Monday, March 28, 2016

Where the hell have you been, Jimmy Braddock?

Representative Kim Campbell stood up on her own two feet and swung at the Republican monolith last week on the floor of the Mississippi House of Representatives.  She is normally one of the more quiet members of the house, as the black Democrat has gained a reputation for avoiding racial politics while working with members of both parties and races.  However, the airport takeover bill was more than she could stomach so she spoke out against the airport bill during debate.  No punches were pulled as she crucified Republicans who had come to her for help in past years.  Watch the video.  It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for and Ms. Campbell is no exception.

Kingfish note: Every letter she spoke was truth. She's been called Uncle Tom and sellout more than a few times.  She is "reasonable".  "We can talk to her".  Those are the things said about her by members on the other side of the aisle.  She's smarter and classier than most of the legislators.  She reads her bills and doesn't embarrass herself as say Omeria Scott does or play gadfly just to play gadfly as Hob Bryan does.  So when someone like that gets mad as hell and rises to say something, she probably deserves your attention. 


David Donnell said...

"She's smarter and classier than most of the legislators."

Is and always has been.

Anonymous said...

That is just the tip of the iceberg from black legislators that whites used to call "reasonable". Just wait til the state is half black (our lifetime). There will be a lot of airports with new management. Can't wait to see Strawberry Park and Rez stacked with Jackson representatives. After all, Jackson folks use those assets.

Many of the trolls on here will be dead by 2030 and will miss the reckoning.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

7;47 - Sorry, afraid you have a fault in your thinking. It isn't going to take until 2030. Folks better start fastening their seatbelts for that change well before that.

Its not going to take a half-black population to change the politics. Bruce Campbell field in Madison will quickly be added to the mix. Key Field in Meridian certainly will become a 'regional facility' that needs better service, and also supports a major military purpose; just staying within the airport question. The Elvis Museum certainly should fall in line as well.

Anonymous said...

Is that you Lamar? Whine to Kent and Larry.

Anonymous said...

The US won't last till 2030.
I've got my fallout shelter well stocked.
The rest of you'all will be chispy critters.
The Chinese will be the new master.

Anonymous said...

Chokwe Lumbumba screwed this up by appointing lunatics to the board.

Black people...hear this:

Stand up against crime and criminals not against police officers.

Do not bring in Detroit losers to rape this State.

Quit killing.

Then and only then will people give a damn about your being a diva.

Anonymous said...

If you're waiting for a majority-black Mississippi, you'll be waiting for a long time. The percentage has increased from 36% in 1980 to 37% today. Hispanics have actually seen larger absolute gains, despite being a tiny percentage of the population.

Why? Because [spoilers]: Young black people with the means and/or the ability want to get the hell out of here even more than young white people.

Anonymous said...

Kim spoke for almost all Jacksonians! This manipulation of "Authority" is going to come back to "bite" many things. It will have an effect on bonds. There are many ramifications to what is happening.

Kingfish said...

Weespect my authowity

Anonymous said...

Kim is a very nice, astute, and classy lady. She's an asset to her district and Jackson. She's wrong here and she hasn't taken many votes against the Democratic line to help other members (as is implied). But she is a wonderful lady.

Anonymous said...

"The reckoning" kinda already happened. But, said reckoning is like an onion with many layers (and years) to peel back.

The irony of this whole situation is the party that repents statism and promotes free markets is enacting statism over an asset in which it doesn't need to. This isn't racism. More like theft.

Mrs. Campbell, if you ever get around to reading this blog, I applaud your courage to stand up to the machine.

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light......."

Anonymous said...

What a idiot. Save your grandstanding for the next Mike Brown episode.

Anonymous said...

Kim Campbell is my representative. She is indicative of the people in her district who want one Mississippi, not a black or white Mississippi, not a democratic or republican Mississippi. Unfortunately, she is now seeing that as long as racism runs rampart in Mississippi there will never be one Mississippi. I learned that long ago. The racism that fuels Donald Trump's campaign is on steriods in Mississippi. The Jackson airport bill is a prime example. The board appointed my Mayor Lumumba has done an outstanding job in running the airport. For the first time in many years it is operating a a profit. How did this happen. The new airport director has got rid of the good old boy contracts and brought in new contractors at a lower cost, some of whom are providing the airport with more services for less money. But I hope all of you know the legislature can pass and the governor can sign all the legislation they want.It is an exercise in futility. Only the FAA can change the control of the airport. Do you really think an Obama FAA is going to take control of the airport board from Jackson? Do you really think a Clinton FAA is going to take control of the airport from Jackson. Look at Charlotte, N C. The N C legislature passed the same kind of bill almost three years ago and the city of Charlotte still controls The airport. In all honesty the bill in the legislature is not an airport take over bill. It is a let some lawyers get rich bill. How dumb can you republicans be? Of, I forgot. You voted for Donald Trump. That answers my question!!

Anonymous said...

Touching note at the bottom. Tactful way of saying she's one of the "good ones."

Anonymous said...

Well said Ms. Campbell. Unfortunately, you are up against a SUPER MAJORITY that cares about their own personal profits. They don't care about fairness, they don't care about what's right, they don't care about what's in the best interest of the people they "serve." They care about theirselves, their political contributors, their family, & their friends. That's all. They are puppets of Tate & Gunn (two individuals that I've lost every ounce of respect for). Tate & Gunn are preparing for their run in 4 years. They are desperately trying to build their campaign chests and platforms. As the Bible says-For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world & loses his soul? Tate & Gunn-you've already lost your souls. You pretend to be men of faith. Your actions are not examples of Godly men.

Anonymous said...

An"Obama FAA"? What about a Thad funded FAA? That is the question. And to all you whiners, if it fails, which I doubt it will, I will say it was a mistake. But, if it flourished under a new board, I won't hold my breath waiting to hear the "yeah, you are right" from the Jacksonians.

Anonymous said...

Proud of my lil 3000 square foot home?

Anonymous said...

Now THAT is what "telling it like it is" actually is. It's not name calling and insults. It's adamantly telling the Truth ( capital T intended)by stating the facts.
She didn't call everyone who voted for that bill a disingenuous, racist hypocrite. She just explained why they are!
She didn't call those supporting the bill stupid because they didn't see they would like it if it was done to them and they opened the door so it could be. She just explained why they are!
Some things are just right and just or they aren't. And, you are either for what best for the whole State of Mississippi or you aren't.

Anonymous said...

All of you have forgotten Jackson is a creation of the Legislature of the State. The State grants Charters to Cities and Towns and in Mississippi they only have the legal right granted them by the State. The State is the higher power. To think that they cannot change anything law dealing with any town, city or county and that the Feds care is folly. Having said that I think the Airport Bill is a power grab and should not happen, but the world will rotate on either way.

Anonymous said...

Yall do realize no one cares about this in the real world don't you? Nobody knows who is on the JMAA now or who will be on it in 3 years. There's not a voter in this state who has changed their mind on their Rep/ Senator because of this.

Anonymous said...

7:06 is correct but this should have been a regional airport when it was built; look where it is located. Yes, this may be a power play but what in a city county or state government is not. The father is taking a toy from a child because the child has broken his other toys.

Anonymous said...

8:06, hyperbole much? There are a number of influential individuals from around the country who have had the singular misfortune of arriving and departing Jackhole-Nevers. The lack of competency surrounding most aspects of the airport's customer service operations is shocking to those who fly regularly and they TALK ABOUT IT WHEREVER THEY GO. There is no reason why one of the most important economic development tools in the state should be abandoned to the clown show across the river.

Anonymous said...

If this ever goes through (It won't. It's going to go Federal) all that's going to happen is a sporting goods store will be built, and Southwest not coming back. Then someone will move the Goalposts and it will be "Oh, well you KNOW Southwest was never coming back, ANYWAY. It's just good that it's a regional airport because _______ or _______ or even ______"

Y'all live in this weird truth where you constantly lie to yourselves.

Anonymous said...

What Ms. Campbell says just illustrates the problem prospective Black politicians have in a place like Mississippi. Most whites holler and scream about how irresponsible and crazy black leadership has become. Whites have every right to look out for themselves and when they screw up it's "unavoidable" or "the price of doing business". Then when Black people try to work for a better Mississippi and reach out to Whites for cooperation they get kicked in the butt and left no alternative but to cut their own throats. It's the Confederacy all over again. You should want to fight for your own slavery. If you don't you're irresponsible. Sadly, Lamumba simply came to the conclusion that it's not worth the effort, or the aggravation, so do your own thing, they're not going to help you anyway. Kimberly may soon reach the same conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you start your own 'Southwest is not coming back' blog? You must have programmed the phrase as a hotkey.

Anonymous said...

Why do the city of Jackson powers that be want to have to fool with the airport?? Possible hint untaxable $ in politicians pockets.

Anonymous said...

Unspoken in all this is how a new board will hurt Jackson. Are we worried that the new board will suddenly quit making their payments to the city? This has nothing to do with the city and everything to do with whose buddies get the legal work, airport service contracts, and control of the surrounding land. Jackson won't lose a penny, so quit acting like you're being robbed.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know Harkins and his real estate firm win either way. As long as the JMAA board is tied up with litigation, it puts a damper on development around the airport and takes that land off the map for site selection. Makes other Rankin sites more valuable and creates scarcity that his real estate firm will benefit from. And if the new board is established, I'm sure he'll be in line to help develop the land.

And, of course, the lawyers will make lots of money along the way.

Anonymous said...

Things will change in Mississippi when all of you 50+ die off.

We don't have such a radicalized lens like all of your generation.

I am hopeful.

I just hope you RINIOs and 'reverse racist' old Democrats don't screw up our State too much before we get our chance.

Anonymous said...

attn. 10:09 What is a "RINIO"? Finish grade school before posting.

Anonymous said...

Is it a coincidence that the Governor comes out and says this week that the state should build Jackson State University a football stadium on campus because the medical corridor "needs that land"? The way the JMAA legislation was handled this appears to be a carrot to the JSU alum and Hinds County delegation.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry you work a job that gives you enough time to carefully proofread every comment on this site. That associate's degree really paid off for ya, huh? Worse, I'm sorry you do not have the intelligence to understand a typo.

Like I said, soon enough your time will end along with your dated views and things will change.

Anonymous said...

Cowards sitting behind her can't even look up, particularly the guy in the bad suit shuffling papers. Their body language speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

@10:38 - Another Millennial whining again.

Anonymous said...

When Jackson's racial demographics started shifting in the late 80's due to white flight, Louis Armstrong and the other blacks on the City Council couldn't wait to re-draw / gerrymander ward lines and eliminate as many white council seats as possible. To them, city government was a 100% racial spoils system. Nobody gave a rat's ass whether the whites who were being pushed off the council had done a good job or tried to work with blacks.

Karma can, indeed, be a real bitch.

Anonymous said...

And BTW, the reason Kim has to deal with a Republican super-majority which doesn't give a rip about her hurt feelings? Because when it was time for legislative re-districting, the Legislative Black Caucus made common cause with Republicans to increase the number of blacks at the expense of moderate white Democrats. It was all 100% about race and 0% about doing a good job or trying to work with people.

Anonymous said...

I can not wait until we can get republicans and democrats that actually care for the state. Millennials WILL take over Mississippi. Millennials WILL care for Mississippi. Carpetbaggers put yourself on notice in 20 years.

Breaking... said...

Quit whining 1:42 (10:09 and 10:38). Do you think your green-ass is the only one out there who knows that folks retire and younger people get promoted? Do you think you're actually revealing something novel here when you suggest that 'our turn' always occurs every fifteen years and has throughout history.

The reality is, however, you will not be included. The victims, moaners, whiners, malcontents and champions of their own importance never get the jobs. They wind up with a personnel file full of admonitions, warnings and performance improvement plans. Malcontent.

Anonymous said...

I like her. I may have to switch parties.

Anonymous said...

this is all just indicative of what government at all levels in the United States has become: VULGAR.

Even for those of you that want the takeover of the Jackson airport, you do realize that you just supported legislation that in under 90 days has taken over a facility.........and in my opinion, if it pads the pockets of a legislator, then what they stand firm for today, is their next legislative acquisition tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Southwest isn't coming back.

Southwest is never coming back.

Southwest is never, ever coming back.

Kingfish said...

For the first time in many years it is operating a a profit. How did this happen. The new airport director has got rid of the good old boy contracts and brought in new contractors at a lower cost, some of whom are providing the airport with more services for less money.

Not true. The airport has been generating an operating profit for years. JMAA got hit several years in a row with large depreciation expenses. Two years ago it was $8 million. JMAA went from a $4 million profit to $4 million loss on paper but the cash flow was actually quite good. The depreciation expense was much smaller last year.

As for the contractors, please. The attorneys are all gouging the airport, I don't care who they are, black or white, solo or law factory. There is no damn way a $17 million agency should be paying around a million dollars a year in legal fees every year for REGULAR counsel. Rankin, Madison, and Hinds counties have much larger budgets and pay much less to their lawyers.

But lawyers overcharge by 200% (I made that number up), the new lawyers come in and overcharge by 150% and call it a 50% savings. Nice.

If the board was really interested in saving money, it would hire capable in-house lawyers.

Where I think Newman has improved is giving the airport a vision for the future. He also hired a manager for Hawkins Field and has plans to improve that airport without turning it into a contractor welfare program. He also bids out work. The professional service fees for a new bond refi were bid out. Too damn bad none of our local governments, black or white, donkey or elephant, try to do that.

Anonymous said...

The interesting part of the Harkins' legislation is that no one has explained why the Governor and Lt. Governor should have appointments to this regional airport. Looking at the board make-up for The Golden Triangle Airport Board, it consists of 5 members with one representative from the City of Columbus, City of Starkville, City of West Point, Lowndes County, and Oktibbeha County.

Anonymous said...

KF, " house lawyers" can't handle all areas of the law. How many house lawyers and in what fields do you think the airport would need?
Even large corporations with large in-house staffs have to seek outside counsel. Seldom do they have sufficient litigation experience.
In house lawyers can handle common legal issues for particular businesses but an airport is going to run into multiple specialized areas.
What they might should have is a large regional or national firm ( there are a few in Jackson) with access to many areas of expertise. The primary attorney attends the meetings and calls in others as needed only.

grinnel said...

I have talked with Republican Reps from my area, and they say more than half of what they are told to vote yes on is done for the explicit purpose of rubbing salt in the wound of Democrats. They don't care about the people of this state, only getting even with the Black Caucus and Progressive White Democrats. They love saying elections have consequences.

Anonymous said...

10:09, you wasn't one of those who thought politicians had the best interest of the people in mind were you? Finding a unicorn is much easier than finding an honest politician.

Kingfish said...

Then it is truly a miracle that Rankin gets by with Craig Slay, Hinds makes it with Simone & Tiewussen, and Madison was doing fine with Mike Espy although the current one might be in over her head. The PRVWSD seems to do ok with two AG lawyers. Madison has John Hedglin. Haven't noticed any problems there.

And none of them send several sets of lawyers to regular board meetings.

Burke said...

Great point, 11:58. And I believe that KF is right about the superfluity of lawyers, especially at meetings. Red flag when you send more than one.

Back to 11:58. The deals that black politicians have made to ensure the election of a black congressman, and other similar deals, have also ensured that black voters and moderate white voters will be marginalized for decades. I fear that Rep. Campbell will become more and more bitter. Related question: what value has there been in having Cong. Thompson in D. C.? That's a serious question. As far as I can tell, he doesn't give a rat's ass for the great sadness that has spread over the Delta.

Anonymous said...

@Burke ???? Red Flag when you send more than one lawyer? What on earth are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is typical of Mississippi politics since before the civil war. The real interest is money, but the great unwashed mob supports the power grab thinking it's a way to stick it to the uppity Blacks, (the real enemy). All the while some big law firm walks away with grand theft money. Go Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

What color a politician is should not make any difference. That it does just shows what any color politician will do to pad their pocket book.
Thompson has done nothing for Ms. He comes home before every election and gives away some food. That is enough pay off for many who continually vote for him. Add that to his color and you can see how he is re elected.

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