Monday, August 14, 2017

Court delays sentencing because wife-beater is going to therapy

Circuit Judge Jim Kitchens postponed the sentencing for wife-beater Brian Clark last week. He pleaded guilty in May to Aggravated Assault-Domestic Violence after he beat his wife to a pulp in 2013.  His order is the fifteenth time the case has been continued.  The order states District Attorney Will Colom did not oppose the continuance. The order is posted below.  Clark is a member of the family who owns Clark Oil & Gas.  His uncle is the CEO of Lord Snow. 

As a reminder, here is what he did to his victim four years ago. 

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Chick Ball is DEFUNCT said...

Need to bring all of this to the attention of the nimrods in our Legislature who seek to place high hurdles in front of domestic violence victims when seeking a divorce.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. No judge is this incompetent or easily duped. The only other alternative is that he is complicit. And of course, being complicit, the judge sent word to the attorney that if the boy goes into therapy, the judge would look upon that favorably during sentencing. Probably to the tune of five years suspended or probation. Both ought to be strung up by their balls, or, since neither has any, by their thumbs.

Put a venomous snake in a class with flip charts that list the reasons he should not bite.

Nicaraguan Justice said...

Hundred thousand bucks to the judge. No prollem. Whoosh! Next case?

Anonymous said...

Who appointed the "Good ole' boy" Judge and District Attorney supposedly on her side of this? Follow the money and you will find the rule or ruling in this case! Won't fair well for her unless the Judge / District Attorney and Big Oil collusion is exposed here. Easy to see - walks like a duck!

Anonymous said...

Either I'm confused or did they actually allow this SERIIAL violent Woman beater off AGAIN? Ive never heard anything like this before because I thought that if you're on probation with a Circuit Court like he was on with Forrest County and committed a crime or test positive in drug court,you'd be revoked and have to back up time in prison.He didn't get revoked in FORREST COUNTY FOR SPLITTING HER HEAD OPEN??!!!! It doesn't even look like the Forrest DA/Judge even batted an eye much less revoked him.

When he got released on that very very low $20,000 bond by Lowndes Co he went & beat his new Girlfriend Erin. All I hear is CRICKETS from Lowndes Co!!! What responsibility will these people in high places bear who keep enabling & encouraging this little adult shite until he escalates & kills someone? I wonder how Lord Snow's lil lap dog w the Napoleanic complex will legalese his horrid nephew's way out of that one?

Anonymous said...

Ok ladies get a good look at this asshat's mugshot...if you see him,don't walk but RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!! Youve been warned because you'll get no justice from the people who swore to serve & protect you from this evil monster!

Anonymous said...

Money talks! As well as power and influence. You can take that to the bank!

Anonymous said...

I have a reasonable solution. Sentence him, make him serve, and require him to resume those "treatment classes" after he is released, hopefully in 20+ years.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of stuff that doesn't make me miss Mississippi. Small town justice such as this can be found all over the state.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to post this story and tell your friends. The more attention this story gets the less likely this guy is to get another slap on the wrist by this judge.

Anonymous said...

6 Mississippi Women killed in less than three weeks -

Anonymous said...

Having been a victim of DV, the manner in which this has been handled by the Court, the attorneys and all parties involved gives me very little confidence in our officials or courts. Brian beat this young lady to a bloody pulp and scared her children to death. He admitted guilt, so WHY OH WHY has he not been sentenced? The only plausible reason is somebody somewhere is getting paid off - likely more than one somebody. It is a sad day on our country when NOBODY will do the right thing for an abused woman.

Brian will end up killing someone and I pray every person who kept him OUT of jail suffers

Anonymous said...

Rich White Boy Privilege. He is going anywhere until he kills someone or a dog

Anonymous said...

Much more likely to serve time for hurting a dog than a person.

Anonymous said...

Therapy should teach this man that suffering the consequences of his own behavior is part of recovery.

Anonymous said...

What kind of new car is this "unbiased" judge driving?

Anonymous said...

One thing we as average citizens can do is boycott all of the Clark's convenience stores. I needed to fill my gas tank while in Biloxi but I refused to stop at the Clark's across from Beau Rivage.

Also, Jim Kitchens is up for reelection in 2018.

Anonymous said...

I agree, boycott Clark's stores.

Unfortunately, Kitchens was re-elected last year. I believe it is a multi year term.

Anonymous said...

Much to my chagrin I have voted for and supported Jim Kitchens in the past but that mistake will never happen again. In addition, I will go one further and actively support any opponent.

Jeff Smith's actions do not surprise me one iota. Even though Rod represents this asshat now, Jeff started the train rolling and what a sleeze ball for helping this WIFE BEATER. Jeff has always and forever been out for Jeff and anyone who has known him for any length of time knows it.

Lots of greasy palms in Lowndes County, Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

My head is just spinning because I have always seen this Judge as a man of high moral character who could be counted on to apply the law equally without bowing down to the almighty dollar...until now!!! What on God's green Earth is he doing????!!!!!!!! Yes please follow the $$$ because you, KF, seem, to be the only journalist concerned with this case and this Hope lady appears to be a "dead woman walking" while Forrest/Lowndes/Wayne County "officials" and this creep's family/attorneys keep enabling a deadly car crash that we're all witnessing happening in slow motion.


Rebekah said...

Another loser enabled by his family's money to get him out of trouble...Sorry, but his family is to blame as well for continuously keeping Baby Boy out of trouble.
Lock this piece of sh$$ up and throw away the key before he kills someone.

Anonymous said...

If Judge Kitchens and DA Colom feel so strongly that therapy is the best thing for this low life, why not keep him locked up and have a law enforcement officer take him to therapy and then back to jail.

Anonymous said...

People act like this is something new.
I have news for you. Justice has always been for sale to the highest bidder.
This isn't something unusual. It is a common happening.
It will continue to be common until the people wake up and elect some honest people.
This isn't something that is going to happen. People only want honest elected officials when someone else is in trouble. They look for the dishonest when it comes to themselves and their family and friends.

Anonymous said...

@7:35 I agree with you on every point except 1...we're not witnessing a deadly car crash because a car crash is usually an accident and unintentional...that's not what we have here.This violent psycho sociopath's actions were deliberate,heinous & very much intentional. The various Courts/Judges/DA'S/Attorneys/Law Enforcement/Family either KNEW or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN this man's record/propensity for violence and done their jobs to protect this woman/Erin,but instead did nothing! They are all now officially on notice and will have absolutely no excuse or defense that ANY of them will be able to successfully assert when he DELIBERATELY KILLS OR HURTS SOMEONE ELSE!!! They intentionally let him remain out on bail for some ridiculous batterer therapy is so laughable that it borders on insanity.Dear God I hope that Pearl counseling center wasn't also counseling any of the domestic abusers of the 6 deceased women in the Herald story­čś▒

Anonymous said...

If he threatened the Erin lady's ex-husband and "threatened to ruin her friends' lives" wouldn't that be a separate count of at least Simple Assault by threat-misdemeanor for each and everyone he threatened? How is THAT not taken as a serious threat given what he HAD ALREADY DONE TO HOPE? How did Destin/Wayne Co Sheriff drop the ball this bad? Why doesn't Lowndes County lock him up today?


EVERYBODY ELSE- this creep frequently travels between LA-MS-AL-FL on his/family's yacht and/or private plane/jet so there is the distinct possibility he may be in a town near you so you've been forewarned about this violent predator OR you could join in preventing him from being able to reoffend by contacting LOWNDES COUNTY JUDGE JIM KITCHENS OR DA SCOTT COLOM/ARMSTRONG WALTERS/LINDSAY CLEMMONS to DEMAND JUSTICE BY LOCKING HIM UP TODAY!!!

Anonymous said...

9:28 PM here again.

Sixteenth District Judge Jim Kitchens (James T. Kitchens) was re-elected on November 4, 2014, for a term that began in 2015 and expires in 2018. He ran in the 2016 election for the Mississippi Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice Ann Lamar, and was defeated.

The Jim Kitchens in Lowndes County is not the same Jim Kitchens who is a Mississippi Supreme Court justice. Justice Kitchens was reelected to the Mississippi Supreme Court in 2016.

Sixteenth District voters (Clay, Lowndes, Noxubee, Oktibbeha counties), you will have an opportunity to vote him out in 2018.

Anonymous said...

James T. Kitchens, Jr. is a total disgrace to the robe he wears when he steps up to the bench for letting that go as long as it has. He should be removed from the bench and disbarred.

We all know that will never happen. Look how long it to the judicial performance board to do something about a third rate justice court judge for slapping a mentally challenged young man.

Judges and lawyers taking care of judges and lawyers.

Anonymous said...

"What kind of new car is this "unbiased" judge driving?"

Please...Are you kidding. A 'new car' is chicken shit for a family with millions. Dig a little deeper and you might find a condo right down there near the one Chris Epps had. And a golf-cart in university colors.

Anonymous said...

I didn't believe he'd skate free again but I stand corrected.I live in Waynesboro and know for a fact that his parents threw him a huge victory party in May celebrating him beating the charges and there were some VERY PROMINENT attendees!!! Obviously they knew something the rest of us don't!! HE'S GOING TO GET AWAY WIITH ALMOST KILLING A WOMAN just to be set free to beat someone else?!!!!! His numerous victims keep repeating the same thing "I DIDNT THINK I WAS GOING TO GET OUT ALIVE!!!"

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are horrific...however they only show the finished injuries of this monster's heinous and indefensible actions. I can only imagine the crime scene pictures of the "bedroom turned into a blood bath" tell the truth of the domestic torture that precedes the pictures shown above. And to think, 2 children witnessed/heard this violent assault/attempted murder,which is supposed to enhance the penalty. How is this man is still free to roam about without ANY restrictions? Is the Judge crazy or inept, because the alternative is almost too unspeakable...why would he intentionally be leading to this woman's or someone else's future assault or murder??? Lock him up now before he does it again. If someone shows you who they are, you should believe them!!! The blood will be on your hands!!!

Anonymous said...

The judge, da and other officials that are involved in this that are sworn to uphold the law are no better than and are just as guilty of a crime as the POS that actually committed the act of violence against this young woman.

People of Lowndes county, if you let these type individuals stay in office another term you are no better than they are.

Anonymous said...

And isn't this the Genius Circuit Judge that ran for the Supreme Court last November in the Northern District (and has the same name of the sitting Supreme Court Judge Jim Kitchens in Central District) and Thank God this fool lost. Once again Money Talks and Helps you Walk...

Anonymous said...

What say you Mr. #MississippiTruthJournal Rep Andy Gibson ?? - Domestic Violence still not a reason for grounds for a divorce? or does Clark Money abound in Simpson County too?

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