Monday, August 28, 2017

Cajun Navy under attack

Despicable.  The Cajun Navy is getting shot at while trying to rescue people in Houston while catching grief from Bedwetters online.  WDSU (NOLA) reported:


Members of the Cajun Navy, a group of Louisianians helping Tropical Storm Harvey victims in Texas, were shot at Monday by apparent looters, the group said on Facebook. The Cajun Navy has become widely known across the state for its response efforts during natural disasters. The group previously provided assistance to Louisianians during last year's historic August floods.

A group of rescuers are in Texas already and more are expected to be on the way. Those who have arrived have brought their own boats to aid in the rescue efforts. But now it appears the group is currently standing down after an apparent incident with some looters sometime Monday in Texas.

 One of the group's members in a Facebook post that has since been deleted said that looters decided to pose as people needing help and attempted to overtake the group's boats. The group said shots were fired at the boats during the incident.

"Clyde and the other team members and teams are all safe," the group said on Facebook. "I repeat, they are all safe."
The group believes the looters may have not wanted it to perform rescues. The group also said it is currently "on stand-down" pending a new strategic plan.

Cajun Navy member Clyde Cain told CNN that one of the group's boats broke down, and while the crew sought shelter in a delivery truck, people tried to steal the inoperable boat. "They're making it difficult for us to rescue them," he said. "You have people rushing the boat. Everyone wants to get in at the same time. They're panicking. Water is rising."

Cain spoke about the apparent incident with the looters. "We have boats being shot at if we're not picking everybody up. We're having to pull out for a minute. We're dropping an air boat right now to go rescue a couple of our boats that broke, and they're kind of under attack," he said.... Rest of article
However, the real war was waged on Facebook as a Baton Rouge Bedwetter freaked out over the Cajun Navy's expedition to Houston.  She wrote on her Facebook page:




 And I will say the VERY uncomfortable truth that many of the Cajun Navy guys ARE the Recall Broome (KF: Mayor of BR) people. They ARE the Oath Keepers. They ARE the men who believe that THEY run this county.

There are plenty of activists who do so much work in the community year round, who DID flood recovery last year. Yet I still see so much about the Cajun Navy... y'all do know who that organization is made up of right? I'm not saying bash them, but your praise of them and fundraising is counter productive. Yes, they'll save your life. They'll also be calling you a snowflake welfare queen and vote for oppressive policies tomorrow

 And it only gives them MORE power and influence. It only strengthens their beliefs more. It only makes everything about them stronger. 

  Like I said, it gives them influence and power and makes them the good guys in spite of being absolutely oppressive and racist and horrible 11 months out of the year. Truth should never just be "let go of" because who they are is ALWAYS there.

 but THAT is exactly why they have the power. Now this year they have even MORE of a claim to the limited resources, donations, and volunteers...

 That's not true. There were SO MANY organizations out there. In fact, myself and three others gave them a majority of their supplies they claimed as their own. I put out addressed constantly of people who needed help as well. There are organizations that have done this well before last year. They just got all the news coverage and all the accolades. Meanwhile, like I will continue to say, it makes the regular oppressors the "good guys". At some point we genuinely have to stop or it will never ever ever change

  It's triggering me a LOT today.

 with the MAGA hats... saw many of those too. After working with them a few times last year I haven't had much nice to say. They are a political movement 10000%

  But these are the LEADERS of the Cajun Navy and the majority. This isn't saying a few are corrupting all, this is saying that at the foundation they are not good. People can argue because they "do good", but that's just not a good enough argument based on what they have done the other months out of the year beyond the flood.

  yeah, I don't even know who the leaders are. Not ever surprised to learn that middle aged white men around here support oppressive policies.

 They personally prevent equality and equity. Their flood relief involvement only INCREASES those disparities. Same as we saw with Red Cross. You can't just support people because they have the name and the recognition. Many people still defend Red Cross too.
Needless to say, she is catching major hell on social media. 


Anonymous said...

My favorite part: "Yes, they will save your life, but . . ." Saving one's life is a pretty big deal. Like the most indebted one can be to another. Usually doesn't conclude with "then they will call you . . . ."

People need to get their priorities straight. Yes, there is a racism issue in this country. No, you don't get to get jealous and throw a fit when an enormous natural disaster takes priority over your social movement. You basically just said " wait don't come together and unite!"

If you recall, the same thing happened after the Dallas police tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone is surprised or sees this as more reason to fuel the divide.
There are humans that become so fanatic that they see the entire world through that single lens.
People who have done good deeds and accomplished a lot and are even heroic can do really bad and stupid things. Everyone could come up with a long list of those people.
The best or worse of a person's character is revealed under conditions of extreme stress. Those who can't manage their anger well, get angrier.
I don't know if the boats were swarmed in a misguided and uninformed attempt to get the boat to continue to rescue those left behind. Nor do I know if shots were fired to get attention or in anger of being passed by.
What I do know is that humans are imperfect, ignorant of all the relevant facts of what is happening around them and some more unable to understand their world than others.
Some humans are mentally deranged in big ways and small ways and criminal. I know that in a city as large as Houston , you'll find the best and worst of humanity.
Anyone who chooses to use the disaster in Houston for political purposes on either side, loses my respect. And, anyone who doesn't know they can't find a flawed human in every group is naïve.

Anonymous said...

I taught you verified stuff before you printed. They heard shots when they launched their boats. Which isn't uncommon in Texas an Open Carry State.
It's being reported by actual members that IF shots were fired, it was over their heads. It was probably some redneck who mistook a crow for a duck.

Anon-E-Mouse said...

Follow up reports indicate that they aren't being shot at, but shots are being heard in their area.

Anonymous said...

Get Real! The state of Texas neither wants nor needs a bunch of cowboys from Louisiana in jon boats making waves all over the area, having no knowledge of rescue techniques or the current protocol or how to be in touch with authorities or what the game plan is. These people are easily mistaken, themselves, for looters and opportunists. They need to stay the hell out of the way unless their assistance is requested.

For weeks after Katrina, well meaning Mississippians heading south to offer help were turned around by authorities. The Louisiana delegation needs to wait until Texas announces opportunities to lend helping hands and forget about the desire to take selfies.

Anonymous said...

Some humans are mentally deranged ...

You've certainly proved that to JJ readers many times over.

Anonymous said...

Go away 8:04, just go away.

CNN) — The boat turned onto a Houston waterway that used to be a street, and the three volunteers from Louisiana's Cajun Navy saw what they first thought was debris, caught in the rapid current of rushing floodwaters.

They quickly realized that what they were looking at was a person, an elderly woman, floating face down as the current swept her away.

"Donnie jumped from the vessel (and) brought her up out of the water," Cajun Navy volunteer Joshua Lincoln told CNN's John Berman on "AC 360" Monday night.

"So they quickly grabbed her, started to resuscitate her, and were able to get her to breathing slowly, and then we were able to control the boat. We got her back to safety, and that's that."

The rescue of the Houston woman on Monday was one of several credited to volunteers from the Cajun Navy, a grassroots citizens' organization that came together in the aftermath of another hurricane in another state more than a decade ago.

Lincoln said the elderly woman pulled from Houston's waters was "doing fine" Monday night and was reunited with relatives.

"We found three family members -- the family members thought she was safe at a high ground, (at) a school. They were misinformed. A gentleman through the Cajun Navy in Baton Rouge was able to locate the relatives and have them get back over to her."

Anonymous said...

Iashia Nelson, a Houston resident whose desperate plea for help on "Good Morning America" today went viral, told ABC News that her son was rescued from the flooding by the Cajun Navy, after her 911 calls for help that she made throughout the night were not answered. Nelson was later rescued herself and eventually reunited with her son today at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.

Anonymous said...

Most real coonasses will give you the shirt off their back and help in any way they can. The majority of them are Mulattos. They are a mixed race but some of the finest people on the face of this earth. They also aren't there to take selfies and such as 8:04 points out. I bet they can drive a boat better than most of the people trained in swift water rescue. Also 8:04 is incorrect in that it wasn't weeks after Katrina they were turning people away. I personally was one of the first civilians down there behind the national guard. The national guard also informed us if we well threatened shoot them dead and leave them laying in the street and we'll come pick them up(direct quote).

Messick said...

Yeah! You let 'em have it, 8:04!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Jesus Christ and the 12 apostles won't be coming to Houston to rescue anybody. When people volunteer to help they bring their imperfections with them, whatever they may be. The first priority is to provide and accept the help, the politics can come after everyone is high and dry.

Anonymous said...

If you are waiting to be rescued and do not like the people who come to rescue you, stay right where you are. Maybe a person you approve of will be along sometime.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be the logic:

The Cajun Navy is a purveyor of white supremacy, and therefor should be disbanded in disproportionally black areas or other neighborhoods of color, so people of color can/ should drown for the cause of anti-racism in Houston. "HANDS DOWN, JUST DROWN!"

Anonymous said...

10:56 -- YOU made my day. I just read this to my husband -- we cannot stop laughing. The wit on this website sometimes is the best part of reading it!

Anonymous said...

The Cajun navy does all this out of their pockets. They use their resources. It's mighty good of someone to leave comfort, when they really don't need to and go help strangers, with some of those being ungrateful. It says a lot about us a humans. We DO help one another when needed. I'm sure there were a lot of people who were rescued who were very thankful, and maybe some who were not, but I bet that was very very few.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Trump down in Texas?
He's thanking people for coming out, like it some kind of campaign rally.

Anonymous said...

MAYBE 3:20 he realizes just how hard it was for them to come there and meet him, and he appreciates them making the effort. Geeze -- do you people ever stop?

August 18, 2016 -- Washington Post article -- "Here’s why President Obama isn’t stopping his vacation to visit the Louisiana flooding" -- so happens he was golfing and in Martha's Vineyard. He finally came "down South" to see us after a huge amount of public ridicule.

At least Trump showed up!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the folks booing him 5:15.

Anonymous said...

5:39 -- Who Obama??? Yup -- plenty of times. I think the last one was on November 8, 2016. Guess you guys heard that one loud and clear!

Anonymous said...

"It's triggering me a LOT today."


Anonymous said...

soooo the dude who ran this S & WB is now ours? "Drainage Pump Catches Fire As New Orleans Prepares For Harvey" (pumps don't work)

Anonymous said...

8:04 - Speak for yourself. I doubt you were even impacted by Katrina. We had many volunteers from all over the country show up to help and they were welcomed and needed. Recovery would have taken much longer and many would have suffered if not for the selfless acts of volunteer groups. No doubt you are one of the "let the government take care of me" types.

Anonymous said...

Obama is long gone 5:52, last I checked he wasn't on the ballot on November 8th. Trump is your puppy, I understand you feel the the need to clean up after him. I just hope you keep your gloves on and your hands out of your mouth.

Anonymous said...

9:07 - I"m assuming you speak from experience gained between 2008-2016? (Little secret here -- He WAS on the ballot on November 8th and all he represented, and you can thank him for Trump's win! That would be YOUR puppy to clean up after).

Anonymous said...

9:33 I am still enjoying the fruits of the Obama economy and have retired. I have pulled my investments from the stock market and you should too before your puppy throws it all up and it washed down the drain. The folks in Texas are learning firsthand that he doesn't have a clue and soon so will you. How do you have time to be in here don't you have a radio show to prepare for.....

Anonymous said...

7:36 - The point made was that people (regardless of intention) were NOT allowed to simply 'head down to the coast' immediately following Katrina. Maybe you didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

really 5:38am? I sure was allowed through the next day. I drove straight to a command post set up across the street from the Beau Rivage. I took cases of water, toured some of the damage, drove back to Jackson for more water and did it again.

Anonymous said...

to the .gov worker at 5:10am (has to be if they are "enjoying the fruits of the Obama economy")

You pulled your investments from the stock market, why? Which market? Did you sell because your stocks reached an all-time high after the current President was elected?

The President should have nothing to do with "the folks in Texas." Texas, if anywhere in the U.S., does not live by the President or federal government's leave.

I'll answer the big question for many here that don't seem to get it. The government is never going to be the answer. That's not what government is for. Government is societal framework and We, The People, are the real substance. The constant logical fallacy that the government is failing to "help" is why so many are suffering. People help people, not governments.

I drove 7 different 18' enclosed trailer loads of collected supplies to the Ms Gulf Coast and to the outskirts of New Orleans after Katrina. I was one of many thousands of individuals who did the same. We didn't wait for "permission" from the government, we simply wanted to help our fellow man in the ways that we could.

Anonymous said...

We will never be a united country until you all see other people's point of views.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:51am I see and understand plenty of other people's point of views. That does not make them right.

Anonymous said...

You don't want us to see other points of view. You demand that we embrace your point of view and make it our own. YOU are the divisive authoritarians, not us.

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