Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Gilbert: Change the Flag

Leftenent Governor Hibbit Hosemann issued the following statement.

“I rise before you today to discuss the flag of our State.

This discussion is not prompted by fear of loss of economic development, although virtually every economic developer in our State has indicated opportunities and employment of our citizens will be adversely affected. Further, it is not prompted by the impending loss of student athletes’ ability to compete for championships, although that has occurred. Further, I recognize many of our citizens are proud of their individual ancestors, some of whom fought in battle 150 years ago. I am one of those citizens.

While important, these issues are not controlling.

What is compelling to me is the future of our children and grandchildren. They will learn together, they will work together, and they will worship together. Those who wish to fly our flag should not be typecast in any fashion. Similarly, those who are offended by our flag are sincere in their beliefs. The physical acknowledgements of our history are our guideposts and buoys which helps us to avoid reefs in the future. Destruction of history fails to change it and, over time, opens us to repeat it.

However, now we must look to a flag for our collective future to be flown over our collective assets. I, like the majority of Mississippians, am open to changing our current flag.

In my mind, our flag should bear the Seal of the Great State of Mississippi and state “In God We Trust.” I am open to bringing all citizens together to determine a banner for our future.

Some distrust the will of the citizens and fear the public dialogue which comes with a ballot. I am not one of those people. Changes in our hearts and minds arise from conversation, and in our Republic by the finality of the ballot box.

However, the Legislature in 1894 selected the current flag and the Legislature should address it today. Failing to do so only harms us and postpones the inevitable.”


Anonymous said...

The voters will not be as easily bought!!!!

Anonymous said...

We should change the flag to an EBT card since Mississippi is a welfare state and most of our "industries" are federally funded.

Anonymous said...

Many Mississippians are not theists. You gain nothing but offense by adding "In God We Trust." For many Mississippians, you might as well say "In The Easter Bunny We Trust." Stop this nonsense and present us with a flag that represents all Mississippians and not one that further divides us.

Anonymous said...

Legislators do not have the guts to change the flag. What say you Harkins? Be a man.

Anonymous said...

This is why I voted for Delbert and did not vote for Tater Tot!
One has courage to made the “correct” statement on the need to
change the flag NOW through the legislature doing it which
is the way it should’ve been done about 20 yrs ago INSTEAD of
the people voting on it. This is low hanging fruit!!
Pick it, cook up a new flag and move along to many more
important matters.

FWIW, I’m an early 50’s white male who votes Republican
95% of the time. I had 4 relatives who fought for the south (although
none of their families EVER owned a single slave). They were poor farmers
from Tenn and Alabama and were forced to fight although they
didn’t want to.

God Bless the UNITED states of America!

Anonymous said...

Changing the flag is inevitable. The legislature needs to go ahead and do something just to stop the constant criticism. Of these possibilities I like the Bonnie Blue best but it looks too much like Texas. I'd go with the Southern Navy version.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dilbert completely except the last paragraph. The flag was selected by the legislature in 1894, BUT it was confirmed on the ballot in 2001.

I hope to see the Lt Governor make this addition to his very well thoughtful and articulate press release.

Anonymous said...

Atheist here.

If it gets rid of the confederate image and all the harm it does to state businesses, universities, etc., I don't care if you change it to a picture of Jesus riding a dinosaur, shooting an AR-15.

Just get it done.

Anonymous said...

Winner!!!! 3:20. Voting has closed.

Anonymous said...

Excuses are monuments of nothingness. Get it done and move on.

Anonymous said...

Please no, not the Mississippi seal. There are too many state flags that look like crap because they have some intricate design you have to squint at to see. A flag should be recognizable from a distance, which is exactly what its purpose is. Simple, large designs are the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Forget about colors, seals, and stars. Legalize marijuana, design a flag with a magnolia, pine trees and/or deer(animals) and use the motto "Mississippi, Always Green".

Frank Griffin said...

I don't mind having "In God We Trust" on the flag, as long as you add "The Rest Pay Cash" right under it.

The Lt. Gov. would be better off getting a vote to remove the Battle Flag from the State Flag, with a commitment to have a competition for the new design to be final by 1/1/21.

Anonymous said...

Good job Delbert. Next to common sense what is lacking most in MS is Courage.

The flag will be changed and the it will be done without another BS vote. Get it done and let's move forward.

Anonymous said...

Changing the Flag will accomplish about as much as raising taxes in Jackson to improve our infrastructure. How well did that work???????

Liberals will still stay pissed off and will just move on to their next target whether that be a statue or whatnot. YOU CANNOT APPEASE THEM SO WHY TRY?

Seriously... changing the flag wont do one iota to calm down their anger at everything.

Did removing the statues from NOLA help them?????

It never stops...until people stand up to them and say "No. Enough already!".

Anonymous said...

Remove the flag now. Pick 3 designs for vote in November.

Anonymous said...

I really hope this doesn't happen, I love the reminder that I deal with a bunch of losers.

Anonymous said...

Think we pick Mayor George Flaggs of Vicksburg to select a flag. After all that is his last name and he looks smart on the news. You would really have to be an idiot to want to be on a committee to make this selection. I predict some nasty comments regardless of what it looks like.Delbert, Gunn and Tate needs to each select a politician they don't like and nominate them. That’s killing your enemies with kindness.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we approach this using negotiation and a truce?

Those wanting to retain the current flag must be given something in return for their support. Maybe some hate crime punishment for anyone that harms someone displaying the current flag?

Those wanting a new flag must agree to and support a constitutional amendment to protect all historic items in their current place?

Just an idea. Everybody gets something and everybody gives up something.

Anonymous said...

Everything was good until “However”. ONLY the electorate of the State should wield this power. NOT Politicians, NCAA, NAACP, or any other outside interest that will NEVER be satisfied with how much is given to them.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it takes, change the damn flag.

Anonymous said...

Funny about Hosemann allowing the people to vote him into office but not willing to do the same for the flag.
Maybe people will give more thought about it the next time he runs for office.

Anonymous said...

Balls. Proud of Dilbert.

Anonymous said...

The next move should be to close the Vicksburg military park and turn it into an occupied autonomous zone — lets do this!

Anonymous said...

1) When did we all start caring about history? I remember when the Emmett Till memorial was shot at by a group of rednecks. I also remember the comments on here in response to that incident. 90% of you were bending over trying to find some "innocent" excuse. Certainly, none of you were calling for additional legal protection for it. All of the sudden, when it's confederate (white) history, you care. What a coincidence!!

2) You don't have a right to vote on the flag. The 1894 flag was not adopted by vote. Just because you were given the privilege of voting on a flag change in 2001 (a lot of us were not old enough to be eligible to vote then) does not mean the State forever waives its right to change the flag without your say-so. You seem to forget that you are (likely) not a legislator.

3) I think some of you would jump off a bridge if a liberal said it was politically correct to not jump off the bridge. That being said, I heard that Obama really doesn't want you to jump off the high bridge at the stack during your lunch break tomorrow. I bet some of you would actually consider doing it to "own the libs."

Anonymous said...

I do not argue about it: Changing the flag will not make everything alright or completely satisfy those looking for change, but keeping this flag WILL insure that we represent division, ignorance, and backwards thinking to many of our own citizens and the rest of the nation. Can our children afford another obstacle? Don't they have enough?

Anonymous said...

Whenever the subject comes up, someone will say something to the effect that blacks today were not slaves, their parents were not slaves and all that happened in the past and it's time to move forward.

When the subject of changing the flag comes up they talk about heritage, honoring their relatives and history.

Oh, I get it. You and your parents were not confederate soldiers but you want to remember them with the confederate battle flag. But you don't want the grandchildren of slaves to remember the past?

Anonymous said...

Well said Delbert

Anonymous said...

Use the Stennis flag, or whatever it’s called now, and move on. The state seal is the equivalent of using duck tape on an old pickup truck seat. Sooooo Mississippi!

Anonymous said...

You people who brag that your ancestors fought to preserve slavery are ignorant. If you don’t know that,it is because you are ignorant

Anonymous said...

8:15 John Pemberton did in 1863.

Anonymous said...

2:46: Texas has the best State flag...simple and unifying. You can do a lot worse than looking like Texas.

Anonymous said...

First, 4:15 correct. The mob will just move on to the next thing to attack.

Second, if anyone really thinks that companies are not coming here because of the flag, we’ll, you are just naive. If anyone could show me just THREE large companies that will guarantee a move here once the flag is changed then I’d be all for it. But, it simply isn’t true. Changing the flag will not change the trajectory of MIssissippi’s economy. The MEC has failed this state forever and is just using this as the latest excuse for their incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Delbert is a real leader.

He has the political courage to actually point the way.

Thank God for him

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For those who lack the education to understand the meaning of our State flag. The flag was selected in 1894 to represent a new Mississippi and lay to rest the old confederate Mississippi. The same argument used today against our current flag was being used against the Mississippi flag then. They said “The flag represented the Old Confederacy and slavery, that businesses would not choose Mississippi until the flag was changed, that it was time to move forward with a new flag. The new flag would need to be unifying, something everyone would love and respect. The current flag was chosen. The flag canton is confederate battle flag, used to symbolize the rebellious heart, incased with white the color of surrender. Surrounded by one red stripe, a white stripe, and a blue stripe the colors of the American flag inverted. The red symbolizing the blood spilt in war, the white symbolizing Southern Surrender, and the top blue stripe symbolizes the Union. If you read it from the canton out it will say to you: The rebellious surrender to the red, white, and blue, because blood was spilt, surrender was honored, and we are forever Union blue. Once you understand this, the question becomes why you would want to change a flag that holds the oath of our ancestors to this great nation?

Cadet said...

Delbert, as someone who supported your election with big bucks, I have to ask: why the hell did it take you so long to take charge on this issue? You should have taken this position months ago. Get with it now!

Mad Money said...

Just imagine the divisive bullshit in choosing the new flag design. There again, another battle brewing!

Anonymous said...

If they chose the Stennis flag, they will be laughing for the next century for pulling another one over on the people by sneaking in substitute symbol of white supremacy in. Mississippi wake up. Learn who, and what things are.

Anonymous said...

10:27 There is no way you are going to get the BLM activists to listen to a word of that even if it is true. It is much easier to simply say "Confederate flag bad, must protest".

Those people won't listen to reason, and it will cause Mississippi nothing but harm and conflict to keep it on the flag.

Anonymous said...

9:05 You are right they will never listen to a word of reason. Their goal is much bigger than our State flag. They want to wipe out our Nations history. They are hateful people and should never be reasoned with. That's why its important for our flag to stand firm. Once our State flag is gone, then they will use the same excuses to bring down the National flag.

Anonymous said...

I like Lt.Gov.Hosemann's idea. A temporary Flag with State Seal or the Magnolia Flag might be a good solution until a permanent Flag has dome consenus

Anonymous said...


Alarmist much? Are some white people so scared for their way of life that they think the US will become South Africa? The majority of the country is still white. Believe me, you are overly worried for no real reason. If blacks and other minorities wanted to do harm, they have reasonably had 40 years to do so. Most of them want equality, not revenge (I'm sure some want revenge).

Anonymous said...

Disappointing Delbert is Done!

Anonymous said...

What is the rationale for keeping a flag that offends many of our citizens? The rednecks in MS can still fly the Confederate battle flag on their trucks and double wides, but the State flag should be neutral.

Anonymous said...

What is the rationale of offending many of our citizens by removing the flag?

If the flag offends you, YOU are the problem. The feelings of resentment are YOUR feelings. Perhaps you should work on YOUR feelings rather than projecting YOUR feelings onto others and inanimate objects.

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