Sunday, May 12, 2019

Showing the Money

Friday was the deadline for periodic campaign finance reports.  Such reports give an indication of how the races are going absent polling.  Simply put, Tate and Dilbert have the big war chests while the AG race is a horse race.  Look up reports at the SOS website.  Major races posted below.  Read 'em and weep.

Tate Reeves: $6.7 million (Raised $1.1 million YTD)
Bill Waller, Jr.: $513,000 ( Raised $583,000 YTD)
Robert Foster, Jr.: $19,000 (Raised $72,000 YTD)
Jim Hood:  $1.2 million
RSS: $387 ($11,000)

Lieutenant Governor
Delbert Hosemann: $2.7 million
Jay Hughes: $162,191 cash on hand

Attorney General
Mark Baker:  $368, 200 cash on hand ($75K raised YTD)
Lynn Fitch: $415,081 cash on hand ($259K raised YTD)
Andrew Taggart: $223,161 cash on hand ($308K raised YTD)

Verdict: Horse Race!!!

Secretary of State
Sam Britton: $500,000 personal loan, no disbursements or contributions
Michael Watson: $312,146 cash on hand, $155K carried over from Senate campaign account

David McRae: $363,158 cash on hand (Raised $609K), $560K from himself and family.
Buck Clark: $78,697 cash on hand (Raised $67,000)

Commissioner of Agriculture
Andy Gipson: $39,418 cash on hand
Ricky Cole: $22,127

State Auditor
Shad White: $162,782 cash on hand

Insurance Commissioner
Mike Chaney: $256,388 cash on hand

State Representative #64
Bill Denny: $416 cash on hand ($0 money raised this year)
Shanda Yates: $8,292 (Raised $15,000)

State Representative #73
Jill Ford: $36,079 cash on hand (Raised $46,572)
Johnny Black: $90,218 cash on hand (Raised $162,200, $75,000 from Black family)

State Representative #58
Joel Bomgar: $74,524 cash on hand ( Raised $57,750 in 2019)
Bruce Bartley: $7,816 cash on hand ( Raised $2,750)

 District Attorney reports are not yet posted on SOS website.


Cousin Eddie said...

Typical David vs. Goliath.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Waller enters the race and raises almost $600,000 in only 2 months. Look for Tate to start slinging mud. So far, Tate comes across as a spoiled brat who can't get his way.

Anonymous said...

AG Race:

Taggart and Baker are working hard. Impressive haul for Taggart.

Lynn, typical no show. Probably still looking for who to blame for missing a bond payment for the first time in our state’s 200 year history. You had one job there Lynn. Pay your damn bills as Treasurer. That pretty much sums up the job and you missed not one but two bond payments.

She has absolutely zero experience that makes her a good candidate for AG. Not an attack on women but just the truth. Hopefully Baker or Taggart will pull it out.

LT Gov:

Englebert is going to skull drag the bafoon that is Jay Hughes. He will be gone and we will no longer have to hear from that disingenuous pious prick.


Tate will win in spite of himself.

Sec of State/Treasurer

Will the socially awkward with no upside buy the election, or will two candidates with good skill sets for the office squeak in. Who knows. Watson has McD hanging around his neck and ankle. Buck Clarke has little name ID and has to work double time. I would dare say that the most effective campaign strategy would be to follow Britton and McRae around and speak after them. Case closed.

The bigger question for Republicans is the bench:
Delbert & Chaney old and last go around. The youth on the bench is concerning- Shad and Gipson do not excite. I think they are ok for their current setting but please nothing more. Can’t take a 10 gallon hat in the Gov office. This is the biggest concern going forward and by default the Dems are not a concern. They have zero upside or future.

Why say you JJ, I am sure they are some that will disagree. Love to hear your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Missippians always vote against their self interest.
Republicans will sweep the state.

Anonymous said...

I am truly amazed at the number of people I have heard say "I can't stand Tate". In some cases, they actually have his sign in their yard. My guess is they will vote for him as well.

The reason??? No idea. Maybe they can't vote Democrat. Maybe their self esteem won't allow them to vote for someone they don't think can win.

Why is Tate so disliked?

Anonymous said...

Hughes keeps loaning himself a lot ofmoney right before deadlines then paying himself back. It’s like he’s trying to cover up for a shortcoming.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about all the big wheels wanting Bomgar our. Bartley’s finance forms don’t seem to reflect that.

Anonymous said...

Every trial lawyer in Mississippi ponying up for Conway-

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at the archives that KF has on this site and a strange topic popped up. It had to do with the murder of Heather Spencer by George Bell, III. The AG, (Hood) dropped all charges against Bell’s mother, Robbie Bell in 2009 right before the Grand Jury was to convene. Wonder how Ed Peters and DeLaughters name got mentioned by someone. It’s a very interesting read. Bell’s uncle is an attorney who went to Robbie Bell’s home to get George to surrender. Remember, there are a lot of details still not out for the public to see. Our AG needs to answer for this and why he was tied in with Peters and dropping charges against Ms Bell. There was a young woman murdered, brutally murdered and her roommate was kidnapped. Let’s open this up and start some questioning about the character of Hood. How Can this man sleep at night? I wonder if he ever thinks about Heather and the pain it left her family because he was asked to drop charges against Bell’s mother, who stayed in the SAME house the young woman lay dying in. I have a daughter, and I will tell you I don’t care who it is....someone would pay.

Anonymous said...

WHAT,John Mosley's not running,,,,Take Pride In Perfection.

Anonymous said...

I’m interested to hear KF’s thoughts on the comment made by 7:19. It’s a damn interesting point. Why would any woman vote for Jim Hood given the fact that Robbie Bell was never even deposed thanks to him.

Anonymous said...

7:19- Explain to the ignorant masses what Robbie Bell had to do with it. YOU said the woman was killed by George Bell.

Anonymous said...

Money is the mother's milk of politics.

Anonymous said...

Before Waller entered the race, I would have voted for Tate. Now I am voting for Waller as are a lot of connected Republicans that can’t stand his little dictator/arrogant ass. I hope Waller stomps him back a notch or two.

Anonymous said...

Anybody but Taggart. And I mean anybody.

Anonymous said...

I think you nailed it!

Anonymous said...

I think I went to school with Shad White. I think he was a couple years behind me.

Nothing really interesting. Of course Tate raised the most. Not sure who I'll vote for if (as it most likely will be) Tate is on the ballot. I'd rather Waller get the nomination. I have no real strong feelings about anyone else.

Anonymous said...


$2 Million road from gated community to Lakeland drive.

Anonymous said...

Yes Tate has a 6 million plus war chest yet 5 million of it is pre campaign finance reform there for if he pays taxes on it he keeps it so he really only has around 2 million he wants to spend spells trouble on horizon that Waller raised over half a million in less than two months.

Anonymous said...

Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop … Pull back! Pull Back!
My fellow conservatives, Republicans. Please pull back from electing Lynn Fitch as attorney general. If you do, our party and movement (at least in our quest to take the AGs office) will hit the ground with a giant thud. MS Fitch is BY NO MEANS a conservative in any conventional definition of the word. She is a Republican in name only. Yet, worse than her false flag, she is perhaps the most unqualified person to ever seek the state's top law enforcement office, with ZERO crime fighting experience. Her time as state treasurer has been marked by chaos and indecision, both in the college savings plan which is headed toward insolvency and also as Mississippi made its first late debt payments in our 200 year history as a state. She has openly bragged (but careful not to do it publicly) about having Jim Hood's blessing to seek the office and being his hand picked successor.

Conservatives, Republicans please take counter-measures now before it's too late. If elected, committed conservatives will indeed be disappointed and downright surprised by Ms Fitch's performance.

Anonymous said...

10:31 PM, chances are you don't remember Shad. He was studying all the time while people like you were partying.

Anonymous said...

Mosely is too busy this year kissing up to Hood and carting him around in his airplanes. Hood is the only ally he has that will push his "Insurance Companies are the Devil/But also the hand that feeds me" narrative.

Anonymous said...

4:52 pm Aside from his rather self-serving use of power while in office and such a large "war chest" that one has to wonder who pulls his strings, he comes across as that kid we all avoided in school.

You know the one...the one who brown nosed adults and tattled. even making up transgressions of others that never happened. The one who hated any kid who won awards he coveted or was more popular or more talented or more attractive or better dressed or who came from a more successful family. Of course, that same kid loved looking down on poor kids too. The one who later crafted veneers as an adult by brown nosing and ingratiating himself to those in power. The one who shows up at church every Wednesday and Sunday and at every public event that makes him look like he actually cares about others when you know he doesn't.

It's the self -aggrandizing poorly done.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Waller in the primary, but I admit that Tater will most likely win. In the general, I will NOT vote for Hood or Tater. I'd rather waste my vote on a write-in candidate than vote for either of those two numbnuts.

Anonymous said...


No, I wasnt a party person. I was an A's and B's student but that's not very hard to accomplish in public school. Thanks for playing, maybe next time you won't open your mouth and prove the Jackson stereotype.

Also, I think his mother taught my Art class.

Anonymous said...

to may 12,,, general hoods office played no part in the prosecution of george and robbie bell. that entire matter was handled by the hinds county district attorneys office. i hate to pop your ballon but there are a least a few of us out here who hare able to recollect things past last thursday.

Anonymous said...

wow.... jill ford and lynn fitch. two lil blond hotties running for office in , of all places ,ass-backwards mississippi. whats this state coming to? oh my gawd! elect em both. they cant do any worse that the fat, ignorant , uneducated, pant- hitching, ticos drink swilling, lobbyist addicted, nazi party, race baiting, more government creating, clowns who have been running this state since reagan visited the neshoba county fair in 1980 and they all suddenly became republicans. 90% of the people in this state have no idea just how propped up this place is with federal money. i would love to see all federal spending eliminated in this state and let the place return to being the stinking 3nd world soybean republic that it really is.

Anonymous said...

Im sure Tate is a nice man and If Barbour likes him that says something but I do agree he comes across like a spoiled teenager in his commercials.

Anonymous said...

The overall conclusion of the comments is depressing. Even though no one likes him or thinks he will do anything good at all for the state, Tater will take it. God we suck. :(

Anonymous said...

An interesting factoid - one contributor (Barksdale) that gave $25,000 to both the Democrats running for Governor, Hood and Waller.

Says a lot about Waller's so-called conservative creds, but so did his having voted in the Democrat primary for the past few decades.

Anonymous said...

@7:57pm and 8:31am aka miserable snake farm agent

why dont you go back to tacking on a 25000 life insurance policy to every auto you sell and turning over your book of business as people cancel because they get terrible service as your staff turns over also.

Anonymous said...

To 9:47, I will not cut and paste the article. You need to read it. It’s on this site and yes, Hood persuaded the Hinds county prosecutor to drop charges so....he did have his hands dirty.

Anonymous said...

Bartley vs Bomgar......crickets. Nobody cares outside of about ten noisy people.

Anonymous said...

Where does one find the local elections (Sheriff for example)?

Anonymous said...

1054, a major mistake in your analysis is your comment that 'nobody likes him', which is true of the 10 or so folks who comment negatively on JJ. The fact, even your conclusion, that Tater will win contridicts the idea. There are many people who like his conservative approach to governing, reducing taxes, limiting government and it's growth, etc. The folks who like to bitch and complain about him are those that love sucking on the teats of government.

Anonymous said...

7:42 AM you do not speak for me! You Chris McDaniel "Republicans" are destroying the Party! You want everyone to behave like systemic robots, and will accomplish nothing! We can think for ourselves. I support Lynn Fitch!

Anonymous said...

2:06, government is bigger than it was 7 years ago and taxes are higher. Next question.

Anonymous said...

2:06, I don’t see a contradiction. The voters of Mississippi have proven over and over they will vote who they are told to vote for. And I’m not basing my assessment of Tater only on the comments here either, I don’t know a single person who will enthusiastically vote for his lazy ass. Most people can’t name a single actual proposal he has other than conservative Christian values and anti hollywood liberal - whatever that means. I guess some people like the slimy politician who can make those backroom borderline illegal deals with his handlers. To each their own.

Anonymous said...

RINOs for Fitch! RINOs for Fitch!

Anonymous said...

you wanna fix mississippi? recend the treaties of doaks stand and dancing rabbit creek , and give this place back to the choctaw from whom it was stolen. then we can become one great big federal indian reservation, with casinos in every county.

Anonymous said...

to 9:47...start cutting an pasting. ill wait on you. an AG doesn't tell a district attorney what to do.

Anonymous said...

to may 12 @8:04...i dont know what planet you are from but no prosecutor , be they an AG or a DA is allowed to 'depose' a criminal defendant.

Anonymous said...

2:06 pm You seem not to get that people will vote for those they don't like at all.

There are people that vote strict party lines and will ignore or deny to themselves even horrendous character flaws in a candidate. They just want the trains to run on time or else to be reassured their beliefs, however mythical or baseless or dysfunctional , are protected..

Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping Butch Lee gets whatever it is that he is running for so we can get a new mayor in the City of Brandon. You think Jackson has public works problems, you need to see how many people have had random mysterious several hundred dollar water bills and all the city can say is "you must have a leak on your side of the meter". I bet 30+% of the City of Brandon has had these spiked water bills at one time or another. And good luck getting any help. Butch's fall guy, Charles Smith, isn't worth the salary he is paid. Maybe he will take him with him as well as several of the aldermen. #emptysuits.

Anonymous said...

Ditto!! And we now have a overpaid lame Parks Director.

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