Saturday, August 10, 2019

James Tulp: You Can't Spell Justice without "ICE"

ICE agents worked with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Mississippi to carry out on Wednesday "the largest single-state immigration enforcement operation in our nation's history." 680 illegal aliens were detained at seven food processing plants across six cities in Mississippi- Bay Springs, Carthage, Canton, Morton, Pelahatchie, and Sebastapol.

This story would hardly crack the headlines in a just nation. “In other breaking news, it’s 95 degrees in August in Mississippi.” Unfortunately, enforcing the law is considered a noteworthy event. Full of controversy. Juicy.

A nation without borders is not a nation. A nation that doesn’t enforce its immigration laws shows a complete lack of respect for its citizens.

Illegal immigration is far from a victimless crime. Every single illegal alien already, by definition, demonstrated a complete disregard for the laws of the United States. By definition, every illegal alien in the United States is already a criminal. Many of them do not stop at entering illegally.  Illegal aliens comprise one-third of the federal prison population. In Arizona, one of the few states where the legal status of prisoners is available, illegal aliens are at least 142% more likely to be convicted of a crime than other Arizonans.

The cost of illegal immigration is immense. Illegal aliens cost US taxpayers $120 billion each year. 63% of non-Citizen households use welfare programs, compared to just 35% of native households.

Illegal immigration drives down the wages of American citizens. One of the most basic laws of economics is that when there is more of something,  its value drops. When more people enter the labor force, the value of labor goes down.

The people most negatively affected by illegal immigration tend to be lower-income black Americans. A Harvard study found "a 10 percent immigrant-induced increase in the supply of a particular skill group reduced the wages of black workers in that group by 4 percent, lowered the employment rate of black men by 3.5 percentage points, and increased the incarceration rate of blacks by almost a percentage point."

How much more would Koch Foods Inc.  pay local Mississippians if it didn’t have unfettered access to illegal labor? Much more. The best way to increase workers’ wages is not to increase the minimum wage, it’s to reduce immigration substantially.

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, an avowed Democratic Socialist, called the ICE raids “dehumanizing” and said that they are “ineffective as a tactic for protecting citizens from potential harm”. If the mayor were interested in protecting American citizens from harm, he would support the enforcement of the law.

Apparently the mayor believes any time someone touches foot on American soil, they ought to be able to stay for life. In Lumumba’s mind, America is “base” in a game of tag, except one stays forever while the benefits are awesome. What if everyone thought as the mayor? What if everyone who made it to America got to stay? How many people would come? How long would America last as a nation? These are serious questions that apparently are not worth answering.

The rule of law is the foundation of our nation. If we decide that we’re just going to look the other way while millions of people break our laws to come here, we will deteriorate as a nation.

The bottom line is no one is above the law- not illegal aliens nor the businesses hiring them. The law must be upheld and enforced. Our congressional representatives place the interests of citizens over foreigners and corporations, but that’s a story for another day.

James Tulp hosts The James Tulp Show weekdays at 7am on WYAB 103.9 FM. Check him out on his Facebook page at


Anonymous said...

Most politicians like the Mayor play on the ignorance of their base constituents. If the district is poor and black they play the race game, etc. if the district is well to do, they play the game that plays on that core base and so on. Education is the key!!!

The key to a successful life in America, is education, career, family, children in that order.

This is coming from a black retired veteran, 65 years old living in Covington County.

Anonymous said...

1. Black people at the lower end of the economic spectrum are most likely to be adversely affected and lose employment opportunities because of the influx. This is just fine with their "leadership" which can keep them in a permanent state of dependence. It's all politics.

2. As soon as the demographic shift reverses the balance of political power, the enfranchised children of the migrants will be just more poor folks to be taken for granted and used to keep their "leaders' in power. It's all politics.

3. Forget about law, order, immigration, national security, it's all about

Anonymous said...

I agree 100 % with this.
Thanks for posting this Kingfish.
I have no problem with legal aliens.
I think Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, an avowed Democratic Socialist, is a stereotypical Democratic zombie with no cognative abilities.

Portia said...

This is so obvious, so true, so utterly logical—the pity is that it needed to be written at all. The USA has gone absolutely bat-shit crazeee over the “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” idea. The ICE raid should have been unnecessary, as those 680 people should have been shipped right back where they came from immediately. It is going to take many raids like this to get the point across, and so be it. Whatever it takes.

What’s the big deal about “the children”? Send them back too! Families reunited—IN GUATEMALA, etc.

Anonymous said...

The celebration of these raids is something I just don't get. If you want to pretend you are celebrating justice, go ahead, but we know better.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see that little latin girl crying for her papa I say to myself To hell with law, borders, and the constitution, a little girl is crying! and I wonder how you white nationalist monsters can think anything different.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tulp's article right up to the point when he said the rule of law is the foundation of our nation; how naive a statement to make. The Clinton Crime Machine has been operating above the law, and with impunity ever since they came on the political scene; and it appears their latest dirty work was carried out in a New York jail cell to cover Slick Willie's preference for young women.

And CNN is blaming Epstein's death on...wait for it...the Russians!

Anonymous said...

When we pack up and go back to Europe and return the land to those we stoke it from, we can write articles like this with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

this guy offers nothing but his opinions. and opinions are like armpits everyone got them and most of them stink. in th 4th paragraph he says illegal aliens have a 'total disregard' for american law". .......maybe so. but remember mexicans went to school also and studied history. and they learned about the 'total disregard' the united states had for mexico when , during the mexican war, the USA took what is now practically the entire american west away from mexico. im looking forward to hearing from all the all the learned, JJ , south eastern conference , north american history experts on this one.

Who Killed Jeremy? His old Blackmail Bosses. said...

You had to work Epstein and the Clintons into your comment huh? Well you are so far off. Stick to the topic. James Tulp worked hard on his essay. It was good and I liked it.

Keep up the good work James

Anonymous said...

" And CNN is blaming Epstein's death on...wait for it...the Russians! "

Hah !

My very first though was this was not a suicide, but a murder.

But back on the Sip' ICE roundup.

The local news outlets are screaming about the poor Sheer-uns (AKA children)

Give me a break.

Thank God for ICE, and I'm glad the left is having another meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:28, what if that was another ethnicity than what that little girl was that was crying for her Papa and he had been killed by an illegal alien? Would you feel the same way? Remember, it’s just a matter of time before we have an influx of terrorists in this country. Or, that may be the case already. So what will you say when you see kids of different ethnicities crying for their parents that are killed when we have a terrorist attack?

The churches that send missionaries to the Central American countries really need to start doing their mission work in their communities instead of getting face time on the big screen on Sunday morning and trying to say they are doing God’s work. Remember a couple of hundred years ago George Washington and a lot of others, yep we know, racists, stood up against King George. That turned out pretty good. Even when the continental soldiers marched in below freezing temps to fight the English with no shoes and their feet burst open because of the frigid temps. Think about them and the ideology they had...Appeal To Heaven! For them, we do not have to salute the Union Jack and be a subject of the crown. And I used a lower case c to spell crown....get my drift? Because they allowed immigrants to come over doesn’t mean we have to flood the nation with illegals and bring down our country.

Anonymous said...

Let's not see immigrant labor as taking any jobs away from Americans (especially minorities).

They're simply willing to work and do what others won't. We have a severe labor shortage in this country due to social programs and other safety nets.

The problem is that once they learn the system, we'll just have another demographic to support.

Anonymous said...

Baby Chokwe needs to worry about pot holes and leave other matters alone!

Anonymous said...

4:02, really? Making such a broad statement and oversimplifying such a complex issue begs further analysis. You must agree that there are two sets of legal standards in this country - one for those who respect the rule of law (regular folks), and those who flout the law (illegal aliens and elites like the Clintons).

Anonymous said...

I failed to mention an important point in my 4:18 post. Our forefathers stood up to a tyrannical king. And we became the United States. Our country gives the Central American countries billions in aid a year. Where does it go? And, why can’t they do what our forefathers did? Rise up to their corrupt leaders? Remember, only 3% of the population fought the British, and won our independence. 3%. Why can’t they do it and make great nations themselves?

Anonymous said...

Didn’t I recently read something on this site about there being more available jobs than unemployed people?

Anonymous said...

All of your ICE enthusiasts, tell me how in the hell this many hundred illegals were working in these plants in the first place. They didn't show up over night, and they weren't hired by illegals, they were hired by capitalists and its been going on for years. But we demonize the people coming here to look for a better life. There should be dozens of federal and state government workers fired on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Enforcing the rule of law for political purposes only. Have you considered that our rule of law on this issue is shit? Every country in the world that matters exploits cheap labor. Let them work here and send them back when their time expires.

But Americans need to feel safe and believe that their values are being vindicated.

Corporate America needs cheap labor. Corporate America will simply reload with new cheap labor after you feel vindicated.

So in my estimation, it's a win win for corporate America and the vindication of American values. Corporate America knowingly employed illegals, worked their ass off for years, let them establish roots here, then they are abruptly arrested to the delight of the worst generation. The I got mine F you generation.

Personally I'd rather see government focus on shit that matters such as dismantling drug cartels, movement to contact with street gangs, campaign finance reform, but wait it's all a loop created by a dysfunctional two party system that has no incentive to fix anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:28 That's the exact reaction I was hoping you would have! Suspend all thought, more are yet to come!

The photographer.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what would the Federales do to me if I was an illegal in Mexico?

Anonymous said...

3:55PM is that same socialist democrat rant about our ancestors being illegal immigrants the best you can come up with?
The people who came to this country legally in the 19th and 20th centuries were immigrants. The people who came here in the 17th and 18th centuries were conquerors. Most of the world was settled by conquest so you can get down off your soapbox on that.

The illegal aliens that you insist on calling immigrants are part of a larger plan called reconquista which is to flood the US with so many aliens that eventually they will be able to take over by force of sheer numbers. Why do you think the socialist democrats want to give noncitizens the right to vote? Have you noticed that in many places, especially public buildings, signs are in both English and Spanish?
If we allow illegal aliens to continue to flood into our country those signs will soon be in Spanish only and it will be their country.

Anonymous said...

You can always spot the right wing bubble looneys they will always bring up Clinton Conspiracies that they can never prove nor have any factual information to point to, into totally unrelated topics, they will talk about the rule of law and law and order while this administration defies subpoenas and outright lies as has been said before these modern day humanely challenged skin bags con-artist are as full of crap as the clown that occupies the wh. Most are absolute cowards that have been brainwashed by right wing hate radio, and continue to ingrain their kids whom are cowards also and seem to get some type of sick kick out of targeting un-armed civilians even so far as to shoot them in the back used to be Men had honor and wouldn't think to perform cowardly acts against innocent un-armed civilians but here we are with the all the fake tough guys that continue to target vulnerable folks in vulnerable places, i'm not sure what sick satisfaction these folks get out of seeing the vulnerable suffer, but the right is like a cult of absolute hate mongering sickos. Look at the comments of some of the right wing sickos that come on this site.

Anonymous said...

These immigrants are the new Americans. Judging by their rate of procreation they will number 100 million in just one more generation. The Democrats know this.

Anonymous said...

to 7:07am............take your big mouth down to the mississippi gulf coast and take a look at all the signs that are printed in both english and vietnamese. since you seem to be such a history expert i shouldn't have to remind you that all those vietnamese were brought here after the fall of south vietnam, by your precious republican party under tricky dick nixon.

Anonymous said...

Tulp proves again that he doesn't understand government, politics or statistics and is easily misled into believing nonsense.
For example, Mr. Tulp doesn't seem to understand that the children of illegals who are born in the U.S. ARE legal citizens but he includes them in his statistics. They are the only ones who qualify for assistance but reading the government requirements to receive assistance for the various programs is too intellectually demanding.

I would also suggest to Mr. Tulp and others that if no one hired an illegal and if the means of checking status ( which could be easily done right in the computer age) was not a joke, there would be incentive to come to the U.S. illegally.

Mr. Tulp should sit in his car outside the homes of major Trump backers in Mississippi and see who comes to work everyday. Who is cleaning the homes and being nannies and cooks and tending the gardens?

Kingfish said...

To the scumbag whose comment I didn't approve: Don't even think about pulling that doxxing crap on this website. Period.

Anonymous said...


I have a 55 year old black man that’s been tending my yard for over a decade. I employ his nephews when odd jobs pop up (fence repair, painting, facia boards replaced, etc). I have a 60 year old back maid who’s like family. She’s been coming to clean my house every Friday for over ten years. I do not employ illegals.

But hey, if it makes you feel better to tell yourself grumpy old republicans only hire immigrants, knock yourself out. It’s a lie, but at least you’ll feel better.

Anonymous said...

Wondering, why no raids on Sanderson or Tyson?

OH MY! The Children! The Children! said...

"Every time I see that little latin girl crying for her papa I say to myself To hell with law, borders, and the constitution, a little girl is crying! and I wonder how you white nationalist monsters can think anything different."

And it worked! You fell for it hook, line and sinker. She appeared as a young school kid, crying, wondering if she'd ever see her Padre again. So you hit your knees in a fit of white guilt. But, YOU didn't bring her here illegally - Her daddy did. You didn't break the law (yet) - He did. YOU weren't on the video clip laughing - HE was.

All that was missing was the image of a Teanamin Square tank about to run over her or a policeman trying to restrain a german shepherd anxious to eat her arm off. Nothing but journalistic emotionalism.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that chicken plant didn’t donate to the same campaigns as Sanderson and Tyson.

Anonymous said...

Once again, James Tulp proves himself to be the best columnist on this website. I gave up on Bill Crawford and Sid Salter and I don't even bother to read their columns anyone.

Tulp is well written and cogent in thought. No so for Crawford and Salter.

Anonymous said...

Of course he is 100% correct. We already have more legal immigrants than any other nation. If the left wants to increase that number it would be something to discuss AFTER we secure the border. Ignoring immigration laws all together is not something we are going to discuss. It's insanity.
in the meantime we need to make it less attractive to come here illegally. Illegals should get no government money of any kind, should not be allowed to open a bank account, buy real estate or autos or insurance, enroll their kids in school, obtain any kind of government license. Plus, we need to stop this insanity that says babies born here become citizens. That was something Lincoln invented for the slaves. It should have had a sunset provision. It was never intended to be misused as it is now.

Anonymous said...

"Plus, we need to stop this insanity that says babies born here become citizens. That was something Lincoln invented for the slaves."

Nope - that was Supreme Court decision 30 or 40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Tulp should run for office. He's got more sense than half those nitwits up there though that ain't sayin much.

Anonymous said...

Nullification of the law is rampant south of the border. That’s another term for anarchy. Our culture can only absorb their culture in small bits and it needs to be by invitation.

Anonymous said...

"'Plus, we need to stop this insanity that says babies born here become citizens. That was something Lincoln invented for the slaves.'

Nope - that was Supreme Court decision 30 or 40 years ago."

Nope - that was the 14th Amendment in 1868 and Lincoln did not "invent" it or draft that portion of the Amendment. It is, however, doubtful that it was intended to be used in the context of "anchor babies" by illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

Great article James! Build the wall and deport illegals!

Anonymous said...

It is ABSOLUTEY RIDICULOUS that these business owners (most of which are probably Trump supporters, btw) don't seem to be getting any sort of penalty for hiring illegal immigrants. Sure, immigrants are a problem, but it's these greedy businessmen that are the ones giving them work and giving them incentive to come over here. Republican leadership either needs to condemn and prosecute EVERYONE INVOLVED or stay out of this. Why only punish the sinner when you can also punish the devil that tempted him to do it?

Anonymous said...

When our Constitution gave citizenship to all born here, it did not foresee birth tourism, anchor babies and other such scams. All this should be cleared up by our Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

I understand Northern Mexico has an industrial area with extreme shortage of jobs and they are willing to hire those displaced families from south of there and allow them to resettle there. So far we have - 1. Families who fee Guatemala etc from gangs and crimes which child abuse. 2. Traveling through North Mexican with a child is child abuse. 3. Crossing into a foreign where you are both illegal is child abuse. 4. ICE separating the children from parents is child abuse. ? ? ? So what to be done ? Have to keep families together and send them to the resettlement areas in Northers Mexico.

For this to work, well have to deal with the concept of anchor babies which messes this all up.

Anonymous said...

We need an agreement between US, Mexico and whatever other countries to the effect that the anchor children under 5 (or whatever) can relinquishe their citizenship, in exchange for the the entire family getting a long term lease on a trailer or small house with a plot is land, along with transportation stores, daycare and to their jobs. Maybe an allowance for healthcare etc. Along with the possibility of Mexican citizenship and promises to not cross into US illegally again, and to otherwise commit no crimes in Mexico. HOW ABOUT WE EXPORT A LITTLE OF OUR CULTURE TO MEXICO !

Anonymous said...

For starters we could donate our leftover FEMA trailers, if we still have them. Provide a free bus line from residential areas to stores, daycare, and work. The factory owners who badly need more workers should catch on to this and help plan and organize it (based on common sense and need - no mbas required.)

Think of a model modern Westside Trailer slam next to the PECO plant in Canton. “An ideal Hispanic Community” right here in the US but
so underfunded by both owner companies that they are both really houses of horror. And that’s right here in the US - maybe mbas could design something finer in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

"When our Constitution gave citizenship to all born here, it did not foresee birth tourism, anchor babies and other such scams. All this should be cleared up by our Supreme Court."

Moreover, the 14th had as part of its rational that those it would make citizens were the US-born children and descendants of enslaved people brought to the US by force (then legal), forced to remain (then legal), and as a natural and predicable result, their children and descendants were born in the US. On top of which, it is debatable that many of these children or descendants could have been repatriated, for a variety of reasons, including significantly there being no known state/country to which they could be repatriated.

The "anchor baby" situation is quite the opposite. The parents of "anchor babies" "forced" their way into the country and at least arguably they are being sought so as to remove them and repatriate them to their own countries of origin (according to the law in place at the time of their illegal entry, so there can be no claim of unfair surprise). "Forced" in this case is used in the criminal law sense; it was and is illegal to enter the US without permission or invitation at a port of entry just as it is illegal to "force" your way on/into private property without permission or invitation.

There is little information as to what the drafters and citizenry might have intended re: "anchor babies" because it was not a then-contemporary concept which could have been reasonably foreseen by any reasonable person, the general evidence would strongly indicate that "anchor babies" were in no way intended to be covered by the 14th.

Lastly, in its early opinions dealing with the "born in the US" question, the SCOTUS found that ONLY children born to those LEGALLY in the US **as permanently-domiciled resident aliens** (and NOT even to those legally-but-temporarily here for other reasons such as diplomatic postings or other temporary reasons including tourists and business matters) were "birthright" citizens if they chose to claim it. This line of reasoning should provide some guidance to modern courts: those past parents were here permissively and had permission to remain and even then child's status did not alter the parents' status and even those here with temporary permission could not give birth to a citizen of the US by virtue of doing so within its borders. It is clear that early precedent would not have included "anchor babies" by those in the US illegally.

Anonymous said...

Health - And they should not be shipped all over the US without first spending 6 weeks in quarantine (and given medical treatment if needed.) Families who just walked from Guatemala to Texas couldn’t be in the best of health and may not have had access to health care at home. Separating them out and shipping them around the US is the perfect storm in terms of epidemiology.

Anonymous said...

How stupid of me - I have been thinking Trump was a Lawyer not an MBA. Must had had my head in the sand for the last 2 years. I just missed a lot, so now on rehash it could look just like anything.

Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate it if some of you historians would list past presidents 1-45 along with their education, school, and former profession. I, for one, could make better sense out of it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I am thinking that Trump never took Govt 101, nor Constitutional Law. I am feeling the mist lift and my headache clear up.

Anonymous said...

KF, Tulp is the best writer on this WEBSITE.keep em coming

Anonymous said...

to 6:31.........1. george washington, college educated, university of virginia, civilian occupation was a surveyor. look a collage of all us presidents and you will see a political party designation next to every portrait or photo except one which was washington. he never swore an allegiance to any political party. i realize that is going to ruin the day of all of the wacked out republicans and democrats on this site when they discover that washington was not one of 'theirs'. too bad , so sad. the political wack-jobs on this site, despite their degrees from prestigious SEC UNIVERSITIES, wouldn't know the constitution from a constellation . you can go to wikipedia for the other 44.

Anonymous said...

James Tulp is a fascist, a xenophobe, and a white nationalist.

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