Friday, March 4, 2016

Document downpour on Med Board

It's time for a document downpour for the weekend. JJ posted several emails written by members of the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure yesterdayJJ does not want to be accused of cherry-picking so here is the entire batch of emails JJ received from the Board after submitting a public records request.  Read through all 683 pages to your heart's content.  The batch includes emails, transcripts of the telemedicine hearing, and other correspondence pertaining to the telemedicine issue. 683 pages, although much of the documents are duplicates.  However, do not fear, for the Kingfish provided a road map for you to navigate through the batch. 

Road Map

1: Email stating “clarification” of board’s interpretation of telemedicine. Email is to whole board.
2-16: Emails, agenda, notices, filing with SOS for May hearing on telemedicine
22: Dr. Crawford email about ordering economic impact statement
23-25 : Correspondence with Zipnosis. It includes formal letter by company.
27-49: Notice of May oral proceeding, related docs and laws.
50-55: Teladoc April 8 letter
56-57: Barclay’s letter. Supports audio-only
58: Covenant Pharmacy letter
59: Telehealth One letter
60: Zipnosis letter. Next 20 pages is duplicate stuff.
83-131. Copy of Texas case , Mississippi regs
132: Email exchange between Henderson and board over Jackson Prep kiosk claim
134: Email exchange between Greg Billings (CTeL), Easterling, and Mike Chaney
136-138: Formal letter submitted by CTel (
140-141: Emails between Henderson, Crawford, and Craig over finding someone to do EIS.
143: Osteopath submits proposal for wound-care telemed practice
145: Craig clarifies policy to interested doctor
147: Craig says phone calls are ok if doc covering for another doc
149: Teladoc June 1 letter
151-155: Wise Carter May 11 FOIA request
155-158: May-July board minutes
159-178: Comments submitted for proposed reg
179-180: Minutes of telemed committee meeting
191: Follow up email from Teladoc June 1 2015
195: Email Dr. Crawford to Craig, O’Neal, Ingram, Brunson over Starkpatch meeting w/Parisi
196: Dr. Henderson joins workgroup on EIS.
198: Neely Carlton (Butler Snow) contacts Mayor, Crawford, Craig for Teladoc demo.
206: Documents for Tri-regulatory workshop on Sept 16.
219: Draft of blast email to all docs on telemedicine policy
225: June 9 Teladoc letter to board
229-395 : Telemed committee transcript
402: Teladoc June 16 letter to board
407: Dr. DePhillips testimony
410: Dr. Howard testimony
418-616: Telemedicine oral hearing docs. Includes requests/notices to address board
617: ATA notice on Mississippi rule changes to members
619: Kanosky sends email & articles to Craig, Brunson, Easterling on Texas limiting telemed
625: Board sends email to ALL doctors on “clarification”. October 12, 2015.
627-633: Ingram notifies core group* of new Iowa rules.
634: O’Neal says Craig checking with other states for EIS
638-641: O’Neal email to Danetia Newman about Telemed. Core group cc’d
646: FSMB email notifying board of Texas lawsuit and Axcess Medical suit as well.
647: Crawford contacted federation for help. August 26, 2015
650: Easterling wants MDLive to visit board and explain its operation.
650-658: Exchange over MD Live. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

KF, you need to give Easterling a special password or something so it will be more efficient for him to respond directly and quickly to any issues raised by your readers.

Anonymous said...

The MSBML is very corrupt and very poorly run. Randy Easterling is so mediocre that it's not even funny and to suggest he represents physicians in this state is a joke. He represents self-interest, a small-minded man with the myriad insecurities typical of people who "kind of" realize their intellectual limitations. His resentment at his intellectual limitations plays out in his dealings with real doctors. Vann Craig is an old man who does the politically expedient thing. I am convinced the politicization of favors by the medical board will come to light and thank you for your threads on this - this is a government-backed agency that uses administrative law, nearly impossible to fight in a straight forward manner, to strong-arm doctors and the public. The MSBML protects some doctors and ruins others. There is a doctor here in Jackson who retains his license even though he's been getting electroshock therapy and has been admitted for psychiatric hospitalization at least 3 times - another guy has had 2 DUIS that were conveniently buried but continues to practice, with full knowledge of the medical board. I hope you will investigate.

Anonymous said...

Note rule 5.12.

Anonymous said...

The MSBML has a very odd arrangement with an organization called the Mississippi Health Professional Program. This program can get a doctor who is under stress or who is depressed and coerce the doctor into "treatment" in a special program they "approve" in another state. As a result, I can think of at least one doctor who committed suicide. These programs are under scrutiny (and the defendants in class-action lawsuit) in other states and in MIssissippi, this program is run by a doctor who has been in rehab for drug and alcohol dependence multiple times. He replaced another guy who was fired for the same reason - an addict who kept falling off the wagon. It's time to take a look at how the MSBML operates. They are essentially able to operate without any rules.

Anonymous said...

Amen, 1:52. MPHP is a disaster. Any investigation of that would be profitable.

Anonymous said...

^^^agree that the lack of success of their program begins with their director and the previous director, both with multiple addiction issues and relapses. Odd that they would be considered experts in anything but what not to do.

Anonymous said...

Who runs MPHP?

Anonymous said...

I think Scott Hambleton runs it. This is about $. The doctors pay several thousand per year for 5-10 years for monitoring. The dirtiest part of all of this is the treatment centers and the interventionists. The list of approved treatment centers includes facilities that charge $30,000 and much much more. Sometimes interventionists are used and they can charge from $5000-$10,000 per intervention. There is no regulation. DREAM is hosting an interventionist soon. Call them and ask how much he charges. See if you can get a list of treatment facilities and what they charge.

Anonymous said...

He runs it. A little digging into the entities he requires doctors go would be profitable.

Anonymous said...

Is this MPHP the only treatment program a Mississippi physician can use To get his or her license back?

Kingfish said...

I'm not approving a couple of comments because they contain unverified information. Not worth the risk unless there is more solid info.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so if a physician who has a PROBLEM, which has been investigated and found let's say to be, self prescribing, disruptive behavior, psychiatric issues or a whole host of other problems, is offered to participate in the PHP AND be monitored by the MSBML without damage to their professional career, that is a bad thing?

The goal is to protect the public. They are being protected and the physician is being monitored by TWO entities and will be "burned" if they screw up. The people bitching about this have no clue. Doctors are held to a very high standard by the MSBML. They were once tops in the nation for several years for disciplinary actions against physicians. Now they are about middle of the road.

Treatment centers must be approved or to meet the special needs of a medical professional. If not, you would have the physicians going to some friend of theirs getting a glowing recommendation and not being treated. Centers are carefully selected for their ability to meet the needs of this "special" group of individuals and of course cost is considered. That is why they are offered a variety of Board approved treatment centers. MSBML has no dog in the hunt and is not associated with any facility. A lot of these comments sound like sour grapes.

This web site is stirring up a lot on nonsense because they are uninformed and seem to have a vendetta against the MSBML.

Anonymous said...

@12:35- thanks, Dr. Easterling.

Anonymous said...

It seems strange that the MPHP, which is owned by MSMA, is the ONLY option a physician has to get his of her license back after being mandated by a state board (BML). Remember North Carolina. Like everything else, MSMA and the BML want to restrict any other option that does not directly benefit their bank accounts. My fellow physicians who have been forced to use MPHP did not find the services beneficial and felt like they were simply helping boost MSMA's bank account.

Kingfish said...

12:35 make some good points. I can see both sides.

However, why is it government bodies who are used to not being placed under scrutiny act the same way when they are?

Anonymous said...

^^^at the person above who claims there is some special reason for certain centers to be "approved" for physicians, follow the money. I know several doctors who have been coerced - NOT given a choice except loss of livelihood - contingent upon going for treatment and spending upwards of 50,000.00 for basically 3 months of the same program heroin addicts went through - except the doctors had to listen to the same boring lectures 3 times - the medical board had their nuts in a vise. The MPHP has deep connections to these "approved" programs - the head of MPHP worked at Pine Grove for many years. These programs must not be too successful, based upon the number of relapses the head of the MPHP had and the prior head also had. Kingfish call and ask him - he won't lie about it - he's told too many people how many times he went for treatment.

Anonymous said...

At least one current staff member at Pine Grove is on the MPHP committee.

Anonymous said...

Ask about the suicides - these weren't drug addicts. Someone should have protected them from the MPHP.

Anonymous said...

Of course the public must be protected and the doctors helped. How, by whom, and at what cost is what needs investigation. This is about money. Pharma has incredible restrictions and regulations but treatment centers do not nor do the interventionists. Get ole Scott to release how much he and his staff have received from both parties in terms of trips and activities.

Anonymous said...

The public should absolutely be protected and the doctors monitored. What needs to be known is what have the staff at the MPHP received from treatment centers and interventionists as gifts. The previous head dealt, I mean prescribed suboxone and made a killing. This is all about the Benjamins

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that Pine Grove is rarely if ever used anymore due to the program not meeting the expectations and needs of the participants. Years ago, they had a decent program and it is always more accommodating for the facility to be within the home state.

As far as relapsing, what better person to run a program than one who has battled the demons himself. Current participants do not like the program now, because they are held to a higher standard than with the previous administration. Many are participating without public record and are bitching. I would imagine, this still beats getting a formal sanction from the MSBML and the "problems" associated with that.

There is a reason why they are in the program and I'm all for making everyone of them public record. Those bitching will run back and plead to be part of it and the PHP will be embraced and validated for the good they do. And No, I am not Dr. Easterland, which seems to be the common ignorant comment every time someone post something in supportive in these blogs.

Anonymous said...

^^^ "It's my understanding that Pine Grove is rarely used anymore"

Where do you get your "understanding?" I know a couple of doctors who have been forced into treatment there for no good reason - why don't you sign up to take polygraph tests about what you really think - is that the New American Way? You are a complete idiot and have no idea, 7:46.

Anonymous said...

@ 1021

I got a good laugh out of your attack of my "knowledge". I attempt not to lash out at the ignorance spewed by some of the contributors here as it does nothing but show your true colors.

There are always more than one side to a story. You sound like a bitter M.D. (Minor Deity)who was caught with their pants down with a patient, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, disruptive, psychotic, self-prescribing, incompetent, senile or again....sour grapes. You have no idea of my "understanding" and I can assure you it goes much deeper than yours on the subject.

In all fairness, Pine Grove was once the go to place for just about everyone who had issues. Heck, even Tiger Woods spent some time there. Pine Grove had a huge turn over with some internal problems and many professional entities in the state and outside the state stopped using them and sought places that better fit the special needs of the medical professionals. Are they still used? Probably so, as I "understand" the quality of the programs have improved.

If they are being used, great, and if the physicians are being sent there by either the Medical Board or the PHP, you can damn well bet they need to be evaluated and possibly treated. Your god complex is showing 10:21 and thank you for spewing your ignorace.

Anonymous said...

^^FU, sex addiction isn't even a "real disease" and yes, I know more than you. Certain of it, 2:48. No, I wasn't "caught with (my) pants down, under the influence of alcohol or drugs . . . etc." I do know a really excellent doctor who committed suicide after the MPHP insisted he get "stress" treatment in another state at one of their "preferred" facilities. Check the records.

Anonymous said...

What are your qualifications, 2:48? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The public should absolutely be protected and the doctors monitored. What needs to be known is what have the staff at the MPHP received from treatment centers and interventionists as gifts. The previous head dealt, I mean prescribed suboxone and made a killing. This is all about the Benjamins

^^that has the ring of truth - you must be talking about Gary Carr.

Anonymous said...

I'm a physician and I'm afraid to publicly state what I think of the MPHP except under anonymity. WTF is a disruptive physician, 2:48? Someone who puts patient care above profit? I thought so.

Anonymous said...

it is funny to me how the bottom of every med school turns into political officers..

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was at the top of my med school and I think these guys are looney tunes with a lot of baggage.

Anonymous said...

,,"The MSBML has a very odd arrangement with an organization called the Mississippi Health Professional Program. This program can get a doctor who is under stress or who is depressed and coerce the doctor into "treatment" in a special program they "approve" in another state. As a result, I can think of at least one doctor who committed suicide. are essentially able to operate without any rules."

I have just recently found this site & read all the comments on what Dr Scott a Hambleton of MSBML has been doing to so many dr's just like he is to my fiancé right now. My fiancé may have to fear retribution, as most here do because Scott rules with fear & threats of license removed. So I do not have to worry about Scott he can't hurt me I decided to help all Drs being extorted & controlled by him and the organizations he associates with to the FBI today. They are heading up a large scale investigation now & see the illegal extortion aimed at Drs,.

The agent said for me to post info to call and tell them your testimonies so they can stop this horrific and illegal org. From the very hurting Drs again. Simply call 1-800-CALL-FBI. Let them know it's info on the Fraudulent Dr Hambleton case, and/or extortion, being decided guilty when he has never met.

There is a huge team of FBI on this case and they will help any Drs who have been targeted by this man.

arch 4, 2016 at 1:52 PM

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