otherwise, I am always carrying my Bersa Thunder 380 Plus.
In these uncertain times you can't afford to not be Always Armed.

Anonymous said...

They can only ask you to leave. And if you don't leave then it is trespassing. It is amazing how many minimum wage workers do not GAF if you open carry.
I normally conceal carry because I have my permit.

Anonymous said...

It is called training. Hours and hours of training until using the weapon is programmed muscle memory.

It's what Boondocks Firearms Training Academy and many other firearms training centers operate as their business. You can be snarky and joke but it is education. And you should educate yourself.

That's how we get and edge over the droopy pants thugs who hold their rusty 'gats' sideways or don't even have any optics on their stolen AR15. As seen in the evidence photos on WLBT.

Anonymous said...

@6:04 AM said... I bet you really stink. Do you not bathe or shower?

I guess I don't follow your logic. Are you trying to imply I don't shower because I am always armed?

Shower time is the perfect time to clean my 7 inch stainless Colt Python! I do leave the moonclip full of ammo on the vanity.

Anonymous said...

Its a vicious circle of course there is absolutely nothing in my house worth killing someone over but my Family. You don't know when someone breaks in your home they are not going to kill you.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are an excellent first alert and provide great companionship. Rescue a couple and have them around the property. It's much less cumbersome than holstering a pistol every time you take the garbage out or mow the lawn.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad that so many men have such boring lives that they find pretending to be Cordell Walker or Paul Kersey gives their lives meaning.

It's amazing how men laugh at women who spend $thousands for a handbag or a pair of shoes to flaunt in front of other women while they feel spending $thousands for assault rifles and concealed carry hand guns to flaunt to other men makes good sense.

Anonymous said...

As I set here at my desk typing this post I am armed. If I have clothes on I am armed. There are loaded guns in every room of my house. That is how I was raised. Going anywhere without my gun is like going somewhere without my pants. We hunted and like my father said, if a gun is not loaded it is useless, might as well have a hammer.
There has been times when not having a gun would have resulted in harm coming to me. I sort of like myself and do not like pain, especially if it is inflicted on me by someone else.
I don't care what some one else thinks about me. They are free to choose if they want a gun or not. I choose to have a gun and carry it with me.
I do concealed carry as I like to keep them thinking.

Anonymous said...

My experience is that people who brag about shooting an intruder have never been in that situation.

Anonymous said...

I smell fish... Probably a realitive.

Anonymous said...

A quality firearm and other quality tools purchased between 1920 to 1986 will have tripled or quadruped in value.

Ladies fashion has planned obsolescence in the form of the next year's fashion marketing. As evidenced by rows and rows or used fashion in second hand stores.

Many used guns and machining tools cost more than they did new.

Anonymous said...

I have checked every single comment. Not a single person has bragged about shooting an "intruder" so you might want to get those disembodied voices checked out.

Anonymous said...

Florence ain't the same town it was when Tate Reeves grew up there. No sir. Now it has a bypass through that very area near Old Enoch's straight through to Jerry's Catfish House. Which is open on Sunday's, unlike the good Christians at Berry's which are closed on Sunday's l.

Anonymous said...

There is no CC permit. Our state legalized CC. Shows what little you all know.

Anonymous said...

I also have access to more than one firearm in my home and when I feel it’s prudent have one on my person. But, I find it very sad when someone is so paranoid that they feel they must be armed when they are in their recliner at home or mowing the grass. I would be he has straight pipes on his pickup also.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about my LEVEL III body armor. I also have all my iron and glass studded with radioactive tritium and fiber optics for that gorgeous glow. And don't even get me started on my phosphate Gen II Night Vision.

If you don't have at least $50 grand in ITAR restricted military gear stamped with authentic CAGE codes, then you are just playing with chinese toys.

Anonymous said...

9:31 here 1:29,I bought several assault rifles and even a Colt 45 AUTOMATIC! when the bottom fell out of that market 30 years ago and sold them for 3x to 4x what I paid for them several years later. But so what? An old friend is a dealer and brokers all kinds of guns. Like him I saw the gun market was full of 'gun nutz' whose fetish for firearms was like the tides. I bought at low tide and sold at high tide. The guns remained safely locked away out of site in the mean time. I have found it all too easy to avoid situations that might prompt me to pull a gun on someone.

Anonymous said...

7:58 - If nothing else, you certainly got Tom Head's attention with that comment.

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