Friday, May 29, 2015

2015 Hinds County "no-bills"

The Hinds County grand jury returned the following no-bills for 2015.


Anonymous said...

No reason to wonder why the streets of Jackson are clogged with shiftless bottom feeders taking shots at police officers. I think that I much prefer the good doctor's method of dealing with said shiftless bottom feeders.

Didn't Know This said...

I'm surprised the names and associated behaviors are published when no-billed. What if I were arrested but not tried or convicted and a yard sign was put at my house announcing it all. Seems a bit wacky. No? As backup for my thought I give you the first post appearing above.

Anonymous said...

It's just 28 no billed cases!

Anonymous said...

Who's to blame for this? The grand jury, district attorney? Please help me understand who is to blame for this continuing tradgedy

Anonymous said...

Went downtown yesterday afternoon -- which I attempt never to do. 4:30 - streets were deserted, I literally went into my brief meeting and out, and sadly, made it my mission to be very aware of my surroundings. This was in broad daylight. Sad Sad Sad. Jackson city government is clueless about this, and keeps dancing in the streets, and telling everyone just how racist they are, not to believe in their PROGRESS. PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

So a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich! However, not one with bad intentions.

Anonymous said...

@6:53 - so even though the grand jury didnt think there was enough evidence to indict, you are still proclaiming these folks as "shiftless bottom feeders" who shoot police officers?

pittpanther said...

8:06am, not sure what you're complaining about. Are you saying that downtown was empty during the middle of a work day and you were surprised at that? Or are you saying you felt unsafe in downtown?

The sentence that ends with "sadly, made it my mission to to be very aware of my surroundings" doesn't make sense. Can you clarify please?
You said "sad, sad, sad," but it's not clear what you're sad about.

Anonymous said...

I'm unsure what the point of even posting this document is, and it says nothing to me about the Hinds County legal system one way or the other. My understanding of "no-bills" is that they occur when there is insufficient reason to actually bring a person to trial. Indeed, some of those on the list may actually be innocent of the charges brought against them. In a county of roughly 250,000 people, the list doesn't seem all that large if it covers all of 2015 so far. And even if it is abnormally large for a county of our size, it could suggest that Hinds County prosecution is lazy (failing to do enough to get a grand jury to move cases to trial), that the prosecution is over-zealous (attempting to bring charges against even innocent people) or that the grand jury simply returned a large list of no-bills. This list, taken by itself, tells us practically nothing about the Hinds County legal system. Although I want a certain district attorney replaced too, this really doesn't help one frame an opinion one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

May 29, 2015 at 8:06 AM - This was a FANTASTIC story! A vivid, anecdotal account of everything wrong with Jackson. You were aware of your surroundings?? Get out of here! I hope to learn that skill one day soon - could you let me know where in Madison I can take the class? After reading about your heart-pounding incident, I think you have convinced me to abandon this hopeless city and join you in the Land of Brick and Honey. Please let me know which feaux-rich, bland neighborhood I should be looking for houses in - preferably one that sounds like a French chateau or maybe one that is arbor-themed.

Anonymous said...

I'm unsure what the point of even posting this document is ...

I'm unsure why you even bothered to comment. Since this item "says nothing" to you and tells you "practically nothing about the Hinds County legal system" and doesn't help you "frame an opinion one way or the other" then what is the f'ing point of your comment beyond once again dogging the editor/owner of an online publication that no one is forcing your sorry ass to read?

Anonymous said...

I don't want to detract from the no bill post,but want to respond to 8:06am. I was downtown last night and there were two large events: Best Of MS Preps at the Convention Center( Drew Brees keynote) and the preview party for the George Wardlow Exhibition at the Art Museum. Parking for both were at a premium.
As for the actions of the Hinds County Grand Jury, I hope the media will call upon the incumbent DA and his opponent for explanations.
Thanks for posting this Kingfish.

Anonymous said...

So from my point of view these should be slam dunk cases:
Aggravated Assault/ Gun on School Property
Aggravated Assault Firearm/ school property
Witness intimidation
Possession of a Stolen Firearm
Felonious Malicious Mischief
Armed Robbery Kidnapping
Grat of Lust at UMMC

A gun on a campus charge:
1.more than likely has many witnesses and a victim
2.administrators of JSU would pursue to the fullest extent of the law.
3.If the perp was a student, the preponderance of evidence in the school case could be admissible in a courtroom
4.It is a gun on a school campus why wouldn't the prosecutor celebrate that in the news.
5. cop would have credible evidence to make arrest and would have physical gun on campus that was recovered

Witness Intimidation
1. Prosecutors, and Judges should take extremely serious
2. Evidence has to be there for the arrest
3. Cop would have some kind of real evidence before detaining someone

Stolen Firearm case
ATF evidence should be pretty concrete in these cases.

Felonious Malicious Mischief
Evidence of damage
cops probably saw this happen for the charge to be this severe

Armed Robbery Kidnapping
Weapon evidence
cops believe this person is good for the crime
and the big one the FBI looks at all abduction cases

Grat of Lust at UMMC

Why in the world would someone take a case to the grand jury without all the facts? I know the cops would have most of their ducks in a row before saying we have a good case.

You know what I don't see? the prosecutor blaming the cops which means he knows if he throws them under a bus he will face the same fierce opposition that he received from the Clinton mayor. All I know is I will never venture west of 55 or over the flowood bridge ever again until this is fixed.

Jackson's governement are literally celebrating criminals. Releasing violent offenders, letting murderers sleep at mommas house, telling cops we will not allow cops to pursue criminals into the city, no billing violent offenders. It is an outrage.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish I think most of us can draw no conclusions from this. Seems like there is a good chance that some of these people were wrongly accused of something while others were probably guilty but the police failed to gather enough evidence to prove the case. Perhaps it would be interesting to see the same lists from Madison and Rankin counties. Then we could compare.

-w said...

What you are missing is Kingfish keeps up with no-bills because he has proven that the previous list of no-bills had a significant amount of people who committed another violent offense. He keeps up with it because of the number of victims. Assault, kidnapping, fraud, burglary, theft, sex crimes, all have victims who I believe have a voice and their voice is not being heard.

Kingfish is doing a service to the community by proving that repeat violent offenders are out there and these people are getting away due to malfeasance.

Thank you Kingfish

Anonymous said...

The DA is the Grand Jury.

Anonymous said...


Would you please stop being a dick?

The poster @9:09 made a well-reasoned, rational argument and all you could do is troll. You essentially said: I don't know why you posted, because I disagree with you. I'm now going to attempt to shout you down. I'm not sure why you feel the need to white knight for Kingfish, he's a grown ass man who can obviously post when he wants. It's not like @9:09 is trying to suppress his ability to post, he's just offering comment on the content of a post -- if you put a blog on the Internet and open it up for comments, that's, literally, what you're asking for.

So, yeah, please stop being a dick. Seriously. Please.

Anonymous said...

9:58-I believe you were responding to my comment; I didn't realize it would cause anyone as much distress as it caused you. Perhaps I can ease your concerns by explaining some of the reasoning behind what I said. First, far from simply "dogging the editor/owner of an online publication," I read this website because it frequently provides incredibly useful information that is of great journalistic value. The blog owner's outstanding field work is appreciated by me. I critiqued the posting of the no-bill list because it seemed to be part of a recent pattern on this blog of portraying flaws in Hinds County's legal system, and as such, I was concerned that people would see the list as being in and of itself an indictment of Hinds County and its failure to restrain crime. Clearly, other readers took the list that way. I simply wanted to note that the list, taken by itself, does not contribute to that particular debate. I actually agree with Jackson Jambalaya that Hinds County's legal system needs drastic reform, and I personally believe that the D.A. needs to be replaced. Whatever Jackson Jambalaya's reason for posting the apparently public no-bill list, I simply didn't think it was good evidence by itself for the need for legal reform and I wanted people to consider that.

Anonymous said...

10:57 must be a major greenhorn. No recent pattern. Kingfish has been portraying flaws in the Hinds County legal system since he launched JJ 9 YEARS ago. Please do all you can to catch up and in a big hurry.

Anonymous said...

10:51, would you please grow a set?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

10:57 - I think it absolutely shows something about the legal system if the legal system is defined as police through incarceration. Ideally, the number of no bills should be very low as the police shouldn't be arresting people who don't deserve it and/or doing anything that would compromise a grand jury's ability to discern whether a person should be indicted...admittedly I don't know what all could happen in between arrest and grand jury to decrease chances of indictment, but somewhere in the legal system, there is fault...

Anonymous said...

I just came here to read the comments.....and I brought popcorn.

Anonymous said...

"Grat of Lust at UMMC"

I have never seen this charge anywhere unless it involved a minor. The only minors at UMMC are pediatric patients, so this charge is even more serious than usual (sick kids being more vulnerable than healthy kids). The accused might be a state employee or a visitor.

Anonymous said...

"... in the Land of Brick and Honey. Please let me know which feaux-rich, bland neighborhood I should be looking for houses in - preferably one that sounds like a French chateau or maybe one that is arbor-themed."
May 29, 2015 at 9:13 AM

What on Earth are you talking about? "French Chateau" is "bland"? Do you even know what "bland" MEANS? Do you think that all the dinky "Colonial homes" in Jackson are GENUINE? (and not "bland"?) You think they're NOT just bad copies of traditional styles and then-current 'Contemporary' trends? There are a few wonderful structures from the Federal, Victorian, and Modern eras in Jackson. And they're genuine, since they were built while those styles were evolving. But for the most part, Jackson has "Salt Box", "Georgian", and "Contemporary" houses which were built on-the-cheap, with little to recommend them aesthetically. And they are "faux" since they were NOT built during the Georgian/Colonial/Tudor periods they emulate. AND, for the "Colonial" styles, BLAND WAS THE OBJECTIVE. Being as bland as possible conferred (in the minds of the newly-middle-class residents of Jackson) legitimacy. People with no background could maybe pass themselves off as 'Nice People', if they had a home that was 'bland & Colonial' enough. "They don't have thangs that's too fancy." "They" meant Old Money, or the 'Real People'. "They don't lak thangs that's 'too much'".

Our first house was in Belhaven. The Doyenne of our street, owner of the biggest house on our street, used to stop and chat with us. "We built these houses BIG & CHEAP. And now, you kids are carrying-on about them like they're something special." There ARE some VERY special houses in Belhaven, but most of them, including the 'old family homes' of some "prominent" families, are just plain Saltbox-from-stock-plans, and painfully basic. If you google images of the houses in notoriously dreary and un-classy Levittown, New York, you'll see that a Levittown Colonial-style house has vastly MORE style than most of the middle class 'Colonial' homes built in Jackson.

New houses in places like Madison generally reflect reactions AGAINST 'Dinky Colonial' and the blandness of Fifties/Sixties/Seventies/Eighties 'Contemporary'. (Contemporary is a watered-down, mass-market, impure form of Modern).

Construction standards for all new houses (except for the very best homes of the very, VERY rich) are much lower than they were, back during the era of fine traditional carpentry. And available materials have changed: mostly not for the better.

But honestly: do you really think that the stylistically-vague and cheaply-built "Fabulous Dream-homes!" constructed in Jackson, during the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties are less "faux" than what's in Madison and Brandon? Just within the Country Club of Jackson, I can think of a great many UBER-faux "Chateaux". And I can think of one utterly grotesque Seventies "Chateau" in the best part of the Woodland Hills area, too.

That said, there are a great many extremely beautiful homes in Jackson. But that can be said of Madison, also. Fact is, the same demographic group (often the same individuals, and mostly the same families) who fashioned the lovely homes of Jackson are fashioning the lovely homes of Madison. They have been DRIVEN FROM JACKSON, as a result of decades of Jackson crime and corruption.

We loved Belhaven, and then we loved Eastover. We were proud of our community, and considered FNEJ to offer as good a lifestyle, for people with our means, as anywhere on Earth. But the FACT is that it's OVER, for a great many of us. We just couldn't live there, anymore.

Anonymous said...

May 29, 2015 at 1:40 PM:'ve got too much time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

The people defending Downtown Jackson obviously don't work here. Cars are broken into every day. The sidewalks are plagued with panhandlers. The streets are crumbling, poorly designed, and you drink the water at your own risk. Downtown Jackson is nothing to brag about. It's just a matter of time before we have another serious crime.

Anonymous said...

You can't park on the street by my building without risking your side mirrors being busted.

There was one day a few months ago that 12 cars in a row had their mirrors busted. Directly across the street from where a Capitol police officer is on watch. Allegedly on watch.

thusbloggedanderson said...

Gratification of lust - silly name for a form of child molestation.

The definition of "fondling" is odd, tho: "fondled" means for the purpose of gratifying his or her lust, or indulging his or her depraved licentious sexual desires, to handle, touch or rub a person with hands or any part of his or her body or any member thereof.

So if you get off on shaking hands or high-fiving, don't touch any kids, you sicko.

Shoot On Sight said...

So, are you dimwits suggesting that all of these detentions and arrests were due to the stupidity of the police and none of them had merit. That's what it appears.

Anonymous said...

So, are you dimwits suggesting that all of these detentions and arrests were due to the stupidity of the police and none of them had merit. That's what it appears.

Why would dumbshits like you suggest that? Who is condemning the police here?

Anonymous said...

1:40, yours is one of the better comments I've read on here in a long time, and I've been reading for years.

Anonymous said...

Vote Stanley Alexander Tuesday, August 4th. We have a choice to change this at the ballot box.

-w said...

It is pretty clear we are damning the DA and all of the support staff that works for him. We are damning judges that work outside their authority/scope (W. Kidd) and we are damning you for your ignorance 7:02, 11:29 and any others that come to the defense of "it's only 4 people" mentality. You say move out and my problems will be over? Clearly you have not seen the news coming out of chicago; or detroit for that matter. Crime follows means, the means have moved out of Jackson; ergo crime follows people into Madison, Clinton, Flowood, Brandon, Byram.

Try this go to google type in: Police Chase ends in Jackson

It is because of comments of Lindsey Horton and Kenneth Stokes criminals believe they can commit crimes in other areas and come back to jackson and be safe, be no-billed, hell press some buttons and it be like you are playing grand theft auto 5 and the cops or jailers just disappear. Crime in Jackson affects everyone.

Anonymous said...

It's not condemning the law officers if they don't have the tools and support they may need. It's not condemning them if they did the best they could to get the evidence they needed but just couldn't quite meet the requirements expected by the grand jury. It's not right to condemn all law enforcement when some bad apples get into the barrel as has clearly proven to be the case.

It's not fair to condemn the DA if we don't know the specifics of obstacles he might have had like witnesses refusing to cooperate or changing their story or lacking credibility on the witness stand.

We don't know if there was no room in the jail and the DA's office and judges are trying to prioritize and getting it wrong too often.

The truth is we don't have enough specifics of why things are not working well to start solving the problems.

KF's point is compelling that there are serious problems in Hinds County and too many criminals are being returned to the streets either from failure to take them to trial or being out on bond when they shouldn't be out.

And the truth is that if people who are bright and competent aren't attracted to prosecution or law enforcement or running for judgeships that's something we need to face.

And, if we will vote for any idiot just because he or she is on our party's ticket or goes to our church or is fun to be around or looks like us rather than because they are qualified for the job, we have only ourselves to blame.

Poopie Doo said...

Gratification of lust at a hospital (or nursing home) typically involves that the person allegedly 'touched' was aged, infirm or sedated. When there are no witnesses or absolute factual evidence, the allegation goes nowhere.

Kingfish said...

The purpose is to show you what goes on in your criminal justice system.

There are various reasons a case is not indicted by a grand jury.

1. Sometimes there is just no evidence. Not the prosecutors or police's fault, the case is just not there.

2. Police make mistakes but the prosecutor does not give case back to police and tell them how to fix it. The prosecutor instead gives it to grand jury. Laddarian McCray case is one example.

3. Police are not called to testify before a grand jury. Testimony of investigators can make a difference and it is not used.

4. Grand jury can some times not care about the evidence and choose not to indict.

Its hard to say why a case is no-billed without copies of the case files. However, last fall, JJ obtained some of those files and posted them for you have to have a better idea what happens in our criminal justice system.

Anonymous said...

If you don't tell us how many were actually indicted, there's no way to get an understanding about the number of no-bills. That would make better journalism. Just showing the number of no-bills looks like biased journalism, and I'm sure that wasn't your intention. And it would also be helpful to show the numbers from surrounding counties. We seem to get a lot of info on Jackson, but none from the surrounding metro counties. Or is this just a Jackson blog?

Anonymous said...

If anyone cares, I'm pretty sure the John Porter that was accused at UMC was a surgeon.

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