Sunday, August 20, 2017

Thawing the Freeze?

What does this picture have to do with Ole Miss?

Nothing good. Sports Illustrated reported:

Former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze used his work mobile phone to call a number associated with a Houston massage company in December 2016, according to phone records obtained by through an open records request. A website found by searching for the phone number features photos of women in lingerie and offers to come to the client between the hours of 6 a.m. and 2 a.m. for $180 an hour. According to the site, the company promises “a high level of satisfactory services.”....

The call to the number associated with the Houston company was made at 7:54 pm Central time last Dec. 4 and lasted one minute. Five minutes later, Freeze was making calls to candidates for the Rebels’ open offensive and defensive coordinator positions. The next morning, Freeze sent a tweet commemorating his five-year anniversary at Ole Miss....Rest of article.



Anonymous said...

Maybe he was just shopping, pre Christmas, for some new lingerie for his his wife . At least someone should ask her.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal KF? Story says he was on a recruiting trip. While there, attempting to sign a young man to play; and looking to hire coordinators. Just working to build up his staff.

Nothing wrong with recruiting folks to carry his headgear csble. And the team needs cheerleaders as well. Somebody has to work in the training room to work on all those tired muscles, pulled hams, and other aches and pains after getting their ares whipped week after week.

Looks like Freeze was just trying to be efficient with his time and money - get those training room massage specialists to demonstrate their capabilities on the young recruit and potential coordinators - three birds with one stone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hypocrittin' is HARD work. Switchin' back and forth between Jesus Freakin' and gettin' yo freak on can be strenuous. One needs a little rubbintug to promote the needed flexibility.

Anonymous said...

Were any of the football recruits under 18 at the time he recruited them?

Anonymous said...

Quick question:

Are there records of Freeze calling escorts while on NON-recruiting travel? For example, while traveling to a coaching meeting, media days, etc.? If so, how many? Were the calls to services in the cities where he was located, or elsewhere?

If Freeze regularly called nearby escort numbers while traveling for non-recruiting reasons, there is a reasonable inference they were for him. But if the calls were made only when he was on recruiting trips, Ole Miss has a much bigger problem.

Anonymous said...

KF, don't you know that your continual posting of negative material about the colonel black bear landsharts makes their male romper wearers all itchy in their girl parts? Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

KF, don't you know that the continual posting of negative material about their rival gets the leg-humpers all engorged in their overalls? Their goats will get jealous. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

The 'enlarge picture' option is cool!

Anonymous said...

Coach is just a victim of love.

Anonymous said...

What gets me the most about these stories is the closeness in time between his whoring and his goody two shoes preening. He's practically sending Godly tweets while the hooker is in the shower. I think that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man is a 100% con artist phoney. A real man would at least feel guilt for a while.

Anonymous said...

Life advice: Find someone who loves you as much as State fans/Rankin residents love negative information about Ole Miss and cognitive dissonance.

Peter O'Toole said...

If the man had to have a massage or blow job every damned time he crossed the state line, he's got some real serious mental issues to deal with.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anyway any of this could be considered comical. A stupid Bastard coach has ruined his life and his family's lives---nothing funny about that to me !!

Ole Miss is not going to remain in the SEC and that will ruin the school---it will be on the same level with Delta State.

MONEY is a great problem in the wrong hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1:26 hit the real story. what if the "ladies" were for recruits? in essence ole miss would have been paying for statutory rape. that's the ncaa death penalty for sure.

Anonymous said...

@3:07; I don't pay that much attention to the details of sports. I like watching football and enjoy a good game. The attitude that Ole Miss alumni have adopted while they we were being successful made some people bitter. Some of us wanted to be happy for them, but they made that really hard.

Back to now: Do you want to know what's really on display here? The University of Mississippi is acting like a communist dictator in trying to bury what may shape up to be one of the biggest sports scandals in at least Mississsippi. Peoples lives have been threatened etc. all for simply being interested in the faults and details of a shady football program. That's how this wound up jetting over to the WSJ. Can't REPORT ON IT HERE, well then a national/worldwide periodical will report it so as many people as possible can see it.

No reasonable person thinks that the meticulous rules of the NCAA are workable in real life, but it is what is. Also, no person in touch with reality thinks that a sports program anywhere consists of a bunch of cherubim floating on a cloud playing harps and trumpets. That's just not reality. What was just an NCAA investigation kept in office buildings now has national attention because people weren't allowed to speak a word and the people that did speak (Freeze) caused a lawsuit. If you do your research on Mars, he has a pattern of ruining people in the media if he can't do it in a courtroom. Been at since "whitewater" and the Clintons.

So now we find out that not only have taxpayers been subsidizing these questionable activities, but we also find out that those very activities have the possibility to completely wipe out a whole football program but this is all somehow okay bc Freeze is the kind of Christian that forces you to question your faith in a higher power. If you live in the South, then you know the implications aren't good. Watching SEC football is like a religion here and one less formidable team to play another sends shocks throughout the system.

If it weren't for JJ and a couple of other (sort of) local sites, the people of MS would be completely in the dark here and totally shocked when they saw it in a national/international digital periodical. So, please get of of your ante-bellum high horse and quit thinking that it's just "Rankin and State". That kind of worldview is why you find yourself in the situation you're in. I have never ever met a group of people so disconnected from reality. Thank God there are people within the "Ole Miss family" that see this situation for what it is---I feel sorry for them, but people like you? Hell no.

Anonymous said...

4;10 --- Feel better now?

Anonymous said...

4:10, they need to take your wisdom and think about what all has transpired. There are many many of us who feel like you do. Very well thought and worded response.

Anonymous said...


These are not reasonable people.

They are akin to hardened trump supporters.

There is nothing ole miss could do wrong that would turn them against Ole Miss.

Next year the same bs Jesus lines will be inculcated into the was a catchy bit...just had a bad driver who will soon be forgotten by OM if it never happened. And that's what makes it so vile. They will once again delve into the well of sanctimony and be vitriolic as against others.....having conveniently forgotten their whore monger/ pimp/ Jesus blowing last guy screwed a pound of pooches.

This talk of exiting the sec is probably not real.....but it's fun to watch these guys stammer at the thought.

Add the flag issue and Reality just got real.

You can't sit at your Lilly white fraternity house and scream "run n%£{¥" any longer.

Those days are gone. Soon your son will be dating a black woman and your daughter will lie with a black man.

That is truly the worst scenario ever for a die hard Ole Miss fan....and it's repulsive.

Anonymous said...

There should be a criminal investigation in Mississippi and in the states where this took place. If the women were for the recruits some people need to go to prison.

Anonymous said...

Trump wanted to drain the swamp?!!! Hell, the state of Mississippi's swamp needs to be drained! Starting with the governor and all the way down to the JUDGES who got bought off. I could give a rats arse about state or ole miss for that matter. We have a much bigger problem and that is our judicial system has been tainted and has been for many years. When I heard that Mississippi was the most corrupt state I was in total denial. My first thought was Louisiana, New Jersey, And all of the other states with syndicates. But, after all of the things that have come up with the bogus "projects" that Mississippi has bought into and the stay the John Doe received, I now believe we have a corrupt judicial system FULL of politicians and lawyers. After all, who else would know better how to skirt the law? I say drain the swamp! The swamp in Mississippi! This is way deeper than football. Open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

4:10 - Well said. Have any of the local papers reported on this? If not, why not?

Anonymous said...


If you are trying to connect personal responsibility to college football, save your breath. I'm probably not the only adult in the room that would tell you that defining self worth by the performance of a team of its leaders is dumb. Had a bunch of fun in Birmingham, ATL and Nola, and I will have fun on Saturdays in Oxford this fall. I do not feel any shame because of someone else's sins; I realize I have plenty of my own to think about.

You should try it.

Fred Barnes said...

Attn 5:37 We appreciate your "wisdom", please explain to other Ole Miss graduates what "inculcated" means. Of course I know what it means, but others less educated alumni may not.

Anonymous said...

When I look at what amazing recruits OM got, espically one year. And think what a sorry team and inexperienced coach they had when it happened. I believe that the NCAA doesn't know 1/2 of the bribes that were paid. OM looks like complete fools for dragging this out so long, lying every step of the way, keeping this cloud over them to wreck another recruiting class. Until you stop and think of the massive amount of misdeeds that are still uncovered. I think the new Athletic Director will hire the next coach. My question is will this chancellor be allowed to hire the AD, or will he last that long?

Anonymous said...

Any comments from Archie Manning on this mess?

Wasn't he heavily involved in Freeze's hiring?

Balustrol said...

Is the C-L reporting these stories. Blocked from the website and they refuse home delivery to my address.

Bully Bone Bowl said...

How is Ole Miss able to allow game-day unregulated open containers and hard-liquor consumption, likely by underage individuals, on state property? It would seem the state's liability would be astronomical.

Anonymous said...

After reading this and other articles (none written by CL writers because of the possible loss of advertising dollars), look for the NCAA to open yet another investigation into the Ole Miss football program. Either these ladies "helped" with recruiting or Freeze is another Wilt Chamberlain.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem here KF? He just needed to relax so he could get his mind right for his highly demanding and time consuming recruiting trip. There's nothing wrong with shooting a rope to get your head right...

Anonymous said...

Well, at least one story concluded with a Happy Ending.

Anonymous said...

Weird that Trump and his supporters come in the equation. Is there nothing sacred to you libtards?

Grow up and get out of the basement.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of my favorite quote "Mo money, mo problems."

-Hugh Freeze

Anonymous said...

10:56 it's ok to bring it up. We are talking about clowns in both cases.

Anonymous said...

4:10, you proved the point of my post at 3:07. Most Ole Miss fans are well aware of the investigation, its details, and possible consequences. Disappointment and all-around insanity is nothing new to an Ole Miss fan.

The only confounding thing has been the reaction from State fans, who can't simply stop at schadenfreude. Instead, your fanbase believes, as you point out, that this is some come-to-Jesus moment for the Rebel fanbase and that we should all feel really bad about it. Sorry, but we don't. Our lives, as much as you seem to hate them, will go on as normal. I'm sorry if that makes you mad.

Anonymous said...

6:23, you're exactly right! and any investigation needs to also include lobbyists, particularly the ones who are lawyers or affiliated with law firms and/or were former elected officials or lobbied same. we have several of those criminals here in this stata and they are treated like royalty. we ARE the most corrupt state; no other state is even close!

Anonymous said...

As a state fan (not a fanatic), I naturally gravitate to celebrating any victory over OM, and rejoice in any self implosion that brings them back to the level playing field.


I don't take joy in watching a human being, as bad as it may be (or seem), have stones cast against him from anywhere (and everywhere). My heart does hurt for the other members of his family even more. They are the real victims here! There is no peace for them and nothing they can change to "correct" the issue. They did nothing. Prayers are up for them.

The UoM institution has a lot to deal with (and they MUST deal with it) to rid themselves of the mark all this will leave behind. Any MORE delay or denial will only prolong the misery. UoM fans and fanatics (if they are truely) are going to have to support some tough (and not so popular decisions, I feel) in the coming days, weeks, months, years. Those not on board could be left out.

As far as my [State Fan] position on all the athletes side of this is.. you have see it through maroon glasses. Its been like watching a stone drunk person trying tell a cop he/she hasn't been drinking.. its sad and funny at time! No one can question, its been entertaining.

As far as the Clarion [Lawyer] Ledger it's a joke. It's not that it's a "Rankin & State" newspaper - I mean its NOT a STATE paper at all!!!! It's actually the opposite. It's NOT GOING TO SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT OLE MISS AND NOTHING OVER THE TOP ABOUT STATE! Recall when Ole Miss HELPED State win the SEC Baseball title by losing to MSU? (

What a joke - too bad they just can't either be neutral and report. But, that's about the same as mainstream media norm these days. Money with agenda driven - prints what the ad buyer tells them to.

Lastly - Really - WHERE'S ARCHIE? Can't make a comment? Needs a burner phone to make a call to the clarion ledger for comment? He, Boone and Jones were instrumental in hiring Hugh... did they know then the shady Memphis rumors? Silence is speaking volumes to me.


Anonymous said...

What worries me more than anything is how our State Supreme Court Justices (3) have been swayed to protect #14..... are we as ordinary citizens able to get a fair trial with a judicial system THIS CORRUPT?

I could give a rats arse about State or Ole Miss. I'm worried about our direction we are going. Our moral compass is way off. I'm just a blue collar guy trying to make a living and don't understand how so much power has been given to so few. But then when the saturation rate for attorneys has been met, we know that it's dog eat dog....just until they realize they all belonged at one time to the same fraternity.

Atled said... "Former Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze used his university-issued cellphone to call numbers linked to erotic services dating back to at least 2014, records show.
A preliminary review of Freeze's phone records, obtained by ESPN through an open records request, revealed he dialed at least 12 numbers that are associated with online advertisements for female escorts. The calls took place over a 33-month period beginning in April 2014 and usually lasted two minutes or less.
The findings are consistent with what Ole Miss chancellor Jeffrey Vitter announced in July when he said Freeze resigned after confirming to him and athletic director Ross Bjork 'a pattern of personal misconduct inconsistent with the standards we expect from the leader of our football team.'"

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what the big deal is. We ALL know that college athletics are sleazy. We all know that most of the players are violent, stupid creatures, who have no business on a college campus. We all know that academics are corrupted for those players, and that 'inducements' are shoved at them, illegally. We all know that they use steroids and HGH, and that the coaching staff enable the substance use.

And anyone who's NOT caught-up in that mess, knows that the fans are a pathetic lot: mostly losers desperate for something big with which to identify, lorded-over by the "winners", a bunch of rich old men willing to squander their descendants' inheritances (my Stepfather wasted somewhere over a million, over the years, on the 'Gamecocks', even though he went to U of Tennessee - just because he was addicted to seeing his name up on the Jumbotron, at games), shoveling money into sports, in order to sit in sky-boxes, and otherwise be treated like "big men" (okay... and then there are the 'boosters' who want to see players naked, and "get close to them").

The coaches and athletic directors ENABLE all of that. We've had it figured-out, since we were in Junior High.

NOTHING about the recent revelations is a surprise. It does continue to astonish me, however, that so many people can't see the difference between a university and its athletic program. One is just a huge malignant tumor, growing on the face of the other.

And as for the coach's "poor family" - they've wallowed in the wealth created by his OBSCENELY HUGE SALARY (several times that of the University's PRESIDENT). They can take their lumps, along with the coach.

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