Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hinds paid money to company that doesn't exist.

Update: The Secretary of State reinstated the company's status to one of  good standing at noon today.

The Hinds County Board of Supervisors paid $12,000 to a company that does not exist.  The board hired KSA Professional Services in May for consulting services for the Continental Tire project.  The contract states the county would pay $6,000 per month to KSA.  The company is owned by none other than Jackie Andrews and Rena Fisher.  However, the Secretary of State dissolved the company on November 30, 2016 after KSA failed to file its annual report.

Renna Fisher and Jackie Andrews formed Fisher Management in May 2013.  However, the partners changed the name of it to KSA Professional Services, LLC one month before it was hired by Hinds County.The Board voted to retain KSA at its May 2, 2016 meeting.  The resolution stated: 

RESOLVED to approve a Resolution confirming the role of KSA Professional Services, LLC, in working with the Hinds County Board of Supervisors, Hinds County Economic Development Authority, Mississippi Development Authority and Continental Tire.
 The contract (p.34 below) provides more information on the services provided by KSA:

*Identifying and coordinating with DBE contractors;
*Identifying and coordinating with small and disadvantaged business contractors;
*Identifying and coordinating with DBE business suppliers and professional service contractors;
*Coordinating with businesses operating (or proposing to operate) in Hinds County and surrounding
areas to maximize the utilization of minority, small and disadvantaged businesses;
*Identifying, coordinating and training the potential workforce for Continental Tire of North
America, LLC
*Coordinating with surrounding counties, municipalities and the Public Works Directors of such
governmental entities;

 A schedule of when such services are provided is specified in the contract (p.36).   The contract has a term of one year and can be terminated upon a party providing a thirty day notice to the other party.

KSA submitted invoices of $54,000 for regular compensation from May to this month.  Ms. Andrews submitted expenses of $6,033 in October but the board only approved the payment of $2,379 after she was unable to provide receipts. (p.8).   District 4 Supervisor Mike Morgan asked board attorney Pieter Teeiwussin today if the county could pay funds to a company that did not exist.  Mr. Teeiwussin said that he would study the matter and answer the question at the next meeting.

KSA is represented by attorney Wilson Carroll. 

Kingfish note: Where have we heard of Rena Fisher and Jackie Andrews?  Long-time readers of this website will remember a few old posts that show exactly the type of "consultants" who jumped into bed with Hinds County. JJ spelled out what this bunch is about in a 2015 post:

To put it bluntly, these people are con artists.  They repeatedly took payments and stiffed other parties. The court records are awash in liens and judgments against these two individuals and their companies.    They were forced into bankruptcy proceedings in 2012 by Merchants & Farmer's Bank and other creditors.   Fisher and Williams won a $1.3 million award against Toyota in 2009  and pocketed the money instead of paying off all of those liens and judgments.   M&F sued for its share and instituted involuntary bankruptcy proceedings.  The bankruptcy trustee filed a complaint against them.  
 and earlier in 2009:

I documented there were nearly $2 million in liens and judgements held by close to thirty individuals, businesses, and government agencies (These were completely omitted by the media.). Post about Fish & Fisher's troubled record.
The record of Mr. Fisher and Ms. Andrews is quite clear.  They keep the money if they get paid. The vendors get stiffed.  The subcontractors get stiffed.  They don't fight lawsuits.  They don't even appear in court.  They just ignore whatever the court throws at them and keep on going.   If they don't get their way, they scream discrimination and sue.  This is who they are and this is what they do.

Then there is the matter of the Board's judgment.  Why would they bring a wolf into the fold that sued Toyota? 

Earlier posts:

*Fisher allegedly stole two vehicles from Watson Quality Ford  or he purchased two vehicles, didn't pay the notes, and later sold them even though there were liens on the vehicles.
*M&F forced them into bankruptcy. The trustee's complaints are interesting reading.  
*See all of the judgments for yourself.
*The rest of the story.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Hinds County Board of Supervisors have a little pay back scam going. Who is getting money back?

Anonymous said...

Just think of how many streets could have been resurfaced had the county not given away money to questionable companies like Airwave in the past, and now KSA.

Anonymous said...

They are both professional grifters.

Anonymous said...

How exactly is a county or a city or business for that matter supposed to know if a vendor is dissolved by the SOS after they start doing business with them? I own a business and there is no way to possibly verify standing every month before checks go out.

That said, I see no reason for Hinds to get involved with these folks. Dang.

Anonymous said...

Appears to be just a kickback scheme.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the FBI needs to get involved in this matter.

Is this another Chris Epps thing going on???

If the board is that stupid, they need to be cleaned out top to bottom!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@10:18 I know in the contracting business I deal with on the insurance level, they wont even cut checks if there is a discrepancy between spelling and or a comma or period on the insurance documents and the listing on the SOS website. Every time a pay app is approved they check. Maybe a quick check when checks are cut could cut down on that. It wouldn't be that hard. Gibbert's website is easy to navigate.

Anonymous said...

11:12....that's a little impractical. I think these two folks are trouble....but aside from that, if you are paying a company every month for a service, no business owner is checking the SOS website every month to make sure the company is still registered. Two separate discussion, as these folks do need to be gone.

Anonymous said...

Who on the Board pushed to hire these know con-men? It is for a job that is unneeded so there had to be an insider that was part of the scam.

Anonymous said...

No entity checks the secretary of state's website before they cut every single check. A business being in good standing should normally be checked on the front end. With that being said, the bigger issue is having to hire a consultant at all. These contracts make individuals richer and offer no real services to the taxpayers. The supervisors and the full time county employees should be doing the job of these "consultants" without the citizens shelling out extra money.

Anonymous said...

I actually posted about this on here back in May:

"Andrews will report to the board of supervisors each quarter and communicate with Continental, the Mississippi Development Authority and Hinds County Economic Development Authority.

“I think this board has the authority to lay out any instructions that they so desire,” board President Darrel McQuirter said with regard to the rumors. “We met in executive session two weeks ago and an opportunity was afforded then to make sure every contact information was exchanged between our supervisors and individuals.”

Anonymous said...

11:28 Right. The board would have to had someone suggest they go with these criminals. That person or persons should be investigated as anyone knowing the two people would have know what they were.
One completely crooked deal. Not only the cons are crooked. First look should be at the board.

Anonymous said...

She works directly for McQuirter and was hand picked.

Anonymous said...

Selection of Company for Consultant in Connection with Continental Tire Project

County Administrator Carmen Davis reviewed the scoring of the five companies submitting proposals to Hinds County for Professional Consultant in connection with the Continental Tire Project.

Document affixed hereto and incorporated herein. Supervisor McQuirter made a motion to approve KSA Professional Services, LLC, as Consultant. Supervisor Graham seconded the motion.

Supervisor Calhoun made a substitute motion to include consideration of both KSA and MS Minority Business Alliance, Inc. The substitute motion died for lack of a second.

UPON THE original motion of Darrel McQuirter and seconded by Robert

Graham, Peggy Hobson Calhoun voting aye, Bobby McGowan absent not voting, Mike Morgan voting aye, it was RESOLVED to approve contracting with KSA Professional Services, LLC, as
Professional Consultant.

What do we know about this one?


Selection of Company for Consultant in Connection with Continental Tire Project County Administrator Carmen Davis reviewed the scoring of the two companies submitting proposals to Hinds County for Public Information Officer in connection with the Continental Tire Project.

Document affixed hereto and incorporated herein.

UPON A motion of Darrel McQuirter and a second by Mike Morgan, Peggy Hobson Calhoun voting aye, Robert Graham voting aye, Bobby McGowan absent not voting, it was RESOLVED to approve negotiating with both companies, Par’ Excelon and Styling Your Life Solutions to come up with a cost acceptable to Hinds County for the project.

Anonymous said...

About 20 years ago the City of Jackson made some type of improper or illegal payments for something (as the Board of Supervisors will be doing if they pay these clowns) and it was determined that the City Council members were personally liable. At the time I was in a lawsuit against the City for illegal actions they had taken against my business (I won of course). Despite the fact that I was suing the City, one of the council members phoned me to ask for a donation help the council members pay for their illegal action. I did not laugh in her face, but it was not easy to restrain myself.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke. Do you know how many LLC's forget to annually report? The annual reporting deal is relatively new for LLC's. If you forget to report, and an administrative dissolution occurs, it's easily remediable with a short filing. Lots of wasted energy on this non-issue.

11:12am, there is a reason insurance companies would do this and it's not impractical on a payment-by-payment basis in that industry, but it's not practical in the 99.9% of routine business transactions.

Anonymous said...

Not only is the company no longer a legal business, the whole contract is a fraud. These folks have a reputation as scam artists, and this contract is just another example of their business plan - I am black, there is a big deal in town, so give me some money.

The only service that might be being provided by this scam perpetrated on us by McQuirter is a 'personal' benefit - similar to those in the news and courts involving Jackson's mayor and Hinds sheriff.

The only good thing that can be said is at least it is not as big and as expensive as the Airwaves scheme given us by Graham. McQuirter is at least cheaper, maybe because the personal benefits he is getting from this deal doesn't involve money as was the Cas with Graham.

Kingfish said...

KSA can obviously remedy the problem by filing their report and getting reinstated pretty quickly. This post is merely reporting what went on at the Board meeting Tuesday. I will be surprised if they are not reinstated before the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

Ask Jackie about the garnishment notice that almost got the Democratic HQ shut down in about 1989. She's been grifting forever. That fact that she isn't in jail says a lot about this state.

Anonymous said...

KF - if they are reinstated, once their benefactor/lawyer, the Hon. Wilson Carroll files some paperwork at Dilbert's office, does that mean that the payments made to them over the past few months become legal? They were still made by the BOS (maybe a misnomer, POS seems more appropriate, but that's another story for another day) to a company that was not a legal entity at the time they were made.

Of course, the real story here is that the BOS has given them this POS contract anyway. What (other than personal considerations) is the county getting for this $6000/month.

Anonymous said...

1:14 is correct, corporate entities are "dissolved" everyday, but it doesn't extinguish the entity, its more like being suspended. You pay the annual report fee and file a form document and it is easily revived or reinstated. So, the dissolution issue is much ado over nothing.

Whether they are crooks or not, I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Jackie "Andrews" is really Jacqueline Williams.

Renna Fisher is scum. I am an attorney who obtained a judgment against them and had the craziest judgment debtor's exam in history (Jackie claimed throat surgery the day before and couldn't speak - except to threaten me, on the record).

I have a video of Renna Fisher walking into his Fisher "Construction" office and answering "yes... no!" to his identity. He changed his answer when he realized he was speaking to a process server with court papers.

Got lots m ore war stories on these two, as well. Just the tip of the ice burg.

P.S. Renna Fisher completed a loan for a truck with "Mr. Banker" and "123456789" as the listed account number on the form... all 100% true.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the entire board should be locked up. The whole bunch are crooks. Can't say I am surprised. It is Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Next to Jackson, if any entity can find a way to f'ck up the Continental plant it will be Hinds County.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the attorney general look at this? Might it be that it is too small for them to deal with, although it is occurring in his state. Of course it is not as important as google's violations.

Kingfish said...

Resolution was voted on and approved to hire the company. Company submitted invoices, invoices were approved as part of the claims docket. What law was broken?

Anonymous said...

Rudy Warnock argument. Guess that means that now with the new McQuirter/Graham partnership, Hinds BOS has reverted to the old Madison County BOS standard.

Anonymous said...

We need Stokes back on the BOS. His talents are being wasted serving on the Jackson city council.

Anonymous said...

You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. There still has to be a reason the board would give a contract to people like this. In just about every case like this it is because there is a pay back scheme going on with one or several of the board.
This case is not any difference. The board and the company will just yell racist if anyone have the balls to say anything.

Here's A Thought.. said...

11:27 - If you're paying some company every month to provide or perform a service, might it never occur to you that periodically you should look to see if the service is being provided?

Anonymous said...

Airwave part deux.

Anonymous said...

If I sent a client a bill for $6k with the itemizations 'met with company X' or 'attended ceremony', along with hundreds in expenses but no receipts, they would respond 'You're fired.'

Which is what Madison County Sups would do.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they should look to see if the work is done. They should be suspicious of expenses with no receipts. They should take a look at the owners of the company before giving out a contract.
This can all be sidestepped and swept under the rug if you drop the right amount of money in the right pockets. This company knows the right pockets very well. In fact the whole state should know the right pockets by now.

Anonymous said...

Madison Sups paid several hundred thousands to Rudy just to get their property back.

Anonymous said...

4:30...that's not what KF posted about. Just that their registration lapsed. If you have knowledge that services were not provided, come on out with it.

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