Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sentencing postponed for wife-beating thug


Sentencing was postponed today for Brian Clark in Lowndes County Circuit Court. Clark pleaded guilty to aggravated assault- domestic violence in May.  He beat his wife, repeatedly banged her head against a wall, and split her head wide open on September 6, 2013.  The gruesome photos of some of her injuries are posted below.  Clark asked the court to postpone his sentencing so he could complete his therapy at a clinic in Pearl, Mississippi.  Clark's family owns Clark Oil.

The motion was filed Monday.   The victim's uncle said that an Assistant District Attorney agreed to the continuance.  The motion states that Clark has been "attending counseling for wife batterers" since he pleaded guilty in May.  He claims he "will have 14 therapy sessions left, which are crucial to his future."  The motion includes a statement from the Center For Violence Prevention in Pearl that states he has attended "10 of the required 24 sessions."

A grand jury indicted Clark in January 2014 (see p.19 in documents posted below.).    Clark claimed he was indigent. The court appointed a public defender to represent him although he is now represented by attorney Robert Ray.  The Columbus Packet reported on July 31: "The 37-year-old Clark, who listed on court documents that he makes $100,000 a month from his family’s oil and convenience store business, faces from two to 20 years in prison."

 The case has been continued 15 times.  His victim, Hope Clark, submitted a letter to the court.   She wrote:

"Brian's battering of women will not stop without consequences.  Rehabs, drug courts, therapy have been ineffective.  Since assaulting me in 2013, Brian has attended anger management classes.  He has since assaulted another intimate partner as recently as 2015.  An order of protection has been filed against him in Florida.  There have been victims prior to me and I don't know what will modify his behavior and bring about change.  I am under much duress from his family to dismiss his behavior. ....

I definitely believe that he needs to be removed from his current environment (home & parents' protection" and held accountable for his actions.  Otherwise, Brian's behavior will worsen....

Abuse has affected Brian's life and my life.  Left unchecked, it will create many more victims, including our son.  I am asking Judge Kitchens to sentence Brian to as much time as he sees fit to correct Brian's behavior, the maximum sentencing this crime allows.

 Posted below are the pictures of the victim's injuries.  She also suffered similar injuries to the front of her body and her face.  Sentencing is scheduled for October.

Kingfish note: Here are some additional facts surrounding the case. 

*Clark is the nephew of Butler Snow CEO Don Clark.

*State Representative (and House Ways & Means Chairman) Jeff Smith filed a notice of appearance to represent Clark on February 24.  Let us just say Mr. Smith's can not boast of practicing criminal law.  He also filed at the same time a motion asking for a continuance since the legislature was in session and he was required to attend all sessions.  The court granted the continuance.  Did I mention his daughter is a lawyer at Butler Snow?

*Clark's girlfriend in Destin got a restraining order issued against him in May 2016 year after he allegedly committed acts of violence against her.  The order was faxed to the Wayne County Sheriff but was allegedly never served upon Mr. Clark because the Sheriff claimed he did not received it. Earlier post and copy of restraining order.

Ms. Clark's Uncle posted this message on Facebook:

Tomorrow, the guy who plead guilty to brutally attacking my niece, would have been sentenced at 9 AM in Lowndes County Circuit Court. Yet, we have another delay - this makes 15, fifteen total delays that have been agreed upon by the District Attorney's office and the defense and signed off on by the Judge. This time they tell us that the guy who pled guilty to this crime has not completed his treatment - treatment that was not required by the court but was given as an option for the guilty to take. Let's see, he plead guilty in May of this year and three months later, he had only completed 10-12 steps of the 24 required. The treatment centenr he is going to is an out-patient facility. He should have completed the course by now, yet District Attorney Scott Colom has agreed with one of his ADAs to allow him to remain free at least until October, if not Christmas!

Let's not forget Judge Jim Kitchens for allowing this travesty of justice to continue, not once, not twice, but fifteen times over the course of the last four years. I have never seen him allow this to happen before. I always thought he would make a good Supreme Court Justice.

Our family needs closure and we need your help - please share this with your Facebook friends and ask them to call their state senators, state representatives, the Governor's office, the District Attorney's office, the office of Attorney General Jim Hood and ask for their help! We need a requirement that he be tested for drugs or alcohol. We need to require that he remain within the boundaries of Mississippi. He continues to hunt and fish wherever he wants to - in the Gulf of Mexico on his boat or flying around in his plane around the country. He was allowed to remain free on his original $20,000 bail. He even lied to the court and swore that he had no money so A counsel was appointed for him by the State of Mississippi. The good citizens of Lowndes County paid for this. He neglected to tell you that he was making $100,000.00 a month from his family's company.

People - after four long years, this needs to end! Please help!. I'm glad my Mother did not have to live thru this. She passed away one year after this happened, but she did see the horrific photos of what he did.

My now five and fourteen year old nephews were in the house that terrible night. My niece even wrote on her victim's impact statement that her oldest son was in the next room in the corner holding a baseball bat thinking he would be next after his mother!

This is a travesty.


Anonymous said...

By all means let him finish his therapy before being sentenced!!! I guess the 24 month program was the longest he could find.

Anonymous said...

Judge Kitchens is obviously bowing to the pressure. 15th continuance!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Piloting a plane?

Anonymous said...

This guy had a public defender paid for by the taxpayers?

How the f*ck does this happen?

Anonymous said...

Remember the sorry ass sheriff and judge next time you all get ready to vote. The public has a voice use it because it doesn't matter where you are, $$$$ talks and always will.

Anonymous said...

There is NO justice in Mississippi. Money talks!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, whoed of thunk it, postponed again. This is a bigger joke than the shenanigans that go on in Hinds County. By this latest action it’s clear that Judge Kitchens has no intentions to sentence this POS to any substantial time to serve. Why give this scum bag time to finish a voluntary anger management class when he is on the verge of going to prison? I’ll tell you why, he ain’t going anywhere. There are a lot of people to point fingers at for this whole ordeal, but Judge Kitchens in my opinion is at the top. I really don’t see how Jeff Smith can look anyone in Lowndes county in the eye, pitiful, just pitiful.

Anonymous said...

When juries in Hinds County see these kinds of shenanigans going on for the "white upper class" by a white judge in north Mississippi, why would you not think they would exonerate Robert Shuler Smith. Also, this is probably why they made another statement on the one charge conviction assessed against Ben Allen.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, you guys, doesn't this fella look like a guy that we all can trust!?

Anonymous said...

The judge, the DA and the sheriff should be ashamed.

The people of Lowndes County should but probably wont do anything at the polls and all three will go back in office. There are two more years in this term for them and the public will forget this ever happened.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with George Soros'
Open Societies Foundation $90,000 donation to DA
Scott Colom's campaign?

Anonymous said...

Is he a TSUN graduate? I wouldn't be surprised given the recent big news out of that school.

Anonymous said...

He's a state grad.

Anonymous said...

Just post where this POS goes fishing or hunting!!!

Anonymous said...

3:47 -- Politico -- 0830/2016 -"Soros’ spending started on these races about a year ago, when he put over $1 million into “Safety and Justice” groups that helped elect two new district attorneys in Louisiana and Mississippi and reelect a third — Hinds County, Miss., DA Robert Shuler Smith — who has since been charged by the Mississippi attorney general with improperly providing information to defendants.

The other Mississippi district attorney Soros’ spending helped elect, Scott Colom, has now represented a four-county stretch of the eastern part of the state for eight months. Colom said in an interview that he has focused on prosecuting violent crime in his new position while trying not to burden local prisons with first-time, low-level drug offenders."

Hmm -- not sure he's prosecuting "Violent Crime" ---- Until we get tired of being manipulated or stop being lazy -- we'll keep getting the same outcomes.

Anonymous said...

It is unlikely he will ever serve a day in any type of jail or prison.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Representative Jeff Smith for keeping a wife beater out of jail. Thank you for using your political position as justification. Proud of you and your hard work for paying Mississippians. This makes you as slimy as the POS that you represent. It actually makes you worse in my mind. This is why the rest of the US laughs at Mississippi. Once again proving we are at the bottom of the gene pool and money can buy anything! Keep on re-electing this idiots, Mississippi!

Anonymous said...

This is total bullshit and a slap to ALL women who has been abused! Leave him, get a life, well how the f--- can you do that with this bulls--- Jim Kitchens and his phony campaign ads are true lies. Lock his ass up, let him be somebody's boy, since he's above the law! Where is Michael Guest he will nail him to the cross. Come to Rankin Co big boy, your Mommy and Daddy can't do shit for you. NE Jackson people buying the law, as usual. Grew up in it, left it 25 yrs ago to Rankin Co. You could be Donald Trump they don't care. You would hang in Flowood!

Anonymous said...

8:51, get off your low Rankin County horse. How in the hell do you make this a "NE Jackson buying the law" crap? This is Wayne County money playing in Lowndes County judiciary.

Wasn't even a good attempt at your bullshit about a hate relationship with Jackson. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of the Women's groups should get involved and protest in front of the courthouse and the Clark family businesses. Someone should put out the call on social media and get this party started.

Anonymous said...

Money can buy you love and a delayed sentencing.

Scoundrels All.. said...

Terry Burton has his 'whiskey-pinkie', Holland has his funeral parlor and Jeff has his really, really cute mustache. But none of them has your back.

Andy Mc said...

If he's convicted of domestic abuse, he's not legally allowed to own a gun and hunt anywhere. How does he get away with this? Also, I'm sure the state prison system has these classes available free of charge. All states have anger management classes available for inmates. Maybe he can find a HUSBAND in prison who will do the same to him.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget Heather Spencer...and her fiance' George Bell. He was another Brian Clark in the sense that his family's money bailed him out of everything. He did not have the opportunity to be responsible for his actions until after he murdered Heather... Please...don't protect the evil.Let Heather's loss of life save another.

Anonymous said...

9:14, Your the biggest idiot if you don't know connection with Butler Snow and all $$$ PD for this beater to breathe air in free world. My Rankin Counnty horse rides honestly, Michael Guest would have tried this case and nailed it within mo. See, he doesn't give shit what "family" you come from. Taking up for this looser says to me have you had few anger problems? Maybe your one of the elite family clan in NE Jackson, really feel sorry for you. Sure you sit on 1st few every Sunday at First Baptist!

9:14 here. said...

7:27 - damn you can show your ignorant ass very easily. You still have not shown anything about how this has anything at all to do with NE Jackson. And, I don't come from any particular family, particularly not in NE Jackson, Madison, Rankin, Columbus, or Wayne County. I have done nothing to take up for this looser, in fact have done a hell of a lot to try to get the sorry POS in the slammer. Don't know how in the hell you can read into my question any support for the bastard. I don't have any elite family clan in NE Jackson. And I don't go to First Baptist - as a matter of fact, don't go to Baptist at all (except occasionally to the Baptist Hospital.)

Get a life. Learn how to read, and then use that learning on how to think.

Anonymous said...

Please let's direct all of this passion and energy into holding all of those involved to the same standard to which we would be held.They keep getting away with this same scenerio.OMG...I live in N.MS and had to familiarize myself with Heather Spencer and I'm speechless.Readiing the story and comments made my blood run cold.This Hope lady is Heather and Katherine minus that 1 final & last step of brains on the wall and &skull fragments strown about.they all echo a wealthy famiily continually bailing their increasingly violent drug-adled entitled child out of messes which escalte until there is a bloodbath.These people enable the abuse as shown in their willingness to hire the most expensive law firms &State Representatives.BTW,JEFF SMITH DOESNT EVEN PRACTIICE CRIIMINAL LAW, however, DON CLARK DOES donate to his campaign and they scratch each other's backs on government bond issues. These enablers are paying loads of money to hire these "prominent" legal (quasi-prostitutes) eagles hoping to lend a little shred of respectability to what their psychopathic monsters have done to nice good girls. Treating them like garbage.Did Brian Clark actually stomp on her? Is that a shoe print on her back? Disgusting.

KF thank you and God bless you!!!

Anonymous said...

He's fixin to be turning his life around!

Anonymous said...

>>>DON CLARK DOES donate to his campaign and they scratch each other's backs on government bond issues.<<<

What do you mean to imply with the reference to government bonds?

If you have concrete facts or allegations this is a good place to leave them. Either in the comments or send them direct to the Kingfish.

Why you should believe the above?

Take a look at some of the previous posts on the subject: or

Anonymous said...

He actually attended Ole Miss. Don't know if he graduated but his family is big $$$ supporters of the football program. Let's not forget there are always two sides to all stories. Not taking up for him at all but this woman is a gold digger from the word go. She drinks heavily and doesn't take care of her son by a previous marriage and should be arrested for neglect. She goes from man to man looking for a bank roll and next thing you know she is pregnant with their baby. Unless you know all the story about this crazy woman, don't judge just one side.

Anonymous said...

Wait Wait Wait....I live in Waynesboro and know for a fact that this little adult snot's parents threw him a huge victory party in May celebrating him beating the charges!!! This is crazy because there were some VERY PROMINENT attendees!!! Obviously they know something the rest of us don't!! IS HE GOING TO GET AWAY WIITH ALMOST KILLING A WOMAN just to be set free to beat someone else?!!!!! His numerous victims keep repeating the same thing "I DIDNT THINK I WAS GOING TO GET OUT ALIVE!!!" Great job Elites!!!! So happy to know you're in charge and everything is awesome...NOT!!! TIME TO DRAIN THE MS SWAMP!!!

Anonymous said...

Gold digger you say, maybe. Doesn't take care of her son, bullshit, she takes care of both her sons. Jumping from man to man looking for a bankroll, bullshit again, she has a license to steal, she is a DOCTOR. She is a practicing dentist.

Anonymous said...

@1:45 am Are you kidding me? So when did becoming a successful and well respected dentist translate into her being a gold digging lush just because he has a larger bank account than she does? And from my knowledge,she should be commended for peacefully and amicably co-parenting with her ex-husband and realizing that children need both of their parents to become a healty adult. I guess she could have gone to Court, had the child pick 1 parent over the other and played legal tug-of-war with the child until he became an angry teenager. Oh yes that would've been such a loving thing to do after this poor innocent child had to "cower in the corner of his room with a baseball bat...thinking that Brian was coming to get him next"! Oh yes,sounds like a perfectly unbiased comment to make about the VICTIMS!!!

even Ted Bundy had supporters said...

I guess we know which side 1:45am is on.

Anonymous said...

I knew him in college but it looks like he has gone down a dark path. His parents need to stop enabling him
. To Brian's parents, you have enabled him his whole life, please stop so your son can heal and become
the man he has the potential to be. As far as Brian's wife, I know you want to end this but it looks like the $$$
Lawyers and good ole boy system of Mississippi will push this until the end. Please get those kids to counseling
if not already there. All you so called Christians that think your doing Brian a favor, your not, next time he might kill
someone and blood will be on your hands. Again, he needs help and accountability. No parent would want his son
to go to jail... that is understood but for Brian's sake get him help. Brian: stop being a pussy and beating up women!!!!

Anonymous said...

@11:13 If you knew him in college then you know he was already started down a dark path while at Ole Miss.This Hope lady is not his 1st victim. And sadly won't be his last!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read Radley Balko's article on Forrest Allgood the District Attorney in Columbus the Washington post. 100'S of Suspect conviction's and four innocent people that was freed by Barry Schenck two were put on death road that Forrester Allgood knew were innocent and even after presented with overwhelming evidence of their innocence he doggedly defended the conviction's and keep them in jail for years fighting their release. He used expert testimony of people who had no education or experience of what they were testifING to. GOOGLE Forrest Allgood the District Attorney in Columbus Mississippi, prosecuter misconduct. The dash cam video has been edited and entered into federal court which is tampering with evidence. It was entered in lowndes county court and federal court in Aberdeen Mississippi. The highway patrolman Bradley Edmondson admitted that he hurt me in lowndes county court. And the Attorney General's office got my case dismissed before I could get the transcript from county court entered in federal court. Jennifer at the court house said that I could get the transcript in 30 days and it took me almost two years to get the transcript. I got the transcript 5 days after the Judge ruled on my 59/60 motion dismissing my case.I have talked to two men at the White House and they gave me a case number and the email address to the Department of Justice in Washington DC to send my information to. I also sent my evidence to to Fox News and 3 different national news networks and one is interested in doing a story on this but they are more interested in the fact that the Democratic U.S Attorney Felicia Adams theU.S Attorney in Oxford Mississippi was investigating this and Trump replaced her and the New U.S Attorney Bob Norman has dropped the investagation and will not return my calls

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