Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Social justice bullies

Protests at the University of Missouri took over the headlines yesterday as the President and Chancellor resigned.  However, check out this video on how the protesters attacked the media.

The blonde _____ in the sunglasses (3:06) happens to work for the university. She is Janna Balser, Assistant Director of Greek Life & Leadership. Mizzou actually pays her $67,000 per year to sit in that job.

The really disgusting part happens at 6:30.  A "mass media" professor screams for some "muscle" to "help me get this reporter out of here".  Shades of Hitler's professors encouraging students to burn books. Check out the professor's bio:

To think that higher education has sunk to this level.  These people are not students interested in learning. They are not interested in rights.  They are not interested in a free exchange of ideas. They are bullies who rule by the power of the mob.  Something we saw in Mississippi back in the 1960's, the Paris mob in the French Revolution, and at other times in history.  The mob seeks power in its own right and everyone else is the enemy.  This woman is unfit to serve as a professor and should be thrown out of the profession but the university will probably promote this four-eyed thug.

Southpark nailed it:

However, the Missouri video didn't remind me of South Park but rather reminded me of something else that occurred on November 9, 1938: Kristalnacht:


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is a spillover from Ferguson. Instead of demanding some type of solution, they demanded the president be ousted. It will be no surprise if this hurts future enrollment for Missouri. I wonder if Missouri will now become HCBU.

Demanding what you want is not a healthy way to resolve issues. But, I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with this campus?

Anonymous said...

OMG - "Need some muscle over here." How absolutely bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, you're comparing Mizzou to the Nazi's? That's a false equivalency, for certain.

Also, higher ed has generally been the place for controversial topics and views to be fleshed out. We spent the large part of the 60s dealing with social change. Surely, KF, this can't be news to you?

Kingfish said...

So what we're the blacks in Mississippi supposed to do? Submit mealy-mouthed petitions every week and go home?

Kingfish said...

Back in the 60's.

Anonymous said...

Great post KF. Chilling and revealatory about what hogwash passes for higher education at ridiculous monopoly prices in this age. Chilling, sad, inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, now to get what you want all you have to do is cry racism or discrimination. what are we teaching our young people? If you don't like something, just cry racist and see what happens. I think these students are more racist than the former Missouri president.

Anonymous said...

"Demanding what you want is not a healthy way to resolve issues."

Right. Okay. Because the alternative is better.

Anonymous said...

Once football team said they weren't playing until things changed, and the coach and AD stood behind them, the President was done. Shows the power of football programs.

Oh, and this crazy lib professor was begging for social media exposure last week. Be careful what you ask for.

Anonymous said...

The problems there show how Americans have let sports rule their life. They will allow a sports team run a school. What has America dropped to when we allow a mob, who just happens to be good at some child's game, make decisions about the education system.
Wonder how many of the students that refused to play actually had to pay for their education and how many were there for free?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, some of you are deliberately ignorant of the reasons the football team refused to play , a young man went on a hunger strike in protest and the call was for the President to resign.

The football players and African American students weren't engaged in mob assaults. There wasn't rioting.

The protests had been peaceful. The President failed to take action for legitimate grievances over a long period.

This went on a long time before the media showed up.

While there are instances where the charge of discrimination and egregious treatment isn't true, but some of you seem to think it's never true.

Too many of you seem to want to believe there is no such thing as racial prejudice and discrimination. And, seem to think treating others disrespectfully is something to be encouraged in society.

Anonymous said...

Why try asking and working out the things that you feel are important? Demanding is not asking. Demanding is a manipulative way to get your way. And this usually ends a relationship. I do not see where the Missouri students actually had a conference to work out issues with the former president of Missouri and/or the Board of Trustees.
So, we jump from being offended to demanding? Only makes you sound like a cry baby.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, KF!
I can't think what reasonable measures weren't taken to exercise the right to vote. And, those measures were met with violence and intimidation.
Why is it no one has ever asked themselves how that refusal, and to veterans who fought in WWII, could possibly be justified?
How is it you think you can treat people disrespectfully and expect them to never object?
And, still, after all these years, some of you can't acknowledge that if you simply treat people as you want to be treated, you can avoid all of this.
Do any of you enjoy being called derogatory names and being looked down upon?

Anonymous said...

They just did not want the photographer taking a photo of him eating his cheeseburger inside the tent. Brought to him from a wannabe $15.00 per hour supporter.

Kingfish said...

This post has nothing to do with the subject of the students' grievances. This is about how the mob treated a free press and the right to free speech. Its the same mob mentality as seen throughout history.

Anonymous said...

History is repeating. Will you be ready?

Anonymous said...

I would have revoked every football scholarship of the "demanding students". Of course the Press should be free to cover these demonstrations. Now, the President is gone, the problem is not solved, the school is poorer for the publicity, and people's hearts are not changed. A team is a team and plays for the school. I believe there were many ways to accomplish their ends without this display.

Anonymous said...

Over the summer the state took away the "free speech zones" at public universities because those were too constricting (2nd state in the nation to do this at the time along with VA). So, they actively asked for freedom of the press all over the campus, but this lib professor decided it was actually better when they had it the other way. Be careful what you ask for #2.

Anonymous said...

@9:30 AM, the only open question is how steeply will Missouri enrollment drop.

Messick said...


"I'm sorry, you're comparing Mizzou to the Nazi's? That's a false equivalency, for certain."

Several items here:

1. If you read the post again (and again) you'll notice nothing comparing the school to National Socialism. The facist-like methods and aggression employed by the "state employee" and others are a sign of mob mentality.

2. The term "false equivalency" is a made up term now being thrown around in leftist and SJW circles to stifle any kind of opposition. In other words, "We don't like what you say and don't want you to have an opinion - period - because you'll blow our big lie."
Like small, petulant children resolving to name-calling on a playground.

Anonymous said...

Scalps beget purges, purges beget pogroms, pogroms beget anarchy.

There is a reason why 2015 gun sales are on pace to set yet another annual record.

Messick said...

Pardon me, the iphones are on auto-correct; the last sentence should have read:

"...resorting to name-calling on a playground."

Anonymous said...


There has been, is, and will always be racial "prejudice". This novel notion of redefining bias as prejudice is personified semantics.

The modern notion of "equality" by using prejudice is the ultimate form of hypocrisy. I have no idea if the Missouri situation is valid or not, but the message is lost because of the approach. The approach should have been even more measured given the Ferguson situation in which prejudice blinded so many from the facts and that prejudice made it "ok" for the mob mentality to take over.

Symbolic gestures in place of real measures is food for the intellectually dishonest.

Anonymous said...

10:30, they couldn't revoke the kids scholarships. Football players held the cards here. The AD and coach were smart enough to know that and put their chips in with them. They won.

Anonymous said...

More than Kristallnacht, this reminds me of the Kielce Pogram, in Poland, just after the war was over. ( http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/23/books/review/23margolick.html?fta=y&_r=0 )

One would think that all Poles would have recoiled against any stance which echoed Nazism. After all, the Nazis had declared Poles to be subhuman (and Jews NON-human), fit only to be slaves. The Nazis had forbidden most education for Poles, had starved them, burned their cities, and enslaved them.

Yet, the same religious ideology which had enabled Hitler's rise, remained firmly-rooted in postwar Poland. And there were rewards to be had. Murdering Poland's surviving Jews meant that the survivors would not be around to reclaim their lost property.

And so, as the Times puts it, in the above book review, "...residents of Kielce, among them policemen, soldiers and boy scouts, murdered 80 Jews. “The immense courtyard was still littered with blood-stained iron pipes, stones and clubs, which had been used to crush the skulls of Jewish men and women,”..."

Townspeople surrounded the Jewish Community Center, where survivors of concentration camps, impoverished and frail, awaited transport from Poland. Someone had started a RUMOR, that a young boy had been kidnapped by the Jews, and was being held in the Community Center's basement. It was soon discovered that the boy was not missing, and that the building, built on marshland, did not have a basement. But that was irrelevant to the bullies in Kielce (just as pesky FACTS seem to have been irrelevant to the bullies in Missouri).

In both cases, someone had been labeled as an ENEMY OF THE IDEOLOGY, and was now an OUTSIDER, to be destroyed. In the book to which I refer, above (FEAR Anti-Semitism in Poland After Auschwitz. By Jan T. Gross.) , the Author advances the possibility that the enabling mechanism behind the Kielce Pogram was PSEUDOSPECIATION - the artificial creation of a separate category - labeling outsiders as outside one's own species, and thus deserving of ostracism and destruction. It's so ingrained in our makeup, that we even see Pseudospeciation in Chimpanzees. This week, we're seeing it exhibited by football players and various little campus nobodies - all rallying behind an ideology which is EXPLOITING THEM, the 'Useful Idiots', against a common enemy (in this week's example, the President and Chancellor).

Messick said...

Pinkel would've been liable for the team not playing and the athletic department losing money, in addition to the bad PR. He had no choice.

Also worth noting is that the football team would not have threatened a boycott had they been in contention for the SEC East title.

Anonymous said...


Incredibly well said. Incredibly. I couldn't agree more.

This is not about justice. It is about bullying and stifling the opposition. The fact that one of the demands was that the president acknowledge his "white privilege" (another false notion used to justify racial bigotry) negated the entirety of the protest.

Cooler heads are not prevailing. It is getting worse and anyone who dares call out the execrable behavior and tactics of the SJW and BLM crowds is fair game. Someone with some stones needs to stand up to them and stare them down.

Anonymous said...

Signs now up on campus saying media is welcome on all parts of campus. Claiming yesterday was a "teachable moment."

Anonymous said...

The UM students and football team are to the former UM President and Chancellor as the House Freedom Caucus is to former House Speaker John Boehner?

Kingfish said...

Where and when did Pinkel go to college?

Anonymous said...

Pinkel- Kent State BS Ed 1973.

Anonymous said...

He didn't do it without the AD.

Anonymous said...

11:29, I disagree. The decision by the President and Chancellor would have simply happened faster had they been in such contention.

RandomHero said...

And sadly, amongst that group of social justice warriors, not a muscle was found.

Anonymous said...

Professor Click's current research projects involve "the impact of social media in fans' relationship with Lady Gaga."

We really are doomed. Why the fuck am I at work today?

Anonymous said...

When are the people going to learn what is important? Sports, very important. Education, not very important. Throw those books in the trash and grab a football. If you don't accept what we tell you we will force you. Your choice.

Anonymous said...


Hopefully the Mizzou basketball season won't be impacted by all this. They were picked to finish just behind Alabama in the SEC media preseason poll!

Messick said...

Oh, and the kid who started all this?
His parents are worth over $25 million.

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