Friday, March 4, 2016

Teams Rubio & Trump form up in Mississippi

From the email bag:

Team Trump

Donald J. Trump announces Mississippi Campaign Committee.

Jackson, MS – Mitch Tyner, Chair of the Mississippi Donald Trump Committee announces the members of the committee. They include:
Mitch Tyner Jackson, MS Attorney
Bernard Reed Brookhaven, MS Reed’s Metals, Owner
Jon Reynolds Pascagoula, MS Charter Financial Services, President
Don Halle Gulfport, MS Certified Professional Builder
Mary Hawkins Butler Madison, MS Mayor of Madison, MS
John Reeves Jackson, MS Attorney
Kendal Prewett Southaven, MS B&P Enterprises, Inc., Owner
Charles Porter Brandon, MS GuidePoint, Partner
Charles Evers Jackson, MS Former Mayor and Civil Rights Activist

The committee is a diverse group of elected officials, business owners and attorneys. The members advise the Trump campaign regarding issues important to Mississippi citizens and help collaborate regarding political strategy for the Trump campaign in Mississippi.

Trump has the strongest grassroots campaign of any Presidential candidate in Mississippi. The hard working volunteers have made calls to virtually all the primary states to date using our call centers located in Hinds, Lincoln, Adams and Desoto Counties.

Team Rubio

Rubio Campaign Announces Mississippi Leadership Team

Today, the Marco Rubio for President campaign is excited to announce the Mississippi Leadership Team. Heading into the March 8 primary, Marco has growing support among conservatives in Mississippi. 
"We are endorsing Marco Rubio today because he shares Mississippi's conservative values. Marco is a solid conservative who believes in the right to life, strong national defense, and lower taxes on hardworking American families," said Arnie Hederman, Marco's Mississippi Chairman. "Mississippi Republicans are not going to allow our party to be taken over by a con man like Donald Trump who would get destroyed in the general election. We need a nominee who will stand up for our principles while also persuading people who are not traditionally Republicans to join our cause. The stakes are too high for America to give liberals another four years in control of the White House, which is why we must nominate Marco Rubio, the candidate Hillary Clinton fears the most." 
Marco's Mississippi Leadership Team:
Henry Barbour - RNC National Committeeman
Senator Kevin Blackwell
Senator Buck Clarke
Representative Casey Eure
Former Senator Merle Flowers
Representative Mark Formby
Arnie Hederman, Marco's Mississippi Chairman
Former MSGOP Chairman Jim Herring
Mike Hurst - 2015 Republican Attorney General candidate
Chip Pickering - Former Mississippi Congressman
Ambassador Mike Retzer
Representative Noah Sanford
Kirk Sims - Former Chief of Staff, Governor Phil Bryant, pugilist, & MVP for Chris McDaniel for Senate campaign
Senator Gray Tollison
Representative Cory Wilson


Anonymous said...

Team Drumpf is a Who's Who of cuckoo, appropriately in line with their leader.

Anonymous said...

Establishment Repubs lose either way. They brought it on themselves.

Burke said...

Wonder what Charles Evers' price is these days? Probably a lot less than days of yore. $10,000?

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is not dignified enough or honest enough for the office of President.

Rubio is not experienced enough.

Kasich is the only candidate in either party with both the integrity and the experience to do the job.

Anonymous said...

it's funny to read Rubio's leadership team.....I read it as "we, the establishment GOP, are so stubborn and stupid, that we are not capable of seeing that our existence in any form, lending support to a candidate, pretty much ruins their chances of success!" i also saw where the GOP is wanting Paul Ryan to get in the race. It is amazing they don't have enough sense to see the damage they are doing to themselves.....I'm a conservative and I'm sick and tired of incumbent / establishment / party line career politicians.

Anonymous said...

Republicans just suck. They'll crow about what a con man Trump is, then happily vote for him in November... No principles at all.

Anonymous said...

Kasich?! Oh good grief. Mr. Common core?

"I consider myself the ‘Prince of Light and Hope’" Um, yea, THAT'S a good statement to make.....

"I ought to be running in a Democrat primary. I got more Democrats for me..."

that's as bad as old Mitt coming back into play. This has been making its rounds on the internet

FILING FEC-1047622
NOTE: Address is different than previously reported
2. Date: 01/30/2016
3. FEC Committee ID #: C00431171 This committee is a Principal Campaign Committee. Candidate: MITT ROMNEY / PAUL D. RYAN
Party: Republican Party
Office Sought: President
State is in District:
Affiliated Committees/Organizations
BEVERLY, Massachusetts 01915
Affiliated Relationship Code: Joint Fundraising Representative
Custodian of Records:
Title: Form 1 for
Phone # (617) 231-4350
BEVERLY, Massachusetts 01915
Phone # (617) 231-4350
Designated Agent(s):
BEVERLY, Massachusetts 01915
Phone # (617) 231-4350
Banks or Depositories
1054 31st STREET NW


MCLEAN, Virginia 22101
Date Signed: 02/01/2016

Anonymous said...

Spare us the Kasich garbage. He's run Ohio like a moderate Democrat. The crap he pulled to ram a Medicaid expansion through was not an interity move. But, alas, that is why so many MS RINOs think he's great.

Roll Me A Fat-One, Man... said...

Gotta love these 'lofters' who down Trump and assign a litany of adjectives to him. These are the same gooney-birds who think things have been just peachy for almost eight years. The same crowd that thinks Bernie had good ideas. The same crowd that thought Ron Paul had the answers. In short, the propeller-beanie crowd.

Anonymous said...

J😴hn Reeves #Kasich2016

Anonymous said...

Go Drumpf!!

Anonymous said...

Who is Angela Hill endorsing?

Anonymous said...

So John Reeves is serving with Mary Hawkins Butler, who pretty much let his brother-in-law get arrested for "trumped" up charges which ended in his suicide? Great family get together talk coming up.

Anonymous said...

Surprised at Corey Wilson.

Anonymous said...

All these idiots posting and not one mention of their favorite target, McDaniels (that's how they think his name is spelled).

YES YES YES ... Blow the GOP UP said...

NYT: Rank and File Republicans Tell Party Elites: We’re Sticking With Donald Trump

“We know who Donald Trump is and we’re going to use Donald Trump to either take over the G.O.P. or blow it up.”

[AND] that is what happens when election after election the Republicans say one thing to get elected then get inside the Beltway and vote 180 degrees opposite what they told the folks back home they were going to do.


Meanwhile... said...


Anonymous said...

It is very hard for the life long politicians to understand people are tired of electing the same people and not getting what they really need.
The republicans are trying their best to loose the election thinking they can force the people to back someone no one wants.
The democrats are trying to elect a criminal who may be arrested before the election.

The only person left standing will be Bernie. All he has to do is stay in and wait. The democrats and republicans will do the rest for him.

Anonymous said...

Mitch Tyner? ROFL

This is Donald's skill in hiring good people?

And, Charles Evers? Are you kidding me?

Rubio's is almost as insane a collection of people, who when locked in a room together, couldn't get along!

This is hysterically funny!

Anonymous said...

"get inside the Beltway and vote 180 degrees opposite what they told the folks back home they were going to do."

Trump: "Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump backed down Friday from claims that he would order the U.S. military to waterboard militants and carry out other acts that violate international law, as the top general in the U.S. military was asked to weigh in on Trump’s previous remarks."

"Trump reversed himself on a key part of his immigration platform, calling for an increase in visas for highly skilled foreigners. “I’m changing,” he said."

He's never been in DC, but he's been Democrat "mainly" in his own words and is already flip flopping. Or, is it some rational thought and advice being taken?

He's no different.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that anyone believes in and supports either party. What a mess...

Please Join Us said...

Friends Of Anarchy
P.O.Box 16436
Ridgeland, MS 38762

Third organizational meeting tomorrow, Sunday, March 6 at Madison McDonalds
6:45 a.m.
Election of officers
Presentation of Field Plan

It is our goal to turn this country around by first turning it upside down. Be part of the effort. Get in on the ground floor. Bring a friend. Complimentary biscuits and coffee. We should adjourn no later than 10:00 a.m.

Dress is casual.

North side said...

What in the world is Friends of Anarchy ??

about ROMNEY post above-- Old News--
That FEC filing originated in 2011...

My opinion-- Romney is being used as a mouthpiece. No idea what the goal is. Don't really care.

Goonie Bird Lofter said...

March 4 @6:35 is a third-rate commenter. I admire @6:35 for trying but it's really kinda sad. That's what everyone is saying. Everyone. I will be adding my own comment very, very, very soon and it will be the best comment you have ever seen. I am a great commenter. People ask me all the time to stop commenting so great because it's just too great. They say "Enough with the great comments!" "They are too great!" but I can't help it. I'm really very very smart and write great comments. But @6:35? A disaster.

Kingfish said...

And you know what? They are beautiful comments too. Totally first class. They are comments to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

March 4 @6:35 may be a third-rate commenter but we will never know as there isn't such a post.

Anonymous said...

Endorsements from Barbour lovers Brownback, Roberts and Dole frames Rubio going down in Kansas flames. Nobody is listening to you establishment Repugnantcans. Nobody.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is an insult to my perceived intelligence:
1) all politicians are 'corrupt'; there aren't any purity ponies in politics.
2) Bernie supporters don't understand economics. Raise the fed. Minimum wage and all you'll do is raise the cost of living and kill small/independent businesses. A good portion of said min. Wage will go to gov't and be taxed at least at 22% (probably more- a lot more). If you want to give more of your money to Government, then you are a dumbass and haven't been around long enough nor do you live in the real world.
3) Hillary's husband signed NAFTA & 'tough on crime' bills -completely destroyed America. We are seeing the fruits of those actions now.
4) Rubio is a prima Donna little bitch. Hell no. Completely groomed by the establishment.
5) Ted Cruz is a master manipulator and in my purview a Canadian communist insurgent bitch slapped around by Goldman Sachs.
6) Trump is having a midlife crisis.

Anonymous said...

Friends of Anarchy?

I hope you'll come up with examples of how well anarchy has worked!

Please don't include our Revolution. The reason we didn't have anarchy is because those guys were smart enough to have an idea what government should look like!

Are you meeting to elect a future dictator? Or are you just planning to destroy everything around you?

Anonymous said...

Interesting how Rubio's MS campaign is made up of largely politicians and Trump's are mostly business professionals.

Forward The Dem Colors said...

Gooney Bird is such a 'great commenter' that he can't even get the time stamp correct. It's close enough for a lofter though. All that matters is he tried. Still gets a trophy for participating.

Anonymous said...

When will people decide our way of electing leaders is out of date and a gathering place for crooks?
It would be very easy to make it a simple process.
Get rid of all parties. Pick a day for elections in all states.
The person with the most votes is president and the person in second place is vice president.
See how simple it could be?

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, I want to give you quick props for your insightful description of Kirk Sims. Truly made me laugh out loud. He tried hard to win that MVP title.

Kingfish said...

On, there is a funny story I could tell about him getting chewed out two days after the primary but I can't. Let's just say he got shoved into the back room and kept there.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line for any Mississippi Republican who wants to stop Trump you've got to take the opportunity right here, right now and send a message nationally on Tuesday by voting for Ted Cruz. After yesterday it is clear that a vote for Rubio or Kasich is a wasted vote if you want to stop Trump.

Anonymous said...

RE: @12:51 PM

New York Times

What in the world ever happened to Marco Rubio?

To the Rubio who was supposed to be the party’s savior and hope, I mean. The Rubio who made donors’ hearts beat faster. The Rubio they kept foisting on Republican voters, except that the donors didn’t see it as foisting. They saw it as benevolent instruction in which candidate was really best for all involved, which candidate could deny Democrats a third consecutive term in the White House.

Rubio is essentially the Christmas fruitcake of the 2016 cycle: presented as a gift, received as something neither appetizing nor especially nutritive.

Anonymous said...


“Super Saturday” ended up being a Saturday night massacre for Marco Rubio. The establishment’s landslide choice to win the GOP nomination no longer seems capable of even finishing in second place. If the Florida senator wants to salvage his political career, it is time that his quixotic quest for the White House comes to an end.

Anonymous said...

Nate Silver:’s how I’d score the evening relative to expectations on the GOP side. I mean that in a more precise way than when the term “expectations” is usually invoked. Specifically, I mean that if you’d drawn up a list of plausible outcomes this morning and ranked them from best (10) to worst (0) for each candidate, how would candidates fare by that measure?

Ted Cruz — 9 out of 10. Huge win in Kansas, unexpected win in Maine, and unexpectedly close to Trump in Louisiana, with results suggesting he might even have won if not for early votes. Cruz’s loss in Kentucky was also narrow — he came much closer to Trump, for example, than he did in Tennessee on Super Tuesday. Not quite a “best case scenario” but not more than one step removed from it.

Anonymous said...

WAPO: Ted Cruz’s huge surge in Election Day voting in Louisiana

This suggests that the shift probably wasn't a function of Ted Cruz's (clearly strong) get-out-the-vote effort. Field efforts like that result in relatively limited swings, and it's hard to see how they could have run a hugely successful turnout effort throughout the state uniformly.

Instead, this looks like the state of Louisiana bailed on Marco Rubio in favor of Ted Cruz. Which could explain why Cruz is targeting Florida all of a sudden. On Saturday night, Donald Trump called for Rubio to drop out of the race. If he can repeat what he did in Louisiana in Florida in just over a week, Cruz will take Rubio out himself.

Anonymous said...

12:59 and 1:20....Thank you Kingfish for both posts.

Kingfish said...

12:59 wasn't me. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Louisiana early votes:

Trump 46.7%
Cruz 22.9%
Rubio 20.1%
Kasich 3.7%

Louisiana election day votes:

Cruz 40.9%
Trump 40.5%
Rubio 9.4%
Kasich 6.8%

Anonymous said...

All this hand ringing for nothing Cruz is the guy. Has always been the guy for 2016. The career politicians hate him because he wants to shrink the size of the federal government and get it out of our every thought and deed.
In a one on one debate he would destroy Trump or Hillary. I hope he gets the chance to do both. The next conservative president must be able to speak directly to the voters like Reagan did. This is how you get congress to agree with conservative principals - you appeal directly to the voters. It should be easy to explain why everything Oboma has done is bad for the country and bad for it's people. Seems like everyone knows this but cannot verbalize it. Cruz can. He will. And he won't back down.

Anonymous said...

The Draft Gov. Phil Bryant for President 2016 P.A.C. will meet high noon tomorrow at the Madison Chick Fil A. Big Crowds expected so comment below if you plan on attending. Leadership team to be announced soon. #MakeAmericaMississippi #PhilIsBigToo #Phil2016

For The People said...

Gubment-Is-Too-Big-Cruz reminds me of We-Gonna-Defund-Obamacare-Harper.

Meanwhile - This Just In from the Commercial Appeal: Thad Cochran's handlers announce they have planned a farewell tour for him. He will be making appearances at 54 black churches throughout Mississippi to thank them for keeping him in office. There will be no charge to attend but a love offering will be had. Speaking of being had...

Anonymous said...

Who will be leading him around this time?

Anonymous said...

A vote for Kasich is a wasted vote.

Youngstown, Ohio: We are seeing something this election cycle I’ve never seen before to this degree,” said board Chairman Mark Munroe, who’s also the county Republican chairman. “Every day I take phone calls or get voice messages from people saying they’ve been Democrats all their life and they’ve had it. They want to vote for Donald Trump. I’m surprised at the volume of inquiries we’re getting. It’s remarkable.”

Get serious Mississippi. Make a statement. Only Ted Cruz can stop Trump.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

John Kasich finds out tomorrow what Jill Ford learned last year.

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