Monday, July 20, 2020

He's Baaaaaack!

Our Pest of the Day is back for an encore performance.  After rocking the Richland Post Office, he conducted a "First Amendment Audit" at the Richland Police Department.  Fix some coffee and enjoy. 


Anonymous said...

I don't like coffee and don't like this video. The fellow appears to be bored and has nothing to do. I am proud that the RPD failed to take his bait. I am also proud that the Chief finally instructed him to go sit out in the lobby of the building. The fellow was as giddy as a school girl once he got the slightest of reactions from RPD. I suggest that you quit showing this fellows videos. He will get bored and quit pestering folks if you do.

Anonymous said...

homey needs to lose some weight breathing heavy.

JJ with a shout out at 16:55!

Anonymous said...

anyone have a photo of this guy?

Anonymous said...

Stereotypical mouth breather. Why is it always white males that pull this crap? Do you just feel the need to flaunt your white privilege? Yeah we get it. You can be as obnoxious as you want and still won't get shot.

Albert Schweitzer said...

This fellow has made us realize what nice and correct people the Ridgeland Police department are.

These videos seem to be not unlike those fools who declare they are not citizens and do not need drivers' licenses, except in the opposite direction; he wants to parse any legal crevice to his advantage, for his own good, his notariety, and perhaps to sue some public official.

Surely a moonbeam from an outer lunacy. And a narcissistic one at that.

It does bring idiocy into focus. "Make sure the cops are educated" and "people who don't have manners aggrivate me".

Anonymous said...

This cat drives from Amory all the way down here to do this? Save some women for the rest of us bad ass!

Anonymous said...

After it was determined he didnt have business or a case to discuss with anyone at the pd they should have ignored him. He would have gotten bored and left. To respond to him or anything he says gives credit.

Anonymous said...

Mental illness on display.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, Amory was in Monroe county. So, how does this clown figure he's paying taxes for the City of Richland PD? Needs to be bussed to the nearest funny farm where life is beautiful all the time.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish you need to find better YouTubers to subscribe too. Occupy your mind with something postive. Don't waste time on this foolishness.

I recommend Steve1989MREInfo

He's like a combination of Bob Ross and Mister Roger's but he eats combat rations and MREs while describing their taste and texture.

Let's get this out onto a tray... Nice!

Anonymous said...

Nick, you showed extreme patience with this douchebag. I am glad you are are one of Rankin County's finest.

Anonymous said...

So much to say. The annoying Woody Woodpecker laugh, hiding behind his military service to justify this waste of time, exposing everyone to Covid with his heavy panting and no mask-those heavy breathing droplets hang in the air up to half hour! Go to New York and try this. He will stick that phone in the wrong place and some good ole boy is not going to care about his rights. Hope he posts that encounter.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this guy pull these stunts in Mid-Town Jackson?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a video of his trip to the Richland post office? If so I sure would like to see it. I have never ben able to find anyone working there. The place is open and you can hear some women gossiping about their weekend and who is dating who but they do not come to the desk.
I sure would like to see what the workers in Richland post office look like.

Anonymous said...

Yep, we all know an idiot mouth breather has the constitutional right to be an idiot mouth breather. What a shame he doesn't try to do that in an ethnic juke joint one Saturday night. As far as I know, he has a right to shows he has a set by going in one of those places. Frankly he shows what a coward he is by only going to safe places with his camera. What a sissy. What a loser. What a wimp. what a coward. I guess he could start by standing on Bailey Avenue one night and interviewing folks who walk by. That would show he has a set. Nothing here shows that.

Do something that proves your courage you mouth breathing small town redneck.

Anonymous said...

To all of you bootlickers and sycophants jeering and sneering. When was the last time any of you couch potatoes stood up for your rights? I doubt more than a few of you even know your rights. But you could ramble off sportsball statistics all day and night. You are pathetic. Not this patriot. I commend this man for reminding the Richland PD who is their boss...
The Taxpaying US Citizen

Anonymous said...

Your unemployment dollars at work,

Anon-E-Mouse said...


Anonymous said...

I highly doubt this guy served, or is serving in the military; and if he is somebody needs to get in touch with his CO.

Anonymous said...

You have the right to be mentally ill and not be institutionalized. You have the right to harass people trying to do their job. Kingfish please do not utilize your right to play this persons videos again.

Anonymous said...

10:15 -- Your right to what? Stand around looking creepy?

There are lots of technically legal things that, yes, you ultimately can do if you really insist on it. Like standing awkwardly and staring at public servants.

The reason most people don't do these things isn't some government cabal. It's because they understand this behavior is pointless and weird.

And when you do pointless, weird things, government officials might ask you what you're doing. They're human beings; it might take them a minute to figure out, "Oh okay, this person is mentally ill but not actively dangerous, so I should let them keep doing this."

If you're interested in standing up for your rights, first figure out which rights are important enough to justify using your finite time to advocate for, then think of effective ways to advocate.

This, by contrast, is just a man on the autism spectrum acting out in public because his brain reads basic social cues as threats.

Anonymous said...

There have been a few of the “1st Amendment auditor” types who have actually made a point. The vast majority however just create trouble by trying to bait any official into denying their right to video in public. Most are rude, obnoxious and slimy. The best way to get rid of them is to ignore them completely.

Anonymous said...

9:18 You've got a second vote for Steve1989MREInfo. Did you see him eat the 100 year old WW1 beef? I'm amazed that guy is still alive. Some of the stuff he eats is just nasty. On the other hand, the French have fine MREs with packets of wine in them.

Anonymous said...

@10:15 -- These days many of our public servants are focused on terrorism, active shooters, the pandemic, and urban anarchists. They don't need their time wasted by some jackass with nothing better to do than harass government employees, because he "has a right to".

Anonymous said...

I have to add a third vote for Steve1989MREInfo. The guy will even smoke old cigarettes he finds in combat rations. He will then provide commentary on their freshmess and flavor.

Ceazy tonthink about a time when our government bought cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

Steve1989MREInfo: It looks like the can rusted through and these rations are rancid. They smell terrible!

Also Steve1989MREInfo: Okay, I'm just going to take a little bite.... Oh my mouth tastes like fire! I can taste the botulism!

Anonymous said...

I like that this is guy is bringing attention to first amendment rights. The 1st amendment is rarely discussed these days.
Now, his method leaves much to be desired. But, he is trying to perform a public service.

Anonymous said...

I would venture to say that most people would see this guy as an annoying asshole with too much time on his hands; and what exactly is he "auditing," and which press outlet is he affiliated with?

I think he should go to the Federal Building downtown, try to enter with his phone or another recording device and without showing ID; and once he's denied access, he should hang out in the security pavilion and record people there and see what happens...and while he's at it he should take plenty of pictures of the outside of the building and record who enters and leaves and then lip off to the FPS Officers.

It looks like he only goes where there is no possibility of a real consequence for him, probably because of his service as a SEAL, Green Beret, or Delta Operator...

His wife must be so proud...dude; get a life!

Anonymous said...

If he files a lawsuit, any judge will dismiss it after viewing these videos. Continuously provoking others, including law enforcement officers, with the intent of filing a lawsuit guarantees that he won't be successful.

By now, he is back in his van down by the river, eating Cheetos, drinking Mountain Dew, and emailing other unemployed fat losers who are dreaming up ways of not working and not paying taxes because of their constitutional rights.

What a sad empty life!

Anonymous said...

Incels gonna incel

Anonymous said...

As a law abiding citizen who has had my rights violated by rednecks with a badge and a GED, I say good job. Most of these hayseeds are power tripping idiots. Only the very few are decent. Usually the guys below 5'9" are the biggest little assholes you could ever encounter. They really feel intimidated by full grown men.

Anonymous said...

This guy better hope he doesn't get the Rona. He's already struggling to breathe from obesity alone.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a Jackass. There's no way he's military. He's out of shape and doesn't carry himself as a military person would.
RPD did a fabulous job with him. And he is full of nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Does he actually think he's going to find someone to represent him in any lawsuit he may be contemplating?

Anonymous said...

Every educated person knows the first amendment isn't absolute. These mouth breathers don't understand that. I commend kingfish for showing this. Congress and legislatures in every state need to clarify some of this. The supreme court has recognized cop watchers but not these clowns. This guy would probably try to fall back on that if pushed. The danger is for cops and others to get complacent and something happen when a real bad guy does something. He didn't realize he was told to leave a non public forum. He thinks he has them. Nope. They are harmless until they aren't. That's the concern.

Anonymous said...

If this guy ever makes it to the fifth circuit he's not going to like what they tell him and that will probably end his you tube career.

Anonymous said...

One day, for whatever reason . . . his camera will stop working.

When that happens, (on the street or in a government lobby), I honestly feel sorry for this dude.

Anonymous said...

I’m gonna be honest, if I’m ever present at one of his “audits”, camera is definitely gonna get smashed, he will probably get punched. On behalf of taxpayers and public servants who do a tremendously difficult job for not a whole heluva lot of money

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your well deserved assault charge. That is, on top of being sued into the poor house.

Anonymous said...

What a dick.

Everyone today thinks they are special.

Anonymous said...

Why are you showing this? Really. Why?

Anonymous said...

What a complete jackass, demanding the names of on-duty police officers going about their business at the station. In an earlier time, a sergeant would have grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and literally kicked his fat ass out the front door and onto the street.

Anonymous said...

He is in need of medical/mental health ! Do not post anymore as now you have enough to show he is disturbing the peace & obstructing justice as these officers have more important work!

Anonymous said...

Check out his revisit to the Richland Post Office...Someone had re-educated the employees there on Poster 7.  Completely different experience.

BTW, if you've ever drove through & mailed a letter in the outside box, on your way hunting with a Knife, ammunition OR a gun in the vehicle, you have violated Poster 7.

If you've ever drove through the Post Office parking Lot with an expired tag, you've violated Poster 7.

If you've opened your vehicle door on Post Office Property & a fast food receipt fallen out, you've violated Poster 7.

90% of USPS Offices have video surveillance of Customers uploaded directly to the USPS (Inside & Outside).

@July 28..9:51...if you watch the 1st video, the USPS Employee who briefly comes out & calls Police is a Customer Service Supervisor (SR Clerk)...70k+ OT & lucrative benefits..Richland is a Remote Managed Post Office (RMPO) falling under the main Postmaster (PM) in Jackson.

The District Office in Jackson has just over 50 Mgmt & Admin Employees, for a base salary total of $4.4 million before any bonuses, incentives, OT, benefits & other. (Top 10  1.14 million)
Here's what your tax dollars are bailing out...(All Public information)

January 22, 2020

USPS Has $120 Billion in Pension and Other Post-Employment Unfunded Liabilities

From 2007 through the 2019 fiscal year, the USPS lost $77 billion & it hasn’t contributed to its retiree health care fund since 2012.
 “USPS has missed $48.2 billion in required payments for postal retiree health & pension benefits through fiscal year 2018,”

They are part of the Federal Employees Retirement System...usually..
1.7% of your high-3 average salary multiplied by your years of service which do not exceed 20, PLUS
1% of your high-3 average salary multiplied by your service exceeding 20 years.

After the recent 10 billion Treasury Forgiveness + 15 Billion GIVEN in the Covid Stimulus, the USPS says it needs an additional 75 billion to Remain operational.

The USPIS, Postal Inspection Service spent $5.4 million from 9-2014 to 9-2016 on a 30-minute Saturday AM TV show on CBS titled, "The Inspectors" to promote consumer awareness & crime prevention, aimed at 14-16 year olds.  That was a bargain, for the next 2 seasons cost over 10.6 million.  After the #s finally were revealed under FOIA, the USPIS canceled it after the 2019 season, total cost Unknown.

2018 “The show is pretty much what you would expect if a bunch of civil servants from the Postal Service had their own show,” John Oliver cracked on a recent episode of Last Week Tonight, his satirical show on politics and current events. “The whole thing is basically a mix of teenage soap opera, police procedural & a PSA about how to protect yourself from various mail-related crimes.”

When you walk in, retrieve your mail from a PO Box, do you believe EVERYONE is paying for a PO Box?  The USPS has a Service called Class E No-Cost PO Box.  All you need is any employee to fill out a form saying that you qualify.

A 2018 three month OIG audit of 1,731 No Fee Boxes at 17 Post Offices revealed that 1,336 didn't qualify for the Program.  996 of the Boxes could not be traced to a valid physical Address (Fake) within the zip code.

We estimated a 1‑year revenue loss to the Postal Service of about [REDACTED] million, based on the site visits & the value of 1.3 million no-fee PO boxes in inventory as of March 1, 2018.

Anonymous said...

@10:15 Please make a video of yourself going up to the Police Chief in Richland & remind the Chief who his boss is.

I'll wait.... with popcorn in hand for your video, I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

Self described (delusional) auditors, son citizens and moors are a hoot to watch on youtube, however, most do seem in need of a job and or mental health evaluations.

Anonymous said...

These fools start with a so-called audit, then they end up harassing city workers, sharing their personal info online, and usually end up getting arrested. Richland PD, please watch yourselves, as these jerks are just recording hoping to catch something they should not have access to. They also film vulnerable women and children who are victims of crimes and there should be a state law against this by our government.

Numerous youtube videos of them threatening office workers, threatening to sue, and generally harassing everyone who comes into these buildings with legitimate business. If I worked there, I would make complaints overtime he comes into the building.

Anonymous said...

They are public servants not heroic Grecian demigods. Stop worshipping them.

Anonymous said...

The next time he pulls this shit, someone should record him and see what happens.

And if I find out that he recorded my wife or daughter, he would need a proctologist to pull his phone out of his ass, he'd be eating his meals through a straw for a few months, and he'd have t look in the next county to find his balls (assuming he has any)...I've got plenty of money, awesome attorneys and I love to fight - so bring it fat boy!

Seriously, what the hell has happened to people?

Anonymous said...

Nothing more hilarious than internet tough guys. A real badass never has to boast of their power level. That's why it is always obvious you aren't.

Anonymous said...

So how is this guy for real... He's a douche.... my tax dollars are being wasted by this fool. Kudos to their patience .

Anonymous said...

Kingfish is this you??? If not, I’m convinced he’s your twin 🤣

Plain ol' Catfish said...

Good ol' "Sovereign Citizens"

Don't want to pay taxes, the laws of our land do not apply to them (the US Constitution is not the official law of the land but the Articles of Confederation is the law of the land), our courts can't hold them accountable, but they want to go and "audit" municipal records, employees, and properties whenever they feel the need!?

Don't know if they are coming or going!

Either the laws of the land apply to you or they don't, and if they don't get the f*ck on out of here then!

Anonymous said...

Douche bag hasn't posted his drivel in a few days. Maybe KLLM or the National Guard got wind of what he's doing. Or maybe he did run across a citizen who was having a bad day. Anyway, thanks Kingfish for doing a good job.

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