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Does Ole Miss + MSU+ Leo Lewis = MAD?

Steven Godfrey wonders whether Ole Miss and Mississippi State are engaged in mutually assured destruction in a story published yesterday in SBNation- with Leo Lewis playing the part of the nuke:

In the NCAA’s investigation into Ole Miss, which began in 2012 — years before Lewis was old enough to play college ball — Lewis is the enforcement staff’s prize witness. The Brookhaven, Miss., linebacker had a checkered recruitment by multiple SEC programs, including Ole Miss, the target of an investigation with allegations dating back six years from the first time Lewis sat across from the NCAA....

Then Lewis started talking. About money. About free hotels, free rides to visit college campuses, hundred-dollar handshakes, free apparel, and even more money, bags of cash he says he received from multiple SEC programs totaling over $21,000 during the final week before National Signing Day in February 2015.

Over the next five months, Lewis would be called twice more to meet with NCAA enforcement. One year and three interviews later, Lewis’ statements have helped build a massive case against Ole Miss, just as the enforcement staff hoped. But talking to the NCAA has put Lewis in a difficult position, as he is now a co-defendant in a pending civil trial, one that could stretch years beyond Lewis’ time as a player, as well as cost him substantial future earnings, if he’s found liable.

Additionally, new documentation submitted to the Committee on Infractions by attorneys for Ole Miss claims Lewis told NCAA enforcement he took $11,000 in benefits from his current school, Mississippi State. Unlike Lewis, Mississippi State cannot receive conditional immunity for any former, current, or future statements its current player makes.

And it’s not over yet. Lewis has been requested by the COI to appear at Ole Miss’ Committee on Infractions (COI) hearing on September 11. If Lewis ends up attending, his comments will shape not just the future of two SEC programs, but possibly Lewis’ entire football career.....

Ole Miss’ battle with the NCAA started with a 2012 inquiry, well before Lewis was a gleam in college football’s eye. The NCAA was on campus, looking into allegations against Ole Miss’ women’s basketball program and track teams, and also into allegations of ACT fraud, disallowed contact, and lying to NCAA investigators by staff members alleged to have occurred under former football head coach Houston Nutt in 2010.....

Don't forget John Doe. Mr. Lewis says a booster named "Allen" allegedly paid him $10,000:

Lewis claimed to have received a $10,000 cash payment from an Ole Miss booster named “Allen” (Lewis wasn’t sure if it was his first or last name) in the parking lot of a Hampton Inn in Brookhaven on Feb. 3, 2015, one day before National Signing Day.

“We arranged it ... because I needed it. Well, I didn’t need it, I take that back. I asked for it. It was getting — it was getting close to Signing Day and so I just — I just asked for the 10 grand,” Lewis told the NCAA.

Lewis told the NCAA that he spent $5,000 as a down payment on a car, some on clothes and shoes, and either $2,000 or $3,000 went to his mother, to help put a down payment on a new house in Brookhaven....

Regarding the $10,000 he claimed he received from Allen, Sheridan provided his paperwork on the car, showing a down payment of $6,885. Lewis agreed that’s how much of the Ole Miss money he used, and that he gave his mother $1,000 for a down payment on a house.

Lewis detailed the meeting with Allen at the Hampton Inn for the $10,000, and said it definitely happened “in the noon.” Lewis told Sheridan that Allen had mentioned apprehension about Lewis signing with LSU or Mississippi State and that he believed Barney was in touch with Phyllis and Allen throughout his recruitment.

Sheridan showed Lewis a text message, forwarded to Farrar, from Allen to Leo. Allen is panicked because he read on an LSU message board that Lewis was headed to the Tigers, per a former coach of Lewis’.

“You swore to me on your daughter Please call me. [sic] You owe me that,” the message ends.

Lewis told the room that he didn’t respond to the text or return subsequent calls from Allen.

“I just didn’t want to,” Lewis said.

He told the group he had never intended on signing with Ole Miss and that as he took the payment, he was still deciding between LSU and Mississippi State. Lewis was then pressed by a lawyer for Ole Miss as to why he took the money.

“I just wanted the money. ‘Cause I needed it ... We was moving to a house, and I actually had my daughter. My dad had just went to prison. Uh yeah, so needed it, so I took it. [I] asked for it, and I took it,” Lewis said.....

There is also a question of whether Leo Lewis is a nuke that wipes out both sides:

The civil suit against Lewis stems from his statements to the NCAA, but won't be affected by his decision to attend the COI hearing -- except that lawyers for Rebel Rags will seek to use any additional statements Lewis might make about the store in their suit. Charles Merkel, counsel for Rebel Rags, told SB Nation he’ll pursue litigation vs. Lewis and his co-defendants “as long as it takes” to clear the store and owner Terry Warren of any perception of wrongdoing.

If Lewis attends the COI, he could be asked about receiving benefits from the second, redacted school, the one Ole Miss counsel claims is Mississippi State. Therefore, Lewis could be asked questions that potentially harm his team, because while Lewis has immunity, Mississippi State does not.

If Lewis declines to attend, he could lose his limited immunity status at the discretion of the COI, not the enforcement staff.

Mutually Assured Destruction indeed.  Rest of long article that is worth reading.


Anonymous said...

Except the NCAA won't ask him about the "redacted school" at the COI hearing. And they won't let Ole Miss ask him, either.

Why would they? They're prosecuting Ole Miss right now. Do prosecutors ask immunized informants about their other criminal associates during trials? No, they don't. Do judges let defense lawyers ask these questions? No, not unless they're directly relevant to charges at hand, which isn't the case here.

The NCAA may come after MSU one day. Or they may not -- remember, the school itself never hands out the money, except in cases of comical ineptitude. Bag men distribute the money, and they aren't on the school's payroll. So you have to make that connection before anything sticks. The NCAA might find a provable connection with MSU, or it might not.

But don't expect anything magical to happen at the COI hearing. You're setting yourself up for disappointment if you do.

Anonymous said...

Ole Miss Grad Writes Column from Aggregated Fan Site Conspiracy Theories in Attempt to Drag MSU Down.

There is little wonder this "national column" was met with zero national fanfare. The NCAA's opinion is all that matters here. They've heard all this and cleared MSU.

Also of note: this author broke the news that the NCAA violations were mostly women's basketball and track and field, and all football related violations were from Houston Nutt era. He's a homer and will carry whatever water they ask him to.

Anonymous said...

The deal was made. Leo testifies and the NCAA looks the other way on MSU's transgressions.
The COI might just ignore Leo's testimony and hammer Ole Miss anyway. Maybe in doing so
Rebel Rags doesn't have to be disassociated and that lawsuit goes away. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

RR lawsuit is going to go away, unless there is a charge of malicious prosecution counter-filed.

This homer article is regurgitating old rumor; and at this point is only being published here (nowhere else) to keep up the fanbase hopes; while they are hearing the reality of the probable penalties coming their way in November.

And of course, they know that the next round is going to be worse - when the NCAA (and possibly feds, if interstate is involved) starts looking into the "escorts" for recruits begins. The coming 3/4 years penalty is going to be looking good once that next investigation comes.

Anonymous said...

MSU is golden in front of the NCAA.

Remember the Cam Newton affair. MSU went to the NCAA to tell them that the Newton camp was wanting money. Do you believe that Auburn paid Newton money?

Hint: Every time that MSU finds out a recruit is being offered money, they go the NCAA.

The other team in this? Look out LSU!

Anonymous said...

The NCAA won't go after MSU. Mullen is in tight.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in this article will help Ole Miss. Even if the Leo Lewis stuff is thrown out, there is enough for the NCAA to punish as they see fit. However, it is awful concerning if the "new NCAA" (that is going to be fair and apply consistent penalties in the COI process and be consistent and fair during the investigation process) believes the same witness is credible blaming one school yet not credible when blaming another school of violations. That's the only news here. And, while many keep saying Godfrey is a homer, I think he is the only one to see the sausage making process in this case and report on it. The only speculation is which other school Leo said paid him during his recruitment. However, the NCAA opened and closed an investigation into MSU in his recruitment, so I find his source that says Leo said MSU paid him to be very believable. The rest he reports is straight from the NCAA files.

Even if MSU didn't pay him as the NCAA appears to believe, the fact that he said they did calls his credibility into question. The story to watch play out is does the NCAA as a whole or their immunity witness program in the least survive the Ole Miss investigation. I think all schools should hope Godfrey has exposed the immunity witness process as faulty.

As the whip cracks.... said...

Ole Miss trying to beat servants into subjugation? Gahhh. Where would people get such an idea?

Anonymous said...

One of my red and blue friends thinks Lewis isn't telling the truth. I don't understand that. If he tells the truth he gets immunity. If he lies and is caught he gets hammered. Ole Miss is toast with or without Lewis. Why would he lie?

Anonymous said...

What is the old saying about throwing rocks from glass houses? The leg humpers may soon find out. And, we ask if KF will cover an investigation of LSUcks with the same level of interest if it should occur?

Anonymous said...

As a graduate of another SEC school, I really don't have a position in this argument, however, if he told the truth as you say 8:06, with immunity, and he received $21,000 from two SEC schools is he lying or being truthful? and if he's being truthful because of the immunity.....that means there is another shoe to drop somewhere. Other option is that he lied and there were not two SEC schools, so at that point, should we all believe only 1/2 of his testimony and discount the other half? Bottom line, I hate to see either school in MS caught up in this mess......or any SEC school for that matter. I fear though it is pervasive in the current system, some are just more equal than others. Ole Miss handled this poorly, others are just better at it I think. We're all naive if we think these football programs are pristine in their recruitment....sadly they're not.

Anonymous said...

If this were a court of law as opined by the low information poster at 5:00, this fleabag case would be long gone. NCAA is a sinkhole

Anonymous said...

756, when did LL say that MSU paid him? He says 'another svhool' did, but I haven't seen anything publically release where Lewis identified the school.

Anonymous said...

It seems telling to me that a highly recruited football player feels that he can ask for money to sign.

The lesson from the NCAA in this story seems to be to get money from the schools you don't sign to attend.

Perhaps, the NCAA should watch 30 for 30 ,especially the one on Carter High School in Texas whose school lost their state title when several of their players were convicted of armed robbery. They also lost their college scholarships and potential for pro careers. Some of these players were from professional, intact families . One was even a preachers son and he got the least punishment as he , it seemed , was offered the best " deal".

The real problem is that these highly recruited athletes early on begin to feel exceptional in thousands of different ways. They become more popular with their peers, teachers and local community. Their small transgressions are overlooked not unlike the children of wealthy powerful men in a community.

These children start to believe that the consequences of breaking rules do not apply to them. And, then we are surprised and outraged when the rules they break get bigger? We are surprised when they believe they can , years down the road, get by with assault and murder?

Or, we teach them , like Marcus Dupree was taught, that they exist to line the pockets of others.

As long as wealth alone defines success in this Nation and character and honor have no value, then we shouldn't be surprised at any crime.

That all of you seem more interested in the fate of a college's football program than what is happening to players you admire for their athletic skills until they disappoint you is telling. Whether you are the cop who doesn't write the speeding ticket or the guy behind the counter who says, your hamburger is " on me" or the teacher who gives extra credit or simply the girl swooning , you are the problem. Your values are the problem.

What do we teach our children when they hear the " excuse" of how much good the money from a winning football does for a school? What do we teach them when money donated to a football program gets you more " perks" and renown than donating the same amount to improve your community?

What do we teach them when we are mad about the consequences and use the excuse that " others won because they did it too and didn't get caught"? The lesson is not, " don't do it". The lesson is don't get caught. Bad lesson.

Anonymous said...

Let's see... he has a daughter, momma needed a new house ( grandma raises daughter), daddy in prison..... I bet Leo had to have assistants from one of those universities to take his ACT judging by his use of the English language. Mississippi has pretty much become a "football player mill" through the public school system. No wonder we are ranked last. Academics mean nothing. Some of us can see through all of this. Want to bet the majority of public school coaches get some type of assistance $$$$ from certain donors to select, motivate and I like this word, "mentor" the young athletes into becoming men. Yeah, especially when they don't know who their daddy is or in this case is in prison.

Here we are using public schools as a kindergarten/daycare/football program and we can't even fund education properly. There was a time when high schools had vocational training. Now Community Colleges have taken the lead on vocational and technical training. But how do you motivate a student in the 9th grade to think about it? Especially when you have school systems that really don't care about teaching. This is what you end up with. SEC football players who speak like thugs. And don't give me this crap that it's their only way out. It's not. They are taught not to try.

Anonymous said...

7:45 said it all!

Anonymous said...

Bear homer "writer" with history of incorrect info and conclusions tries to implicate bear rival.......hmmmmm. Surprise. Nobody but desperate bears read or consider article credible.
Like most cases, legal or otherwise, somebody must be turned to close the deal. They get immunity. Target, ie, bears, gets hammered. Football world knew bears were chronic cheaters. NCAA knew it, too. Gave LL a pass for info. LL seems a low life anyway. Several players have recently taken money from bears but signed with another school. Recruits know schools that are desperate and loose with money and whores. Again, enter the bears.
Cap it off with bear fan idolized but proven hypocritical, whore monger coach. Major embarrassment. Train wreck and a forever sullied reputation for a mediocre program.
"We Stand With Hugh" tee shirts on sale at RR.

Anonymous said...


How do you manage to function in the real world? Read the part about Lewis admitting State paid him. Then read it again just to make sure you understand the words coming out of your mouth.

Part of the problem with Godfrey's piece is that none of that was to be made public. That's by design. For if it was found out that the NCAA opened and then quickly closed an investigation based on LL's statements in regards to MSU, the NCAA would have a big problem on its hands.

Post again if you need the adults to spell out what exactly that problem is.

Anonymous said...

I wish Willie Morris was still alive. He could have really made a great book out of all of this.

Anonymous said...

The NCAA has to either take down both schools or neither school. Obviously this was a set up by MSU. Sadly, Lewis got caught in the middle. Sad that MSU was so obsessed with the success at OM that they had to try this. Without the Lewis stuff, OM walks away with what they have already self imposed for most garbage stuff.

Swaggart's Revenge.. said...

Trying to understand the shit-storm of Ole Miss orgasm over rumors of MSU. This is not about MSU and testimony in that regard will neither be sought nor allowed. So, get the hell over it Bears. Your program is in the shitter and there's nothing you can do, at this point, to save it.

But of course you can moan till the cows come home about Newton and Leo Lewis. And, hell.....Did Ode Burrell's dad get two prized chickens or did DD Lewis' parents get a new shag carpet for the front room? Get the hell over it. Bend over, spread your cheeks and take your punishment. The program is sunk for at least five years.

Anonymous said...

I wish it was different but the NCAA is going after Ole Miss and no one else. Also, it is sad to say this might not be the end of the saga of Ole Miss having to deal with an NCAA investigation.

With the recent stories about Freeze and the escort services, the NCAA might be opening shop in Oxford for another investigation. The NCAA penalties that Penn State received had nothing to do with recruiting violations.

12:18 with reading assistance said...

12:56 - it appears that it is YOU that needs the remedial help reading. And if you want to get some adults in the room - do so quickly.

It is 'attorneys for Ole Miss" that "CLAIM" that Lewis said xyz. I don't see anywhere that Lewis has said this, and I don't see the documentation that Ole Miss attorneys are using. Nothing but this Ole Miss blogger stating what Ole Miss lawyers are saying.

Remember early when they said the infractions were all basketball and track and field; and that the football violations were mostly from Nutt? Those were coming from "attorneys for Ole Miss" and Ole Miss bloggers.

May be true, but damned if I found it in the comments from this attempt to keep the faithful hopeful.

... "Additionally, new documentation submitted to the Committee on Infractions by attorneys for Ole Miss claims Lewis told NCAA enforcement he took $11,000 in benefits from his current school, Mississippi State. Unlike Lewis, Mississippi State cannot receive conditional immunity for any former, current, or future statements its current player makes."

Anonymous said...

Getting hookers on tax payers dime.....what a life. Did he think he was untouchable? Where does this end? The average taxpayer wants to see some transparency. So how much was his base salary and how much did the alumni give him? If I were them I would be very angry at throwing money away as they did. How does Archie feel about this? Wasn't he main drive behind getting freeze there?

Anonymous said...

Officials at one Mississippi University conspiring to invent a story that will cost another Mississippi University millions of dollars. Seems the IHL may want some answers. Heads need to roll for this.

Anonymous said...


Here ya go. I understand that sometimes reading comprehension can be hard. Straight from the article:

"Sheridan asked Lewis which schools offered money to Henderson and which schools she took money from. Lewis’ answers are all redacted. Lewis told the NCAA he received $11,000, $1,000 up front and $10,000 shortly after National Signing Day, all from the redacted school."

$10k after signing day? Only one school would have motive to do that.

Furthermore, he played for State for an entire season before the NCAA granted immunity. More fun sauce: MSU was on probabtion for cheating at the time the money was given.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please go all-in on the "Godfrey-SBNation-Ole Miss-FakeNews" conspiracy. Blow up IHL's phones. Call the chancellor's office. Call the Governor. Sick Ponytail Armsleeves on the case. Please. Be the dolt-laden fanbase the Ole Miss fanbase thinks you are.

Anonymous said...

State fan here. I hope that MSU is not allowing boosters to pay players or break any recruiting rules. If they are they should be caught and punished just as the Webles are. But this is not the case where that will happen. If NCAA grants immunity to LL and then turns on him or MSU, they will never be able to get that sort of cooperation again. Why would any player cooperate with them if they stab LL in the back?

Anonymous said...

Swiped this from another site, but if 12:18 can read all the way to the end he'll see what the problem is:

The NCAA is going to punish a school they claim paid a recruit based on what he told them. They are going to ignore a claim by that same player that a different school also paid him. And the evidence they have comes from the same witness-- the guy the took the money. So in a real court, they are going to claim that even though two schools violated the same rules according to testimony by the same witness, they have decided to believe only what he is saying about one of the teams, and punish only one team. I don't get it.

So it goes to motives, right? The NCAA has decided the player is telling the truth when he claims his team's biggest rival paid him, but have decided he was lying when he implicated HIS OWN TEAM-- for which he would have no motive to lie about at all. Nope. Still don't get it.

Obviously someone within the NCAA assured Mullen (and Leo) that by testifying against Ole Miss, that neither State nor Leo would get any penalties. Otherwise it makes ZERO sense to me that he would have agreed to talk to them. That person or those persons within the NCAA investigative branch couldn't have made that promise without someone higher up the organization agreeing to it-- a detective in the police department can't grant immunity.

So this is how it goes down-- two schools reportedly violated NCAA rules by paying a recruit. One of those schools also committed FURTHER infractions by letting a player that was ineligible play in several games. Most of that improper conduct by the school--playing an ineligible player--occurred BEFORE the player was given immunity. Does this suggest the Committee on Infractions already ruled (or pardoned or gave immunity or whatever the fuck that would be) before there was even an investigation? The NCAA claims they did NOT give immunity to State (their bylaws claim they CAN'T). But they MUST have done so or 1) Mullen or Leo's lawyer would have not allowed him to testify OR 2) they will HAVE to force State to forfeit every game before immunity was granted to Leo, because according to NCAA bylaws, it can NOT give ANY immunity to State, much less retroactive immunity OR 3) the fix was in before Leo said a single word.

So, either there is a conspiracy between the NCAA and State, and the NCAA violated their own rules at multiple levels by giving State tacit immunity OR State hired Leo an attorney who had State's best interest-- not Leo's-- in mind and in their fervor to bring down Ole Miss allowed Leo to testify himself into a position where he is now complete, royally fucked. If that's the case, Leo is lying down squarely in front of the wheels of the State (short) bus and may have a damn good claim against his lawyer/State for inadequate representation (or whatever it's called).

Anonymous said...


Per its bylaws, the NCAA can't grant immunity to school, just a player.

Anonymous said...

Attn 8:05 Do you really believe that???????

Anonymous said...

Go fix another drink.

Anonymous said...

Simple fix. Put the whole SEC on notice and any further violations result in the death penalty. Kick ole miss and state out of th SEC and let them join the AAC where they will be middle of the pack at best.

Anonymous said...

LOL..... this is like watching Fox News and MSNBC discuss the same topic hoping it goes their way. We are NOT in Kansas anymore-we're in John Grisham conspiracy land.

Anonymous said...

Sad part is if Leo goes to LSU then none of this happens. No way LSU athletics let's him sing. We know how to play the game.

Anonymous said...

This article gives the first name of Booster 14 as ALLEN.In the NCAA response Booster 14 was described as a White attorney in the Jackson Metro Area, and that he drove a 2012 Black BMW 750 in February 2015. Booster 12's first name is Phyllis according to article, and in 2015 she drove a Silver Accura sedan, but sometimes her husband's Red Hummer. There is no doubt who Booster 14 and his paralegal employee Booster 12 are. The State Supreme Court is facing a dilemma that the names of Booster 14 and 12 are already well known. The NCAA has Lewis testimony and incriminating text messages from
Booster 14 to Farrah and Lewis. Booster 12 and 14 did not appear credible in their responses to NCAA investigators.
The matter should be resolved within 4 to 10 weeks after the hearing during the second week of September.2 weeks hence.

Own It And Quit The Damned Whining! said...

So; To recap:

The jury is in and the jurdge has the verdict. The faithful are rumbling, obsessed still with denial and deflection. As they walk into the principal's office for a paddling, they're all pointing down the hall claiming it ain't only them - them other boys did it too.

As the prisoner ascends the gallows steps, the executioner checks the rope and the swinging trap door. All appears in working order.

The crowd is sullen, many grief stricken, some laughing, a few running the streets with the rim of an old bicycle tire pushed by a stick while one man sells balloons. Most clutching they cryin' towels.

The sentence is mere minutes from being carried out as a small group of obese men in bowties and shirts a size too small begin to chant:

"It ain't just him, we came to say,
It's others, too, who pay to play.

Hang him if you will, with a shout of Hotty Toddy,
then load him up and bury the body.

We knowed he was guilty, as guilty as sin,
But it ain't jest him, they all pay to win.

We're embarrassed as hell that our boy got caught.
But it's Mullenville too, not jess the Vault!

So, lay him low and bury him deep, but look down yonder at that other creep.

We'll take our punishment and its gonna hurt,
So lay him low and pile on the dirt.

We're angry and hurt, resentful and sullen,
But we gonna deflect, It's also Dan Mullen."

Anonymous said...

Just one question. Leo says that he received all of this money. Did LL pay income tax on the money? Tax evasion is also serious.

Anonymous said...

The sooner OM quits picking at the scab the quicker the injury will heal. But they will not do that,
its what makes the whole situation so much fun to watch. Their misery will continues and they have
no clue as to why. They are an embarressment and should be punished until their admission of guilt
is earnestly relayed and freely given.

Anonymous said...

Really? Steven Godfrey is a TSUN grad...and he writes this story anyway?

Sorry - I think you may have even made it harder on OM now.
You dunce - you have to take this to some other paper if you want something told (someone without red and blue glass). And there is really nothing new at that! Seems like you just had to meet quota and had a personal rant you need to to get off your chest.

From your own SBNation profile:

Steven Godfrey
Senior Reporter

Steven Godfrey is a senior reporter for SB Nation based in Nashville, Tennessee. A graduate of the University of Mississippi and a long suffering Atlanta sports fan, he can be reached on Twitter @38Godfrey.

You can't make this crap up!

Anonymous said...

If anyone on this blog site believes that the current lawsuits will be the only ones that are going to be filed on Ole Miss' behalf, you will be sorely mistaken.

This is first going to the COI on the 11th of September, 30 to 60 days later the COI is going to rule in favor of their enforcement staff...that's a given.

Ole Miss is going to appeal to a new COI after that fact. During this time depositions are going to be ongoing with Leo Lewis, Kobe Jones, Simmons in regard to Rebel Rags lawsuit.

Once the second COI renders its' sanctions, 3 separate lawsuits are going to be filed in 2 different States' Federal court(s) against the NCAA, NCAA employee Mike Sheridan, MSU as an entity (MSU' President included), Head Coach Dan Mullen, an MSU assistant coach, MSU reporter Steve Robertson, a former MSU high level employee serving in another capacity at another SEC program and as well...a high level SEC employee in the SEC's Birmingham office. Sounds a bit complicated, but it is not as multiple suit targets are going to be named in each suit.

The bottom-line is that this is not going away and the NCAA office, the SEC office, and MSU are not going to survive the collusion of all parties involved in the pursuit of Ole Miss as much as many would like to believe. While victory looks good presently to those individual parties, once the above named parties have to answer in a Federal environment, real US laws apply and real consequences are realized.

This is far from over and there are going to be casualties on all fronts...on that you can be guaranteed.

Kingfish said...

Yup. This thing is a little like The Great War. Ole Miss's ability to manage it is growing weaker and weaker. Too many lawsuits are filed, discovery will begin, the NCAA controls the process for the most part.

Ole Miss's damage control has been horrible. Bjork lied to the media for quite some time. He knew about Freeze's phone calls and then tried to make Farrar a scapegoat.

I will agree with the Ole Miss supporters that many of the violations are penny ante stuff. Improper hype videos? Free lodging, food, and Ole Miss apparel? Violations but really serious violations? Probably not.

From what i can tell, its the NCAA's allegations of Ole Miss coaches directing the boosters to provide benefits that is the real problem. Then there are the accusations of lying to the NCAA and covering up what might have taken place among the staff members. I suspect that is where the NCAA has painted the real target.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this point, the NCAA is in the "driver's seat"(and most feel that way as well...and that includes you).

But as I stated previously, all is going into the US judicial system and this is where all of the accusing parties will have lost the advantage. There are going to be real civil penalties/consequences and extremely large financial losses (some of which will not be able to be paid by certain individuals) and some of these parties are going to lose their employ and be unable to find employ in their areas of expertise because of the consequences. Just a fact.

Kingfish said...

Not disagreeing with you at all for the most part. Keep in mind that other schools have gotten in trouble. They have rich boosters too, some much richer than Ole Miss's and have access to top notch lawyers. How many court fights have been won? Serious question. I doubt Ole Miss is going to be able to conjure up a new legal theory that hasn't been used before in other cases.

The problem with the court battle you foresee coming is it gives the other side or sides the power of discovery as well. But you are right, this might get real ugly, as if it isn't ugly enough already.

Anonymous said...

The NCAA has lost their last 7 legal battles with NCAA' schools once the NCAA was placed within the US legal system to defend their questionable tactics/actions.

The NCAA is hurting at this time...both in public perception and in the bleeding off of their legal funds due to the number of lawsuits that they are having to defend.

If the NCAA were a public company, all of their Board members would have been fired by now:

Kingfish said...

Good information and thanks.

Anonymous said...

While an arrogant, unrepentant Ole Miss is tying up the NCAA in the courts over the next few years, the final realignment in college football will likely occur. There is no way two Mississippi universities will be invited into the final sixty-four. Whatever organization the final alliance turns out to be (it might not even be the NCAA), its member schools are certainly not going to invite the Mississippi school that has the NCAA tied up in the court system. Ole Miss will be on the outside looking in; its downfall self-inflicted by refusing to come clean now.

Anonymous said...

"While an arrogant, unrepentant Ole Miss is tying up the NCAA in the courts over the next few years, the final realignment in college football will likely occur. There is no way two Mississippi universities will be invited into the final sixty-four. Whatever organization the final alliance turns out to be (it might not even be the NCAA), its member schools are certainly not going to invite the Mississippi school that has the NCAA tied up in the court system. Ole Miss will be on the outside looking in; its downfall self-inflicted by refusing to come clean now."

By your analysis, they won't be inviting the other university located in Starkville either since they will be tied up in court as well. Arrogance, you say? Look in the mirror and you will see arrogance.

Anonymous said...

12:17, exactly which universities have sued the NCAA? None of the 3 links you provided involve suits by any university against the NCAA. As near as I can find, only one school has sued the NCAA over sanctions, Arkansas Tech, and that matter is still pending. BTW, Miami never sued the NCAA, nor did Penn State, though a suit was filed by Pennsylvania officials.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish said, "I will agree with the Ole Miss supporters that many of the violations are penny ante stuff. Improper hype videos? Free lodging, food, and Ole Miss apparel? Violations but really serious violations? Probably not."

Will someone please tell Kingfish he doesn't get to decide which violations are serious and at which level. There's a book of NCAA rules and infractions that does that for us.

Anonymous said...

Without a contract of employment, the money given to Leo Lewis would probably be considered as gifts. Any gift tax would be the responsibility of the donor. But the IRS or Treasury Department may be interested in such large cash amounts.

Anonymous said...

If this was Booster 14 he did not give a reasonable explanation for his incriminating text messages to Leo Lewis and Barney Farrah.The NCAA reply to Ole Miss' response sets out credible reasons for believing Leo Lewis. The responses of Booster 12, Booster 14, and Barney Farrah did not appear credible.

Anonymous said...

If this was Booster 14,then the stay issued by the Mississippi Supreme Court will have to be lifted. The Court can not reasonably continue a stay if Booster 14
identifies himself. There is no good reason as to why Booster 12's name was redacted.

Anonymous said...

1021, you are correct, and Ed - uh, I mean anonymous at 941 - has had that pointed out to him a number of times. But his eyes are so shaded by the red and blue lenses of his glasses he cannot see or understand basic concepts such as the difference between "income" for tax purposes and "gifts". Just as with all the other issues related to this entire fiasco, some of the OM faithful are just looking for anything to hang on to hoping that others will have to join them swimming in the misery pit they have dug.

Anonymous said...

D Day is here for Ole Miss before NCAA hearing. The spin machine will be turned off. Can Ross Bjork survive? The names of Boosters 12 and 14should become well known even to OleMiss faithful fans. Those that have not read the allegations and responses by Ole Miss and NCAA will be shocked by the hearingresults.

Anonymous said...

State will be sunk in all of this. Why do you think Dan Mullen is taking the job at TN?

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