Thursday, June 25, 2020

C-19 Update: It's a New Record!!!

Congratulations, Mississippi.  You set a new record for Covid-19 cases in one day.  The Mississippi Department of Health reported 1,092 cases today, pushing the cumulative total to 24,516.  There were only 8 deaths.  The total number of deaths due to the virus is 1,016 victims.  Hospitalizations surged to a record high as well.  Read the chart and weep.

Fortunately, the Rt factor eased off a little bit to 1.06 yesterday.

Here is a story for the knuckleheads reading this post.  Several employees at a local business contracted the virus.  The business didn't shut down or notify its customers until after at  least a week had passed when it announced the outbreak on Facebook.  Grim news indeed.  However, the grim news turned tragic when the co-owner/manager died a day later.  She had been suffering from respiratory symptoms for awhile but kept saying it was just pneumonia when friends urged her to go to doctor.  She finally agreed to go to ER but died on the way to the hospital. 

Great business.  Asset to the community.  Everyone works hard.  It is a bedrock of the community. Sponsorships, help for the church, help for the kids' ball team,  you name it.  One of those local companies that is the salt of the earth.  It suddenly shut down, forcing everyone out of work.   Many readers who recognize the company but we aren't going to mention it here.  It's a good company filled with good people.  They deserve their chance to get up off the mat and make a comeback. 

This story is for those who laugh off the virus or think its all a hoax.  Tell that to the family who lost their mother and wife or the hard-working employees were out of work. 


Anonymous said...

From a cardiologist nerding out on this:
On Dr. Dobbs... He means well. I really believe that. However, I do not think his ability to cumulatively analyze data from multiple sources and develop knowledge from that data to implement policy is very good. He sees the tree, but is missing the forest. If I had the chance I would ask him several questions:
i. Are you aware that evolutionarily the virus will tend to become less virulent and revert to the wild type? Consequently, are you aware of European and UPenn data that proves the virus loses virulence and lethality over time?
ii. Are you aware of European, Asian, Australian, UK and now US data that shows children are more likely to be struck by lightening than die from CV19? Will you recommend schools be fully open in the fall?
iii. Are you aware new cases don't matter much if you don't tell us where they come from and what the population demographics of said cases are as well as symptom status?
iv. Are you aware that once the virus is established in a community it is next to impossible to contain?
v. Because of point iv, are you aware that many epidemiologists do not agree with you and think that focused testing as opposed to mass testing is the best strategy going forward including at the University of California?
vi. Do you think that some of the high rates of NH/LTC spread could be fecal-oral since it all can't be explained by droplets or fomites?
vii. Are you aware of the data proving the usefulness of HCQ with Zinc early in the disease and that it's endorsed by the AAPS?
viii. What is your data that shows wearing masks in large stores and in other well ventilated areas is useful?
ix. Why do you attempt to scare the sh!t out of the public with hyperbolic phrases and words?
x. Why are hospitalizations rising but ICU beds not? Do you think some of that is due to mass testing of all patients who come into the hospital? Are treatment protocols and hoteling contributing?
xi. Why does the death epi curve still have a downward trend?
xii. Why aren't you more measured when giving your press conferences?
xiii. Why don't you talk about the coast and how good it looks despite Memorial Day and open casinos?
xiv. Why do you think lockdowns work despite the overwhelming evidence they don't (and they might make things worse--> intrafamilial spread)?
xv. Do you think the heat of the summer is driving people indoors to the A/C which is poorly filtered and resulting in spread inside of families and close acquaintances?
xvi. Why do you tell everyone they are behaving badly and killing their neighbor and MS will look like a MASH unit come this fall when you really have no idea?

I'd start there with Dr. Dobbs. I'd bet a lot of money he couldn't give a solid, non-evasive, data based answer to 75% of them... maybe 90%. Then I'd ask him some hard questions...

Anonymous said...

1092 today! We are now adding in one day what took two days at the start of the week. Why can't people were a mask and social distance? Oh yeah, because their Facebook friend copying and pasting some study they don't know how to interpret obviously knows better than Dr. Dobbs, the man whose job it is to study these issues and provide actual knowledgeable advice. We just can't be imposed upon to wear a mask even if some vulnerable people might die because that might jeopardize our "freedom." What a smart and considerate bunch we are!

Anonymous said...

CoViDiots commence

Anonymous said...

People seem incapable of changing their behavior in the least. Stay away from other people if you can. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. THIS ISN'T HARD.

Anonymous said...

Great. More infected and apparently drops in deaths. Just what we need with I'm sure, increase in antibodies. Infected is not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination. Most treated at home. Some hospitalized and some in ICU. Vents are probably being debated due to status of needs by certain folks and if a Vent will actually benefit the outcome overall for that person. Remember, Do No Harm. Advance Directives need to be reviewed. Almost all infected survive. 2:14 you forgot to add, stay in the closet, please.

Anonymous said...

herd immunity. this is not a bad thing

Anonymous said...

@ 2:02: I don't know your true status as a Cardiologist, but you are aware that our burger flippers turned Virologist who live life in fear of something they have no control over, will chastise you for this. Doesn't play into their desire to be a victim. They seem to forget the other malady's out there that kill people and said malady's will be around well after this fancy Rhinovirus is gone. Maybe I can draw a little heat, like I give a shit.

Anonymous said...

Hospitalizations are rising. Deaths are falling, but that appears to be because they have finally gotten some control over LTC spread and the number of LTC deaths have dropped significantly. The number of non LTC resident deaths remains fairly steady.

Deaths inevitably lag infection and hospitalization. If we see the non LTC resident death number start to climb over the next couple of weeks we are going to be in trouble.

People seem to be doing everything they can to give the government reasons to start shutting things back down.

Anonymous said...

First the government asks you to wear a mask, what's next? And by the way did you know it is illegal to wear a mask while carrying concealed?

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Deaths could hit 10,000 here & the usual suspects would keep saying it’s no biggie

Y’all like the Black Knight in Monty Python

Anonymous said...

Won't be no lockdown.

Anonymous said...

Were some previous days tests added onto this date? That high rise of cases in one day is very unusual.

Anonymous said...

3:10 There won't be a lockdown, but I can see bars and clubs shutting back down, state parks closing, no gatherings of more than 50, no school sports, and a mask mandate in every business that is allowed to remain open. That would provide some protection without harming the economy too bad.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:09 "Deaths could hit 10,000 here & the usual suspects would keep saying it’s no biggie". In actuality it isn't a biggie based on the states population number. But then again I realize what we deal with around here. Sad it is.

Anonymous said...

Ruh-roh...let's all go hide under our beds for the big bad virus.

Anonymous said...

@2:59 You've figured it out! Covid19 is all a conspiracy to take your concealed weapon. It makes sense because China is involved.

Anonymous said...

Nothing burger. You cucks keep wearing your face diaper. I'm going out on the sandbar and getting laid.

You will never see a picture of three of the smartest people in this country wearing masks. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Anonymous said... data isn’t going to be accurate going forward. When the state skipped 4 days and released those numbers in one big dump Rt didn’t adjust. Therefore, they are showing 4 days with no cases and one huge spike on one day and it brings the value down. We are probably running closer to 1.15 after today.

Anonymous said...

Hold on a second.

If deaths are down, but cases are up, isn't the logical explanation that people are figuring out who is likely to die from the disease and governing their conduct accordingly?

In other words, older and sicker people (who are 90% of deaths) are taking precautions and staying home. And everybody else is living their life, getting the virus as expected, not going to the hospital (see the flat ICU numbers), and moving on.

Any reason why this is not the most plausible, not-at-all alarming explanation?

Anonymous said...


Not really. There have been several rallies around the state, and all kinds of sports have resumed as well, not to mention all the businesses that have reopened. The high number of cases isn't surprising at all. I just hope the number tested was significantly higher also.

Anonymous said...

There goes football season.

Anonymous said...

I would think a fake cardiologist would spell lightning correctly. But you're wrong. There is zip for evidence that Covid is becoming less lethal. You are simply spreading lies.

It's pretty much threaded the line between transmissibility and severity. Thus, it's using the foolish young to spread, killing the older. It's using craven money grubbers and politicians to let folks like you bring unnecessary suffering and death.

But nice cut and paste, fake doc. Chock full o' bull. All data indicates masks and social distance work. We just don't do it in the South, cuz Teatards. And we are killing our people.


Anonymous said...

But, all of the protesting was fine and didn't cause any spread.

Which is it? Social Distance OR Wear a Mask?

If you social distance why wear a mask?

If you wear a mask, why social distance?

Masks are, and have been from the beginning, the wrong answer. They reduce oxygen saturation AND increase viral load to the infected.

Sneezing/coughing of an infected is not done with a sealed mask.

Constant adjustments to the mask increases spread of the virus if the wearer is infected.

Masks do not lower the chance of infection by wearers.

Masks are a feel good measure simply meant to appease the population. But, in fact, they are causing a false sense of security and giving people false confidence to not social distance, not self-quarantine and not continue to wash hands all of the time.

Lastly, what is this bizarre notion of commenting about a local business that everyone supposed knows but not mentioning the name of the business for those that don't know. This is akin to the mask, debate. Handling the news in this manner only increases the stigma.

Is no one able to be straight and forthcoming in this day and age?

Anonymous said...

Thursday national numbers. 640k Tests. 41k Positive. Both numbers are single day highs.

Anonymous said...

4:41 I haven't seen a lot of social distancing or mask wearing when I go out. Ideally both would be tools used to control the spread, but unfortunately the choice of the average Mississippian is neither.

Anonymous said...

4:41 is so bogus that comment seems unnecessary


1) masks help avoid spread by the infected

2) masks are of varied use in resisting infection but, combined w 6’ distancing & handwashing, have some value

people’s either/or thinking suggests stats should be required in high school 🙄

Anonymous said...

Who cares if the business is run by good people. If they were reckless and selfish by infecting many others then they lose all 'asset to the public' status. Let's see, we have a virus that attacks the respiratory system and the owner keeps reporting to work, doesn't get a test, infects others, and then dies. Good people don't put staff and clients at risk.

Anonymous said...

@4:41 "Masks are, and have been from the beginning, the wrong answer. They reduce oxygen saturation AND increase viral load to the infected.

Sneezing/coughing of an infected is not done with a sealed mask."

That hurt my brain. Maybe you could try to learn how to put together a sentence correctly before you start giving out your medical advice.

Anonymous said...

I assume that they have fixed the reporting system that was broken last week? It's interesting that they didn't have the data to be able to make reports and the next week we are setting records.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop testing for a while to get these numbers down.


Anonymous said...

As an original member of Team Chaos, I'm pleased at how predictably stupid you ignorant jackwagons have proven yourself to be.

Keep it up. You amuse me like burning ants under a lens.

Anonymous said...

For those that refuse to take some basic precautions like wear a mask and avoid crowds...

nature, uncaring and relentless, will sort it all out for you.

Anonymous said...

Wearing a mask is a political statement here. Just like I knew it would be. Didn't one of y'all call it a face diaper the other day? It even comes with a new zinger.

I'll be honest. I don't wear one either, because I feel like it's having an opinionated bumper sticker on my car. I don't want to be typecast by everyone in my town, and that's exactly what they'd do. So I'm a coward that knows better, and I write in shame that we should all grow a pair and mask up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Think it’s high now? Just wait until 4th of July weekend!

Honey Badger said...

I know this place, live in the community and shopped there on June 6. We learned of the infections via Facebook. They should have done better. I'm sorry for the owner's loss, but they should have done better.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cardiologist,
You appear to be emotionally venting and frankly sound less than scientific with phrases like " more children are struck by lightening". You should be aware ( since you rightly point out that testing has been haphazardly done and not a tracing/containment effort) that children have not been tested at the same rate and we are beginning to get more evidence that children and young people are being adversely affected by this virus. Nor can we be certain as yet, what " recovery" will look like. You seem rather selective in your information focus. Read nothing about reports about young children and young adults.

Your ICU comment was particularly stunning. You apparently missed that we are catching the virus earlier and are having some success with treatments that prevent ventilation.

Further, you lump viruses together with some rather sweeping generalizations. Yet, at the same time, you are caught up in irrelevant minutiae so as to lose common sense. Let me ask a simple question. Do you generally think people cover their mouths and noses when the cough or sneeze? By your reckoning, to do that will make them sicker.

You seem totally unaware that when it comes to spread, physicists, not doctors can be the best source of data. I would suggest to you that over specialization has plagued medicine of late. Have you not noticed that in the pharma/medical device disasters?

Are you seriously arguing that because containing the virus has been bungled ( on that we agree), that no measures should be taken to protect ourselves?

Rather hypocritical of you to criticize Dobbs for missing the forest when neither of you can tell if all the trees have shed and all you know is that there's a bad storm. At any rate, he's putting his reputation on the line, you clearly chose to hide behind anonymity. Could it be you know your colleagues would tear these comments and your credentials apart ?

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