Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Jackson Employee Investigated for Online Hate Speech

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba issued the following statement.

“It has been brought to my attention that a city employee currently working in the Jackson Fire Department may have engaged in hate speech. We are in the process of investigating what appears to be a set of deeply disturbing social media posts. We hope to complete this investigation within a few days.

In these times, when so many of us are feeling a sense of grief, vulnerability, and even rage around the senseless violence being perpetrated by police, it is even more important – in fact it is critical – that our city employees, especially those sworn to protect our residents from harm – conduct themselves in a manner that earns the public’s trust. These postings not only appear to be in violation of city social media policy, they also serve to undermine public trust.

My thanks to those who brought this to our attention. I assure you that we do not tolerate hate speech in this Administration. We are committed to human rights and dignity for all people, which is why we are acting swiftly to address the issue.”


J’etait Charles Martel said...

“Hate speech” defined by who?

What someone says may be objectionable or not, but is. A first amendment

Incompetent officials who are dismal failures In reducing crime, in maintaining roads,
And keeping water flowing really should not tell us what correct speech is.

Does this clown have a list of approved words?
Coercion from a clown will worsen any problem.

Anonymous said...

Is criticizing Antard's repeated incompetence considered hate speech now?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Charles Martel, it occurs to me you might not understand that it's ok to hate a bastard. It's also ok to describe behaviors by the bastard that you find disgusting. But, if you go after the bastard by telling lies about what he did or didn't do and use disparaging adjectives that have no basis so that others will hate him too, or lump him into a group that you don't like that isn't doing anything illegal, but rather just exists, that's "hate speech".

Are you less clueless now?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the policy that was violated and the training the employee received on it. So many agencies have poorly written/reasoned acceptable use and social media policies which are generally a veiled threat against employees. I can understand violations of OPSEC, trade secrets, etc., but denying one's 1st Amendment rights to simply avoid embarrassment is not acceptable.

Charles de Jackson' said...

@J'etait Charles Martel:
Peut-être que la "Commission sur le changement climatique" peut utiliser sa sagesse qu’elle pourra tirer d’aller à des conférences coûteuses pour résoudre ce terrible problème.

Big Brother said...

There's no reason to fear the Thought Police, comrades. As long as you progress and adopt the orthodoxy of the day, you'll be just fine. We're very tolerant and you're free to think and say anything that we agree with -- anything at all!

Anonymous said...

Ludumba now has a hate speech rule huh.. well as a resident of Jackson I can tell you I hate it every time he speaks. It's only hate speech if it's against whites. Right dumbo?

Anonymous said...

It’s amazing how many people don’t understand that the 1st amendment only protects you from criminal prosecution. You can be fired for any reason and social media hate speech would certainly fit the bill if it was my employee.

Anonymous said...

Some speach is more free than others.

Watch out for the rights to laugh and ignore.

j'etait Charles Martel said...

Perhaps the climate conference will be in paris?

Rejoin the d'accord de Paris?
C'etait bon!

Anonymous said...

Many legal scholars define protected speech as that which is the most objectionable - just because you don't agree with it does not make it "hate speech."

Anonymous said...

I just gotta wonder what was said.

Anonymous said...

@7:24, it would be nice if that were the true definition of hate speech. But the truth is that "hate speech" is whatever today's "designated victim class" says it is. And that is an ever-changing list of unacceptable topics and terms.

Anonymous said...

As Antwar said "In these times, when so many of us are feeling a sense of grief, vulnerability, and even rage around the senseless violence being perpetrated by police" --

one has to note that he does not have a sense of grief, etc around the senseless violence (and destruction) being perpetrated by thugs, looters, and vandals.

Not surprising, because Antwar only focuses on the organization he loves to hate - the police, even his own. (Although he does like having them around to protect his personal self, and that of his family.)

No argument that there is a sense of grief about the senseless action of ONE policeman, but there is also a real problem around the bunch that our "leader" evidently doesn't recognize.

Anonymous said...

So the mayor wants to get in on the news. Black officer choking black resident on video is ok. But someone said something on social media and start a press conference! Get on tv! Seems about right.

Anonymous said...

Will this investigation be anything like the investigation when the nooses were hung around the court house?
Just like that investigation it will depend on what color the person happens to be.

Karl Marx said...

We will not tolerate any thoughts contrary to the official politically correct narrative, comrade. Any member that fails to adhere to the approved language protocols will be dealt with quickly and harshly. No independent thought will be tolerated at any time. If such actions are even suspected, the offender will at that time be declared persona non-gratta. Their ability to provide for themselves and their family will be taken away. Their name will be marked from that time forward as an offender against the protected classes and effectively canceled. As it is spoken let it be written.

Anonymous said...

Sacramento Kings announcer Grant Napear has been placed on administrative leave for saying "all lives matter".

Anonymous said...

Is New Afrika not based upon the hate of white people?

Anonymous said...

to 8:09............come on man, do you really expect any of the rednecks on this site to be able to read french?
''french fry'' is about as close as they will ever come.

Anonymous said...

"It’s amazing how many people don’t understand that the 1st amendment only protects you from criminal prosecution. You can be fired for any reason and social media hate speech would certainly fit the bill if it was my employee."

Well, not exactly. It depends on the terms of employment. For public employees in MS, generally one can be fired for "cause," but not for "any reason." This does not apply to "at will" employees who CAN be fired for "any reason," or to private sector employees, generally. Also, "any reason," does not include firings of folks in protected classes for protected reasons, such as race, sex, religion, etc.

However, as a former boss of a public agency once explained it, "You have a right to free speech. You do not have a right to this job."

BUT, if the free speech is off duty and irrelevant to the job, a government agency may be hard pressed to argue that the right is not violated when the GOVERNMENT is using its power to suppress speech unrelated to the government employee's job.

Anonymous said...

Was this employee black or white?

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify: To Lumumba, Hate Speech = White speech. Guarantee the "offender" is white, because in his and his followers' eyes, no one else can be racist.

By the way, there is no such thing as "Hate Speech." It's a concept made up from whole cloth by those on the left who know others will be too lazy to discover there are no constitutionally-provided protections for same. Seriously, how many people do you know who think "hate speech" is against the law? Too many, unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the tweet was?

Anonymous said...

Was this employee black or white?
June 2, 2020 at 12:26 PM

I think we all know the answer to that. You think the mayor is going to make a scene about a black fireman saying something racist?

Breakout Session said...

11:38 - Not sure where you got that interpretation of the first amendment. That amendment protects us ALL from ANY sanction by the government that attempts to discipline us for speech, thought or protest. All government entities are prohibited from exercising negative responses to free speech. And that includes the termination of employment (and even documenting such in a personnel file). Surely you knew this.

You approached accuracy a couple of times in your post, but, on the whole, I would not use your post in an employment law seminar.

Anonymous said...

@2:13p- You're not correct. The employer's "right" to fire depends on the employment contract (yes, the one the employee agreed to uphold when they signed it), and the employee's hiring status. Nothing is a blanket issue. There are ALWAYS "ifs" and "buts"... to think otherwise is juvenile. Just because the employer is a government entity doesn't negate the employment contract or status. Most employment agreements have clauses addressing these types of issues. I have NO idea what COJFD employement contracts state.

Employment issues are NOT the place for vague public announcements by mayors. I have no idea what was said or posted. I'm going to assume (I know, I know) that SOMEONE within the HR ranks of the City would have stopped the firing if it was not justified per the employee's contract... we shall see.

Anonymous said...

2:58 - Can we assume you're just another expert who heard a personnel discussion in the breakroom or gained your knowledge down to the EEOC office?

I would suggest to you that 95% of the government employees in this state have never seen nor signed any type of contract. Taking a sworn oath is another matter, but that's not the issue here. The 'employee's hiring status'? What does that even mean.

While employees, public or private sector, may sign a statement acknowledging receipt of a handbook, that by no means equates to a contractual relationship. Please cite the basis for your belief that Jackson municipal employees are contractual. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Thank god I am smart enough to only post my hate speech anonymously. There are plenty of places online for that. Don't be a fool.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It all depends on the object of your "hate" speech. Opposition or disgust with the police is just fine. Express your "rage". Say what you want. But the mayor will not tolerate the same expressions regarding the "protesters", violent or peaceful. Jackson is be a hard place for real police.

Anonymous said...

Didn't this lil' Mayor hold some kind of press conference about
the kid's PBS TV program "Sesame Street" a few days ago ?

I only heard a few sound bites on local media, but how what in the world
does "Sesame Street" have to do with Jackson, Mississippi ?

All I could think of was the latest Highway Patrol fiasco.

Cookie monster perhaps ?

Anonymous said...

@3:40p- I've never personally worked for COJ (betting you haven't either) but EVERY job has new hire paperwork. And, within that paperwork, you are typically signing all sorts of "agreements." It may not be a stand alone formal contract, but I GUARANTEE you they agree to some code of conduct as an employee and something that states the terms of their employment. Whether they read and/or understand all the small print on everything is not my problem.

P.S.- My water cooler days are over. I work from home. Your attempt to take a swipe at me failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

Public employees have free speech rights. An employee at a private company does not.

also, the Supreme Court has held that hate speech is protected.

Anonymous said...

8:38 - The conversation doesn't need ME to take a swipe at you. Your posts attest to your woeful ignorance of employment law and employer-employee relationships, not to mention your 'work from home' knowledge of the first amendment.

Judge Isaac Parker said...

When the phrase," all lives matter" is cause for an employee to face repercussions the ignorance that is called "political correctness" has gone too far. It may indeed be political, but in no way is it correct.

Anonymous said...

@7:14, if the statement has no context, then there wouldn’t be an issue. The context to where it causes an issue is when people are talking about the justice system unfairly treating minorities and you dismiss their pain with all lives matter. If a house is on fire, the fire department doesn’t go randomly spraying water on every house, they focus on the house that is burning.

Anonymous said...

KF, what exactly did this employee say? Can you post the contents?

Anonymous said...

This country doesn't have a racism problem. This country has a "girlfriend" who is too mentally ill to realize she is the problem. Everyone in the world sees it but her. And she blames everyone who has had enough of her shit and dumped her. Never reflecting on herself or her actions as the cause of her own problems. Yeah we can apologize to her and pretend her actions don't have consequences. But deep down we all know the truth. And we know that as long as we stay with her, shes a time bomb. And nothing is really going to change.

Anonymous said...

Judge Isaac Parker said: political correctness... may indeed be political, but in no way is it correct.

Best post in this thread.

Anonymous said...

"If a house is on fire, the fire department doesn’t go randomly spraying water on every house, they focus on the house that is burning."

What kind of analogy is that?

Its 2020. 99.9 percent or more of Americans probably know African-American lives matter. Obviously I don't know for sure.

What people have an issue with is that to them it sounds like only African-American lives matter. The fact that a major issue not being addressed in the black community is the issue of having a two parent household. 82 percent of young black children in Jackson were born out of wedlock. Yes, good people grow up in single homes. Yes, couples are probably playing the system to save money (black and white, etc). With that said, what is the average white man to do? Help raise a single black parent's kid? They would probably fear looking like a pervert. They go to work, most pay their taxes, and most try to be good to the people in their bubble. Some of them probably didn't get into a certain college or get a certain job because of affirmative action. In Jackson, they have risked their investment in the city due to violent crime largely done by black people that the largely black city leadership won't do simple steps to curve.

You know a large number of white Americans descend from Union soldiers, including in Jackson?

Have you ever read the entire "what we believe in" section on BLM's website? Do you truly agree with it?

How would you feel if New Afrika was instead New Europe and only a place for white people? I think the Mayor needs to address that, just as I think Tate should consider bringing up changing the state flag.

God Bless America and Planet Earth.

Anonymous said...

Somebody please explain to me what is specifically hateful about the statement "All Lives Matter?"

Isn't EVERY life precious and filled with potential? And isn't EVERY life worth protecting?

Explain, please what is wrong with that statement...

Anonymous said...

@10:51, every life is not in danger in the context of police brutality. You don’t realize it, but certain groups rightfully fear for their lives if they breathe wrong around the police. When people talk about that experience, people like you belittle and ignore their pain by telling them that all lives matter. If you care about other people besides yourself, you need to have empathy for those that are experiencing this systematic abuse and do what you can to help them fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

@2:14p- I sympathize with this movement. I believe there are many issues that need to be addressed to correct the discrimination. I truly wish this movement would step away from the term "systematic racism/abuse" and focus on terminology to pinpoint and address issues. I think broad terms are what many have trouble wrapping their heads around. Many can find examples of those claiming abuse that have actually benefited from the system. (See KF's latest post for one example.)

Since Mr. Floyd was murdered, I have waited and waited for someone, ANYONE, to speak up regarding policies within police departments. This is where (part of) the change needs to happen!! (I'll get to the other half below.) The NAACP came out with a plan to make law enforcement more transparent. This NEEDS to happen YESTERDAY! There are items on that list that can be implemented on a department level... with no politicians involved. I agree with and support the "vote" angle, but waiting on politicians is a DEAD END!! They will take YEARS trying to get folks on the same page(s). They cannot even agree within their own parties... either side!! Our communities do not have that kind of time.

The other part of change needed is within our communities. We MUST stop making excuses for reckless lifestyles and poor choices. Our families MUST come first. The more "me" focused we've become, the worse things have gotten.

Regarding police, they are human and many experience the absolute WORST of humanity 40 hours per week. I can't understand why our society thinks this is okay. We don't expect soldiers to stay in the battlefield for 20 years straight. Why would we think police signed up to be some superhuman servant who is not affected by the awfulness he/she experiences day in and day out? More mental and emotional evaluation and support is needed. It shouldn't be a disgrace to step away from policing once you've reached your "fill."

Anonymous said...

10:31 here.

Thanks for answering 10:51's question because I was wondering the same thing. I still have trouble following that logic, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion especially when they have their own experiences to back them. Plus, right now "everyone" is a little "crazy" and "off" after the CoVid lock down.

Good point 2:50. I can't imagine what many police officers go through.

Apparently there is supposed to be a protest downtown Saturday. A lot of the people posting about it have college degrees and low paying jobs. If they were to put their money where their mouth is they would join JPD, JFD, JPS, become a paramedic, etc.

Anonymous said...

Mayor focused on what is important. Just read the Barak Patton post, no issue.

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