Sunday, June 28, 2020

Bill Crawford: Mandate Masks to Avoid More Lockdowns & Closures

Back in the day you could tell the bad guys by the masks they wore. How ironic that these days it seems to be the other way around. Those not wearing masks are becoming the bad guys.

Back then the masked guys were outlaws. Maybe it’s time for today’s unmasked to be called outlaws too.

Time and again Gov. Tate Reeves and state health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs have urged, cautioned, and pleaded with us to wear masks, social distance, and avoid crowds to help the state cope with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“It is important that when you go out in public that you wear a mask,” said Reeves. “Please do it. It protects not only yourself, but it shows that you care enough to protect your fellow Mississippians.”
We're seeing “widespread abandonment” of following these guidelines,” Dobbs told the Jackson Free Press. “You can only do so much, but people refuse to do what can be done to prevent transmission.”
“My head is sore from banging it on the wall,” Dobbs told WLBT. “Wear masks, social distance, don’t do mass gatherings and certainly follow the rules.”
Many young people are among the bad actors. They go out socializing in groups, get the coronavirus, and take it back home to their parents or grandparents, Dobbs said.

Since Reeves re-started Mississippi’s economy on May 28 and let his Safer at Home executive order expire on June 1, the state’s main line of defense against COVID-19 has been voluntary, “personal responsibility” to wear masks, social distance, and avoid crowds.

“There is no government replacement for your personal responsibility and wisdom,” said Reeves.

That line of defense has not worked very well.

Mississippi is one of 17 states that has seen increases in the number of people hospitalized by the virus, reported WAPT. This is happening during the summer months, when health leaders thought the case numbers would be dropping.

The Wall Street Journal ranked Mississippi as the number three hot spot in the country as both daily new cases and total deaths topped 1,000 last week. Only Florida and Arizona had higher ratios of positive test results.

The Jackson Jambalaya blog also reported the rate of virus transmission had surpassed 1, meaning each infected patient is now infecting more than one other person.

Dobbs told the Sun-Herald that hospitals may be overrun this fall at the rate COVID-19 is spreading “because so many Mississippians fail to follow simple public health guidelines.” The state’s hospitalization rate has surged to the second-highest level in the country.

“We are not in good shape,” Dobbs said.

It’s time, if not past time, for Mississippi to join 17 other states and outlaw risky behavior by mandating that masks be worn in indoor public spaces and outdoors where social distancing can't be maintained.

Failure to take strong action now risks another economy-disrupting shelter-in-place lock down and parent-disrupting school closures this fall.

"Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin," James 4:17.

Crawford is a syndicated columnist from Jackson.


someone said...

the CDC is mainly at fault on the mask issue. The CDC initially lied to the public saying there is no need for the public to wear masks. they were lying and they knew it. The CDC is largely responsible for the loss of control of the virus in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

He might should have given Tater Tot the memo on wearing a mask. He was at the funeral of the Simpson County deputy without one on.

Anonymous said...

@8:35 AM - yes, but don't leave out the U.S. Surgeon General who stood in the WH briefing room and told the world that masks don't work for the little people, but do work for medical professionals.

For anyone with a brain it was obvious he was lying.

Anonymous said...

We did a drive about a month ago from MS to CO and back. It was an emergency but we followed the rules when we got out of our car. It was interesting to see the complete difference in attitudes about Masks/Rules from State-to-State. Up and back we went through LA, ARK, OK, TX, KA, MO and CO. Complete difference in each. In hindsight, watching trends, if doesn't surprise me where we are now. I am all for liberty and freedom with less government but there is a Biblical place for Civil Authority. It fails often, but during a pandemic we should all be smarter. The M-95 is the ONLY mask that might as well be holding your own hand to your mouth when you wear these "designer" masks. Mississippi traffic currently is an illustration of how we fail...there is no real reason for 2/3s of cars that zip along our roads, daily. Our own lack of discipline makes matters worse for all of us. So, if you're wondering, here are the States that were tightened up about the pandemic and generally following the rules...KA and that order. So Mississippi tags along again like Kindergarten or Head Start, long after it's told the best way to avoid this pandemic and do our part as a State. Regardless of CDC, WHO and government failure. It doesn't take a 160+ genius mentality to know simple rules, asked over, and over, and over, and takes discipline and concern for one's fellow man and woman. Wish we could stop leading from behind but "hope springs eternal".

Anonymous said...

At this stage, I think the CDC is not responsible for dumb people not wearing masks, although they clearly screwed up the messaging. You are right on that. But it's sheer stupidity and arrogance and inflexibility at this point.

Deliberate misinformation is spread about masks, about "GubMint" "inflating" counts, and even conspiracy theories that Covid "is a hoax." You see multiple posters here doing that. And that also includes a major news outlet, Breitbart, etc. This is not a political issue but the White House has deliberately minimized this and set a very bad example. It's a fact. And, no, I'm not a "Librul."

Adults have to act like adults, and adapt to changing information like adults.

And 20-50 year olds need to help their peers who are blowing this off to get with the program. This is a huge driver. Bars, partying, and no social distancing since Memorial Day.

Can't wait to see the Crawford haters start spewing venom.

Anonymous said...

@8:35 thanks for the contribution, you Monday morning Heisman.

Seriously though, what does it matter who is to blame? Just wear a mask, you ghoul.

Anonymous said...

He has quit preaching and gone to meddling......

Anonymous said...

If you want to know and understand what’s happening today and what will happen with Covid-19, read about the Asian Flu 1957 and Hong Kong Flu 1968. Wikipedia gives a good breakdown. The numbers are similar. Who it effects is similar. We didn’t shut down the economy back then we didn’t wear masks. Covid-19, like the the pandemics in ‘57 and ‘68, will last 2 yrs. Some areas of the planet will see a second surge that’s worse than the first, some less. It’s not going away no matter how many lock downs we do. Unless your wearing a 95 rated mask, that cloth or surgical mask you wear everyday won’t help you. School is starting back in the fall. Kids will get exposed. They will bring it home. All of these pandemics show the same type of people, age and underlying conditions, are at risk. Most everyone else will either just get sick to no symptoms at all. So what made 1918 so bad? Two things. 1: we had a World War and 2: Penicillin wasn’t invented till 1928 and didn’t become available to the public till 1945. 17 million people die every year of infectious disease worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Crawford, you are a pompous prick. You surrender your freedom to your beloved government and leave the rest of us the hell alone!

Anonymous said...

Isn't everyone getting a little tired of people wearing diapers on their face deciding everyone has to wear a diaper?
If you are that worried stay at home. Nothing is keeping you from staying at home. If people who do not wear face diapers bothers you then staying at home is a good idea.
If you do stay at home you would stop the transmission of the virus.
Please stay at home.

Anonymous said...

No one has decided you have to use what little brains you have.

Sheep don't wear masks. Smart people do.

Anonymous said...

You have no freedom when you are buried in a 6 foot hole. If
you don't wear a mask you have higher chance of being infected. Why is that so hard to understand?
my daddy says The 1st thing to go in a crisis is common sense.

Anonymous said...

How effective are masks? Here’s a counterpoint:

Anonymous said...

Question- Hold up, wait a minute, something aint right. I thought masks were only to keep infected folks from disseminating the virus to others but did not protect you from contracting the virus. Now you experts are telling me a t shirt over my face will protect me from getting the virus. Please do explain with scientific basis.

Also, will someone please ask Dr Dobbs how restaurants not allowing patrons to fix their own drinks is more sanitary and less risky than allowing a restaurant worker to touch every cup (both for first fill and refill) without ever changing gloves or washing their hands. It seems to me it would be much better to allow each patron to fix their own drink and only touch their own cup.

Anonymous said...

@10:55, you're not supposed to wear a diaper on your face, you are supposed to wear a face mask. Is that why all the far right morons aren't wearing masks, because they think you have to wear a diaper. What a bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

….you're not supposed to wear a diaper on your face, you are supposed to wear a face mask.

Pampers work well, too. Which is best? Depends.....

Anonymous said...

1:12, LMAO. Roasted.

Anonymous said...

Anything these "health" orgs tell you should either be dismissed outright or considered with heavy scrutiny. Too many political uses, fame, and profit to be had. And Crawford is no thinker, just a sanctimonious parrot unworthy of any regard.

Anonymous said...

Same people that 30 years ago were saying smoking doesn't kill all wee wee'd up about wearing masks as a preventative measure during a world wide pandemic because freedum!


Anonymous said...

10:16 has got it right... I'm sure of we had the same type of bias back in the days of previous flu epidemics you would get the same type of panic. When this whole COVID stuff started I did not jump into the proverbial "the sky is falling" robot thinking. I started looking for comparisons with other "pandemics" and found that they too have the same infection, death and recovery figures. And in comparison there are many higher risks for death that are not given wall-to-wall coverage. News media just want to create panics by not reporting comparable numbers (why did it take so long to include recoveries in the data?). There are some who will get it and some that won't, but the numbers show COVID will have the same end results as other pandemics - but they will not have caused as much damage to this country.

Anonymous said...

I love eating lamb kabob while I'm wearing a wool sweater. This Covid, in the long run will not rate overall worse than other infections. And by the way, you are free in a 6 foot hole. Fear of death is funny to watch. You want to stay at home wearing a mask yet you all take risks day in and day out driving like bats out of hell, drinking alcohol, smoking and dipping, not exercising etc. Funny people.

Hebrews 9:27 said...

The true believer has no fear of death. What passes for faith now is nothing more than the boastings of the flesh. You can't live your life like evil incarnate and expect the blessings of a righteous God. Be sure of this, every human has an expiration date or an appointment so to speak. You will not miss that appointment.

Anonymous said...

10:26 am 6/28

There is zero comparison with the flus of 1958 and 1967 because of the following ( I actually lived through them and don't have to read a less than thorough source like Wikipedia, for God's sake):

1. These flus were SEASONAL
2. They were SYMPTOMATIC ( people knew they were sick and stayed at home, numbskull)

As for your 1918 incomprehension, a virus doesn't respond to antibiotics and penicillin is an antibiotic. Yes, WWI spread the disease, because we joined the war. It began in KANSAS. Our troops got it going. This time it was spread by travel boats and planes to other countries.

Please accept that your ability to understand this subject is non-existent and follow expert advice before you become guilty of negligent homicide ( if you aren't already).

Anonymous said...

7:34 pm Please spare us your selective Biblical quotes.
You overlook multiple verses about personal responsibility like 2 Timothy 1:7 and Luke 10:27 and James 4:17 and The Ten Commandments.

For you, Proverbs 18:7 is likely appropriate.

I don't know what Bible some of you are reading, but mine doesn't praise the accumulation of wealth and Jesus turns over the tables of the money lenders in his only destructive action . The Bible warns against false prophets and worshiping " idols" and " bearing false witness". Yet some of you are worshipping men who spoken falsely of others to you and who have broken more than a few other Commandments. And, in this age, you do not have ignorance as an excuse.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:12 & 1:50, how about the folks wearing masks below their noses? Seeing this in every grocery store, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

What are your thoughts on these fools; and what percentage of them do you believe are Democrats?

You see, a fact is the far right doesn’t hold a monopoly on foolishness.

Another fact is Bill Crawford is no honest journalist; just a hack for his leftist buddies.

Anonymous said...

6:50 pm
I do not fear death. However, I love life and believe I'm supposed to live it morally and responsibly.

I don't engage in any behaviors that might harm others or their property.

That is why I'm not afraid of death.

Since you think this is all about you and not how you treat others while you are alive, I think you should be very afraid to die.

Even if you aren't Christian, surely you love someone besides yourself. Surely, you care about your reputation and family name .

When I see people without masks, I think they should fear much more than CV 19. They are announcing to others that they are not good neighbors, they are not trustworthy, they are without honor and they lack judgment in all matters.

Inquiring mind said...

8:23 you always have the option to not read the post of others. Your knee jerk reaction makes it seem as if it touched a tender spot. Could it be your hatred for all things Christian drives you to respond?

Anonymous said...

"They are announcing to others that they are not good neighbors, they are not trustworthy, they are without honor and they lack judgment in all matters."

Awfully judgy aren't we?

How about a person like me who has lung damage because of the burn pits in Iraq and can't move enough air through a mask?

How about you stay out of my business, and I'll stay out of yours.

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