Thursday, August 17, 2017

Judge sets Clark hearing for Sept. 1.


Convicted wife-beater Brian Clark will face the music on September 1 at 9:00 AM in a Lowndes County courtroom.  Circuit Judge Jim Kitchens set a hearing on Clark's motion to continue his sentencing yesterday.  Clark pleaded guilty in May to aggravated assault-domestic violence.  He literally beat his wife to a pulp in 2013.  Graphic photos of her injuries are posted below.  Clark is a member of the family who owns Clark Oil & Gas.  His uncle is the CEO of Butler Snow.  Clark faces a sentence of two to twenty years in prison.

Clark was arrested in 2013 for beating his wife and splitting her head wide open.   A grand jury indicted Clark in January 2014 (see p.21 in documents posted below.).    Clark claimed he was indigent. The court appointed a public defender to represent him although he is now represented by attorney Robert Ray.  The Columbus Packet reported on July 31: "The 37-year-old Clark, who listed on court documents that he makes $100,000 a month from his family’s oil and convenience store business, faces from two to 20 years in prison."

The case was continued 15 times.  Mr. Clark was supposed to be sentenced on August 10 but Judge Kitchens continued the case until November 13.  The Court said that sentencing was postponed so Clark could complete his remaining 14 therapy sessions at the Center for Violence Prevention in Pearl.  However, Judge Kitchens ruled yesterday that he will hold a hearing after all on the motion to continue on September 1. 

Clark's former wife, Hope Clark, asked the Court to impose the maximum sentence on Clark in a letter:

"Brian's battering of women will not stop without consequences.  Rehabs, drug courts, therapy have been ineffective.  Since assaulting me in 2013, Brian has attended anger management classes.  He has since assaulted another intimate partner as recently as 2015.  An order of protection has been filed against him in Florida.  There have been victims prior to me and I don't know what will modify his behavior and bring about change.  I am under much duress from his family to dismiss his behavior. ....

I definitely believe that he needs to be removed from his current environment (home & parents' protection" and held accountable for his actions.  Otherwise, Brian's behavior will worsen....

Abuse has affected Brian's life and my life.  Left unchecked, it will create many more victims, including our son.  I am asking Judge Kitchens to sentence Brian to as much time as he sees fit to correct Brian's behavior, the maximum sentencing this crime allows.

 Posted below are the pictures of the victim's injuries and the scene at the house.  She also suffered similar injuries to the front of her body and her face.

Hope's blood on back door

Hope's bloody handprint

Hope's blood on sheet

Hope's head

Hope's back

Hope's arm


 Clark has had similar scrapes with the law.  A restraining order was placed on Clark by a girlfriend in Destin last year yet it was apparently never served on Clark.  The Wayne County Sheriff never served the order on Clark despite the fact it was faxed to his office.  It was claimed the Wayne County Sheriff never received the order.

Erin Treadwell stated she and Clark had a relationship since March 2015.  She is a resident of Destin, Florida.  She stated that Clark would pick her up and throw "me around like a rag doll."  She said "I was thrown up against a wall multiple times.  I really believed I was going to die.  She said she was "locked" in rooms and held hostage".  It is not known if charges were ever filed against Clark for this incident.

Kingfish note: Don't forget the role of State Representative Jeff Smith.  The defense hired State Representative Jeff Smith as counsel February. Mr. Smith filed a motion for a continuance. His excuse? He could not attend court because he was serving in the legislature.  The continuance motion was filed on the same day that he filed his entry of appearance. Mr. Smith's daughter works for Butler Snow.  Smith was also the lawyer for the Columbus Packet.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go, KF. Keep applying max pressure to these bastards. Without your training a spotlight on the court, prosecutor and defense counsel, this piece of shit keeps escaping justice. Amazing what a little gumshoe reporting can do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Judge Kitchens is feeling the heat, I hope he does more than give this POS a slap on the hand.

Anonymous said...

917, you are worse than stupid if you think that the only pressure on this situation was due to KF & JJ. There are plenty of voices that have been raised about this in the local area thst have never heard of JJ. Not everything revolves around metro Jackson and your ltitle world.

KF has given this good coverage. KF has made many more people aware of it. KF has also tried to play it out around his favorite stalking horse Butler Snow, which actually is but a bit player in this multi year saga.

Keep up your ass kissing love affair so you can get your personal kudos from the fish. Makes the two of you in your ADHD minds feel good. In the meantime, it's good to know the local folks have let their voices be heard and this scumbag will be heading to his new home at the big delta farm soon.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, that house looks like a murder scene.

Anonymous said...

How would you like to be law enforcement showing up to that scene, knowing who the perp was, and that the perp had a handful of stay out of jail cards thanks to his influential and well connected family.

Unless the responders were fishing and hunting buddies with the perp, that would suck to be the responders.

They know it could well be a murder scene one of these times if something doesn't change.

Anonymous said...

947, Damn man.... take a chill pill.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:47 STHU - I for one was not aware of this case and would not have been if it wasn't for JJ. There are plenty of people who are working together to make sure this guy is held accountable. Congratulating any of those people for doing their part, big or small, is appropriate. Your comment is not.

If Judge Kitchens does not do the right thing on this case I have not doubt we will see this guy and all the politicians and judges on Dateline or 20/20.

Purchased gas today. But not at Clark Oil.

Anonymous said...

How would you like to be law enforcement showing up to that scene, knowing who the perp was, and that the perp had a handful of stay out of jail cards thanks to his influential and well connected family.

If I had been a cop who showed up and Clark was there, I can tell you he would have resisted. Oh, he would have resisted for a long time. Like till my Taser ran out of juice.

Anonymous said...

As a survivor of domestic violence I breathe a huge sigh of relief that we may have brought this particular abuser into the light so he's not free to abuse again!!! You've all stood up to the dark powers who've attempted to dismiss this incident. You've all decided to be part of the solution as opposed to staying silent to which would only exacerbate a problematic epidemic.

Why did the DA wait until June 12th to file Hope's Victim Impact Statement when it plainly shows she dated & delivered it to them on February 23rd? When she plainly tells the DA/Court that "his family continues to pressure me to dismiss his actions" -isn't this yet another crime to threaten,intimidate or harass a witness? And yet none of these DA's even alerted the Court?

To KF and everyone who made comments and showed your support for what is right I say THANK YOU and I thank God for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I gurantee Butler Snow gets him off. They have their hands in everything and will make this go away. They run state government

Anonymous said...

As I said the other day on this blog---he will not serve a day in jail, he may spend a long time at house arrest. MONEY TALKS and it is speaking loud and clear---can't you hear it ????

Anonymous said...

That house is a dump for someone who makes $1.2m a year. This clown has been beating women since he was 15. Really surprised he has not killed one of his lady friends by now. My question is why do these women line up to "date" him? He has been the hell out of every young lady he has dated for twenty years! It is widely known. He also tore a bar up in Destin in 2015 because a guy "looked" at him. Next question, why was he allowed out of the state while on felony bail for a violent crime? No ankle monitor?

Anonymous said...

As another survivor of abuse, I am also thankful the judge FINALLY took some action. What action[s] Judge Kitchens takes remain to be seen. If he is HALF the judge he professes to be he will throw the book at Brian. If he does not, the the blood of all the "other" victims from past and in the future should rest squarely on his head.

If this monster is not stopped, he WILL strike again and he will eventually kill someone.

Anonymous said...

This hearing is only on the Clark/Rod Ray/Jeff Smith's Motion for Continuance? If so, Pearl Center Coordinator Ben Ellerd is a crucial witness!!! I bet Brian doesn't have much of an attendance report without this guy fudging his notes!!!

9:47 checking in - again said...

1043, maybe you are the one that ought to STFU until you learn to read. The comment was responding to the statement that nothing would have happened "EXCEPT FOR" KF's reporting. Comment also noted that KF's reporting did make many people aware of it - which obviously included you. Also did what you suggest was appropriate, recognized KF ALONG WITH many others that have been working on this case.

My comment also congratulated KF for his reporting - but it pointed out that it was not a singular action as 917 wanted to believe.

Some of us that have been working on this for a long while appreciate KF's recent injection into helping make this scumbag's action become more public - something that hopefully will not only get him put away, but might also affect Clark Oil's gas sales across southern MS. Thank you for participating.

Anonymous said...

I waiting on him, he's my sucker and he ain't licking nobody else.

Kingfish said...

I think y'all are all on the same team. relax.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing that Laurel Municipal Judge Kyle Robertson did not represent Hope in the marathon divorce case or else there might be a curious hole in her temple like Katherine Sinclair,unfortunately Wayne Co Chancery Judge Frank McKenzie is still listed as the Chancey Judge for their pending divorce😱😱😱

Anonymous said...

9:17..Allow me to gently correct you. He's not a "little gumshoe reporter"..He's the KINGFISH by damn and he's a credit to humanity!

Anonymous said...

Anything less than twenty with ten supervised probation is a large miscarriage of justice.

Anonymous said...

he's going to walk free as a bird. and why do women date him. hmm. must be millions of reasons..

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kingfish, you must be a fan of BB and Butler Snow.

Anonymous said...

There should be some type of protest at the courthouse. He needs to serve actual time in prison.

Anonymous said...

Yes a peaceful protest and then to attend the hearing at the Lowndes Courthouse on 9/1 is the only way to hold their feet to the fire to just do the right thing! We're not asking for any special treatment like this wife-beater/attempted murderer has been afforded,we just want you to ENFORCE THE LAW,JUDGE KITCHENS THAT'S ALL WE'RE ASKING YOU TO DO!! LOCK HIIM UP NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

@3:51 I think you mean (20) years with (10) to serve in prison then (10) years on post-release (parole) possibly? He's already used up his (Non-Adjudication) Probation card in Forrest Co Circuit when he was sentenced to (5) years beginning iin 2010 upon the condition that he successfully complete Drug Court. He was not a model drug court probationer and committed this assault in 2013-right in the middle of this probation however he/his family pulled some strings aka played golf wiith some of the "esteemed powers that be" and then he was allowed to miraculously graduated early?

Anonymous said...

WAYNESBORO RESIDENTS-if you're tired of unnecessary bordering on excessive interference by law enforcement after you've been driving drunk then just use the
BRIAN CLARK DEFENSE: 1) ask the officer "do u know who my daddy is?"
2) say "take me home to my momma" like the Leo's in your town have done for at least 20+ times this little shit has been pulled over blitzed but never charged much less reported on a blotter and 3) start throwing around all your cash bribing everyone from your AA "sponsor",drug Crt administrator to cops to attys, Judges & DA's! Oh you don't have any $$ to throw around like the Clark's? Then I guess you're shit outta luck and will be put UNDER the jail for the smallest infraction.

Anonymous said...

Why waste all of the time and money when he is going to be let go anyway?
If there is anyone who don't know justice has a price in Ms. they must be new to the state.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Why am I not surprised that Brian Clark is almost in trouble again?!?! He always gave me bad vibes and the creeps! He has always used his family's name to keep himself out of trouble! If that name and money keeps him from his due punishment he'll continue doin what he's been doin, which is whatever the hell he wants to do! No matter how horrible, dangerous, or illegal his charge(S) may be and have been, until he's put in front of real justice that can't be bought,(maybe it's this judge) he will continue this behavior! If he's not been held accountable for his actions in the past, why would he want to stop?! I'm praying that justice will finally be served, but, without the Silver spoon and platter he's used to. I'm praying for these women that he's treated so badly, and I'm praying for him. He obviously has a VERY dark and lost soul that's being led by the devil and he needs JESUS!

Anonymous said...

Famous words of Brian's dad, Jon Frank Clark and brother to Don Clark/CEO of Butler Snow, regarding Brian's history of violence:

"Brian's never been in a fight...WITH A MAN"!!! BOYCOTT CLARK OIL/CONVENIENCE STORES or come to think of it, maybe this will forever be their unofficial motto-"we only support men beating women senseless and almost leaving their brains on the wall"

This is beyond disgusting and everyone who has supported/represented this psychopath has aided, abetted, approved of and exacerbated his continuous history of violence that has spread from Coast to Coast, escalating with every crime. His 2 DUI's in CA, beating/whipping NUMEROUS domestic partners since he was 15 in MS then to Florida where he assaulted Erin...when will his reign of terror and violence end? Please pray that good will triumph over evil because that is really what it all boils down to!!!

Anonymous said...

It's "KARMA" baby!!!! That Clark bunch has been running over good people for a long time and it needs to stop.

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