Thursday, June 18, 2020

Bedwetter Alert: Florida Gator Edition

You can NOT be serious.  The Florida Gators are getting rid of the "Gator Bait" chant.  President Ken Fuchs stated on the university's website:

Nearly three weeks ago following the horrific murder of Mr. George Floyd, I urged us all to become part of positive change against racism. Last week, I encouraged faculty and staff to pause their normal work for a day to reflect on their personal actions and educate themselves on racism.

Amid global protests and intentional reflection here on campus, many UF colleges, departments and individuals have joined the growing effort to address racism and inequity.

To build on this important work, we announce today actions that align with our strategic goals in The Decade Ahead plan in the following three areas:
  1. Our three-part mission of education, research and engagement with the community
  2. Understanding our history and moving forward with symbolism and behavior consistent with our values
  3. Representation, inclusion, opportunity and accountability
Education, research and community engagement
  • UF will require training of all current and new students, faculty and staff on racism, inclusion and bias.
  • UF’s Office of Research will make available this academic year competitive grants to faculty on topics of race, equity, justice and reconciliation.
  • The 2020-21 academic year will focus on the Black experience, racism and inequity. Each of our colleges will feature speakers, seminars and courses. Led by faculty, we will also reevaluate and revise appropriate elements of our curriculum, including UF Quest.
  • Student Government will join in this effort by organizing programs and speakers across campus, as with yesterday’s ACCENT speaker announcement.
  • The UF Faculty Senate will organize Town Hall meetings and add a standing agenda item as part of their monthly Faculty Senate meetings.
  • In UF’s spring semester, we will devote a day to community service and learning as guided by local leaders.
History, symbolism and demonstrating behaviors consistent with our values
  • A presidential task force will document the history of UF in relationship to race and ethnicity, particularly African Americans and Native Americans.
  • A second presidential task force will review and recommend values, principles and reasons for establishing and maintaining honorary namings, both historic and current. The task force will further recommend a process for individuals associated with UF to be identified and considered for future honorary namings in accordance with current values and principles, and may suggest individuals for future consideration. Ultimately there will be a process to review all historical namings to determine if they should be retained or removed.
  • I am personally committed to removing any monuments or namings that UF can control that celebrate the Confederacy or its leaders.
  • While I know of no evidence of racism associated with our “Gator Bait” cheer at UF sporting events, there is horrific historic racist imagery associated with the phrase. Accordingly University Athletics and the Gator Band will discontinue the use of the cheer.
  • There are agriculture operations where UF has relied on prison and jail inmates to provide farm labor. The symbolism of inmate labor is incompatible with our university and its principles and therefore this practice will end.
Representation, inclusion, opportunity and accountability
  • The chiefs of the University Police Department and Gainesville Police Department have committed with city and university leadership to review use of force policies, report their findings to the community, institute needed reforms and engage the community by including a diverse range of input and experiences.
  • I am charging the university’s leadership, acting within state and federal laws, to intensify our efforts in recruiting, supporting and retaining our students, faculty and employees of color, particularly Black students, faculty and staff. To promote transparency and accountability, we will publish by department and college the race, ethnicity and gender trends for faculty, staff and students and present regular reports to the Board of Trustees.
  • UF will redouble efforts to support local small businesses and vendor diversity.
  • UF will work with East Gainesville community leaders and residents to develop specific and sustainable programs and activities that will contribute to improving the community’s educational and economic well-being.
It is past time for UF to commit and engage in this challenging, uncomfortable, transformational work. We know that we cannot undo lifetimes of injustice and racism, but we believe we can make progress - in education, in advancing truth, reconciliation and justice, and in anti-racism, equality and working to eradicate inequities. This process will not be easy, and we will need to work together through the imperfections, missteps and complications that always accompany change. But the progress we seek is fundamental to who we are at UF and to our expectations of ourselves, and I look forward to joining all of you on behalf of our campus, community and country.
 There were no complaints about the chant.  Here is the chant.

There are quite a few videos of black Florida football players celebrating the chant.  Of course, expect them all to suddenly scream how much it offended them.  Don't want to be called a Tom today, after all.

Of course, there is another chant that I've heard and possibly participated in yelling at Florida football games:

It be.. the Florida Gators,
It be... the Florida Gators



Anonymous said...

There has been some pretty stupid, and totally unassociated, decisions made recently by those that feel they must make a statement. But this one wins the prize of all that I have heard of or read.

Gator Bait - while not having any racial context according to the University Officials - must be discontinued. But it looks like they will be too busy with all their new diversity activities, renamings, trainings, lectures, etc to have time to come up with a new cheer.

What will they do? What will they do to make sure that there is nothing offensive to replace what was not offensive?

Anonymous said...

Good first step. I hope our universities and colleges consider the same!

Anonymous said...

What. In. The. Actual. Fuck.

Almost as bad as the rotating mascots at Ole Miss (which by the way is racist too if you do some research), so when are they going to stop selling Ole Miss stickers, t-shirts and jerseys, and all that other shit?

I didn't know we lived in Wokeistan...

Anonymous said...

This is not going to end well for the left.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good luck with that. Somehow I don’t think 50,000 screaming fans are going to care what the “official position” of the university is.

Anonymous said...

I have to change my street name now??? Plantation Blvd. in Madison.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely crazy. This is as bad as Mike Gundy being pressures to apologize for wearing a One America News t shirt!

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing the point. If the administration can use five percent of the student body to make the other ninety-five percent decide that football games aren't any fun anymore, the ninety-five percent will devote more time to meditation, reflection, and studying. Simple.
And it's genuinely inclusive...100 percent of the students will be pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 5:38. Enjoy living on Hacienda Blvd. in Madison. And stay yo azz right there writing Hacienda, Plantation, McMansion or whatever on your government ID.

The Gator Bait change is stupid. To the extent some of the other is necessary (I’m not familiar enough with the UF culture to opine), the scope and extent seems overdone to say the least.

One of our current problems in this country is that moderation has disappeared from almost all places, be it cultural diversity or Wuhan defense or government handouts {looking at you, the $500 billion with no oversight). Methinks a little moderation would help the 60% sane Americans from the 20% nut jobs on either end.

Anonymous said...

I went to the doctor one time and asked him if I had a problem. I told him I just wasn’t offended about things in life as much as my liberal friends. I told him my liberal friends get angry about everything, are always upset but I must have a problem because it doesn’t happen to me. So the doctor gave me a full examination, blood work, CT scans, MRI’s, even sent my to a psychiatrist. Then one day he called me into his office. He said I have found the problem. Of course I was a little nervous. I mean, this could be serious I thought. He opened my file and said, “All your test came back normal, actually better than normal.” I said so what’s the problem. He just looked at me and said the reason I wasn’t like my liberal friends is that my testosterone was very high and my estrogen level was very low. Not understanding all this medical mumbo-jumbo, I asked him what that meant. He said it’s simple. Your not a little crying bitch ass pussy.

Anonymous said...

Better get ready to say “Mississippi Generals”. It’s a coming.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 5:18: Before you throw stones at Ole Miss, maybe you should do some research on cowbells and how they were attached to slaves to keep them from running off. Let's start a protest. NO MORE RACIST COWBELLS!

Anonymous said...

I'm just happy the "Cream of Wheat" Chef is going down with the rest of the American advertising icons.

After all, he's in that same club as “Aunt Jemima” and "Uncle Ben".

What I don't understand is the fake outrage about the little Kellogg's cereal elves:

" Snap, Crackle and Pop".

Oh the humanity !

(They are White Elves)

If anyone can document a non White Elf, please let us know.


Ernie Keebler


Why is Mrs. Butterworth involved ?
She's an elderly White Woman.

Anonymous said...

Nike must remove the Michael Jordan image logo from all their merchandising too. It’s right up there with Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima.

Col. Sanders is gone too. White plantation owner image. Notice no KFC ads lately?

Ronald McDonald negativity represents clowns...must go.

BET must be changed to IET....Inclusive Entertainment Network. BET is not an inclusive name and offends Hispanics and Asians Americans.

Caucasian is a racial slur to European Americans.

.......The list can go on and on as anyone can be offended by anything.

Anonymous said...

“Supposedly” the infants of slaves were cut into pieces and
used for Gator bait back in early 1800’s. That’s what is being
mentioned on a national radio show today.
IF true it needs to go away today.

“Ole Miss” saying will be gone sooner than later.
Ole Miss means the plantation owner’s wife.
Get that s@it out of here! Good grief.

Rebel flag on our state flag needs removing and
placed in a museum. Another no brainer!

Anonymous said...

Is ole miss still considered the flagship university without a flag, without a song, without a monument, without an identity or a mascot, without a way of knowing ?

Anonymous said...

@6:46; 5:18 here, the cowbells are an annoying redneck nuisance and I wasn't aware of the raaaacist history.

Get rid of it all...all mascots, advertising logos - pretty soon we'll all be wearing the same silver onesie spacesuits and won't be allowed even a scintilla of individuality, unless of course you belong to a protected class, then you can do pretty much whatever the hell you want with impunity - destroy others' property, start riots, loot, and assault people and even take over city streets to start an "autonomous" district. Thanks liberals, you really know how to fuck things up for everybody!

Anonymous said...

I've seen the wood cut prints. They didn't cut up any black infants. They tied them to a post near the waters edge. Not saying it is any better.

Anonymous said...

While their are racist postcards from the 1890s and 1900s depicting the use of black children as gator bait, there is no reliable evidence that it ever occurred.

It seems that Snopes agrees:

That being said, I can see why Florida would want to remove it.

Burgers Matter! said...

Here in The South, we have those tasty little slider burger joints known as "Krystal". Up North, they are called "White Castle". White Castle. Got that? How the hell does a place called "White Castle" get a pass? Have you ever removed the bun from a White Castle burger and looked at the meat pattie? It's got 5 holes in it --- one in each corner and one in the center. Almost looks like a....gasp.....Confederate Flag?!

Anonymous said...

Ban football at Florida. It’s not fair everyone cant play. It’s not fair everyone can’t get a scholarship to play. They keep score in football and that’s not fair. There are winners and losers in football and that’s not fair. Gators are scary and can eat every other mascot in the SEC and that’s not fair. Kids who play football get to be on tv and that’s not fair. Life’s not fair and that’s not fair. @6:41 some people have to much estrogen and cry all the time and that’s not fair cause some people are blessed with a lot of testosterone and that’s not fair. GATOR BAIT

Mad Money said...

With all the bullshit aside...we all know this is not going to end well for any of us.

Colonel Sanders said...

What are we going to do about the name of those damn Dixie Cups?

Anonymous said...

If I ever forget why MS is last in most everything, I just read the comments on this blog about any issue involving race. Then I remember.

Anonymous said...

All these comments from Snowflakes. Sorry they don’t want you to sing your little song anymore.

Anonymous said...

When the stands are empty, they will regret all this damn nonsense. And, it wont be long until the stands are EMPTY. As Frank Melton used to say, "that my friends is the bottom line"

Anonymous said...

Ole Miss Rebels
Mississippi Rebels
Mississippi Black Bears
Mississippi Blacks

Anonymous said...

If you did not go to UF, then why do you care, Karen? Unless I'm missing something, they are not banning the audience from doing whatever gator chomp it is that they do. They just are not going to have their band play it. Why is this a big deal? Does the gov't need to set up a commission to require that Universities play certain fight songs.

Call Democrats snowflakes all you want, but y'all are the ones I see having a meltdown every five seconds over non-issues.

The Dem's Brown Shirts are Coming said...

The re-education camps begin. Stalin, et al, are smiling from hell.

Next => book burnings.

Buy ammo.

Anonymous said...

Sports Illustrated is running an article saying Ole Miss referred to plantation owner’s wife. Complete fake history.

Anonymous said...

Re Ole Miss: The school’s nickname, Ole Miss, is a play on the term enslaved people used to refer to their master’s wife. Its teams, “the Rebels,” play home games on a campus where the Confederate dead are buried, and several buildings and a Tiffany stained-glass window are dedicated to the “University Greys,” a Confederate company made up entirely of the school’s students.

The drunk student body "dresses up" (if you can call vomit crusted blazers and dresses "dressed up") for football games, in tribute to the citizens of Oxford dressing up to "send off" the "Greys" to battle, and they re enact it with "The Walk of (fake) Champions.

This was LITERALLY put out by campus tour guides, until recent PC events, including on student tours.

Ole Piss is 100% pure unadulterated slave master/cotton money Confederate HQ. And has been for 150 years.

Please stop rationalizing it. It is what is is-Ole Miss, named for the slave master's wife.

They started that name NOT in 1848, but in 1896, at the height of Jim Crow and the same era of the Rebel flag/state flag and all the Confederate statues being placed.

Lily white frat boy hicks and sororities dressed up like street walkers are not some kind of PC princesses who can be re invented by some sports marketing department money grubbing whores.

No one is buying it. Lie all you want.

Anonymous said...

6:41 pm cute but if your testosterone levels are higher than normal, it would explain you being irritable, combative, hostile and prone to violence.

Anonymous said...

The left doesn't want to re-educate the right. They don't have enough tolerance for that. The left wants the right DEAD and all of their posessions redistributed.

Anonymous said...

10:39 Thanks for the info little brother. Green does not look good on you.

Anonymous said...


You got a serious complex going there buddy. (And no, I didn't attend Ole Miss)

Anonymous said...

Now this is serious. The Sec Football championship will not be in Mississippi this December if we don't change the flag immediately.

Anonymous said...

Dang I was all for changing the flag but then I hear Kane Ditto and that wimp SEC Commissioner SANKY tell me I have to change it and I admit it makes me hesitate. When we eventually have the press conference to announce the change I hope Tate will add and this change had nothing to do with anything Kane or Sanky said. In Fact it slowed it down

Anonymous said...

Gator Bait Bad, Rebel Flag Bad, Eyes of Texas Bad, Cowbells Bad. In spirit of compromise lets get rid of them all.

Now we can get about renaming these cities. This is past crazy can we have conversations and Slow the Roll. Also The Oklahoma coach apparently missed up (still don't know when wearing a shirt made you racist) But instead of cancel culture cant we discuss reconciliation healing. The Left says burn it to the ground, cancel the person but instead I wish they would try to heal and grow.

Anonymous said...

While we are on the subject can we start the conversation of the atrocities the carpet baggers did to the South and crippled the South and took 60-80 years to recover If we really every have. The Southern States still some of the poorest states in the union

Anonymous said...

Y'all butthurt cause your stupid phases, statues and flag are being thrown out. The first thing you want to say is I didn't own slaves, I am not prejudice, but you want all the symbols. That's what I call a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't end well. Be mad, I am glad.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi should just change the flag to the blank white flag of surrender. If anything must be added then a pale gray L for Loser

Anonymous said...

10:42 but he ain’t crying like a teenage girl about everything like you. LOL

Anonymous said...

11:28 No big deal if the SEC championship isn't held here. Even if one of the colleges is in the running, at the rate things are going there won't be any fans in the stands anyway with the surge in COVID once schools start back. There won't be any ticket sale money to lose. The team will still get the TV money regardless.

Anonymous said...

The streets already feel so much safer

Anonymous said...

The streets aren't much safer for a black man who encounters the police.
Changing the flag and removing statues won't do you guys much good but it will help your children understand right from wrong.

Kingfish said...

Bullshit. The streets are much safer for black men from the police than from street criminals of the same color in Jackson. Want me to show you the stats to prove it? We are on track to have 100 homicides this year although I figure the usual summer break will take place as it did last year and we will wind up in the 80's again. How many were killed by poh-lice in unjustified shoots? At worst last year, what, 3? How many were killed by drive-by's, bad drug deals, retaliation, or random crime? 80? 84?

Anonymous said...

Bullshit tell that to a black man who encounters a cop in Rankin or Madison county even. I forget you have a narrow view of issues.

Kingfish said...

I cited some stats. So cite some of your own.

I have plenty of white friends who get pulled over in Rankin and Madison Counties.

Anonymous said...

Send me the pictures of your friends getting stopped as we know a picture/video is worth a thousand words.
You actually think the police keep stats on when they harass black people???

Kingfish said...

So for all we know, you are making it up, which you probably are.

Got news for you. I did a FOIA a few years ago from the adjacent jurisdictions. It was amazing how many of the criminals were coming from Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Statistics based on arrests are racist

Anonymous said...

Keep sniveling for donations.

Anonymous said...

God help the the USA.

We are now officially a nation of weak tits.

Tiger Fan said...

Hold your breath Tiger fan. "During an interview, Mary, an aid worker running a religious based NGO in Hanoi, told me that a year before, in 1997, one of the orphanages she supported in the Northern Highlands admitted two young boys who were about ten years old. Neither boy had any living parents of his own but each had remained in the village where his parents had once lived earning money as runners in the local market. At night, some of the village men would forcibly tie them to tress up in the hills as tiger bait." Vietnam's Children in a Changing World, Rachel Burr, at 177. I have never heard anyone complain about the cheer. But it does get loud in Tiger Stadium on Saturday night, might not be able to hear the objections.
They comin Tiger Fan, they comin.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, speaking of bands and football games, google the meaning of the Battle Hymn of The Republic and tell me why it should be allowed while Dixie is banned. I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

You will not publish comments that smack of realism, if there are are any trigger words in them. Or any words that, for that matter, rhyme with “trigger.” Fine, Kingfish. You have lost me as a commenter. And sooooo many others who rightly believe you may actually be Fat Sid Salter in cyber-disguise. This site has truly become a sickly dribble of...oh, whatever. Ugh.

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