Saturday, July 18, 2020

Health Dept. Activates ICU Surge Capacity

The Mississippi State Department of Health activated surge capacity in all ICU's in Mississippi hospitals.  The order states:

To meet the increasing demands of rising COVID-19 hospitalization, all hospitals with critical care services must activate surge Intensive Care Unit (ICU) capacity at this time and maintain a minimum of 10% availability. In addition, all hospitals must report COVID-19 patient transfers (from ER or inpatient) to Mississippi Med-Com (601 984-4367) and maintain a minimum of 10% inpatient bed capacity (medical/surgical floor beds). Any hospital that is unable to meet these minimum requirements, or unable to admit COVID-19 patients or take COVID-19 patients in transfer for any 2 -hour period must delay for the following seven (7) days all:

Elective surgeries in Tier 1 and 2 (from Appendix) that require overnight hospitalization.

Any surgery in Tier 1 or 2 that requires overnight hospitalization that is performed due to extraordinary  circumstances must be accompanied by an extensive and compelling justification.
MSDH reported 895 hospitalizations, 278 ICU's, and 132 vents today.


Put on your damn mask said...

You fools still think this is a hoax?

Anonymous said...

But the state is going to open the schools. The cases are increasing at higher rates than back in March but let’s open the schools and risk an further strain on hospitals and health care workers.

Anonymous said...

I've practiced medicine for 19 years in September. Never in my career has any ICU had a 10% capacity rate. Not once. It's always full capacity. Dobbs doesn't understand patient care because he's non clinical. Children aren't affected by this virus. Children receptors are not developed enough to cause thrm to effectively spread the virus either. Older population are prone to this however age 60 and under should be free to male own mind up with what they chose if safe for them and there personal care.. that being said, children are more than fine to return to school. Mask should be worn in public spaces however they aren't that effective to say the least. This is not a hoax. But, this is a common respotory virus. COVID is nothing new and viral load will naturally decrease as it did with H1N1 Sars swine flu seasonal flus.

Anonymous said...

7:10, it's concerning that a 19 year physician with a medical degree can't spell or use proper grammar (six mistakes). I'm also wondering why recommend masks, if, as you say, "masks should be worn...however they aren't that effective to say the least".

Do you also tell your patients, "I'm going to order two prescriptions for you but they won't help"?

Anonymous said...

@7:19. Orthopedic? Epidemiologist? Virologist?

Your claim of having "practiced medicine for 19 years is a nice intro, but without some definition it brings hollow.

To declare that Dobbs doesn't know anything about ICU beds, or hospital use because he has never been in clinical practice - but then your lecture about the problem traits of COVID, virus activity, children, etc means little (or nothing), especially if one buys your opening argument about Dobbs' abilities (not to mention the other doctors at MDOH who provide advice and counsel).

I realize that having obtained an MD makes many possessors become all knowing and godlike, but without some further provision of YOUR particular training, it brings hollow and means nothing. Especially when it is defending the process that pays your bills and fees your portfolio.

Thanks for today's epidemiology lesson. Can we have another next week on heart transplants?

Pappy Odaniel said...

Get those numbers up. Don’t want to miss out on that HHS Provider Relief money.

Anonymous said...

"You fools still think this is a hoax?" Covid is not a hoax, but I do not believe it is the deadly end of mankind disease it is/was touted to be. As of todays CDC, WHO, ECDC and NHC data there are worldwide 14,126,035 people infected which is roughly 0.2% using a world population of 7,000,000,000. In the USA we have, at last data post, 3,676942 which is roughly 1.0% of Americans infected.

While I respect your concern, it is not the end times and if we are waiting for 50-70% of American's infected, I just don't believe we will reach that threshold. No, I do not believe all of the so called experts. It is like the saying, put 6 Lawyers or Doctors in a room and you will get 6 different views or opinions.

Anonymous said...

“Children aren't affected by this virus.”

You obviously don’t specialize in pediatrics.

Anonymous said...

There is a significant difference in not having ICU capacity, and not having ventilators. Many of these facilities have plenty of equipment, but have chosen not to staff them. Instead transferring everything COVID out, and keeping the lucrative “elective surgery” patients. If you want a real picture of what the stress on the system is, look at the ventilator usage percentage.

Anonymous said...

@8:18am - All you flat earther anti-vax morons using the 99% unaffected statistics, well no shit, because this thing is FAR from over. We’re still in the first inning. Remember when all the idiots such as yourself compared it with the flu a few months ago? We’ve blown far past that. Give it time, the whole 99% “argument” will fade away just like the flubros, and I’m sure yall will come up with some other stupid argument unless it’s killed you.

Anonymous said...

to 7:19 A.M.---Your statement fails to mention the children under 1yrs. of age that have tested positive for Covid-19 in the state of Texas within the past five days. Your Credentials as a 19 year Practicing Physician have no relevance on your competence or lack of competence. Your grammar speaks volumes on the fact that you are a either a Moron or just an idiot with a license to practice,and I mean "Practice" medicine in the State of Mississippi.Keep practicing and you may one day actually f**k up so many people with your infinite wisdom that the State Board of Medical Lic. will take away your ability to "Practice" anything but your grammar and how to find the nearest WIN Job Center.Posted Anonymous just like you did.

Anonymous said...

7::19am - In your 19 year medical career, have you ever seen a situation in which ICU demand is increasing at the rate that it is right now? The purpose of surging to increase capacity is to deal with the expected increase in ICU cases, based upon what we have seen in the last several weeks. Your claims are not based upon data. The seasonal flu and swine flu did not have a 3%+ mortality rate in Mississippi.

It's just not accurate to say that children are not affected. There have been multiple studies that prove that. fIt is accurate to say that children who are not otherwise compromised are much more likely to not have bad outcomes compared to other people. However, as noted in the recent South Korea study, children over 10 seem to be spreading the virus in a similar manner as adults.

I agree that we need to reopen schools because there are other negative factors that come with kids staying at home (e.g. potentially staying with older family members, decreased educational attainment, etc.), but it is harmful for a doctor to claim that this is just a "common respotory (sic) virus."

Kim Wade said...

I heard this doctor say this on the top of the hour news Friday.
He's one of the physicians (pro-COVID) treating patients said, "when the patient is hospitalized we are basically just treating the symptoms of the virus cause we don't' know enough about it"
He then went on to dismiss the prophylactic treatments available as not having that good of a success rate, "not that effective."
Yet he admits to having zero success rate with his approach...
The Dobbs/Reeves medical cartel has no preventive treatment plan at all that they are willing to deploy, but "wear a mask and social distance. The failure to allow off label use of prophylactic treatment is what's driving the hospitalization numbers up. Dobbs and Reeves could call a special session and give immunity to doctors to deploy off label prophylactic treatments. This would do a lot more than masks and social distancing.
So while this COVID may not be a hoax. The handling of it is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

7:19 am How do you explain the children in ICU in Texas and the infant who died? You claim children can't spread it ( I get that's different from getting it). Do you really know they can't at all or just aren't as good at spreading because their sneezes and coughs don't travel as far? How about in diaper changing or bowel accidents ( the virus is in execrements)? Do you understand air ventilation and circulation as well as medicine? Know everything about ships and planes and cars and every building? How about repeated exposure? Is the severity of you reaction to CV 19 dependent on how many people you were around who had it in X period of time or how much repeated contact with a single spreader? (good tracing is the only way to know that and oops we aren't tracing effectively).

8:18 am You also aren't keeping up. Not all viruses allow for herd immunity and it's looking like this one won't as the immunity doesn't seem to hold. No one's certain as antibodies enough aren't the definitive measure. T cells have to be measured too.

It astounds me that any one who has a decent reading comprehension score doesn't understand the word " novel" or that research takes time to " catch up" with an previously unknown virus.

I would remind the doctors that people who get into other post graduate programs likely scored as well or higher on their reading comprehension and math sections for their choice of study. You might should check your overall placement and get some humility. The likelihood that there are others much smarter than you on the planet is very high. Indeed, some people, not being sure what career to pursue took the MCAT, GRE, LSAT, and GMAT to see what field might be best or get them the best financial support. But, the bottom line is the smartest of us know what they don't know and try to find out everything they need to know.

I'm more than a little disturbed that so many doctors are blinded apparently by their political biases and don't stop to think that they specialized to get beyond medicine 101 in their field to learn all the exceptions.

Anonymous said...

8:18 am Please try to keep up! It's become clear from the latest research that some with CV 19 don't get enough immunity to prevent a recurrence and that herd immunity is very likely impossible.

You also missed at the beginning that not all viruses achieve herd immunity and we didn't know ANYTHING about whether this one would or not. That's why it was called " novel".

Everyone who urge or counted on " herd immunity" should be embarrassed. And, if you still don't know that you are being deliberately ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Go check your vaccine history. If you haven’t been vaccinated for MMR in the last 20 years, get revaccinated now. MMR vaccine can lower symptoms of COVID-19 dramatically. This makes sense as to why young people aren’t getting seriously ill...they have more up-to-date/modern vaccines.

Anonymous said...

There is no fucking way this state is number 50 in any category. I am so impressed by the medical/statistical experts, that I am proud to tell people I hail from the Medical Mecca of the world, not just the states, but the world. Tested negative, but now want to go out and contract Covid so I can get treated here.

Green Acres said...

If 7:19 really is a physician (which I doubt), he/she probably has a practice limited to minor elective surgeries and procedures, is feeling the financial pinch of the pandemic, and will say anything to increase his profitability. The idea that children cannot contract or infect others with Covid-19 is stupid on its face. That's like saying that children cannot contract or spread the common cold - which is another coronavirus.

Anonymous said...

to 8:01... he made 6 grammar mistakes cause he busy saving lives at a hospital and typing at the same time. tell us 8:01 what have you done productive today beside appoint yourself the grammar police?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many folks reading Jackson Jambalaya know more about epidemiology than Dr. Dobbs, the CDC, the NIH, and practically every public health official in the world. It must be hard going through life being smarter and wiser than everyone who has spent their careers studying an issue and yet only being able to get credit for it on the internet.

Anonymous said...

So, based on some spelling and grammatic error and, of course, your disagreement with someone's opinion that person is labeled as not a Physician as claimed, or idiotic at best. You people are so petty it is a wonder we aren't actually below the scale given by others. Maybe we do need to be known, as in the past, as the land mass between Alabama and Louisiana. I graduated in 1981 from The George Washington University of Medicine and Allied Health. I practiced until 31 December 2016 (35 year total) when I retired from our VA Medical Center. I would urge all to not let the situation that is currently fueling this hate and discontent to continue. Hope all stay well.

P.S. I apologize in advance for any grammatical and spelling errors.

Anonymous said...

Some comments on "children" in non-medical-speak. It *appears* from the data at this point that children in the age group 1 to 10 don't spread it as much as those in the group 10 to 17/18. There are, and likely are, several reasons for this, including that kids 1-5 have much more limited contact non-family member adults, with those 6-10 having somewhat less contact, whereas those 15-17/18 have much more regular contact with them. There are likely many other factors, including things like young children having immune systems "in training" and so are less likely to have over-reactions to this virus.

The problem with this is like so much else related to the virus, we simply do not have enough data yet to make sweeping statements about many specific aspects of this. Or more accurately, some people think they have enough data and do make such statements, but the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors, researchers, etc., understand how much we don't yet *know*, so they refrain from making uninformed sweeping statements. Yes, knowledgeable and experienced professionals do *know* that masks work and drinking bleach doesn't (and will harm you), but no one *knows* what will happen as far as transmission if schools do or do not open "normally." However, the ever-growing amount of data does provide some more-likely-than-not probabilities.

So, would I send my children to school (public or private, secular or religious) in the next month or two under the current situation? Not a chance. Would I advise anyone to do so? No. I also understand a lot of factors go into that decision for any parent, so I won't make snap judgments. Do with that what you will.

Anonymous said...

Kim Waide - I didn't know that you had recently gone to school and gotten a medical or pharmacy degree.

I think 10:44 nailed it when describing you and many others on here. At least you identify yourself as you make your brash statements - without any basis other than your own opinion - on this and most every other subject.

Maybe you should focus on the legal ramifications of sham real estate transactions in the future , you do actually have some experience in that field.

Anonymous said...

10:40 am I agree the grammar police can not only be irritating, but also seem unable to differentiate possible typos from grammatical errors at times.

Anyone with a post graduate degree can be fairly expected to use good grammar and be able to self-edit.

A doctor's ability to write precisely and concisely is critical. Poor grammar or misplaced punctuation could kill you. Remember, a doctor writes your medical history for other doctors and writes instructions in your chart as well. A misplaced period in a prescription would be deadly as well.

I would think self-editing what you write would be automatic for a doctor. It is for me in my specialty and I have zero risk of killing anyone with my mistakes. I could only cost them money.

Kingfish said...

The grammar and spelling mistakes have gotten worse oddly enough with autocorrect features on phones. That is the reason for most of mine and it gets very annoying. When I see "there" when someone means to use "their" in a comment, I suspect that is an autocorrect problem and the person simply missed it because it wasn't highlighted as a mispell before hitting enter.

Anonymous said...

Remember the difference between God and doctors. God does not think he/she is a Doctor!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, 11:30. Even considering putting students, teachers, and staff back into classrooms and elsewhere in school buildings in a few weeks is absolutely asinine.

Anonymous said...

Physicians are horrible at spelling and I use to believe they all had poor handwriting on purpose. I now know that's not the case at all. My husband is an ortho physician and can't spell worth a rip... science and math... that's an entirely different issue. His spelling is horrific. He thinks it's an over reaction as well. Not sure if he would say mask are unnecessary though he's rarely wearing one. The guy is 48 years old in good health.

Anonymous said...

I work with a lot of doctors in the research field, and many of them are horrible writers; that said I'd prefer my doctor to excel at medicine rather than grammar.

Anonymous said...

12:22 Of course your hubby is thinking it is an overreaction and of course he is not that into mask wearing. After all, he is an ortho physician. Never deals with infections and lung problems. My brother (also middle aged and in good health) is an ICU doctor and has seen many people dying, Covid, flu, and other stuff. Guess what, he has a different opinion! I trust him more regarding Covid (but not for ortho problems).
Maybe all the good doctors for hemorrhoids, bunions, flat feet and so on should consider their limitations...

Anonymous said...

Nothing against physician's handwriting, but I've never understood how any pharmacist can read their scripts.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually more surprised that a State Employee and a State run Organization actually signed and published a formal document on a Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared of this virus, and I am doing everything I can to keep from getting it. The people I believe are the ones who have lived to tell how horrible it is, and how much they suffered. It can be deadly to all ages and has continues to be.

Anonymous said...

So think of all the times you’ve gone to the doctor for a virus, severe sinus infection, bronchitis, etc.

Now imagine you are elderly or you have underlying conditions like diabetes or kidney issues, and you go to the doctor for your illness. You’re doctor tells you you’re sick, go home and isolate for 14 days and gives you no treatment or medicine. How sick might you be in two weeks? Would you end up in the hospital?


There are outpatient treatments available that are being proved successful the world over, but our incompetent federal and local government has lied and suppressed these for political agendas and CYA. If you ask around, you’ll find stories of individuals who are being successfully treated in the outpatient setting and avoiding hospital stays.... until we understand that treatment saves lives and we support and allow our physicians to treat the high risk population, hospitalizations will continue to increase.

The fear people are living with is because they’ve been told there’s no cure for Covid, when in reality there are multiple treatments and safe, proven drugs available. The fear from the insistence on masks is because we have been told that’s the way to suppress the spread of Covid, when in reality that’s not been shown to be effective and people would need medical grade face coverings to make a true difference. All the while we are masking ourselves and breathing in our own hot air, suspicious of everyone around us because Dr. Birx called us “super spreaders.” Well news flash Dr. Birx and Fauci have been wrong on a lot—and they have financial and political motives to stay the course and continue the panic. Dr. Birx seems like a very nice lady but remember, she wasn’t wearing a mask through all 50 something press conferences—don’t you think she would have if she was truly convinced she needed one to save herself and not spread the virus?

If you have an elderly or high-risk loved one, please go ahead and ask your doctor about Covid treatment such as HCQ, Budesonide breathing treatments and others. Research the treatments being developed as we speak. Please!! If your loved one tests positive and you treat it in the outpatient setting you can avoid a costly and stressful hospital stay.

Anonymous said...

Dobbs stated on the TV tonight that 8 hospitals cannot admit any more patients - car accidents, shootings, heart attacks, etc.

Glad to see we have flattened the curve.

Next we'll see Tater on national TV with Jake Tapper.

Oh wait . . .

Anonymous said...

There can be no denying COVID in Mississippi is getting worse. The question, now that we have begun exceeding the capacity of our hospital systems, is what is Tate going to do about it?

Mississippi is 11th in the nation for per-capita new cases and 4th for the mortality rate. With an Rt of 1.11 that means things are worsening with a doubling about every 8 weeks. Because hospitalizations and deaths lag the initial infection, even if we experienced a miracle and the virus transmission went away overnight, we would see the consequences continue to increase for at least the next three weeks.

We have got to prepare for COVID hospitalizations to hit 1,200 and ICUs to hit 400 by the middle of August. To do anything less is a colossal failure of leadership.

The time has passed to identify where the virus is being spread and shut those activities down through enforceable mandates and significant fines. Otherwise we will see the consequences continue to rise to over 2,000 hospitalizations and 600 ICU cases by Labor Day. That is simply not sustainable by any means.

Anonymous said...

The 85 infants in Texas were diagnosed cumulatively since March . The 1 infant that passed away was brought in with other issues and was tested for Covid while in the hospital. This was fear mongering 101! They make sensational headlines and suppress articles that state the facts.... wake up Mississippi!

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