Monday, November 5, 2018

Judicial Elections Open Thread

Now's your chance to discuss the judicial elections that will take place tomorrow.  County Court, Circuit Court, Chancery Court, and even the Court of Appeals are on the ballot tomorrow in most precincts in the Jackson metro area.   However, there is one thing the Kingfish noticed.  Very few of the County Court and Circuit Court candidates are discussing one issue that comes before those courts: crime.  Just an observation.  Fire away.


Anonymous said...

The administration of justice in Mississippi needs a new approach. The model of punishment by the state is in need of a new idea. That idea is restoring to the victim a measure of satisfaction. The state has a large industrial system that cannot replace the damage done to the victim. The new idea is restorative justice. Only Bridgette Morgan is advocating that for the citizens.

Anonymous said...

David McCarty is the best candidate running for any of the Court of Appeals seats, but I live just north of his district. Super experienced in appeals, dedicated to the profession of law, and a great temperament, respectful of everyone. Which is a good trait for serving on a 10-judge court, & not one shared by all of his opponents.

Ceola James is running in my district, & she’s awful. Looks like I’ll vote for Deborah McDonald.

I don’t have a strong sense of the circuit-court races, but Bruce McKinley is a good fellow, so I’ll probably vote for him.

I can’t vote in Rankin, but Troy Odom is running for chancellor. Straight-arrow guy.

... Crime? Pretty sure they’re against it. Not many Judge Greens out there.

Anonymous said...

"The state has a large industrial system that cannot replace the damage done to the victim."

What does that mean?

By the way....NOTHING can replace the damage done to a victim unless we're talking about fenders and lawn mowers. And it's not up to a judge or judicial candidate to 'decide' on what's the best type of punishment for society to mete out. That's the problem today...judges making decisions outside the bounds of their responsibility.

KaptKangaroo said...

Troy Odom got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile; On another front: The administration of justice takes a back seat to personal agendas of radical judges...

I tried to post this question earlier but the KF Radar zapped it for some reason, so I'll try again. What is the meaning of this quote? It makes no sense.

"The state has a large industrial system that cannot replace the damage done to the victim."

Nothing replaces the damage done to victims. And it's not a judge's duty to decide, for society, to rewrite the laws regarding punishment.

Anonymous said...

Any judicial candidate that shows zero integrity by faking endorsements and polling and calling his opponents "pencil pushing nerds" will NOT get my vote. I'll be voting for a more level headed guy for Madison/Rankin Judge. Vote Dewey Arthur!

Anonymous said...

Need a blessing-vote Judge Green!

Anonymous said...

Who do we vote for? DEWEY!

Anonymous said...

Best judicial candidates in contested local races imo:

Irving's seat (COA): who cares. Three awful candidates.
Lee's seat (COA): McCarty
Wise's seat (Hinds Chancery): either. Harrion does a ton of chancery work.
Singletary's seat (Hinds Chancery): Grove
Grant's seat (Rankin Chancery): Odom
Weill's seat (Hinds Circuit): Allen (a longshot there)
Green's seat (Hinds Circuit): anyone not named Green
Gowan's seat (Hinds Circuit): Sclafani (has done a great job so far)
Chapman's seat (Rankin/Madison Circuit): Arthur (none of the other candidates have much trial experience and Dewey's a Guest guy)

Anonymous said...

I'm not voting for or against any judges. I don't know anything about any of them.

pjmcilwaine said...

Could anyone offer any insight for County Court Judge District 1? it's time for Melvin to pack it up and go to the house. i know nothing about Greta Mack Harris or Bridgette Marie Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Circuit: Stewart

Only candidate that lives in Rankin County. Comes highly recommended and pounded the pavement himself in my neighborhood asking for votes.

Chancery: Coxwell

Odom is probably a great guy, but with his expertise in representing big oil companies in MS, which is sometimes at odds with rightful payment of royalties to individuals owning mineral interests, I'm concerned the influence would remain when those types of cases come before him.

I Support Judge Broome said...

I’m writing to share with you why I support Judge Tom Broome for Rankin County Court Judge, Place 2. The Place 2 judge serves as the Youth Court judge. Since 2002, when Judge Broome first took office as the Youth Court Judge, the Rankin County Youth Court has grown to become one of the absolute best Youth Courts in America.

Judge Broome is honest, fair, and believes in the rule of law. He cares deeply about the children, families, and community in Rankin County. Indeed, this is what the people of Rankin County have elected him over and over again to do: Make Rankin County the best place for families in the State of Mississippi and beyond.

Voters should also know that Judge Broome is a good steward of the public trust and Rankin County tax dollars. His court has earned more than $3 million in grant funding for programs that make Rankin Countians’ lives better, but don’t dip into county coffers.

I don’t and can’t speak for Judge Broome, and unfortunately I don’t live in his county, but I know he appreciates the support the whole Rankin County community has long shown for the Youth Court. Today, if you live in Rankin County, I hope you will show your support for the Youth Court again by voting for Judge Tom Broome for Rankin County Court Judge, Place 2.

Anonymous said...

Lee's seat (COA): Judge Jeff Weill

The only candidate with real judicial experience - from the bench.

Grant's seat (Rankin Chancery): Mel Coxwell

Coxwell has tried divorce and child custody cases in Rankin Chancery Court for decades and is a straight-shooter.

Anonymous said...


All three are bad choices. I know it's hard to believe, but Priester is the "best" choice. I think when Priester is ready to retire we will get a better candidate list.

Anonymous said...

I was working in Picayune and kept seeing these "Vote for Bob" signs. Turns out it is for someone named Bob Marshall who is running for Chancery Court Judge in the district that includes Hattiesburg to Picayune. I thought that was a great campaign sign.

Anonymous said...

Of the 3 , the only qualified candidate for COA is Jeff Weill. He is a Circuit Judge and has earned a promotion. The other two have no judicial experience and want to start at the top rather than run for a lower court opening. Regarding temperament, Weill treats those who respect him with respect. Those who don’t respect him in his own court room get the hook, as they would in any other judges courtroom. McCarty seems to think being a part time teacher at MC School Of Law is an important qualification.

Anonymous said...

Rankin Chancery Court (Grant's seat): Mel Coxwell. He is the ONLY candidate that has real chancery court experience and who has actually tried divorce and custody cases. He is a much better choice as opposed to Troy Odom, who has very little experience with divorce and custody cases (which is the vast majority of the cases that go to trial in Chancery Court).

Both candidates are good men. However, experience has to win out. Therefore, Coxwell is the guy to vote for.

Anonymous said...

If ya'll don't know Greta Harris, you are missing out- She has vigorously tried cases on both sides so she is well versed. As an ADA, she has carried the case load in her courtroom. She comes to work every day, which can't be said for some incumbents. Greta Harris is the BEST candidate for County Judge-
And is that Bridget Morgan talking about caring about victims- Never heard the word 'victim' come out of her mouth as she is a far left defense attorney-

Anonymous said...

Rankin County, I like Judge Broome as well. I'm not sure on Odom or Coxwell, but I have met Troy Odom and he seemed very genuine.

Anonymous said...

Troy Odom and it isn’t close. Every time I turned around he and his family were out campaigning . Tells me all I need to know on his work ethic.

Anonymous said...

McCarty is an appeals lawyer. Has done tons of them. That’s significant experience. Weill’s huge reversal rate shows he doesn’t deserve a promotion. He needs to run for prosecutor. That’s what he acts like on the bench. Judges have to be better. Vote McCarty.

Anonymous said...

Rankin Chancery is in very good shape regardless. Either Troy or Mel would be excellent choices. Great problem to have 2 highly qualified candidates and genuinely good people running.

Rankin Youth Court, dear God in Heaven knows that the ONLY choice is Tom Broome. His opponent is a complete jackass whose brazen incompetence has the City of Pearl in the crosshairs over the manner in which their now-defunct municipal youth court was operated.

Who Zoo said...

I'm not surprised that a Kangaroo would vote for the less-experienced guy.

Anonymous said...

pencilwaine - the advice above should be taken with a grain of salt.

Priester probably used to be a reasonable choice, but at this point the answer should be - anybody but. His "health" issues (largely self-induced) are affecting his failure to do the job. Over the past year he has missed numerous docket calls, have had prisoners moved from Raymond to Jackson for initial hearings and he failed to show up, and just flat doesn't go in to the office anymore. The attempt to keep him on the bench in order for the 'family' to stay politically intact certainly isn't for the benefit of anyone not named Priester or Thompson

While not a great choice, Greta Harris is certainly a good choice. But don't fall for the Priester line that he deserves another four years of a paycheck for nothing.

Anonymous said...

McCarty is the best candidate for COA. He has extensive appellate experience and is smart as a whip. He will know what the law is, and apply the law in every case, which his opponents are not known for doing.

Sclafani is a great choice for Circuit judge. He is already on the bench and doing a great job. He's another extremely smart individual who will know what the law is and apply it in every case.

These two candidates are the kind of judges desperately needed in Hinds County so please vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

(1st) 9:03 "I don’t and can’t speak for Judge Broome..."

Ahhhh... your 1st three paragraphs did just that.

Anonymous said...

unless you are an attorney it’s hard to understand

Anonymous said...

I bet nobody posting on here would even know how to find a courtroom. Just a bunch of hot air.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Weill, Allen, and Sclafani to promote a better judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Folks, Weill being a trial judge doesn’t qualify him to be an appellate judge. Different skill sets.

Appellate judges study briefs all day.

McCarty has handled more appeals than everyone else running for COA put together.

He also is a kind, respectful person who knows how to talk with people he disagrees with. Weill ... has not been conspicuous in sharing such traits.

Anonymous said...

10:14 clearly does not spend much time studying the appellate court handdown lists and relies on the Clarion Ledger to do accurate legwork. Well, that was a mistake. A libelous one at that. Contrary to the outright false story written by Gates at the CL a few years ago, Weill is the most AFFIRMED judge in Hinds County during his 8 years by a mile and voters will probably find even more impressive that Weill is the second most AFFIRMED circuit judge in the entire state. Gates was informed of the inaccuracy of his story before it went to print. Classic libel. The Clarion Ledger continued to falsely malign Weill with the “most reversed” label in various news stories, but when editor Sam Hall was notified directly about its libelous and embarrassingly inaccurate story (and provided with the emails that Gates had notice of his false story) the Clarion Ledger has not made one peep about Judge Weill’s cases on appeal and his appellate ranking. Slam dunk case proving that the paper knowingly published a false story which could only be for the purpose of damaging Judge Weill’s reputation.

These days the only group still promoting libelous claims about Judge Weill being “most reversed” are disgruntled public defenders. Chris Routh and the like have a vendetta against Weill and motive to spread lies about such a fine ethical judge. In at least 2 instances Routh and his co-workers including the recent headliner Adolfo Minka had to be cited for unprofessional courtroom behavior and found in contempt. I’ll give you one guess who represented these embarrassments to the profession on appeal. None other than DAVID MCCARTY. He tried to defend their offensive and unprofessional condict. And McCarty and his obstinate malicious clients lost both appeals.

McCarty keeps referencing his unmatched “experience” during the campaign and allows his campaign volunteers like Routh to spread lies abouf Judge Weill’s professional reputation. Maybe he’s desperate to keep the spotlight on Weill no matter if it’s with false claims to keep his own appellate record hidden. McCarty’s campaign material almost always references his experience citing his participation in 70 state appeals. Well, what you won’t find on his flyers is that McCarty lost more than 50 of his appeals. He represented liberal interests or convicted criminals in 100% of his appeals, and he has served as counse for 3 judges charged with bribery or professional misconduct. That is not experience that we need on the Court of Appeals.

Judge Weill has been affirmed by the appellate courts at a rate of nearly 80% of the time. Impressively, Judge Weill has been affirmed more than 95 times which well exceeds McCarty’s highly touted 70 appeals. Suddenly McCarty the appellate lawyer pales in comparasion. Vote Weill.

And no matter who you vote for, please remember that a victim of libel in Mississippi can initiate criminal and/or civil actions against the offender. It would be wise for McCarty’s contemptuous clients or any other supporter for that matter to refrain from additional false claims published to malign Judge Weill’s reputation in an ongoing and malicious manner.

Anonymous said...

Court of Appeals choice - Weill v McCarty v Carter. Needs to be Weill. I’ve seen stuff about McCarty’s so-called “experience”. The guy is a part-time college professor that writes some appeals - nice enough liberal guy but he has never written a judicial opinion (appeal decision or other) - which is what judges do and what Weill has been doing for eight years. Also don’t forget Weill was a lawyer for many years before he became a judge, so I’m sure he’s written his share of Appeals too. As to following the law, the Court of Appeals has agreed with Weill’s interpretation of the law about 75% of the time - higher than any other Hinds county circuit judge - the Court of Appeals has agreed with McCarty on his position on the law on the appeals he has filed about 25% of the time. Haven’t heard anything about Carter. Weill is obviously the most qualified.

Anonymous said...

JPD doing roadblocks on Election Day!!
Will the ACLU sue??
Thanks, mayor lil Choke

Anonymous said...

Mel Coxwell is as dumb as a post.

Anonymous said...

9:14, I voted for Bob!

One of the best campaign signs I’ve seen.

Anonymous said...

Matt Allen to replace Jeff Weill. Matt's sharp as a tack, hard working, and has always treated everyone with respect. Exactly the kind of credentials we need in Hinds County. Sclafani is doing a great job, and he is a hell of a nice guy. He's also extremely smart. David McCarty would be great on COA - though Lord knows why he would want to deal with a bunch of criminal appeals, divorce and child custody cases, and workers' comp issues, I don't know. He would be fair and apply the law as written. Weill has gotten himself on the Mississippi Supreme Court's short list of judges they apply heightened scrutiny to for reasons demonstrating that he shouldn't be in any position to make the law. For my Rankin friends, vote for anyone other than John Shirley. That guy is the living example of a bad judge with a track history to show it.

Anonymous said...

1:05 either doesn’t understand judging or is pretending not to.

McCarty is a solo practitioner. Takes who walks in his door. Most appellants lose, overall.

He clerked for the COA, which means yes, he’s written appellate decisions.

Weill may write some ops. May have lawyers draft them.

I did have one appeal before him from county court. He sat on it forever, then issued a short op that was reversed unanimously by the MSSC (coverage dispute).

Saying McCarty writes “some” appeals ... look him up on the MSSC website. Or on Westlaw if you have access. Westlaw shows 79 state-court ops he’s handled. 16 in Fifth Circuit. That’s a lot, y’all.

Anonymous said...

12:58 has no clue how libel law works. Weill himself, or one of his clerks?

Anonymous said...

Merely representing clients in appeals does not qualify any attorney to be a judge on the court of appeals. The real qualifications are intellect, objectivity, fairness, and patience. Weill has them all.

Anonymous said...

12:58 must be Weill himself. Though I agree with some of what 12:58 says, particularly about Weill's handling of some of the rogue public defenders appearing before him, libelous? Criminal libel? When was the last time anyone was prosecuted criminally for libel? 1890? The statute allowing that reads as follows: "Any person who shall be convicted of writing or publishing any libel, shall be fined in such sum or imprisoned in the county jail for such term as the court, in its discretion, may adjudge, having regard to the nature and enormity of the offense, or be punished by both such fine and imprisonment." Miss. Code Ann. § 97-3-55. Not only would the liability section of this libel law probably violate the First Amendment, the penalty part is absolutely constitutionally infirm for vagueness. Good luck on that.

Anonymous said...

Hard core Donkeycrat Dorsey Carson supporting right wing Republican Matt Allen? Something mighty wrong with that picture. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

McCarty will win the COA seat tonight and I will be surprised if it is even close. Mostly, because the demographics of his COA district work in his favor and against Weill's.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 2:30. 12:58 is probably Weill or one of his cronies (oops, law clerks). And, yes, confess that I am a lawyer. I've been before him several times. Although I have prevailed in all but one case before him, I have no respect for him as a judge and think he should not be on the court - on any court. IMHO, he's a pompous, arrogant prick. (gee, is that libel, 12:58?). He appears to make up his mind on cases, apparently based upon personalities of the litigants, or his own prejudices. He finds cases to support his positions, without well-reasoned consideration for existing common law. He seems to want to take a tenuous position to support how he's already made up his mind, without giving due consideration to the possible merits of the issues raised by parties (especially the ones he might not like). So far, I have been the lucky recipient of this application of his brand of judicial largess. But, I'm not so naive to think that he could turn on me in a heartbeat if challenged him, or if he even knew that I had this opinion of his abilities. He is stubborn, not as smart as he thinks he is, and lacks the kind of judicial temperament, in my personal experience, that we need in the judiciary. I'm voting against him every chance I get. We can do better. Let him go back to practicing law so maybe he can learn a little humility.

Macy Hanson said...

I do not have a horse in the race in the COA election, but I am very glad that 12:58 has been called out for that ridiculous post. That post went off the rails, completely, toward the end.

@2:47: You win post of the day, in my book. And yes, it was probably 1890.

Anonymous said...

2:41 ... you lost us at “patience.”


Anonymous said...

Matt Allen? Are you shitting me? What has the boy done over the past twelve years other than defend daddy on social media?

J said...

3:06 pm
This is one of the best most accurate descriptions of weill I have read. It is a dead on summation of his personality, character, job ability. Not only should he NOT be on the COA, weill should have NEVER been a judge of Any TYPE.
I gave part of my long opinion of weill at the end of the article posted Friday, April 6, 2018 "Weill wants Court of Appeals".
I will not repeat all of that for now 3:06 is correct.
Weill is a horrible, horrendous, bias, vengeful, angry, law illiterate, egotistical, narcissistic jerk (can not use some words I am really thinking) of a human being.
He totally has the Northeast Jackson (money source) bamboozled. They
fall for his line of bs every time. All it takes is him smiling shaking a few hands and adding a God bless you in the mix.

A pineapple in every pot said...

Does anybody know who is runnIng for Reunion HOA?

Anonymous said...

Matt Allen’s choice of sign holders at the corner of Old Canton and Northside was made poorly. Were those Dorsey Carson’s out of work campaign “volunteers?” Cost him at least one vote.

Anonymous said...

4:38 - You'll have to attend the HOA meeting. The Reunion HOA meets the second Wednesday of each month (after prayer meeting) on the fresh fruit aisle at Kroger-West, next to the pineapples.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Weill is the most reversed Circuit judge in this State and was publicly endorsed by a Jones County official who has been arrested for embezzlement and fraud.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Weill has been reversed more times on appeal than any other circuit judge in the State regardless of his affirmances. He is SUPPOSED to get affirmed, but is actually reveresed by the very court’s he wants to be on more than anyone else. His tag line about affirmances, while technically true, is a misleading half of the story.

Anonymous said...

@11:39, what proof do you have re Weill reversal rate?

Anonymous said...

@11:39, not true. Any proof?

Anonymous said...

One can google <“jeff weill” reversal rate>.

He had 21% reversed over 2014-18, which is high, tho not as high as Green’s 36%.

OTOH Green doesn’t pretend she should be on the COA.

I notice my coverage case was one of those Weill reversals. Not a criminal case, clear law, easy peasy. But nope.

Anonymous said...

5:14 is me. Typo. 2014-16.

The “most reversed” claim is because there were more appeals from him.

Anonymous said...

12:58... Weill got his ass kicked on the 6th and he will get it kicked again on the 27... why?... because in my opinion, he is simply not intelligent enough to understand law or he is a rogue agent who doesn’t care about the law....and in either case DAVID MCCARTY is the best candidate for COA

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