Friday, June 26, 2020

Only 550 New C19 Cases Reported

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 550 new cases of the Wuhan virus yesterday as well as 8 new deaths.   The total number of cases is 25,066. The virus has caused 1,022 deaths. Nursing home deaths comprise 50% of overall Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi. There are 17,242 recoveries.  More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website.  Unfortunately, the Rt factor jumped up to 1.26. 

  The big numbers remained the same but are still near their record levels. 

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is probably going to get worse in Mississippi.  The Rt factor jumped to 1.26 yesterday from 0.90 in early May.  JJ confirmed the accuracy of this chart with the Health Department.   Rt Live website.

List of Notable Counties (Deaths)
Copiah: 535 (12)
Desoto: 1,157 (15)
Forrest: 767 (42)
Hinds: 1,853 (34)
Holmes: 506 (39)
Jones: 998 (48)
Lauderdale: 867 (78)
Madison: 1,112 (31)


Anonymous said...

No worries. Mississippi is down for one day? Hell, "Florida is reporting 8,942 new covid-19 cases on Friday, blowing past its single-day high of 5,511 set on Wednesday. It is the 19th day in a row the state has hit a new average high. Average cases are now up about 77 percent from a week ago, and 526 percent since Memorial Day."

Florida also announced Friday morning that bars must close immediately, a move echoed in Texas, a state also dealing with a surge in cases and nearing its hospital bed capacity.

As Bubba heads to Destin and 30A to partay.

We are in a world of shit come two weeks or a month, just in time for fall weather and flu season.

People are morons. Look at the UK, "I trust the British people to use common sense" next to picture of 500,000 on the same beach.

The long lost cousins of the hicks in Texas and Florida bars and Lake of the Ozarks.

Coming soon to an ICU near you. Well, maybe they won't have room for your GrandMa but that's a small price to pay for "FreeDumb."

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't the number of coronavirus go up. Our whole country has been taken over by large groups of people marching up and down the streets. Not to mention the burning and looting. Does anyone think these people are not causing a rise in the rates? They do not even social distance.
People are complaining about someone going grocery shopping without a mask but have nothing to say about groups of people crowding down a street.
I really don't expect this to be posted as we are not allowed to say anything that might make a group of people mad.
They might start another riot.

Kingfish said...

Actually from what I could tell, most of the people at the Jackson rally wore masks.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly function, overcome by fear and angst that football season will be interfered with in any way, shape or form. All because of this damn virus AND because of the idiots that simply won’t take protective measures to stop the spread.

People, do what the football coaches did while they were in Jackson for the flag issue yesterday! WEAR A MASK! SAVE THE FOOTBALL SEASON!

Anonymous said...

@12:26, can you post some pictures from all the rioting and looting that has happened in Mississippi? I haven’t seen it on any news site so am very interested to know why it’s obviously been covered up?

Anonymous said...

To 12:26's point: I don't know if the protesters are causing a lot of the spike directly (i.e. they are the ones infected), though I can't imagine that they aren't a lot of it. What I blame for most of it, though, is that the media for two + months covered nothing but coronavirus 24/7, and many places like Mississippi didn't have huge spikes. Most people a month ago didn't know anyone who had been infected, much less who died from it. Then the woke movement came around, and that replaced coronavirus in 24/7 coverage. Those people not social distancing was ok because their cause was just. Many people - lulled by the fact that they didn't have any personal experience with the virus - assumed that the mainstream media's coverage had been nothing but hype and that we as a society made a huge mistake in shutting everything down and encouraging social distancing. Added to which most people were tired of being isolated. So when governors, pressed from on high by Trump, who has never taken this thing seriously, felt that it was perfectly alright to resume life as normal. Turns out, this thing is actually real.

Anonymous said...

New ABC News/Ipsos poll data finds most Americans are wearing face masks when leaving the home while infection continue to rise exponentially.

Anonymous said...

The covid-19 pandemic is going to get worse? How do? Just because the number of positive cases increase? Some quality logic there.

Anonymous said...

KF - maybe "most" of the people you saw at the JACKSON rally/protest wore a mask.

But did they social distance? Don't bother with your answer - the pictures clearly show that they didn't. Not while they were marching, nor while they were gathered on Capitol Street.

And, I read the comment preceding yours as discussing folks all around the country that are protesting, and rioting. (So far, we have not had riots in Mississippi, thankfully.)

Those folks in the thousands were not following any protocols - and that has not been questioned by the local officials, while in some of the same cities people were being harassed and in some cases arrested, for not following the COVID requirements.

Anonymous said...

12:40 did you see the same coaches that I saw? One reached and grabbed the other's mask pulling it out like a slingshot and popping his face. Pretty funny, but probably not safe. Another did not cover his nose with the mask rendering it ineffective. As for me, I'm not going to follow the lead of the football coaches. After all, football is their area of expertise, not public health.

Anonymous said...

@1240 - in defense of 12:26, who can probably speak for him/herself, the opening sentence of his comment referred to 'all across the country'. Just as Kingfish's comment tried to tie his observation to Jackson's protest march, trying to change the narrative to disavow his point drags a big, rotten red herring across the road.

His point is valid - and was not talking only and specifically about the march in downtown Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Never thought I see the day when 550 new cases was described as "only", but here we are.

1:05 You need to look at state level data. In the results for the study reported on CNN there is a chart that shows a correlation between mask usage and the infection rate. With the exception of California every state that reported mask usage of more than 60% had an Rt of less than 1. Unfortunately even the most conscientious state (New York) still only has 2/3 wearing masks, so imagine how much better it would be if substantially everyone did.

Anonymous said...

Lots of new testing being done as well. Sure a whole bunch are asymptomatic, but as said by others this will increase antibodies and herd effect. Still overall less than 1% of America infected and/or dead from Covid. Wonder if the folks in America with other killer diseases can get better since all of you are diverting energy to your beloved C-19.

Anonymous said...

1:05 Americans where? I most certainly have not seen a majority of Mississippians wearing masks. At most a third - and if you don't count those who aren't wearing them properly, maybe a quarter of the people I see are wearing masks.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Dobbs has been speaking like a man at the end of his rope. I don't know how much clearer he can be that we are staring down the barrel of a gun in MS. He has suggested that within the next couple of weeks, if you get in a car crash there may not be an ICU bed available for you. Obviously Tate has no plans to infringe on anyone's liberty so it looks like we're just going to keep on and let the bodies stack up.

Anonymous said...

@Kingfish... wow. 1:04 shows some promise. You should invite them to comment more as a well made arguments are something your comments section so regularly and desperately lacks.

Anonymous said...

@1:38, if we are wearing masks to prevent spit from getting on other people, why does it matter if they covered their nose?

Anonymous said...

Contact tracing will prove that the protest had marginal affect. The spikes aren't in Minneapolis, New York or DC. It's in Florida, Texas and Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the Mississippi Associated Builders and Contractors get back from their annual convention in Destin on July 26! What a great super-spreader event.

Anonymous said...

Well 2:04, I don't recall that I stated that we are wearing masks solely to keep spit from getting on other people. I'm not expert, but as I understand it, when a person sneezes, nasty shit comes out of their nose.

Anonymous said...

Use your brains folks or quit taking up oxygen for the rest of us. Of course, there was going to be a rise in positive tests(cases) as things opened back up, even more so that there has also been an uptick in tests conducted. I know math is hard and all but damn a 5th grader could figure this out. When you start seeing a drastic rise in ICU and intubated patients or hospitalized ones(no, not the ones in for procedures who just happened to test positive), wake me(and most folks with half a brain) up. Until then, get a grip!

Anonymous said...

Increased testing, increased positives. Most are probably asymptomatic or borderline ill. Few hit an ICU type bed. But in the long run, we need positive tests to get herd immunity and antibodies. Keep up the good work folks, proud of ya. Can't see football season with face diapers, but what the hell. When the players start going down due to heat and decreased O2 flow, even better. Sacrifice for the good of many.

Anonymous said...

Friday national numbers. 603k Tests. 45k Positive. More tests these days and good bit more positives.

Anonymous said...

None of the cases trace back to the protests. Nearly all will trace back to the people who refuse to wear masks.

Anonymous said...

The kool aid has been made and they are drinking it. Jim Jones was an amateur.

MSH said...

Dr. Dobbs has specifically said that there are not more tests, just a greater number of positive tests. MS is 5th in the nation in percentage of positive CV tests with about 12% (National average is 5.5%). Masks are important but they are foolproof and have to be used in conjunction with social distancing. We mandate that people wear seatbelts, wear helmets and don’t speed. People violate these laws but you still have them to protect both the individual and others. Mandating masks in public government offices and indoor businesses would save lives.

Anonymous said...

4:51, Here is your requested wake-up call. You may be able to hit snooze a couple of times, but it's time to wake up. From The Wall Street Journal:

Note: Texas, Arizona, and Florida aren't exactly liberal bastions.

Anonymous said...

Here's a 4th of July message from a military commander:

Message from the Commander: "Patriotism always seems to be a little bit higher around Independence Day. This year, I am asking you to show your patriotism in a different way -- by wearing a mask."

Do the right thing. Adapt to changing information and situations. And think of others, not just yourself. That's the American way.

Anonymous said...

I look at daily deaths, 7 day moving average. You can find that here:

That number peaked the first week in May and has had a slightly downward trend. On the same website you can view the same graph nationally - daily deaths, 7 day moving average,

That number peaked around April 15 and has been in steady decline since.

Title 9 Is At Risk said...

The coaches and other school officials came to Jackson to be seen and heard. They were on School sponsored pay, time and travel and received per diem while getting fed on either the taxpayers' dime or some benevolent fan base group.

Did you folks notice newly crowned MSU football coach Mike Leach's 'mask'. His nose was never under the mask. That's because his nose....well, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Let’s address the three new talking points I’m hearing from Republicans:

1. Increased testing leads to increase positives.

In Florida, testing has DECREASED by 12% over the last two weeks. Numbers are still skyrocketing.

2. Hospitalizations and deaths are lower.

Hospitalizations trail positives, deaths trail hospitalizations. We’re 2-4 weeks from seeing deaths attributable to today’s spikes. And increased positives will inevitably increase exposure to vulnerable individuals, which wouldn’t show up in the numbers for a while.

3. The protests caused this spike.

Outdoor protests with masks would drastically reduce transmission compared to a packed indoor bar without masks. And these increases are being led by states that opened early and saw limited protest.

Green Acres said...

How can anyone complain about protestors spreading C-19 while praising Trump for conducting his unmasked rallies? That's a total disconnect from reality.

Anonymous said...

It's not time for it to be the protesters. Do the math.

They were also outside and masked except for the yahoo's counter protesting that showed up.

This is Memorial Day numbers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Green Acres! The ethical, moral and intellectual inconsistencies are so glaring as to make it seem we are living in an alternate universe.

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