Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jackson Rising: "True monarchs groom their successors."

Jackson Rising is back. The "progressive" group advocating the Jackson-Kush plan posted a video online spelling out their views in no uncertain terms.  June Hardwick and her partner call for a boycott of all businesses in all of the cities surrounding Jackson.  You can't make this up.  Blacks who disagree with this crowd are internalizing "white supremacists".  Everything is a Klan plot. Kali Akuno produced the video.   Watch it for yourself.  A roadmap of sorts is posted below if you don't want to watch the whole video.  Pour a drink and enjoy. 

5:50: Hardwick says Baker-Donelson didn't want to lose airport contract to those who were "enslaved". Uses the word "plantation".
6:25: Hardwick says where whites appoint blacks who "appear to be black, where on the inside they share the interests of white supremacists."
7:25: If Harkins bill passes, airport "will be controlled by white supremacists".
8:11: Here comes the Jackson-Kush plan
8:55: Building of wastewater treatment plant on Rankin County is part of the assault.
10:25: Hardwick says Josh Harkins is a lobbyist for Flowood. Um, he is the elected representative for a good portion of Flowood citizens. The SOS website states Flowood has no lobbyist nor any lobbyist named "Harkins".  But then, it's June Hardwick.
12:07: Calls the capital complex an attempt to take over Jackson.  This woman honestly has no concept of dollars and cents or revenues and expenses.  Jackson provides the infrastructure, police, and fire services to the capital complex.  The city gets no tax revenue from those properties.  Jackson is getting off the balance sheet expenses.  But then again, financial management is rarely thought of by this crowd.
12:43: Hardwick asks if Jackson will "elect Chokwe Antar Lumumba in 2017".
13:16: Got to post anti-segregation flyers.  Wave that bloody shirt.
14:01: Co-host says Jackson blacks should "economically divest" and not spend money in the burbs.  He says Madison is 15-18,000 people. Um no, it's over 25,000. He says Flowood and Pearl combined may have 30,000. Guess again. Pearl is 25,000, Flowood is 8,000.  

"You put all of them together and they are not even a third of the size of Jackson." I told you this crowd was no good at math.  Ridgeland (24,000), Richland (7,000), Brandon (22,000), Clinton (25,000), Florence (4,000) and the previously mentioned burbs add up to over 140,000 in population and that is not counting residents of of the unincorporated Reservoir area.   Jackson is 173,514 in 2010.  Figure at least 3,000 people live on Rankin side of the Rez.  The burbs are 82% or more of Jackson's population.  Genius.  But wait, our census expert engages in Million Man Math and says there are another 20,000 in Jackson who don't show up on the census. Ooooooooook.  Jackson is the only city that has citizens unaccounted for in the census.

15:10: burbs are just towns, not cities.
15:40: Jackson (blacks) must use its economic power to punish the burbs and boycott.  Um, have you noticed how many blacks have moved out of Jackson to the burbs? Are you capable of saying the words "black flight"? Do you even acknowledge its existence?
15:55: Saks in Pearl shut down because Jacksonians were not shopping at that store. Yes, every time a retail store closes in the burbs, its because Jacksonians aren't shopping there. You can't make this up.
17:00: Hardwick says "Jackson has a very diverse population" and then defines diverse as a "black upper, lower, and middle class".  Guess what June, your black middle class is moving out of Jackson and can't do it fast enough.
17:40: Hardwick calls for boycotts.
20:45: Black politicians who don't agree with him "internalize white supremacist mindsets".  Such a nice phrase.  It allows him to disqualify anyone who disagrees with him.  These people are not capable of an informed debate.  If you disagree with them, you are a "white supremacist" or a white supremacist wannabe if you are black.
21:29: Refers to America as the U.S. Empire.  Sho' nuff.
22:29: Hardwick says "we have not elected the right blacks into office".  Funny. I have heard white folks say the same thing but from a different perspective.
22:40: Hardwick says " We have to do a better job of grooming our leaders. True monarchs groom their successors..... We are living in a heavily oppressed society..."
 24:45: Says Harkins, Mark Baker, and Governor put Mayor Tony Yarber in office.  Please, make it stop.  This is simply too much.  He is fighting them right now over the airport. Period.  She says they are "pulling his strings and manipulating him".


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the road-map. There's not enough whiskey in the world to get me through watching that video.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea. Stay in Jackson, PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

You really have to sit back and say" they are too dumb and they can't really help it" if we were on a ship and had to throw sh$t overboard to keep the whole ship from sinking, Jackson would be the first thing to be thrown overboard ...and for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

Stores in the cities of Madison, Ridgeland,Flowood, ect would love for Jackson folk to keep their business at home.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the number of whites that own businesses in the burbs. Hell a lot of baker Donaldson highest positions are citizens of jackson. I am a resident of NE Jackson and I hire people from Clinton flowood and seems a lot from city of ridgeland. I don't care about color or place of residency. But then again I'm not a racists

Anonymous said...

Why the black population of the US doesn't support Trump is a mystery. As a declining and failing minority they should fully support the limiting of the generally hard working (and anti-black) Hispanic immigrants. They should be supporting the return to America of manufacturing jobs that have gone to Asia. They should support the limiting of HB-1 visas to highly intelligent Oriental and Indians.The Black leadership has so ruined the thought processes of its constintuancy that they are reduced to the above. That is a shame and tragedy

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will get the Jackson thugs to boycott as well

Anonymous said...

June is also the lady that ran for city council in ward 7... she later blamed whites for not electing her... she received about 21% of the vote. She obviously didn't know the districts demographics before running. She is a total and complete moron. Can't figure out how she passed the bar exam to this day.

Anonymous said...

5:34pm is spot-on!

Anonymous said...

Move to coast or Oxford .

Anonymous said...

Please boycott the suburbs! We will be safer if you stay away, dining out will be more pleasurable, and life will just be more enjoyable without the thug element.

Anonymous said...

Hell... a lot of these people haven't a clue what they're really talking about. They demonize NE Jackson and the suburbs with no knowledge or education. It's all a bunch of made up stats to feed the people of South and west jackson. Typical fear moungering.

Hiram Walker said...

One doesn't 'pour a drink'. One 'builds a drink'.

Anonymous said...

Sound's like good advice to me.

I agree with the above comments. It would be fantastic if some Jacksonians never again crossed the Madison County line or crossed the Pearl River into Rankin.

With all of the great things going on in Fondren and this new hipster "Midtown District", why would they want to leave Hinds/Jackson anyway ?

ATTENTION JACKSON . . . Please boycott the surrounding cities !

Anonymous said...

A boycott works for us in Madison. Reduced shoplifting, no rusted hulks with Hinds plates in the parking lot - it's a win-win for everyone.

The "monarch" line is telling. Someone clue them in that we elect our leaders, and throw them out if they fail us (cf: MadCo supervisers fall 2015).

Anonymous said...

I have news. Merchants moved out to the Exurbs, because they DON'T WANT TYPICAL JACKSONIANS AS CUSTOMERS. Some shoppers are more trouble than they're worth.

So, I will echo the posters who have gone before me, and say please, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEEZE boycott Madison and Flowood!

Jackson drivers headed to and from Dogpatch Festival Marketplace are turning Lakeland Drive into something terrifying, with their awful driving. So PLEASE keep your shopping Dollars in Jacktown.

Anonymous said...

I find it quite humorous that she threatens a boycott and every reply posted above encourages that boycott.

Don't Believe the Hype said...

If you vote for C.A.L. JR, these are the folks he'll have running his administration. Believe 'DAT!

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief! There aren't enough people here to do anything.
You could probably get more crazy white folks saying stupid things at a Tea Party meeting in the 'burbs.
If there's a message here of relevance, it's that we need to fix our mental health and education systems.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi since its inception has been a place of extreme political perspective. Today we have Communists on the left and Paleo Conservative fascists on the right that are so extreme that most of the rest of our country chuckles at the "brand Mississippi." Consider the juxtaposition of Phil Bryant's confederate history month pandering play and Kenneth Stokes constant pandering to his constituency. It is those business relocation dollars/tourist dollars that I worry about us never seeing in central Mississippi. As a Black man I totally reject this perspective offered by these Jackson-Kush folks, as many of the white folks on this website have rejected the white supremacist garbage that is routinely spouted in comments, etc. Our challenge is that the silent majority in Mississippi believes that the extremes perspectives are covered by the constitution and allowed free speech, and it is these extreme voices that shape how folks view the "black perspective" in Mississippi or the "white perspective" in Mississippi. Most of us seem to have a libertarian take on the extremist that live among us, and despite my frustration I am proud to live in a state that is free and that will fight both the local, state, and federal government to allow both the white nationalist and the black nationalist among us to spew their complete nonsense. We all have the freedom to reject this and I encourage other black folks to reject this garbage as we expect our white counterparts to reject all things white supremacists.

Hateful Pineapplers said...

Does not surprise me that Madison is so full of hate, as reflected in the comments above

Rang Up Dem Sales! said...

Does this batty woman actually believe a full-out boycott, by blacks, of business in the suburbs would have any negative effect on sales? If anything, that would increase the 'perception' of safety and cause a significant rise in the incidence of 'white' shoppers.

Maybe fewer hoodies and Raiders caps would be sold and since Academy is in Jackson, and assuming black 'shoppers' know that, ammo sales would not be affected. Otherwise, this is great news!

KaptKangaroo said...

Well said March 20, 2016 at 7:17 AM. I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kingfish for posting a summary of her comments because I can't watch more than 30 seconds of that disgusting video.

Rolls Eyes said...

Well, that's comforting.

Anonymous said...

7:17 We got a deal. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting that they at no time in the video call out their brethren over their runoff voting for Thad Cochran. The bigger message would have been to let Cochran lose.

Kingfish said...

You're late.

Anonymous said...

For those of who must not have kept up, what is the meaning of "Jackson Kush". I honestly don't know. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, everyone knows the Jackson metro area suffers from too much division. I would encourage you to refrain from giving a voice to those wanting to divide our metropolitan area even further. It accomplishes nothing good, and as can be seen by the comments, people from one side of the county line uses these bad eggs to characterize the entire city.

I know other local media outlets do the same thing, but I hold you in a higher regard for a reason.

Anonymous said...

7:17 and 7:45 are right. Madison and Rankin counties are full of "hate" (that is liberal speak for those who disagree with them). So 7:17 and 7:45 should do the safe thing and avoid the hate by staying in Jackson at all times.

Calling Out Twisted Logic said...

1:47 is representative of the large number of whiners who blame Jackson's condition on those who recognize and comment on it. Ergo, Jackistan would be just fine if left to its own devices and people would just shut up and not comment.

Anonymous said...

Love the finger pointing, just what Jackson needs more of. Keep on blaming Madison and the other cities. We will continue to live with smooth streets, award winning schools, and some of the highest value property in the state. I guess we don't know what we're doing after all.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem leaving the people of Jackson to themselves. As long as the people of Jackson leave everyone one else alone.

Anonymous said...

Jackson people are not satisfied with people leaving them alone. Notice how everything is the fault of those smart enough to move out of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

According to Prince Ben, if not for the haters and nay-sayers, Jackson would easily have become a utopia.

Anonymous said...

So Sen. Harkins is a lobbyist for Flowood, I guess like Sen Horhn is a lobbyist for Jackson and anyone else he can "consult" for. How rich. This chick is stupid, Kenny Stokes stupid, but I can at least understand her when she talks. The Wanda Sykes wanna be is seriously struggling trying to keep up with the depth of vocabulary of her cohort and Black Supremacist, Capt Ahkbar or what ever African name he picked up along the road of white hate. He looks like his momma named his Enis.

Memo to Malcolm X and Sister Sledge: Jackson has had a "BLACK" mayor for 20 years. The shithole that Jackson is- is on your watch. It is all yours. You may look no further that the crook in the mirror and see who has responsibility for the decay and destruction that has fallen out once great Capitol city.

Anonymous said...

Power (she does like that word), American Empire, purposely assigning a board that is all black, and on and on. Someone has visions of grandeur. Seriously, everything they are accusing everyone else of doing, is exactly what they are advocating for themselves. No matter where you go, there will be extremists' and they come in all shapes, genders, and from all economic levels. If you are a 2nd or 3rd generation college graduate, congratulations! Now take that opportunity and use it to better yourself without having to degrade others in the process.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad to read most of these comments.
The few voices of reason are invariably shouted down.
This is why Mississippi stays on the bottom. This is why too many of our young people leave . And, it's why those who could bring economic gain too often go elsewhere or leave too soon after coming.
No one in their right mind wants to live around those who spew venom, stir the poop, and wallow in problems rather than solve them. No one likes to be around those who have an inflated view of their superiority either.
Instead of rallying around the positive and honorable and wise voices in this State that can be found in every region, race and religion, the angry, hateful and insecure voices continue to successfully drown them out.

Anonymous said...

They refer to Lumumba the same way Farrakhan refers to Elijah Muhammad. Lumumba is a near deity to them.

Anne of Green Gables said...

No, no, Ms Hardwick! No boycotts of Dogwood and Renaissance! Instead, please ENCOURAGE your peeps to steal reliable cars, and make the drive to those Retail Meccas. The prices may startle them at first, but as they will be shoplifting anyway, it hardly matters.

If they simply MUST stay away in droves from somewhere, why not boycott Fondren shops and restaurants, and teach those snooty neighborhood-revitalizers a lesson they won't soon forget? (Of course, they'll still be welcome at the Rainbow Co-op; after all, where else will they be able to buy(steal) their ginkgo biloba supplements and non-GMO tofu?)

Spots a Preachy Yacker said...

Anon - 9:05 - This blogsite is frequented, with regularity, by people like you who are ultra liberal and ultra preachy. Please let us know what, other than running your mouth endlessly, you have done or are personally doing to improve the ills you speak of.

Finger wagging and tongue wagging don't count so leave those off your list.

Frankly, you are a sideline-sitter, a non-participating observer, one who has never done a damned thing to contribute but who can walk around with a yard-stick slapping the hands of misbehaving adolescents with the best.

You might be happier enrolling in some night classes at Belhaven or Millsaps or maybe preaching temperance outside the doors of Buffalo Wild Wings.

Anonymous said...

It was over when the Lumumba was elected. It was a battle of good and evil and evil won.

Anonymous said...

9:05, Many people see the same thing you see but have decided the blame lays at the feet of others. The venom you see is something people have learned to survive. People do not want to see their tax $ taken from them and given to those who will not make the effort of working for a job. People are tired of being robbed. People are tired of seeing Jackson become a haven for criminals. People are tired of loosing their job and being replaced with a person whose only qualification is the color of their skin.
You see things one way. I see things another way.

Anonymous said...

When the assumption is that the challenges in MS start and end with Black people, who, by and large, have little economic power (ownership or "wealth") other than consumer dollars and only symbolic political power (being the Mayor of Jackson is like being the principal of, say, Wingfield high school, in terms of opportunities to succeed are few and far between- and this is a systemic and purposeful reality); there is no way that this state could ever move forward collectively. I would love to applaud and agree with March 20 7:17 am, but the false equivalent thinking in the response mires the perspective down to the muck of the current status quo. White nationalism and Black Nationalism are not two sides of the same coin. White Nationalists use violence, racist thinking and terror to dominate other people and have shown historically to do so. Black nationalists have professed a need for black people to own the resources for empowerment in their communities in response to the exploitation and domination visited upon them by unjust political and economic systems. Black Nationalism has not meant the same thing in this country as white nationalism -which is really white supremacy. Think about it, if you had watched a 26 minute video of white nationalists, you would go probably 1 minute before they start spewing about the superiority of the "white race" and the "white man's burden" of supporting a country full of minority "mongrels" and "cultural degenerates". When did Harwick or Akuno ever characterize any white people as such?

Which brings me to this point about the current policies being proposed by Sen. Harkins and his supporters. One has to ask the fundamental question that if these proposals (for the revamping of the JMAA board and the CCID board creation) have so many power brokers not in or from Jackson, why should the people of Jackson support them? Why should Jackson support a CCIS board and a JMMA board with more appointments from Phil Bryant, who was not supported by the majority people of Jackson than the duly elected mayor of Jackson? For a broader question, why would such a divestment of interest and oversight benefit Jackson locally? While the CCID board could claim that he city would get money to support infrastructure in other parts of town, the city as a whole will not reap the benefits of development in Capital and Medical corridor, which is some of the most civically and economically valuable real estate in Jackson and a large part of its future growth?

Aside from the simple explanations of many respondents on here that are underestimating the degree to which the Jackson consumer dollars support businesses in the suburbs, why would the divestment of much of the potential growth sectors of Jackson from local control benefit Jackson proper, the Metro area, and the State as a whole? Please, learn from history and not go down the road of "chopping off our collective nose to smite our face" thinking that has killed Mississippi economically and socially for nearly two centuries. Racist thinking and the 21st century social, economic, and civic development simply don't mix.

Brief Ode To A Babbler said...

Black nationalists have professed a need for black people to own the resources for empowerment in their communities in response to the exploitation and domination visited upon them by unjust political and economic systems.

I think you left some things out. We have seen a president who supports black nationalism call for tribal resistance to and confrontation with the police agencies across our country.

Any community organizer's idea of empowerment starts and ends with resistance and takeover by any means available. That was Lumumba's strategy and that is Obama's strategy. The rest of your dissertation is simply misplaced sociology-babble.

Anonymous said...


When has the president of the US called for "Tribal resistance to and confrontation with police agencies"? It seems you have characterized my post as "babble", yet your "ode" is mere projection and fantasy, with no basis in reality.

It seems you equate action for justice and against injustice with "resistance and takeover". Under this thinking,would you also frown upon instances in History like the revolutionary war, the Women's Suffragist Movement, and the Civil Rights Movement? It would appear that you simply dismiss any challenging of authority, whether it be just or unjust. Doesn't seem like a person that supports democracy, but rather fascism and autocracy. Completely Un-American.

Anonymous said...

I presume 9:05 is referring the hate being spewed by the two in the video.
That is where the hate resides.

Anonymous said...

11:50 could use a good course on grammar.

Anonymous said...

12:30, it is babble.

Anonymous said...

This thread is like a Trump rally. If you aren't a bigot, then you are a "radical liberal," inhuman, and deserve a beating. A real group of winners here.

Anonymous said...

Throw that man out.

Anonymous said...

"11:50 could use a good course on grammar."
March 21, 2016 at 1:36 PM

Actually, I think that it would take several semesters' worth of English Composition, in addition to the basics of Grammar.

Anonymous said...

5:09, can you understand what the poster was saying. If you can there isn't a problem with their grammar. If you cannot understand what they are saying I would suggest learning to read.

Saul's Rules of Disobedience said...

Anybody who has no understanding of the president's calling for resistance against the constabulary is dumber than a damned stump and about as observant as Stevie Wonder.

The first and primary rule of neighborhood agitation (some call it community organizing) is to rile up the folk, incite them to negative behavior and slink off into the alley and watch them throw rocks. The funerals, hysteria and general mayhem that follow are simply collateral damage. The movement will progress.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what is worse, an aggressive black thug with a gun pointed at me or a white liberal apologist telling me that I should feel guilty about wanting to protect myself from this kind of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

8:02, not a bit of difference in the two.

Anonymous said...

Why does Antar live behind a gate in NE Jackson?

Anonymous said...

and that the thug is validated for pulling the gun because of white privilege and inherent systemic racism. What a load of shit.

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