Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Clinton releases video of chase

Clinton police released videos of a chase that  ended in a fatality early this morning of an innocent bystander.  A controversy has arisen since the chase began in Clinton but ended in West Jackson.  Clinton officials and JPD dispute whether JPD was notified of the chase or participated. 

Clinton PD issued this statement:

At approx. 11:40 P.M. Monday, officers of the Clinton Police Dept. were notified of a shoplifting that had just taken place at Wal-Mart on Hwy 80 in Clinton. The suspects had taken computer and electronics equipment. The tag on the suspect vehicle was switched and we are investigating the possibility that the car is stolen. The suspects were spotted by CPD officers as they left the parking lot and headed east toward Jackson.
CPD officers attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver chose to flee through west Jackson and Clinton Police Officers pursued in accordance with existing state law. JPD was notified and they did respond by blocking side streets. The suspect continued to flee until he crossed over into oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle on Capitol St. at Tennessee Ave. in Jackson.

This  video is  shot by the primary chase car.

Two separate JPD cruisers appear at 9:50 and 12:07.  JJ's hypothesis is that they were not participating in the chase but each saw a car that was traveling at a high rate of speed.  The cruisers turned on their lights to pursue and then BOOM!, here come four Clinton police cruisers in very hot pursuit. 

The suspects refuse to get out of the car even when the car catches on fire.  The police had to knock out a window and drag them out of the car. 

This is the video shot by the secondary cruiser.  The video resolution is much better.

Clinton issued this timeline:

Responding officer: (time stamps are minutes into the video)
07:10 Officer asks dispatch if JPD notified and dispatcher replies yes
07:52 CPD officer “JPD’s in it” as he passes JPD car on the left with lights on
08:35 suspect turns east on capitol street
09:20 CPD car backs off and questions pursuit continuance
09:43 radio: JPD trying to block him off
10:24 officer “got tag number?” Dispatcher “tag comes back switched”
10:50 JPD car passes. CPD officer: “he just dodged a JPD car” as JPD car is passed
12:11 wreck
13:00 CPD officer uses stick to break window of burning car to remove suspect

Secondary video with radio traffic of responding officer:
08:24 radio chatter: “He just dodged another JPD car” audio only from radio communication


Anonymous said...

it will be very interesting to see if the JPD is as free and open with their dispatch calls that night-especially if there's a call from Clinton PD. that would confirm JPD was informed and participating. or will it be "lost"

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the disgrace that is Kenneth Stokes, however I do not like Madison and Rankin county law enforcement engaging in high speed chases into Jackson and Hinds County. If the suspect is being chased for a serious crime such as murder, rape or any violent felony crime then I can understand that. There are too many hotheaded LEOs in the Madison/Rankin area that are too willing to risk public safety for something as inconsequential as stealing a laptop at Walmart. I am deeply saddened that an innocent bystander had to lose their life over a pursuit for something as stupid as SHOPLIFTING. I hope Clinton PD has to pay dearly for that person's life and the officer involved is terminated.

Anonymous said...

814. Point of fact. Clinton is in Hinds county. Just sayin"

Anonymous said...

While I don't agree to police pursuits of shoplifting suspects, the suspect decided to steal, the suspect decided to run, the suspect's actions caused the death of the victim. The cops were doing their jobs. From what can be seen they did not do anything outside of what the law allows. Tragic? Yes. Blaming the officers is not the answer. Fighting crime is not easy and is a series of decisions that can change the course of lives in an instant. Want to judge them? Pick up an application at your local department.

Anonymous said...

Should the police simply wave and say "have a great day thug". Come back and steal again any time!

Anonymous said...

When chases are not allowed, expect all criminals to run. Shoplifters do
kill when confronted. They kill, cut, beat and shoot when confronted in stores.
If someone thinks the chase is worse than the crime this person has little knowledge of criminals. Fleeing shoplifters are often felons that have been doing other crimes. These people must be pursued, a death in a chase is on their hands, not LEO.

Anonymous said...

8:14 - I hope your hopes are completely dashed. The Clinton PD should not have to pay anything, and the officer involved should not be terminated for him/them doing their job.

Now - if you want the low-life crooks (you know, the ones that decided a Wal-Mart laptop would look better in their house rather than in the store, or maybe in a local pawn shop so they could engage in a little west Jackson commerce for some crack) to pay dearly to the innocent soul that lost their life due to the criminal activity by these crooks, I will agree with that.

Hate that this happened; terrible tradegy. But to condone it because it was 'only a laptop' therefore the cops should look the other way is not the way to put a stop to crime.

Anonymous said...

8:14 Why blame police? They suspects are the ones running. The suspects crashed and killed the man. Over a tv that was stolen. That is certainly worth killing someone over.

Anonymous said...

I hope when the family takes Clinton to court they also take Jackson to court for being a sanctuary city that enables the crime that has become expected there. Once the burbs get forced from going after the Jackson criminals the crime will take over there too. The suspect has a nice criminal background, but all the media and Jackson officials will point the finger at Clinton. The officer was doing his job and for that I say thank you and may you some how find peace for only doing the best you could in a very difficult situation.

Anonymous said...

8:14. OK--dont blame the criminals who actually killed the man. lets blame the police who are doing their jobs to protect and serve the public.

its very tragic that an innocent life was lost. however the three occupants of that car should be charged with vehicular manslaughter at the very least.

why are people so quick to blame the police? i just don't get it at all.

Anonymous said...

Be glad I deleted accidently what I wrote. It would have broken your screens with how much bs this is. If the assholes did not STEAL STUFF, they would not be RUNNING and KILL somebody innocent. Enough of this BS!!! Doesnt matter where they seek haven.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Clinton in Hinds county 814?

Anonymous said...

This gives Stokes great momentum. It's hard to admit he is right, but no reasonable person can argue that it's acceptable for an innocent person to die over shoplifting.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:14 PM = Yawwwnnnnn Ssssnnnooooooreeeeee ZZZZZZzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

How would you like your family dead over a chase over Wal-Mart's merchandise?

Anonymous said...

March 22, 2016 at 10:35 PM
Looks like you are displaying your diploma from the "Kennuf Stokes Logic" academy for all to see.
The video I saw did not involve Wal-Mart merchandise, it involved a criminal doing criminal activity. Fact is, Black Lives Matter should be all over this because apparently, to this criminal, a black life did NOT matter.

Stuff Never Said For 300 said...

"It's hard to admit he is right, but no reasonable person can argue that it's acceptable for an innocent person to die over shoplifting."

It's hard to believe somebody believes baby rhinos should be hung from iron gates. Well, nobody said THAT either.

HDMatthias, MD said...

Where is the car with the fatality?

Anonymous said...

@ 10:35. I'll bite. Can't say I'd like it. But why blame the police.

The series of events that led to the death were all due to the actions of the criminals.

Me? I wish they'd let them burn to death...now we have to feed and house this scum for the rest of their prison terms.

Where is Harry Callahan when we need him most.

And now a question for you: what if Mr. Shoplifter learns he can get away with crime by simply crossing city limits. What if, instead of shoplifting, he graduates to burglary. What if he breaks into your home, steals everything you own, including your electronic identity, and runs across city lines? Should he be exempt from capture and prosecution because the safety of the general public might be endangered?

What happens when he graduates to higher forms of crime?

Anonymous said...

Does communications happen between different police departments simultaneously? I would probably have abandoned the chase if no posse showed up to help.

Anonymous said...

No doubt there is a video and/or a witness to the shoplifting or else the police wouldn't know there had been a shoplifting!

The chase was unnecessary to catch the thief! There are other options.

This discussion isn't about blame. It's about what is or isn't good police work! It's not good police work to put the public's life at risk unnecessarily! It is unprofessional.

The police understand they risk their lives. Their job is to protect innocent citizens not to put the lives of innocent citizens at risk! That's the job description.

It's also their job to make tough decisions after being trained to do so. That is why they have powers that ordinary citizens do not. With more power comes more responsibility!

No the suspects shouldn't have fled. They were stupid. But, the police also being stupid killed a perfectly innocent person.

And, if it were your loved one, you wouldn't think this was an " oops"!

You quickly come to understand that your loved one's life was worth comparing the person in the video to mugshots and interviewing witnesses and getting sketches/descriptions and posting the pictures on television.

The assumption some of you make that non-violent criminals are also violent or will become violent is just not supported by statistical research. Shoplifters most commonly are teens or housewives or kleptomaniacs. The idiot who suggested that shoplifters try to kill or beat up people when caught in stores is spewing hogwash!

There shouldn't be any police chases over property theft or traffic violations. Those of you who support that apparently put no value on a human life!

Anonymous said...

if you watch the video it's clear the thugs had CPD beat because the police were being more careful in the neighborhoods.
the police are so far back I didn't even see the crash.

there's no "what if" here. thugs killed that man. period.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people sure they know what the law is, without citing any law.

City of Jackson v. Brister. Same basic fact: high speed chase, suspect crashed into innocent's car, killing same. Verdict was 50/50 vs. city/suspect, based on a finding of "reckless disregard" by the police, given the facts of the chase, the policy of the police dep't, etc. Look it up.

This is going to be a fact-intensive case, but all this blah blah about "it's the suspect's fault for stealing in the first place" is not the law. Surprise surprise, the police are legally required to think about what they're doing before they jeopardize anybody's life. I know many of you hate that.

Anonymous said...

So all three police officers rushed to pull those they were chasing out of the car and one couldn't be spared to check on the person in the car they hit?

" Looks like it's going to be a fatality?" is a comment that comes rather late. Was it already a fatality? Are they sure? I hear nothing. I see no one checking out the car hit on this video.

They are chasing through residential neighborhoods and they see the car they are chasing have trouble maintaining control at one point and calmly just comment on that. I'm mean there are vehicles out on the road going somewhere like coming home maybe?

Did y'all pay attention to how many yellow lines there were where oncoming traffic couldn't have seen them? Did y'all pay attention to how many red lights at intersections were run? Do you know the visibility? Are all of you quick and determining the direction and proximity of sound ?

I doubt it. Y'all just enjoyed watching the chase and arrest, didn't you? Just like TV, huh? Great entertainment! I'll bet you'd love seeing the family notified and the funeral mourners entertaining as well!

Anonymous said...

The sheer dumbassery of some of the posters here is amazing. Clinton P.D.followed the state law in pursuing these criminal thugs.if Lee Vance doesn't agree with it, maybe he should seek a position more suited to his abilities. He apparently is more concerned with a misguided sense of political correctness than with running a police department.The morons who are in charge of what has become "The Democratic Peoples Republic of Jacktown" would like nothing better than for the city to become a safe haven for criminals, who could rape, rob, murder or commit any number of crimes and flee into their ghetto sanctuary without fear of law enforcement.It is indeed unfortunate that an innocent person was killed by these criminals and I certainly believe that they and not the police should be charged with causing his death.

Anonymous said...

8:47 I call shenanigans. Can you provide any proof of a shoplifter killing their way out of a store for shoplifting?

Anonymous said...

7:52 which state law are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Looks as if the JPD was involved in the chase. too bad the police chief of Jackson was just found out to be a liar! i guess he's complacent in keeping the criminal sanctuary in place!

Anonymous said...

@7:33 for every Brister, there's 10 cases where the Court found immunity pursuant to the MTCA. Although Courts have somewhat eroded MTCA protections recently, "reckless disregard" is still a very, very high hurdle.

Here's another vote for letting the scum burn to death.

Anonymous said...

Now that it is proven that JPD assisted in the chase are they going to split the 100 million dollar lawsuit kenneff Stokes suggested the family get??????

Anonymous said...

What a shame! Several questions:
1. Were there warrants out for Johnson on all the traffic tickets?
2. Where was the car stolen and is it a crime to drive a stolen car?
3. Was the tag stolen that was switched to the car and from where?
4. Was there any conversation about using the strips to stop the fleeing car?
5. Looks to me like there was plenty of time to use strips at the beginning of the chase?
6. Will the fleers/killers be charged with manslaughter?
7. Are the fleers/killers already out on bail?

I cannot assess blame. They shoplifted and their actions cost everyone of us a great deal of money on every purchase we make. So many speak of "food deserts" but the stores leave because of shoplifting. Shoplifting accounts for much of the decrease in Jackson's tax base and translates into potholes and other woes. Ever Easter outfit bought by God-Fearing Jacksonians for themselves and their children have a built-in shoplifing fee so we are subsidizing this crime. Now, the Blue Family is a good family; their boys were raised right and had drive and pleasant personalities. Alvin worked for me at one time. What a tragedy for them and for all of us. Civilization is threatened by the people who continue to commit crimes, large and small. We know who they are. They put out signals as surely as the drunk driver puts out signals. Who is falling down? I am not going to say JPD; I believe it goes straight to our judicial system, both prosecuters and judges, and people like Kenneth Stokes who engender disrespect for law.

Anonymous said...

The blame should be firmly on the suspects but I also think the finger should be pointed at the leadership of Jackson. Until the City of Jackson stops blaming the suburbs for Jackson's dumbassery then stuff like this will happen.

If you follow the chase on the map its easy to see that JDP could have easily stopped this by blocking W Capital St. A small amount of team work would have trapped the suspects in about 4 or 5 min. But, doing that would mean one of their protected thugs would have to face judgement at the hands of one of the racist suburbs.

Anonymous said...


Seems evident that you hail from a long line of non-violent(?)dealers, or have chillen who are independent brokers in the trade. To belittle and accept this as something insignificant could have been revealed with less than your 10 paragraph drivel.

Anonymous said...

@0701... The police killed NO ONE. The vehicle occupied by the criminals killed the victim. I am so tired of this absolute bs. I don't know much about JPD, however I DOUBT that in their daily roll call that they are told "Ignore any dumb bastards from other jurisdictions trying to enter our city". That's just not plausible. I don't care if it was a 3 ring circus of CPD, JPD, HSO that were in pursuit of the primary vehicle. The criminal swerved on an open road, with ample driving room, into oncoming traffic. Perhaps these "bros" wanted to extend their 5 minutes of fame and inevitable time in the pokey into 15 minutes of fame and support Kennuf... Regardless, it's horrible that a father and someone not involved in the pursuit was killed, no getting around that, but would we be having this discussion if that a$$ hat (aka Kennuf) hadn't created all of this "Let's throw" nonsense? Our officers are currently having to protect those who want them DEAD, protect those who consistently state "F THE POPO"... How about we support the officers that are dealing with way more than this single incident (not to downplay the loss of an innocent life AT ALL". And I'm sure a significant amount have had a run in with some racist/bad/blah blah officer and been "persecuted" beyond what they "should have been"... Some people don't belong in law enforcement for good reason, some slip through the cracks... However those that I know personally, are in it for the right reasons and honestly, it's pretty humbling when my husband comes home from a bad day and sits on the couch only to say "I don't understand why everyone wants to kill us."

Anonymous said...

There are many on here that know the law a lot better than I do. I have a question for them. What if I decided I did not like cop chases? I own some property so what if I decided to not allow the cops onto that property? What would happen if I went on tv and announced that me and my family would be out with bricks, rocks, and bottles to stop any cop chasing a criminal that would drive onto my property?
Could someone explain what would likely happen?

Anonymous said...

This video just proves what cowardly cockroaches criminals really are. Once you turn on the lights they scatter and scramble to crawl back in their little hole.

Anonymous said...

Was dat bottles and rocks and cans I saw flying around?

Anonymous said...

One thing I noticed on the film clip. JPD was involved in the chase. As usual they were going in the wrong direction. Happens a lot. They should have gotten a clue when the speeding car passed them followed by cop cars chasing them. Sure takes an observant cop to be one of Jackson comic cops.

Anonymous said...

Was all of that terrible language really necessary as they were taking the young man into custody?

Anonymous said...


Yes that is all these criminals understand

Anonymous said...

7:33......you didn't cite any law either. You cited a verdict in ONE court case.

1:22......that's you concern in all of this?? REALLY??

To all the others who want Jackson criminals to be free to rape and pillage with no concern for being apprehended if they make it back into their sanctuary city......NOT going to happen in Madson and Rankin Counties.

Anonymous said...

1:22 No Ma'am... They should've started the Sunday school lesson.

Anonymous said...

The same people who blame the police are the same people who sue fast food places for making them fat.

Anonymous said...

1:22 First that was not a young man that they took into custody, it was a Jackson ghetto thug. I suppose the officer could have said, "Pardon me sir but could you please step out of your vehicle?" At which time the ghetto boy would have probably responded, "huh? Whut you be sayin mudder fxxxer? I ain't did nuffin an you be violatin my mudder fxxxin rights."

Anonymous said...

1:22, the language didn't bother me but I sure would have liked to hear some gunfire.

Anonymous said...

1:22. i guess you side with the thugs and don't think that black lives matter. unlike the police that are protecting black lives. i guess you must think that the thugs should be addressed with respect and kindness seeing that they just murdered an innocent black man-whose life didn't matter to thugs. i guess you think that the language used to address the thugs was too harsh for murderers.

Anonymous said...

Stokes' network is obviously not that large. Otherwise he would have alerted them all via Twitter or text to get out to the streets and impede the chase. Because we know all those Jackson crackheads were still awake and out of their minds.

Anonymous said...

@7:01 and all you other police experts. The officers would not have chased this idiot if he had not committed a crime. Why don't y'all say anything about him not stopping. I commit crime and it's the police's fault. If y'all think you can do better go apply and work the streets and see how it really is. Because I can guarantee you, you don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Will someone PLEASE steal Kenny's truck? I'd love to hear what he thinks about chases then.

Anonymous said...

I would remind those of you in Clinton and Madison , that the chases start out in your areas.
I would remind you that at least two very prominent white women have been killed and otherwise well behaved, but dumb speeding white teenagers during police chases in Mississippi.
If it's your wife, mother, or teenage daughter ( in the car) or teenage son, you might bother to learn more about what is or isn't good police policy when it comes to chases.
Maybe your car or your stolen property ( both of which are recoverable and should be insured) won't seem quite so important to you if you bothered with facts !

Anonymous said...

The facts are that if you let criminals go just because they run then all criminals will run. Is that so hard to understand? I realize Jackson has a catch and release program in effect and do not chase criminals. Exactly what do the Jackson cops do to keep busy? A while back we saw how a few kept busy when they were filmed stealing property. Also saw how a few more kept busy when they were caught escorting drug shipments in Jackson. And we can't forget about those Jackson cops that are busy taking drugs from criminals and giving the drugs to their friends to sell for them.
Come to think about it, Jackson cops are very busy. They do not have time to catch or chase criminals.

Anonymous said...

SUPPORT ALL OF OUR LEO'S and put the blame where it belongs - the ones that break the law are the ones people should be outraged over! STOP defending anyone that breaks the law regardless of their color, sex, religion, nationality, etc! You have either obeyed the law or broken it. I FULLY SUPPORT OUR LEO'S TO UPHOLD THE LAW TO PROTECT ME & MY FAMILY!!! These men & women deal with nightmare issues that would put a normal person in a psych ward considering some of the horrendous things they see as first responders and they aren't paid a decent salary to do everything they do. Now many citizens have fled Jackson, thinking they are safe in the surrounding areas yet the criminals know where to go to steal the good stuff. As a former Police Chief told me," we don't live in Kansas anymore " because of the drugs, lack of the family unit, keeping God in our schools and everyday lives - the gates, alarms, even our LEO'S can only do so much if we don't TAKE A STAND AGAINST CRIME! Stop letting these criminals out on bail. Create a tent city if we have to but keep them locked up. They should work each day for the city/State & get our roads, etc repaired to EARN their keep. That way they at least have learned a trade/work ethic while incarcerated instead of watching tv, surfing the Internet, etc on our dollar. They might actually take PRIDE in helping to rebuild our city! Who knows? Miracles do still happen

Anonymous said...

11:51, you know that is racist talk. Makes very good sense but that is the way many decide what is racist. If it makes sense it has to be racist.

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