Thursday, November 15, 2018

Dear Senator, the Camera is Always Rolling

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith caught hell this week as she said she would attend a "public hanging" with a friend.  The media mob descended upon the incumbent as she struggled to fend them off while politicians sought to score points at her expense. 

The controversy began Sunday when the Senator spoke.  Cattle rancher Collin Hutchinson introduced her to a group of people in Tupelo on November 2.  The Senator casually embraced her friend as she told the crowd "If he invited me to a public hanging, I'd be on the front row."

Well, it is 2018 and not 1918 in Mississippi.  That means every public official or candidate should assume a camera is rolling when speaking in public.  Unfortunately for Senator Hyde-Smith, a camera was indeed capturing it all for literally the entire world to see.   Lamar White, Jr. of the Louisiana blog, Bayou Brief, posted the video on Twitter along with his interpretation. 

Mr. White publishes a blog dedicated to fighting for social justice,  thus he was not exactly amused by her statement.  The video caught fire on social media and went viral.  The media picked up the story and ran with it.  One can almost hear their thoughts: "Hot diggity damn, we got us a racist in MISSISSIPPI! Knock her out, John!"

The Senator responded with a weak statement:

"In a comment on Nov. 2, I referred to accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement. In referencing the one who invited me, I used an exaggerated expression of regard, and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous."

The statement didn't even include the obligatory apology for offending anyone or acknowledging Mississippi's dark history of lynching.    Her opponent's  campaign responded to a query from the Clarion-Ledger:

“Cindy Hyde-Smith's comments are reprehensible," Campaign Communications Director Danny Blanton said in an email. "They have no place in our political discourse, in Mississippi, or our country. We need leaders, not dividers, and her words show that she lacks the understanding and judgement to represent the people of our state.”
The media circus didn't disappear as the Senator's campaign undoubtedly hoped it would but instead mushroomed.   Senator Hyde-Smith and Governor Phil Bryant held a press conference that could only be classified as surreal. 

The Governor looked down while she repeatedly said she gave a statement "yesterday" and would not say anything further.  He finally raised his head and did his best to save her.   He said "we have all said things in public life we cold have phrased better. When you make as many speeches as we do in public life, that does occur."    He said his administration has been "sensitive to race relations in this state." while mentioning the opening of the Civil Rights Museum.  He counterpunched to little effect as he asked where the outrage was about the abortion of 20 million black children.  The State Cartoonist Laureate, Marshall Ramsey, had a field day.

Mr. Espy followed a cardinal rule of politics: when  your opponent is in trouble, don't get in the way.  A lesson forgotten by the Cochran crew in 2014 as the McDaniel campaign floundered in the nursing home scandal.  The campaign couldn't resist the chance to pummel these GOP heathen and launched attack ads that tied the McDanielites to the Clayton Kelly arrest.  The overkill backfired as McDaniel won the primary.  The former Congressmen appeared on tv, attempting to portray himself as the statesmen:

However, an out-of-state PAC started running ads yesterday that blasted Senator Hyde-Smith over the comments.* Black community leaders and politicians jumped into the fray as they called on her to resign - after making sure the tv cameras were present.  The national media went all in on covering the story as well. 

Kingfish note:  This week's events are almost a textbook case of how not to practice damage control.   The Senator thought she was being cute in complimenting her friend.  However, she campaigned for the legislature when smartphones and social media were in their infancy.  She had a competitive race in 2011 when she ran for Ag Commish but faced an easy re-election in 2015, thus she failed to learn the camera is always rolling.  There is a reason talk show hosts don't run for office as the provocative statements that generate calls and ratings are gold for an oppo researcher.

The Kingfish took some time this week to dig through old Clarion-Ledger issues for stories about lynching.   The archives of the state newspaper are filled with horrifying details of men, women, and children lynched, often with the encouragement of the press.  They convey a picture of barbarism masquerading as civilization - and I write that as a supporter of capital punishment.  Posted below are some articles that provide an all-too-small snapshot of what was normal in Mississippi. 

Ever heard of a lynching bee? Yup, lynchings were treated as a "spelling bee" or a "taffy pull."  

Here's another one.  The Nazis used this in their propaganda.

There was this triple lynching that took place in Carrollton in 1901. 

Don't think these stories were forgotten by the black community - far from it.  The stories were told and retold over t generations.  There is a large distrust of white politicians in Mississippi among the black community.  Needless to say,  blacks don't exactly look on the word "hanging" with positive feelings nor "get" the joke.  They are thus not inclined to trust such politicians.

Most politicians have made stupid comments in public and are often shamed for doing so.  The Kingfish is not a fan of the current fan of online mob justice where someone is driven to dirt over a comment. The same human nature that drove the tumbrils down the streets of Paris drives the online mobs today.  Sometimes, we love our outrage.

However, people are usually defined by patterns, not a solitary remark.  The Senator doesn't have a history of making racist or insensitive comments as do other politicians.  She has never been accused of discrimination.

As stated earlier, the Senator thought she was being cute but instead got too cute and is today paying a price.  The initial attention was predictable.  The Senator should have just said she made a thoughtless remark, apologized, acknowledged Mississippi's racial history, and said she would continue Senator Thad Cochran's tradition of helping all Mississippians.

However, the Senator made it worse by issuing a response that was tone-deaf and sounded as if was written by some come consultant clueless about the South.  The social justice warriors were going to crucify her regardless of what she said once the video hit social media.  However, the press conference simply made things worse as she refused to acknowledge anything as she stood like a stonewall against the fire of Scott Simmons.

Pro-Espy forces are attempting to take advantage of the Senator's woe by firing a creeping barrage of attack ads based on the hanging remark. However, the controversy no longer appears at the top of the websites for the local tv stations although it is front and center of the Clarion-Ledger website.  Barksdale Today has no fewer than six stories at the top of its website.

Will the comments hang her campaign? Only time will tell.  However, given the strength of the Republican machine in Mississippi and the Senator's fund-raising, the incumbent will probably remain the incumbent. 

*The ad will not be posted here.  The PAC is free to pay to run the ad on this site.  It's not going to get a free run when candidates have paid for the right to run commercials.


Anonymous said...

Hanging was a legal method of execution for many years, in all states of the USA. I believe it still is in Kansas. Hangings were public events and usually witnessed by large groups of people. I understand there are many +-40% of the population of Mississippi who support Mike Espy. And that they are looking for anything to use to criticize CHS - for anything she says. It is likely her comment referred to legal hangings (A legal fact of Criminal Justice) and not lynching's (a sad relic of a troubled past). IMO She would have used the word Lynch if that is what she meant. If she said she likes KFC it would be seen as racist comment. God help her if she said she liked German Potato Salad.

Those who are screaming false accusations against CHS need to honestly admit this self serving screaming is not racist (their never ending trump card). It is nothing more than an effort to draw bad publicity away from their candidate.

The Espy supporters seem willing to ignore the fact that Mike resigned his post as the Bill Clinton administration Sec of Agriculture in the face of bribery charges that he received payoffs from Tyson Foods and others. (Google the NY Post article for details.) Mike evidently believed he would be found guilty, so he resigned. In fact, Tyson Foods pled guilty to giving Mike bribe money. I find it very strange Tyson Foods would plead guilty for giving money Mike said he never got.

CHS is a good, honest, competent representative for our state - the first Mississippi Woman in the senate.

Mike Espy - a bribe accepting ex federal official, willing to sell his consideration to anyone with the money to pay him.

The choice is clear - Vote good common sense and send CHS to Washington.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. The remark was stupid and insensitive. I highly doubt that she harbors any racial animus, and I doubt she meant that to sound like an allusion to lynching. That said, I think it is despicable how she responded to the criticism. Because I think that was a calculated response. She has to turn out the McDanielites in droves on November 27. The way to keep them home is to firmly state and demonstrate that she is against all forms of racism (I'm sure everyone here has seen the fantastic representation of our state wearing the "Mississippi Justice" shirt on election day - I'm guessing he was a solid McDaniel vote). Cindy's a bit trapped between a rock and a hard place politically, but that shouldn't stop her from doing the right thing and totally denouncing her remarks. But she is not being tone deaf; she is just placating the Talibaptists that she hopes will send her back to DC for another 2 years. Sad but true. Welcome to Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the big leagues CHS...your folksy, hickish, cutesy approach may play well with a hometown MS crowd, and it might even get you elected to a statewide office; but it falls flat in a race with national implications. All of the time you've spent trying to explain your dumbass statement is less time you're getting to talk about ideas - way to go! Your 15 minutes is just about up - and thanks for confirming what most folks think about our state.

Anonymous said...

Hanging was the only form of legal execution in this country from 1776 into the 1880's and the last person executed by public hanging was in 1936. African Americans have no more special aversion to a noose than anyone else in this country. In 1862, Abraham Lincoln sanctioned the hanging of 39 Sioux Indians in the largest US mass execution.
On the NAACP website, they make much about the disparaging difference between the number blacks and whites lynched. From 1882-1968, 4743 people were lynched in this country. 3446 were black and 1297 were white. So in that time frame, 40 blacks were lynched per year in contrast to 15 whites per year, on average.

Let's jump to 2016 and the FBI's UCR stats. Their data shows in 2016 there were 3,499 whites murdered and 2,870 blacks murdered. Of the whites who were murdered, 533 were murdered by a black person. Of the blacks murdered, 243 were murdered by a white person. If those stats were stretched over an 86 year period like the lynching stats, blacks would have killed 45,838 whites. Whites would have killed 20,898 blacks using this one year / eighty six year model.
My point? Whites and blacks have been killing each other in this country since inception and it's only gotten worse.
And no one's murder is any more or less horrific because of the color of their skin or their murderer's skin. Blacks should be no more offended by a rope or the term public hanging in this country than whites should. The Sioux people have a huge reason to harbor animosity with the phrase "public hanging".
The violence is out of control.

The cry of racism at every term, phrase or symbol is doing nothing but drive us Americans apart.

Anonymous said...

the willful ignorance by those participating in this shaming is simply disheartening to see.

A "lynching" is not a "public hanging." It can be, but turning a comment about how a person would be on the front row of something very distasteful as a show of support only shows where the mindset of those "offended" are.

It was certainly a poor choice of colloquialism. But NO ONE has a right to be offended, and NO ONE can be offended by something if the intent to offend isn't there. Uncomfortable? yes. Disagreeable? yes. Offended? no.

Stop and take a look at our modern "victim" society. Everybody NEEDS something to be offended by and are always looking to be offended.

A "public hanging" is capital punishment. It is still an option for execution to this day and was readily used as a method of lawful execution in the past.

If one was honest with themselves, they would acknowledge such, but that woudn't make the news, fluff the twitter or bake the facebook.

Anonymous said...

CHS could have saved herself a lot of grief by avoiding certain inflammatory words.
She will still be elected as senator since NO Blacks, or liberal Democrats would have voted for her in the first place.
Also, There's a different between Hanging & Lynching in my mind.
Felons convicted & to be put to death by the state was done by HANGING. In many other states up until 1940 or later this was the preferred method of execution.
Lynching refers to a hanging done outside of the Law. KF, Your Newspaper articles demonstrate this.
But, She used "sit on the front row of a hanging" as an expression for her country roots which the good ole boys, farmers, & country folks can relate to.
But, I understand why blacks can't to an extent. The blacks & liberal whites who make a great living prompting racial division know that words like noose, hanging, lynching, watermelon, etc. etc. etc. are like money trees. BTY, I took a DNA test & I'm 1/128 percent African + 1/32 percent Russian. Whatever that has to do with making my point, I have no idea but Sen. Liz Warren (D-MA) used it to get into Harvard.

Anonymous said...

Bryants legacy. A racist Minnie Pearl and a boy who doesn’t shave yet.

Anonymous said...

She was talking AFTER the rally, to a close personal friend, whom she is hugging, not at a podium.

She FIRST said, "I would fight a circular saw for him." Old fashioned, Southern, and descriptive.

Google that (Google Books), and you can find it in Senate documents from 1877.

But is it used today? Yep. NY Times May 2018:

"But if that’s not possible, and you’re shaking with indignation and mad enough to fight a circular saw, write me:"

That's Sam Sifton, NY Times food editor, culture editor, and former national editor. Hahvud Man, too. But groomed by Craig Claiborne, Mississippian and NY Times food writer of all time.

Context matters, and this was NOT racial.

We need politicians who are not fake like Hillary, where every speech or word is run by a focus group and political consultants.

The hell with the Dems. These BS attack ads and race baiting are motivating me to get out and vote and donate.

Find CHS guilty of using anachronisms, or Harvard quality colloquialisms, or naivete.

Not racism. Context matters.

Theca Jones of the Roguish Gent Podcast said...

Her fault. Seems like she can't think on her feet.

Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing.

Anonymous said...

What kind of advice is she getting from her campaign staff??? Either they're clueless or she isn't listening...

Anonymous said...

hello mr espy....... never interrupt you opponent when she is making a mistake. thats bad manners.

Anonymous said...

12:15, the last person executed by hangong as a capital punishment was in 1996. It was in Deleware, where along with Maryland it is one method of execution allowed under its capital punishment laws. Iowa used only hangong for capital punishment until it eliminated all forms in 1966, but did conduct a hanging in 1965. Utah had a condemed prisoner choose hanging as his method of execution in the 80's.

Most all the Nazi war criminals - hundreds of them - were hung following their convictions. While not in the US, certainly with the aid and assistance of the US.

The difference, of course, is that these hangings were the result of a judicial system that tried and convicted the individual for a real crime. The 'lynchings' that many are trying to swap the words with were criminal acts themselves and the condemned often committed no crime. To equate hanging with lynching shames the innocent victims of those criminal acts with the actual criminals who were condemned to death by a jury for actual crimes. Such an equation for purely political benefit is shameful in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

to 12:04 pm .. what a BS artist you are. you obviously dont know much about what happens when a mega corporation , like tyson foods "pleads guilty". you talk like all the CEOs went to prison. not hardly. its almost as stupid as you assertion that espy resigned as secretary of agriculture because ' he believed he would be found guilty". my what a talent political scientist and legal expert you must be.

Anonymous said...

cindy uses the broken record defense.

Anonymous said...

The past tense of the word hang is hanged, not "HUNG".

Anonymous said...

12:16 is spot-on -- " a person would be on the front row of something very distasteful...", was the crux of the statement. The only thing racial about it was with those making the linkage to lynchings. That being said, she could have stated such in the beginning, before refusing further comment.

Anonymous said...

@12:32 and his lawyer daughter a job with Lord Snow and the Madison Co Bd of Supers. Nepotism much?

Anonymous said...

Whatever she meant and regardless of what you hope she meant, she is not smart or savvy enough to be a US Senator. She will embarras all of us. We don’t need that.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to be on the front row of a hanging? What a dumb saying for a bunch of country folks that will tell you they are devout Christians.

Louis LeFleur said...

Best I can tell, there are only two things that haven't been said on this matter yet. 1) Marshall Ramsey isn't through having fun with this. Wait for tomorrow's cartoon. 2) Mike Espy was found NOT GUILTY on all 30 charges of improper use of government perks and bribery.

Anonymous said...

As a tired old man I can tell you - lynching did happen but it wasn't a public spectacle. Even in those days, many white Mississippians would get mad as hell and look to put you in prison for lynching a black man. Now, getting him convicted by a jury of 12 was a difficult matter. But they would try, and that made the lynchers somewhat nervous. For that reason, lynching happened on back roads, in the woods, on private property, etc.

I remember seeing a "public hanging". It was probably the late thirties in front of the Senatobia court house. It was a white man - Italian I believe. There was a pretty good crowd for a small town, there was someone selling corn dogs I do remember that. My parents wouldn't let me go but I snuck out and watched it anyway.

I think that is what CHS referred to, a ole fashioned public hanging - in those days the youth didn't look up to criminals because the last thing they saw of criminals were fear stricken men pissing their pants being led up the gallows.

Kingfish said...

I noticed a trend in the old articles. It seemed accepted in the 1890's and early 1900's. In the teens and 20's, there are reports of the Governor intervening or attempting to do so. Some articles mentioned how law enforcement was assaulted and roughed up. Keep in mind cops back then had a revolver, shotgun, and that was about it. Not great for crowd control as there were no M-4's with 30 round clips and Glocks with 18 rounds. In the 20's, there is more notice given to lynching resistance. Cases were no billed or defendants were acquitted BUT there were more reports of prosecution. In the 30's, one article advocated lynching the lynchers.

Anonymous said...

Her approval will only rise. Karl Oliver is still in the legislature for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Being a RINO, it's easier for me to hold my nose and vote republican, than to wear a gas mask and vote dimocrap. And that's all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

It was a dumb thing for a sitting US Senator to say. I don't have any reason to believe (or disbelieve) that CHS is racist. The comment simply illustrates that CHS cannot be trusted to be the people's voice in DC. She doesn't know how to speak or act in public. She doesn't have enough sense to recognize her error - or, more likely, she is simply playing the Trump game of never apologizing for anything. It's callous and arrogant. So she's dumb, crass, callous and arrogant. We don't yet know if she's racist, but those other adjectives generally apply to those as well.

Anonymous said...

1:08 Sorry, but don't think you can untie 12:04's knot... he's correct.

Burke said...

Marshall Ramsey had a piece in the CL this morning. He had some source for colloquial sayings, but it didn't have the one CHS used. When I first read about it, I thought that it was another version of "If so-and-so tells me to jump, I ask 'How high?'" If they ask me to go to a public hanging, I will not only go, I will sit on the front row. Then I thought, but maybe an adage that focuses on hanging is not the best one to use when you're campaigning against a black person, especially in Mississippi.

She should have offered the standard apology for what was an innocent mistake, but a mistake with fathomless implications.

Anonymous said...

well written piece, KF.

Anonymous said...

1) We dont know if she is racist or not, but we do know that this a dumb comment. For a "christian" to state they would be a public hanging. I am certain it was a joke, but you cant be all I represent Christ and all liberal dems are godless, bad, and immoral then joking about public hangings.

2) Phil's remarks about abortion in the black community was the worst possible comeback. He cant be that dumb as to think talking about abortion is the best way to deflect. And then to call out black leadership because they dont like the current President. No Phil you cant ignore the black president and then invite the white president and say blacks for wrong for not showing up.

3) Interesting how he called out Forrest Hill and never spoke up for the kids but spoke up for CHS because he "knows her heart". Leaders cant have one rule for their friends and another rule for everybody else.

4) Lastly, CHS will likely get elected because she meets the only qualification. Republican. But its interesting that she wants to speak for us in Washington but cant even speak to us in Jackson about something she said.

Anonymous said...

Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy, Vols. 9-12 Page 192:
"But they have this crude, wonderful saying that nothing clears the mind like a public hanging. Par. Let me tell you, for the Democratic Party, that was as close to a public hanging"

Year: 2003. Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Spare us the double standards.

Will the CHS campaign dig up these quotes and defend? Since it's a crude (BUT) WONDERFUL saying for this.

Source: Robert Louis Stephenson: "Nothing clears the mind like a public hanging"

How about NPR: "“There’s Nothing Like a Hanging in the Morning…”
February 12, 2010

Vivian Schiller In a talk last year, Vivian Schiller, CEO of NPR, opened with a quote from Samuel Johnson that she believes captures some of the feelings in the journalism and media industry today, “There’s nothing like a hanging in the morning to clear a man’s thoughts.”

Anonymous said...

Potty party for more black folks. Just because we talk about a hanging doesn’t mean it’s a dam black person. Get the f!&k over it. Just something else for y’all to wine about

Anonymous said...

Conservator voter here - which means I typically vote Republican. Having introduced myself. . .

1. Damage Control? Like gasoline on a roaring campfire.
2. Not Offensive? No, except to about an estimated 45% of the population of Mississippi.
3. Need for an Apology? Yep. But not going to get one. Refer back to #1 above.
4. Who's making these decisions for CHS? Don't know. But someone making better decisions would be better for CHS.

What a freaking disaster. CHS or Espy? Neither!

Anonymous said...

Those commenting in her defense are hurting her more by attempting to justify what she said.

She is not of the age when public hangings in the town square were anything other than barbaric. So that it spontaneously becomes a reference is odd.

If she had been deeply embarrassed and expressed empathy for those who remember that the public hangings they saw were lynchings, this might have blown over.

I didn't grow up here but I never saw or attended a public hanging of any kind nor did my parents, or grandparents. And, I don't know anyone who doesn't see any execution open to the public of any kind as other than barbaric.

Put in the word stoning or electrocution and see if it sounds any better.

" I would go to a (any method of watching a person die in public) if he asked me."

Do you get it now?

Anonymous said...

Whoever said 'Much ado about nothing' was right. What a magnificent waste of twenty thousand keystrokes we have just witnessed.

Next thing you know, Sara Fowler at the Ledger will claim you're a racist if you use the term Negro.

Anonymous said...

Why would you ever say something like that? ESPECIALLY in Mississippi? A state that STILL has the stars and bars as part of the official flag? A state where Emmit Till, Medgar Evers, the three Civil Rights workers and numerous others were killed at the hands of some good ol’ Boys! Most were probably killed with a flippant remark such as that. SMMFH....

Anonymous said...

The last known KKK lynching was in 1981 in Mobile so let's not pretend this is " ancient" history and it wasn't made illegal until Truman made it so in 1947 or that the hanging bridge in Clarksdale wasn't still a reminder in Cindi Hyde-Smith's generation.

If any of y'all would go see a human that hadn't hurt anyone you know executed or because a friend asked you ( other than to comfort them seeing the murderer of their loved one punished) , whatever your generation, you need new friends.

Anonymous said...

Peter principle?

Anonymous said...

It is a combination of utter silliness and hard-core political cynicism to impute racial animus to CHS based on nothing more than her non-specific reference to a public hanging at a campaign event when referring to a friend's loyalty. No one really believes the comment was racially motivated in the least. Whether you support CHS or not, this should be recognized as the non-issue that it is. We should be discussing the candidates' substantive ideas and not whether someone can find some racial hint in comments obviously not intended that way from the circumstances and content of the speech.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there have been more "public hangings" of whites in Mississippi history than of blacks. Anyone know? That might provide some clue as to whether, regardless of CHS's actual intent, her comments could possibly be considered racially motivated in tone.

Anonymous said...

Melissa should have stayed at the DMR. This has her fingerprints all over the response. Incompetence behind the scenes made something that could have gone away, into a multi cycle news story. Good job!

Anonymous said...

You all saying she should apologize haven't been paying attention. Apologies in the current year is an admission of guilt. Liberal use apologies as a weapon to ruin people. Like it or not, that is how it is these days. If you are a conservative, and you say something that "offends" people... never ever apologize if you want to survive it.

Think Trump vs Megyn Kelly. See? Apologies are killers.

Shady Mike said...

Espy represented the African ruler who lost the 2010 election, but refused to concede to his opponent, unleashing extrajudicial killings, torture, and rape of his political opponents, according to the U.S. State Department.

He’s currently being tried at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

At the time of the turmoil, the Ivory Coast government approached Espy to represent him in talks with the Obama administration and the UN.

He [Espy] acted as an English-speaking mouthpiece for the regime, making pro-government comments on state television and telling the Daily Telegraph in 2010 that the ruler believes the election was “stolen” and any attempts to remove him from power will be met with force.

History Bluff said...

Amazing how good folks can support these folks like Trump and Hyde Smith. Your children will educate themselves move to the subburbs and be very embrassed to think you supportted these idiots.

Anonymous said...

Hate runs deep in the heart of November 15, 2018 at 3:50 PM.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, well thought out and written piece. A lot of conservatives will give you flack but that is okay. You are fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Methinks Mr. Espy has much bigger problems that harassing Mrs. Smith over some comment about a public hanging. FOX NEWS just released a story moments ago about a bribe in the amount of $700,000.00 paid by some bad actor from the Ivory Coast to Mr. Espy "under the table". Said bad actor himself is in deep dodo having been charged with crime against humanity in Africa. Well played Mike, well played.

Anonymous said...

An intelligent person seeking to represent a very diverse state,whose history and reputation for racial bigotry and brutality stink to high heaven should understand the need to acknowledge a poor selection of words. She couldn't even do that because she knows that the voters she wants to appeal to most love to offend Black people, and will reward her for doing so. McDaniel used the state flag as a symbol of his campaign because he knew that this would galvanize those voters who still harbor their affinity for Mississippi's racist past whether Blacks and the rest of the country like it or not. This woman and the man who calls himself governor don't want to lose that support and couldn't care less what Black people who aren't voting for her anyway think. So much for representing Everybody.

Anonymous said...

She should resign. The second video released late this afternoon is a bombshell.

Anonymous said...

PBS NewsHour: Turmoil Grips Ivory Coast Over Disputed Election

Anonymous said...

The fact that CHS stood there like a child stupidly nodding her head while Bryant had to handle things for her tells me all I need to know.

This woman has no business being a US Senator.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, we all remember that obscure Harvard academic journal quote from 15 years ago. SO THAT SETTLES THINGS.

Anonymous said...

If it had been a female liberal saying she would sit on the front row of a Trump castration, she would receive a "People's choice award".

To hell with everyone wearing their feelings on a shirt sleeve, especially all of the SJW's and blacks.

Anonymous said...

Can't even talk anymore without malcontent zeros bending words and meaning for a living.

Ignorance Abounds.. said...

3:49 - You could do with a little education, yourself. The 'Stars and Bars' is NOT part of the Mississippi flag.

And Kingfish's headline for this thread is off base. She made no effort to hide or minimize her remarks and wasn't hoping the mic was not hot. She didn't equate her comment with anything racial and neither do sensible people. Only the alarmists and others who hope to get some mileage out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

Update: Hyde-Smith puts other foot in mouth. Now talks about making it harder for those “others “ to vote! She is doing so much to improve our image!! Cant wait for her next speaking engagement, think she will debate now?

Anonymous said...

How the f*ck do you tell someone to get over lynchings?

No trial, no jury's, justice not granted. Just a bunch of racists whites with no legal authority snatching black people at will, because they assumed that person did something wrong!?

E.H. Hurst, a Mississippi legislator, killed Herbert Lee for trying to register black people to vote in Liberty, Mississippi.

That som'biscuit killed a black man in cold blood, not because Lee did anything illegal, not that Lee did anything to cause harm to anyone in Hurst's family, but because he was trying to register black people to vote.

An all white male jury got him off, he wasn't even penalized for his actions!? And people want to say let it go!?

I will say this, the day Mississippi changes the flag and elects a black person to a statewide position, is the day we can let it go!

Anonymous said...

Trying to suppress voters is just as bad as illeagl voting.
The real deal is that there is very little evidence of illgeal voting, yet You dot have to look very far to find voter surpression, just try to vote abstenee

Y'all missed it said...

That 3rd historical newspaper article posted in this article of this blog. Looks like 3 members of the McCray family were summarily lynched by a mob for retribution in connection to deaths of the Taliaferro family in Carrollton. Just who were those Taliaferro's? Who in Mississippi history was a Taliaferro? Who is a descendant of the Taliaferro family; could they be connected to this family name?
As for CHS idiot "old saying remark", I agree. She's an idiot. Some of those old sayings you just let go of nowadays. I think CHS can only be saved by someone recording Mike Espy saying "This race is tighter than Dick's hatband!" then everyone named Richard or Dick or the like that has a weight problem may not support him, or lets say old Mike slips up and claims "it's colder than a witches tit in a brass bra at the bottom of a well!"...well, he might lose the support of the witches with that one, or perhaps Scott Simmons winds up with David Hartmann on his mind and says "Shiver me timbers!"....Scott, you dumbass, the timber never existed in Lamar Adams scheme. You oughta know that by now. Unless he got you as well.

One thing is for sure. IF we ever let the Democrats take control of this Country, getting it back is going to be harder than putting panty hose on a bobcat in a phone booth. What CHS said in this day and age was stupid. She's an idiot. I can't believe Guv Phil found her as the best person to replace Thad. But in the big picture, I can't vote for a Democrat. No how no way. Guess I'll vote for the idiot and hold my breath until the next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Cindy may be a nice lady, but her failure to acknowledge and recognize that her comments may have been offensive to many of those that she was appointed to represent is disqualifying. Her “joke” that she supports disenfranchising her constituents is blantant subversion of the Constitution she swore to protect and defend. If these are just jokes, she must be hell when she’s serious. The governor’s experiment has imploded in spectacular fashion. Time to save face and shut it down. Stop embarrassing Mississippi!

Alpha Storm said...

I think, I'll vote for the old racist white woman from Brookhaven. Mike Espy is friends with Rudy Warnock (enough said).

Anonymous said...

The GOP needs to send her a roll of duck tape!

Anonymous said...

Great article Kingfish.
@9:13 well said. Preach. Truth of the matter is Mississippi always has a always will be looked as a corrupt state. Her words are past ignorant and for not even a apology is just the nail on the coffin. If she does still when the election this is all just confirmation of the crap Mississippi is all about.

Anonymous said...

Is Feel going to go to Washington with Minnie Pearl and be her spokesperson? "Let me tell you what she meant to say."

StarRider said...

Good Lord Phil, what in the sam shit hell were you thinking nominating this woman? She has no business in this job. I thought McDaniel was the one who couldn't control what came out of his mouth, apparently she has no sense whatsoever. And for all that, Espy is even worse, how he avoided prison still amazes me, and now he's caught red-handed in a lie about money from African despots. It's a damn disgrace that these are the two choices we have left.

Anonymous said...

ABC News: Mass killings in Ivory Coast

Anonymous said...

@9:20, I travel a lot and vote absentee for every election and I've NEVER had an issue casting my ballot, please describe how difficult it is to vote absentee. The folks in Rankin County make it easy.

Anonymous said...

One day educated people in the burbs will be the majority here the Sip, until then you will be stuck with folks who think lynchings are a social event and that it's ok for certain people not be allowed to vote.

Anonymous said...

Senator Smith did not say anything about a lynching or about hanging any one of any particular race. She said “a public hanging”. Democrats will say or do anything to keep the black people stirred up and promote hate and racial division. The black folks didn’t know that they were offended by the Mississippi flag until the NAACP leadership told them they were in order to raise more money for their own greedy selves. It makes no difference what a Caucasian person says, they are automatically branded a racist. Anyone who disagrees with a liberal is automatically branded a racist. Quit your whining, get a job, teach your children right from wrong and love your neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Well we know that CHS is not a stand up comic. She should only say that she will support the President and hush. That is all we need her to do there.

Anonymous said...

Just another banana peel “crisis”. Will the insanity ever end?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love these clowns who say "There's no evidence of voter fraud". Even those with minimal walking around sense (IQ 54-78) have read a hundred articles and other accounts of voter fraud in just the past week.

Now we learn Espy has received a million bucks from an African dictator.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me? I cant make out any of what she supposedly is saying.

Anonymous said...

Actually the amount Espy received from the African dictator is $3.4 million. This guy is slicker than Rudy and dirtier than both Blackmon's combined. And he learned it all from Clinton.

Anonymous said...

SkyNews: [Espy Client] Laurent Gbagbo's Dramatic Capture

Anonymous said...

Just reread the comments @7:31 to learn why MS is last in everything that matters - stupid white people telling African Americans how to live their lives.

Anonymous said...

I only moved to this state recently so I am not as familiar with your peculiar
institutions as others. It seems to me that racial polarization is the most attractive attribute a Republican candidate can have. If a person demonstrates complete disdain for black people or the national image of Mississippi among so-called progressives, they will garner tremendous support.
But they must be unapologetic to show that they don't give a damn about "those people". That's what the state loves about Trump in the first place. Sooooo,
I'm just wondering if Senator Smith isn't doing this stuff intentionally, because it certainly is not going to hurt her among her core support, and she reassures the McDaniel crowd that she's "one of them". Maybe, just maybe, she's not as dumb as she looks!

I really hate Nazi's said...

@ StarRider

Good Lord Phil, what in the sam shit hell were you thinking nominating this woman? She has no business in this job. I thought McDaniel was the one who couldn't control what came out of his mouth, apparently she has no sense whatsoever. And for all that, Espy is even worse, how he avoided prison still amazes me, and now he's caught red-handed in a lie about money from African despots. It's a damn disgrace that these are the two choices we have left.

So basically, you are still voting for CHS? SMH

Anonymous said...

Refusing to ever vote for a Democrat is exactly why you get know-nothing, do-nothing people like CHS propped up for an election. For all the doom and gloom about what Obama would bring, life was pretty damn normal. Look where we're at now.

Anonymous said...

Who is Minnie Pearl?

Anonymous said...

"The most recent jobs report revealed that the unemployment rate for African-American teenagers fell to 19.3 percent, the lowest figure on record. That number stands in marked contrast to the 2010 rate of 48.9 percent under the Obama administration. Overall black unemployment is currently at 5.9 percent, which is close to a record low."

San Jose Mercury News
October 18, 2018

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Espy campaign has gone full-blown negative tells you all you need to know about his prospects on November 27th.

Anonymous said...

The Independent: [Espy Client] Laurent Gbagbo trial: Ivory Coast’s ex-President ‘used rape and murder’ against rivals, ICC told

Anonymous said...

8:32 Sorry, but your proposition would represent good strategic thinking in some other state but you haven't been in Mississippi long enough. She IS as dumb as she looks!

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Espy campaign has gone full-blown negative tells you all you need to know about his prospects on November 27th

A lie never cares who tells it.

Espy has said, her comments were not in good taste and left well enough alone. Whereas in the Gillum vs. DeSantis race, Gillum definitely leaned too much on the racism card. Espy has not, he's called her out for her positions on policy and Kingfish can attest to that.

Anonymous said...

It would be one thing if McDaniel had won and Espy was trying to peel off Hyde-Smith voters. But that isn't what happened. Less than 1% of McDaniel voters will vote for Espy. Game over.

Anonymous said...

I tend to vote republican, but CHS continues to do things that make me feel she's just not that smart. Can't we find someone to send to Washington who has conservative values but doesn't make all these public blunders? She's not well spoken, her written statements have grammatical errors, I feel like she will be an embarrassment to our state if we keep her in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, 9:47. I’m increasingly Republican, but voted for Espy because CHS has looked like a dummy throughout with her canned statements that were pretty much insulting to my intelligence with the way she just parroted “conservative values” and “President Trump” without actually ever stating the substance of her platorms. Espy made a comment on the issue, then moved on. He also denounced a PAC ad featuring CHS and photos of lynchings, saying it went to far and it’s divisive. So he did exactly what he needed to do. Espy is going about this the right way. Gillum played the crybaby “everything is racist” too hard, Espy has not.

Anonymous said...

87 Comments - Amazing.

Sol Juette said...

A hyphenated last name tells me all I need to know about CH-S.

Anonymous said...

@1:20 87 comments but 25-30 of them by the same 2 or 3 trolls who think they are fooling JJ readers.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what CHS degree from USM is in? (seriously). I have never seen it presented other than a graduate of USM

There's a Fungus Among Us... said...

8:32 is obviously a troll. Just moved here but is learned enough already to comment on 'the McDaniel crowd'. I smell a turd.

Anonymous said...

Now both feet need extracting...voter suppression as " joking around" ?
Surely she heard of The Civil Rights Era, Medgar Evers or at least the movie " Mississippi Burning"?
How clueless is she?

Anonymous said...

10:18 Doesn't matter is she's "that smart... (or) well spoken...".

There's only 3 or 4 top Republicans who dictate what the rest must (fall-in-line) vote on. Same with the Dems.

Just need their vote right now.

Anonymous said...

She went to USM, thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

2:44 Yes, Three and a half years ago from Texas and believe it or not I read a lot, especially about politics. I can understand why you find that incredible. You have been here all your life and spend your time smelling turds.

Anonymous said...

Before she opened her mouth this was just a run-off hoping somebody showed up, except you faithful ones! Now, the ball has burst and now everybody is fired up like idiots and ready to march to Washington. We are teaching young voters this is how you do it who can throw the most mud! My vote has changed, just listening to Cindy Hyde Smith and hiding behind the governor not being able to stand up for herself. Do you think she’ll stand up for us little people in Mississippi? I don’t think. Best thing for her, shut up!

Anonymous said...

She's an idiot...she should not have agreed to the debate...she should not be campaigning...she should just shut up and stay alive because we will show up and vote against the Mob Rule Leftist Totalitarian previously indicted Ambulance Chaser.

Between the two she is by far the best choice...she will be a Mitch McConnell puppet which beats the hell out of a Chuck Schumer Mob Rule Leftist Totalitarian puppet...but having said this, Phil Bryant needs his ass ran out of town for even making this a race!

Anonymous said...

Amen 9:13. They are just suppose to just get over. Many are still alive who were not considered good enough to pee in the same toilet as my parents. Trump’s bravado has emboldened the Mississippi leaders to show their true colors. I am pro life and think Trump has done a good job with the economy. But I also am beginning to believe the republican are racist and are clamoring for a return to Jim Crowe.

Anonymous said...

CHS has just proven how stupid she is. And the folks here are going to vote for her? Better to just stay away. She is going to embarrass us all daily.

Anonymous said...

7:20 - If you're going to comment on Jim Crow, don't you think you should at least be able to correctly spell it? By the way, those laws, upheld by the Supreme Court, died out over 50 years ago, long before many on this blog were born.

Jim Crow exists now only in your mind, yet you'd somehow 'profit' from a return of it, at least in terms of claiming victimhood.

I really hate Nazi's said...

Senator Smith did not say anything about a lynching or about hanging any one of any particular race. She said “a public hanging”.

Stop while you are ahead!? Given Mississippi's notorious history with hanging black people by mob justice, only an idiot trying to cover and justify bullsh*t will think someone's going to believe them.

Democrats will say or do anything to keep the black people stirred up and promote hate and racial division.

Why aren't Republicans in Mississippi held to the same level of accountability in regards to playing the white side of the race card? Look at the dog whistle comments by the likes of Cindy Hyde-Smith, Phil Bryant, Tate Reeves, Robert Foster, Chris McDaniel, Joey Fillingane, Sally Doty, Karl Oliver, Steven Palazzo - seen them all pander to white Mississippians unabashedly in their political commentary.

The black folks didn’t know that they were offended by the Mississippi flag until the NAACP leadership told them they were

So now black people can't think for themselves? That their own life experiences can't dictate why they are for or against something? That someone has to tell them how to feel or exist? That they are not sentient? Only a racist could say some sh*t like that!

It makes no difference what a Caucasian person says, they are automatically branded a racist.

Nah Tristan! You are considered a racist because of the sh*t you just said!?

Anyone who disagrees with a liberal is automatically branded a racist.

There's nothing wrong with freaking disagreeing. There are quicker and better ways on how to do certain things - fix roads, improve traffic/logistics, improve sewers, curb flooding, fight crime, perhaps a recipe - those are things people disagree on every day and people can do it without getting into racial issues.

Quit your whining, get a job, teach your children right from wrong and love your neighbors.

With your complete little diatribe, why don't you take your own advice, look in the mirror and hold yourself accountable for doing all that first, before you tell anyone else on what they need to be doing. Practice what you preach Tristan!

Anonymous said...

Remember when you elect CHS
You agree to getting a wall flower that you will never hear from or see again unless Thompson or Wicker invites her to the ribbon cutting.

Anonymous said...

I really hope someone decent will step up and replace CHS in 2020.

She is an embarrassment to the state.

Phineas T. Barnum said...

There is no such thing as bad publicity...

Anonymous said...

I really hope someone decent will step up and replace CHS in 2020.

Who do you consider to be decent? Name names.

Anonymous said...

she looks like a whipped puppy in that video.

Anonymous said...

November 17, 2018 at 9:09 AM

Retiring Chief Justice William Waller, Jr.

Send A Crook To DC.. said...

Speaking of 'The Camera is Rolling', I have followed Espy since the day he defeated Webb Franklin, District 2 rep before Bennie got anointed. When was that, 30 years ago?

Is there any tape anywhere of Espy on video, representing anybody or even making a public comment? I don't guess I've ever heard him open his mouth. But, he arguably helped Rudy steal millions in Madison County. And after the MadCo Board of Supervisors fired him on January 2, 2016 he successfully told Rudy how to go about suing the County.

And, then, in order to keep ripping off the Lost Rabbit group, he claimed to be donating his time and trips to DC to get a Trace Exit at the Florida Boundary that would bring travelers down into Lost Rabbit.

This guy is dirtier than every-day underwear and craftier than a board game.

Too damned bad we don't have a REAL choice in this contest and have to wait two more years. I'm reminded of Bob Dole, Junior Bush and John McCain....the best we had to offer.

The Piper Shucks and Jives said...

3:23 is a perfect example of what's holding the 'black neighborhood' back, if in fact they are being held back as he claims. All people have to do is distance themselves from this model of crap-thought, stop following Pied-Pipers like him and thump the chips off their shoulders. Then, all of a sudden, it'll be like sobriety! Clear vision, absence of fog-head-thought and a new outlook on life in general.

I'll wait for him now to whine about how bad he's had it in 3..2..1

Unknown said...

#CindyHydeSmith uses FAKE NEWS for her campaign! #ICC trial showed last week how @IntlCrimCourt got witnesses via NGO front organizations linked to current #Ouattara! #Gbagbo to be acquitted for lack of evidence! MORE INFO

Anonymous said...

I'm just tired of these orchestrated retirements and having our public officials hand picked for us. Espy will only serve for two years and will then get voted out by the conservative majority (assuming a viable opponent in 2020). That will also be a presidential election year so he will have no chance for reelection due to turnout. If CHS wins, we'll never get her out and she is only there to do what the MS GOP insiders want. I'd rather take my chances and see if we can't get some new blood in two years.

I really hate Nazi's said...

@ The Piper Shucks and Jives

3:23 is a perfect example of what's holding the 'black neighborhood' back, if in fact they are being held back as he claims.

Hey Kingfish, you are the voice of reason on here - do you think - based on my responses to Tristan's diatribe - that I am someone who would hold the black community back? Did I at any time state that I was being held back? Hell, did I ever state I was black, to begin with?

All people have to do is distance themselves from this model of crap-thought, stop following Pied-Pipers like him and thump the chips off their shoulders. Then, all of a sudden, it'll be like sobriety! Clear vision, absence of fog-head-thought and a new outlook on life in general.

Boy, you should have stopped while you were ahead, but like Tristan, you don't have any quitting sense. First, you have Tristan telling black people they don't know what they are angry over and now Piper is telling them to follow his train of thought and all will be right with the world. You must have attended the Jim Jones and David Koresh Future Cult Leaders of America Seminar? Got dang Piper, you and Tristan don't know if you are coming or going? Stop drinking that darn Kool-Aid, Piper!

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