Thursday, March 24, 2016

Vance defends JPD on Clinton police chase.

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance called out the media for "erroneous" reports about JPD's participation in a Clinton police chase of a shoplifting suspect into Jackson Monday night.  The chase ended when the suspect crashed into a car driven by Lonnie Blue, Jr. at the intersection of Tennessee and Capitol Street. Chief Vance held a press conference yesterday to dispute Clinton PD's statements that JPD participated in the case.  It was also announced at the press conference that JPD will charge driver Donald Jones with second degree  murder once he is released from UMMC for the death of Lonnie Blue, Jr.

Chief Vance said he was "really troubled by a report on WJTV" that said a JPD cruiser actually participated in the chase. He said the JPD cruiser was going in the opposite direction and not participating in the chase.  He said WJTV was "100% erroneous".  Chief Vance said Clinton PD did not notify JPD about the chase until it reached its tragic end.  He said a JPD officer saw the chase in progress and called JPD dispatch.  He said JPD then called Clinton PD dispatch to see what was taking place. He said CPD told JPD that CPD officers were chasing a shoplifting suspect driving a car with a switched tag.  He said JPD cars did not participate in the chase by blocking intersections as claimed by Clinton PD.   Chief Vance said "there was no call ahead asking for assistance." Earlier post with video of chase and CPD-issued timeline of events.

JPD released this memo that stated its version of the contacts between JPD and Clinton PD regarding the chase. 

Meanwhile, Clinton PD Interim Chief Michael Gill issued its own statement yesterday:

“My statements at the press conference were based on what I heard and saw in the dash camera recording as well as officer reports. In the video you can hear the CPD officer asking dispatch to notify JPD and HCSO. The dispatcher responds ‘Already notified.’ It is clear from video that JPD knew about the pursuit before the wreck.”

“This is a tragedy. Our hearts and prayers are with the Blue family. Going forward we will direct our discussions with JPD regarding this incident and I hope we can continue to work together with them to make the metro area safer.”


Anonymous said...

Kenneff's city gonna half to split the 100 million dollar lawsuit. so much for fixing the water.

Anonymous said...

Um you park in the opposite direction so a spike strip can be deployed.

Anonymous said...

Burglary suppression detail where we don't chase criminals.

What a JOKE!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vance is splitting hairs on the subject of who called who, by his own timeline JPD was aware of the wreck several minutes in advance. The JPD dispatcher is the one who screwed up, after finding out what was going on, she got an attitude and hung up; instead of getting information (the most important job of a dispatcher.....)It's also worth noting that JPD knew about the pursuit within 5 mins of the pursuit starting (so maybe 1-2 mins of being within Jackson?). Unless the audio has been clipped, I count nearly 3 mins between when the JPD dispatcher is told what is going on, and when she actually relays the information to her officers. Most places that would be a big problem!

Anonymous said...

just like if you slip and fall in kroger and file a claim on kroger's insurance...the city liability of jackson will also have to pay since the accident happened in jackson.

it's sad that we are putting a price on human life--but its done every day. the family should negotiate a settlement with the insurances of clinton, jackson--and the thugs (if any) they are likely to get a fairer amount there than in the court

it's pretty clear that clinton is releasing video and such--and i'm sure their dispatch will not lose the audio with JPD saying they had been notified

on other matters--the police officer at the end..he's for real and really puts blame where it lies

Anonymous said...


This officer "got involved" and JPD is now saying that he just "happened upon it"... yeah right! His radio can and does hear Clinton PD. He knew what was happening. But to make sure Jackson doesn't get sued they need to say that he just happened upon it. He did this not once... but twice?!?!

Now they want to press charges... now they want to "get involved"??

Anonymous said...

Clinton PD = "Serve and Protect Wal-Mart's profits at the expense of someone's life."

Anonymous said...

9:16=defend thugs. what--are you related or was your dealer involved in the crash?

Anonymous said...

If Jackson PD was NOT involved then why on the audio clip at 4:14 does the JPD officer notify his dispatch the Clinton PD had a wreck. I thought Chief Vance said they found out about the wreck and the pursuit after the wreck when Clinton PD called?? The JPD officer clearly was there to witness the wreck... that means they were involved

Anonymous said...

It is time for surrounding communities to stop Jacksonians from entering their cities.

Anonymous said...

Jackson is a safe city for criminals. Move if you can, hunker down if you can't. Buy two metal security doors for the front & back. Buy this new screen for windows that are bullet and cut proof. Get high resolution security cameras. Deduct all of these expenses off your taxes as home improvement. Get a concealed carry permit and keep a handgun on you at all times. Write every state, federal senator & congressmen & women and complain about the crime infestation in Jackson. Write every business in Jackson expressing why they should move out of Jackson. Write every Hinds County supervisor & city consul men with all the people & business you wrote to on your letterhead.

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement in surrounding counties should show cars with Hinds county tags the same respect as the elected officials show law enforcement. If they can't chase them at least try to contain them in Hinds county.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about the wall Kennuf said Clinton put up. If there is a wall around Clinton, it ain't working to keep Jackson trash out!

Anonymous said...

@9:16 AM

a.k.a. as "ignorant".....

People performing simple theft usually don't engage in high-speed chases with police. If you knew anything about the situation at all before letting your political/social/criminal justice views rattle off your sarcastic response, you'd know that the suspect they chased was coincidentally wanted for 2nd Degree Murder. That is why the suspect was running, and that is also the reason that the chase into Jackson "the Criminal Safe-Haven" was justified.

Long story short.... get ya facts skrate.

Anonymous said...

I think it is clear that Vance has lied about this situation. Also JPD dispatch has been known to take their sweet time passing on calls to the officers on the street. How many times have we heard about someone calling 911 and getting no response from JPD officers. Its not the officers but rather dispatch.

Anonymous said...


You jack a** he was charged with 2nd degree murder because of the accident.

Anonymous said...

I believe someone has put a bug in Lee Vance's ear. Something similar to, "If you want to keep your job, you will agree with us and say what we tell you to say". Third world Jackson has turned into a safe haven for criminals; they do not want law enforcement from any other jurisdiction coming into Jackson City limits and arresting their criminals. What a sad day for our once beautiful, safe Capitol City!

Anonymous said...

I know where Tump can prototype that wall.

Anonymous said...

12:46 or Cruz with body scanners. Residents of certain Jackson wards could be tracked when they leave their wards-even to other parts of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Vance is half asleep on a good day. If someone would not tell him what is going on he would walk around in more of a daze than he usually does. Someone please wake him up.

Anonymous said...

JPD is guilty of the same high speed chase for
a non-violent crime resulting in an innocent individuals
I believe August of 2000, Jamie Boyll had her life taken by
someone writing "hot checks"and running from JPD.
Near Highland Village

Anonymous said...

Watch the video. WATCH THE VIDEO. I originally thought this was a spontaneous police chase of stubborn perpetrators from the Clinton Wal-Mart down Hwy 80 into the Clinton Blvd.-Capitol Street intersection where an unfortunate driver was killed. Not so. Watch the video. This was the high speed grand tour of west Jackson residential side streets chasing a crazed fool who jumped sidewalks crossed lanes, medians, curbs, etc. and was obviously not going to stop until stopped by an obstacle. At several points in this "chase" any prudent person had to know this thing would end in a collision. I suppose the Clinton police officers were just banking on a one-car collision. But oops. I fully support the police, their service and do not think they should back down, but I do strongly suggest that every dangerous encounter with criminals requires it's own consideration of the risks to the public. Here the CPD failed. Perhaps even the JPD. We'll see. Defending THIS incident is blind-ass wrong.

Anonymous said...

So JPD got into a chase today over a property crime and shot at the offender.....

Anonymous said...

Madison has the first reported case of the Zika virus in Mississippi. Keep y'all dirty asses in your city.

Anonymous said...

The city of Jackson's stance on these things will come back to haunt them. When the city fails to respond to the aid of Jacksonian in need because of their political warring with surrounding cities all of these news conferences will be valuable evidence against the city of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

JPD will not go after criminals anyway. Vance is covering his a@#

Resumes Being Accepted said...

Vance does indeed appear to be half asleep every time he faces a camera.

I forget how many chiefs Jackson has had in the past twenty years. Something like fourteen? Look for Vance's head to roll soon if not earlier. What the hell. He can cash in PERS and move to Madison.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had any dealings with JPD dispatch? I have on almost a daily basis. I can promise you this is the kind of stuff I deal with. Their dispatch is HORRIBLE.

Key The Mic - Pops Gum said...

Bitching about JPD Dispatch is like complaining about the girl in the first window at McDonald's. Look at the applicant pool, minimum qualifications and selection process. These people are one-step removed from cab dispatch.

Anonymous said...

It's apparent that some of you cannot interpret what you see and hear and invent scenarios that don't exist.
2:55 pm is correct.
It's rather obvious the JPD car was going in the opposite direction and was nearly hit. He is at an angle and obviously not there to block anything or set down spikes.
Some of you actually support what Vance says about notification, but apparently don't realize you are doing so!
Hatred makes people stupid or is it just that those you are prejudiced are simply blind and deaf?

Anonymous said...

JPD was notified about the chase. Vance was just asleep. It takes him a while to wake up and see what is going on around him. We are still waiting for that to happen.

Anonymous said...

Just because a JPD Officer witnessed the wreck doesn't mean he or she was involved. Not taking up for CPD or JPD but what is JPD supposed to do if a pursuit that they are not a part of enters their jurisdiction? Run? Hide? What exactly are the expectations? If they run and hide what does that say? They are avoiding something volatile in their city. If they stay and observe...Is that responsible? Yes. Is blocking intersections a sign of JPD's involvement or a sign of common sense by keeping cross traffic from colliding with this rolling mess... They CANNOT just sit idly by as this transpires...It IS their job to protect citizens and by running away so that nobody can claim they were part of a chase they would be avoiding their duties...

This is getting silly.

Also, I would be willing to be that there is NO THREE minute lag time from when a CPD dispatcher gets info to when it is sent to the CPD officer. JPD has had this issue LONG LONG LONG

Anonymous said...

2:09 pm JPD has re-evaluated their policy on police pursuits in the years since Jaime's death.

That tragedy and the death of another prominent woman, Peggy Wilks, a few years before added to the pressure on JPD to re-evaluate. Peggy was stopped at a traffic light when the vehicle being pursued crashed into her. It was just before Christmas and Peggy was among many shopping for gifts.

I want to make clear that both women had done all they could to be out of the way.

Some of us who were friends with one or both women bothered to ask ourselves if there were better options available to law enforcement that would reduce risks. We asked ourselves if the number of deaths in Mississippi were in line with national statistics and if not, why not.

We weren't into assigning blame. We were quite certain that the police officers involved in these chases were equally devastated by these tragic outcomes and that their lives were also altered.

Training for those pursuing is important. It's not just the driving skills needed for the officers but also being trained to know when a pursuit should be called off.

Pursuits into residential neighborhoods and high traffic areas are not acceptable except in very exceptional circumstances that wouldn't include chasing a property thief. That would be especially true when it becomes clear that the driver being pursued doesn't have good control of the vehicle.

Just as training with a fire arm in special circumstances is important, so is training in a vehicle. Repetitive training, be it that of a soldier or police officer, improves the reaction when adrenaline is high and the situation is chaotic.

And, those police departments that implemented strict guidelines for police pursuits and trained their officers accordingly found it did not reduce their arrest percentages but rather increased those percentages in a positive way ( example: Miami/Dade).

I changed my view on police pursuits when I couldn't conclude that my friends' deaths served a higher purpose...making their much loved communities safer. I hope those of you emotionally reacting don't ever find yourselves having to reach the same conclusion. You may end up wondering if you should have learned more and chosen a different view on the issue before it was too late to avoid the loss of a friend or family member.

Anonymous said...

How long did it take you 8:37 to write all of that?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't really matter and they, we can argue this point all day long, but at the end of the day Jackson is a @&&) hole and everyone knows it. Go look at all the big businesses that have left and gone to Rankin or Madison, why because we handle business over there and these thugs know this. "The guys business, his property is not important" so go steal and kill because if you run they can't chase, they wouldn't want to hurt anyone. The events from the other night were a tragic thing but don't blame the police for upholding the law, blame that idiot for causing this tragic moment. And poor Lee Vance he's just a yes boy. Ask why he was looked over so many times and then when the city ran out of options they appointed him chief. He's Stokes puppet!! Well citizens y'all enjoy what you live in because until you all really stand up for your city and get these leaders to untie the hands of the police you will continue to be a &&$& hole.

Anonymous said...

Come on Vance. Your house is on fire and you can't wake up long enough to put out the fire. Other people are trying to help you but your buddy sweating stokes has made a puppet out of you. Wake up and grow a set. Put a few criminals in jail.

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