Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stephens egg business used JA students and employees in online promotions.

 Did Anna Fiser Stephens violate the social media policy of her employer, Jackson Academy? Mrs. Stephens repeatedly posted pictures of students, teachers, and parents on the public Facebook page for her unlicensed business, Urban Eggs while she worked as a coach and teacher at the Jackson private school.  

Most schools bar teachers from posting pictures of students without parental consent.  The Jackson Public School District policy on social media states:

Do not post photos or movies of fellow employees without their permission. Do not use photos or movies taken at school without permission. Do not post photos or movies that contain students without parental consent. (JPSD Social Media Police (3)). 

The Madison County School District has a similar policy as well. It would be surprising if JA did not have the same ban against teachers posting pictures of students, teachers, and parents online without consent.    Mrs. Stephens repeatedly promoted her business using JA teachers and employees.  The business was not registered or licensed in the city of Jackson nor was the egg-production operation approved by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture. 


Anonymous said...

Those Harvard and Auburn degrees have not served those two well. Perhaps some additional study time as a defendant will make up for their lack of education in the business and legal realm.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell who's a teacher and who's a student since everyone's face is blacked out, but no one looks to have had their picture taken unwillingly.

And I'm far from an attorney, but it would seem that one could argue that by holding the box and posing for the pictures, the subjects are giving implied consent. I guess there's still the issue of parental consent for children under 18 though.

Anonymous said...

Very illuminating that Anna's control freak hubby Neal and father-in-law Joe have positioned her as the receiving end of so many controversial matters.

Make no mistake about it, the Oxford House fiasco is all Neal and Daddy Joe Stephens doing. They put Anna front and center to avoid any blowback onto their DORE junk science flimflam operation. Read all the documentation regarding "Anna's" Oxford Houses. The phone numbers all go back to Neal and the addresses all go back to NeuEdge/DORE.

When the big reveal goes down about all the state education dollars that have been paid to DORE for their quackery it will make the rent that "Anna" is receiving for her OHs look like mere pennies tossed into a fountain.

Don't forget to hide those engagement rings in a tennis ball! Roll the hidden cameras!

Anonymous said...

Obviously a slow news day....eggs and kids and facebook ? Now if they were throwing her eggs at cars or houses And posting on FB that would be a good story. Stealing eggs would be an ok story. Kids getting sick eating her eggs.... Better!!!! Now I'm not an expert on the whole kids, eggs and FB thing but I'm willing to get hip with whatever the kids are doing. Remember, whatever you do, it's all about the kids!!!

Anonymous said...

so if you can't close down the Oxford Houses you will settle for closing down her egg company.....

Anonymous said...

Is Mrs. Stephens taking her money making chickens and their coops when she moves to Bridgewater? I'm sure her neighbors there will be delighted to know they can buy fresh eggs just down the street.

Juan said...

Donna? Is that you??

Anonymous said...

Breaking the law is breaking the law. Regardless of how irrelevant you might believe it is. Anna has broken the law, and should suffer the consequences. Hopefully since minors are involved the consequences are great.

And yes, while shutting down her egg operation is trivial, it does make me smile to see people try to screw them over in every way possible. Karma's a bitch, Bitch.

Lumbergh said...

Eggs? Who cares?

I understand why everyone is up in arms about having a half way house in their backyard. I wouldn't like it either. But, for the life of me, I will never understand why everyone on this site has chosen to attack these people so personally.

Why does it make you feel so good to "screw them over in every possible way" and call someone you have never met a bitch? Are you seriously that small of a person?

You people need to get a grip.

For the record, I have never met either of these people.

Egg Foo Young said...

Breaking the law? Please cite the statute. Violating a piddlin' school policy is one thing. But, it is NOT breaking the law. Besides, she's no longer an employee so the school has no recourse.

Bock Bock Bock

Anonymous said...

OMG, have Anna and Neal not fled to Mexico yet?

Anonymous said...

FYI 2:56 I do know Anna Stephens. I have for years. And while 'bitch' might not be the bed word to describe her(?), it appears to be the best that kingfish will allow.

Anonymous said...

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. We teach our kids not to bully in any way which includes social media and that is all that you all have done to this woman. Shame Shame

Anonymous said...

4:41 - this woman BULLIED the entire neighborhood and gave us the finger when we brought our CONCERNS to her and her husband. Early in the process she was given EVERY opportunity to rectify the situation along with her husband. They chose to give us the finger again and again and again. Then OH told us to POUND SAND. They made it clear they were smarter, faster, and better than any of us - we were just scum to be run over by their business!

What goes around comes around.

Hooooah KF - the little guy has a voice.

Anonymous said...

"You people should be ashamed of yourselves. We teach our kids not to bully in any way which includes social media and that is all that you all have done to this woman." Shame Shame" May 7, 2015 at 4:41 PM

Children who are the VICTIMS of bullying are often the ones who, at home, are taught not to stand up for themselves. Standing up for yourself and your community is NOT "bullying". Standing up to criminals is not "bullying". Shunning criminals is not "bullying".

Deliberately moving a house full of "former" druggies and pervs, into one of the last places in Jackson where a decent family of moderate means can safely live, is not exactly "bullying". But it definitely is an ACT OF AGGRESSION.

It is not "bullying" for one person to defy the aggression of another. It is not "bullying" to shun the Aggressor.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think we've made our point to these two that we do not like the way they have treated their fellow Jackson residents. But we should never cross the line and bully them. Instead, we should hope to persuade them that there are ways to help people without also hurting others.

Anonymous said...

May 7, 2015 at 5:46 PM = A pollyanna

Anonymous said...

Dear Northeast Jacksonians and Bridgewaterians:

Please consider quietly making the "buckbuckBUCKAAA" sound whenever you pass by Neal or Anna, or see them standing nearby. "Cockadoodledoo" also is acceptable, or if you're feeling adventurous, the full chicken dance.

With your help, we can make this a thing.

A person on the internet

Anonymous said...

What laws?
1) using children to promote UNREGULATED for profit foodstuffs being sold WITHOUT a business license in a educational setting.
2) their permission is of no consequence- they are minors.
3) I highly doubt all of the parents signed a waiver to promote an egg business.

( I can keep going and going)
I don't know the federal definition, but it seems like the woman exploited children to promote her ILLEGAL business via social media on the grounds of JA.

I'm sure, quite sure, all of the parents take pride in this sort of nonsense.

Lumbergh said...

Dearest 7:55,

Your village called. They miss their idiot. Please return to them immediately...



Anonymous said...

"To control pullorum and typhoid disease, all hatcherymen, chick dealers, or any person, persons, firm or corporation selling incubator hatched chicks or poults, or doing custom hatching, must register with and obtain a permit and official poster from the Mississippi Board of animal Health each year. (Fiscal year for permits for hatcherymen begins July 1 and ends June 30. For chick dealers, or any persons, person, form or corporation, the fiscal year begins January 1 and ends December 31. The permit and poster shall be prominently displayed in a place of business where chicks or poults are sold or held for sale.

Source: Miss. Code Ann . §69-15-3."

I guess the only question was she hatching eggs?
If so, did she have a permit?

Anonymous said...

Hold the presses! Isn't Mr. Bill running for this Senate seat too. I would love to hear his opinions on halfway houses and unregulated egg farms.

Anonymous said...

7:55 -- Ignore 8:49. Their immaturity is showing.

I taught school for a number of years -- private. I can promise you that the things outlined put the school in a precarious position legally, and if ANYTHING had happened, based on Ms. Stephen's poor judgement, lawsuits would be flying against both JA and Anna Stephens.

In addition, minors have no rights with regard to this issue. Parental releases are/were critical. What this really shows is the Stephens continued arrogance, childish self centered behavior, self-indulgence, and total and complete lack of judgment. This culminated in two OH houses they currently own.

8:49 is just hanging out in Fondren at a bar and blogging for the Anna and Neal. That's the best response they can do after 2 pitchers of beer.

Adults are in complete agreement with you.

Cocked and Doodled said...

Still waiting for an intelligent answer to the question of what law was violated. As I understand it they were selling eggs, not hatching and selling chicks and certainly not cocking doodles.

We're not talking child labor law here. There is no law broken when you photograph a minor at a school-desk while she's holding up a carton of eggs.

While she may have violated some sort of school policy (we don't know that), I'm unable to clearly see what LAW she might have broken.

Disclaimer: I've never heard of her before this story broke and would not know her if I cocked into her doodle doo on Main Street.

Anonymous said...

Ok people, focus. The issue here is bigger than raising chickens, posting pictures, etc. If this were the ONLY example of the Stephens believing they are above the law, I highly doubt it would get this much attention. The issue isn't chickens. The issue is the PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR. The Stephens(not just Anna) have REPEATEDLY demonstrated they believe they are above the law. Am I particularly concerned about the safety of having chickens in a neighborhood backyard? Not particularly. However, this continued pattern of disrespect for the community and the law does raise some concern as to what kind of landlord Anna Stephens will be. I say her name specifically because that is what was listed on the loan application. What happens when the few rules that OH does have in place don't quite suit her? Even the ones that seem trivial? Like no chickens in the backyard?

Anonymous said...

This story seems a little beneath everyone who's upset about OH (I'm in that camp I might add and live near the Northside house). Next thing you know, we'll see stories about the Stephens's being abducted by aliens and possession by the devil. Let's keep focused on the goal of regulating OH and stay away from this type of mud.

Anonymous said...

Let's keep focused on the goal of regulating OH and stay away from this type of mud.

Let's keep focused on the fact that you are free to not read or comment on any of these types of
mud posts when they offend your sensibilities.

Anonymous said...

Now if Anna has her tenants on NSide pictured holding he egg boxes, or attending to a NSide branch of the chicken ranch, we'll know she is incorrigible.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Foghorn Leghorn to show up to whip Anna's chicken ranch into shape and get production up!

Anonymous said...

TO ALL: Pattern of Behavior.

That's the core of this article. One more example of how Anna and Neal Stephens are above the law. Also -- Anna had a contract with JA where I AM CERTAIN she broke the clause regarding photography and posting of underage students' pictures on public forums. She broke that contract, and could potentially be civilly liable to the employer.

In addition, MINORS cannot be posted online by an adult without a PARENTAL CONSENT, in a BUSINESS SETTING.

How would any of you like to see your child on a public billboard holding an egg carton without your release? Same principal here. Open FACEBOOK page that anyone can access supporting a for profit business that was unlicensed, paying no taxes, and complied with no regulations.

Yes -- she was breaking some laws. It's up to the State of Mississippi and JA along with parents, to decide which ones apply.

Anonymous said...

"I'm waiting for Foghorn Leghorn to show up to whip Anna's chicken ranch into shape and get production up!" May 8, 2015 at 9:06 AM

A bossy Leghorn would be an improvement. The Czech Gold Brindled Chicken has no organizational or interpersonal abilities, although it seems not to know or care. But personally, I think that some Sicilian Buttercup Chickens are needed, to get that henhouse running smoothly.

Anonymous said...

I guess this means we'll be getting another email blast from the NE Jackson housewife complaining about how these eggs are a danger to her 4 kids. The next thing we'll see reported is that the Stephens' grass isn't cut short enough. The Stephens are learning what blacks that tried to move into certain neighborhoods in the 1960s and 1970s were subjected to.

Egg's Overdone said...

3:54; You win the afternoon red herring award. Your egg is boiled a little too hard.

Anonymous said...

"The Stephens are learning what blacks that tried to move into certain neighborhoods in the 1960s and 1970s were subjected to."

hahahahahah Thank you for posting that, the boisterous belly laugh you caused woke everyone around me up and now my dog barking. Well played!

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