Friday, November 20, 2015

Her name was Kristy Mitchell.

Update: Gofundme account set up for Mrs. Mitchell's funeral.

Missouri native Kristy Mitchell was murdered in the parking lot of Logan's on County Line Road last night. The suspect allegedly murdered another woman, and went on a shooting spree that started in Jackson and ended in Ridgeland. Few people here probably knew Mrs. Mitchell. She was a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. Her Facebook profile shows she loved her bassett hound and wasn't afraid to take the ice bucket challenge with her grandchildren last year. She was proud of her son who serves in the Army. Her Facebook posts are poignant when one realizes it is her last day in this world. She  is not another statistic but a victim who came to Jackson. 


Anonymous said...

Bunch of ****ing savages

Anonymous said...

Sad, what a senseless act....

Anonymous said...

These poor women that were killed by this savage were both from out of State, and neither had any idea the amount of danger they were putting themselves into when they went to Jackson. Unfortunately, many people who aren't from around here don't seem to comprehend just how dangerous Jackson is, and many end up dead or robbed. We should put up a billboard on the interstates coming into town, warning people how dangerous Jackson is. Similar to what's in Memphis. How many more out of town people are we going to allow to be killed simply because they aren't aware just how third world Jackson is. I feel like as a Christian community we should do more to warn the out of towners that Jackson is deadly dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Please let everyone know when the U.S. Justice Department rushes in to open a hate crime investigation. Imagine what the Justice Department's reaction would have been if the shooter had been white and the victims black. Senseless no matter the race of the victim.

Anonymous said...

This lady could have been you or me, or anyone's family member or friend. Any of us could have gotten the call her family got last night. Her death makes me so damn mad and so, so sad. Crime in Jackson and nearby is completely out of control. Three murders in less than 12 hrs? Thugs with guns have taken over. No wonder businesses and families are leaving daily. Anywhere is safer.

Anonymous said...

Not that it matters because a lady has died but isn't that Drury Hotel north of county line road making this crime a Madison county statistic.

Burke said...

I remember when ordinary black people were afraid to venture into Mississippi; now it's ordinary white people who need to be afraid.

Where is Tony Yarber? Where in the name of decency is he? He needs to be on television, condemning acts like this and making it clear to his city that nothing has higher priority than stopping crime. We are leaderless, and meanwhile Chief Vance sits on the stairs in City Hall waiting his turn before the Council (see the recent photo posted by KF).

Anonymous said...

Good point, 2:00. However, the Jackson haters automatically assume anything on County Line Road is in Jackson. Logans is on the Ridgeland, Madison County side of County Line. That technicality won't stop the haters though. If the haters are going to paint with a broad brush, this senseless murder must mean that all of Ridgeland is a cesspool of crime.

Messick said...

How long until the Donners dehumanize the victims by bitching that the media gave the crime too much attention?

Anonymous said...

He's one of ours; sad part.

Go so some southern love and help that family out.

Anonymous said...

Jackson id a hell-hole overrun by the animals.

Anonymous said...

@2:37. Your post is meaningless as the criminal is a resident of Jackson.

In other words, not being content to kill white women in Jackson, he had to go out of town to lash out.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid post. It matters not the side of the road, County line is, in essence, Jackson.If people like you would stop worrying about "Jackson haters" , and worry about turning your cesspool into a real city once again, then maybe you'd have some decent leadership.

We aren't "haters' We're realists.

Anonymous said...

We are aware the Logan's is in Ridgeland you dipshits. Its a stones throw away from Jackson. The PROBLEM is the Jackson residents, that have grown up in the third world culture that is Jackson.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm very thankful you idiots are so hardheaded that you're going to ride the ship down. I'd much rather them steal from and harass you than me. Once the last remaining Jacksonites leave, then the rest of us (at least Ridgeland) really are in some trouble.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure Logan's parking lot borders Jackson directly to the west and south, and the thug with the gun killing people lived in Jackson. The murder is a Madison County statistic, but everyone knows Jackson is where crime is rampant.

Anonymous said...

Let's get past the finger pointing at locations and concentrate on what the problem is. We are living in a dangerous time and these thugs know no boundaries. The act of killing an innocent person is heinous. The thugs who breed more thugs are only acting as they were taught which is simply not to respect human life. I feel so very sorry for these two families that have lost loved ones. This has never happened to me and I pray that it doesn't. I also pray that the leaders of the black community will do more than walk down a street with a poster giving lip service just to get attention. ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!

And let's not forget to thank your law enforcement officers who protect us as MUCH as they possibly can. The killings have to stop!

Anonymous said...

@1:45. As "Christians" perhaps you should go down and help these poor young people in South Jackson that seem to have "issues." Then you can stop being so pious and feel better about yourself.

Anonymous said...

Earth to dipshits: This guy came from Jackson.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:12

I would, but I don't want to get shot.

Anonymous said...


I used to do volunteer work in South Jackson. Everything from working in soup kitchens to cutting grass for the elderly. After I was mugged for the third time, I decided it would be in my best interest to stay away.

No matter how much you try to help them, they still hate you.

Messick said...


How can you "help" people who obviously don't want "help"?
And by "help", what do you mean? Throw money at the problem?
As well, what do you mean by "poor"? This person who committed two murders drove a Mustang, which is not a budget model.

Typical Jackson Free Press Reading Fondrenite said...

If this woman had been staying at a hotel in Jackson and eating at one of our many great restaurants out the ass (like Parlor Market), she would be alive today. Instead, she ventured into Madison County where everyone's a racist and you see how safe she was.

The crime is Jackson is a perception, but it's real in Ridgeland, as this incident proves.

Broderick Smith? Never heard of him. If he didn't attend Fondren Unwrapped last night, then he isn't important.

I live in Jackson, particularly Fondren. I am better than you.

robert redd said...

To 3:37 I wasn't gonna get into this fray, but I MUST inform 3:37 that your dismissal of Broderick Smith, whom you admit "never heard of him..." was shot dead at the O'Rielly's Auto Parts on Livingston Rd Wednesday evening over a robbery because he couldn't open the safe fast enough. Read more on page 3A of today's Clarion Ledger. Also Jackson PD caught the perp for Drury Inn killing within 3 hours of incident.

Anonymous said...

Such a waste of a beautiful life. Where are the protestors? Where's Jessie Jackson? What about Al Sharpton? What about the President? What about our legislative black caucus? Don't WHITE lives matter, too? This world is going to self-destruct. They need to publicly torture (water board, etc.) & then hang the person who did this. Having his friends see real just carried out MAY, just may, stop them from doing the same.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that everyone wants to play the race baiting game on everything. The real issues at hand center around lack of education, mental illness and drug use or dealing. Until we as members of the metro Jackson community get our hands around these we are going to always have a problem.

I am amazed by the people who get on here and scream about BLM and the Justice department showing up in times like this. We get so caught up in race baiting rhetoric by the extremes in both parties that we lose our sense of perspective. No, the BLM folks nor Justice Department officials are going to show up for this. However, they are not showing up for the murder at the Auto Parts store either (black on black crime). At some point we are going to realize the criminals committing the black on black crime in Jackson is just going to continue to move further north. We better deal with those issues and stop worrying so much about BLM and the Justice Department.

Anonymous said...

This is terribly tragic.
I don't object to peaceful respectful protest, but we don't need anymore people trying to make a living out of social issues or inciting chaos, vandalism and anger.
We have enough troublemakers already!

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like Jackson Police Department almost always gets the perpetrators. God help them find the two who murdered the man at O'Reilly's. JPD seems to be doing their job, and God bless them for putting their lives on the line every single time they have to go after these demons. The ball is being dropped somewhere else along the line. Kingfish has posted about this many times. What can we do to put these criminals behind bars and not ever let them back out?

Anonymous said...

Burke, November 20, 2015 at 2:18 PM
Chief Lee Vance is plenty angry and means business. He is a very capable officer and leader. He catches criminals, and our justice and court system puts them back out on the street.

We have 3 innocent victims being discussed here. God bless them all and God help all of you who are batting back and forth across County Line Road.

Anonymous said...

Don't visit Chicago, Omaha, New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Macon, Tucson, Phoenix or eleven other cities where your odds of being a murdered tourist or a crime victim as a visitor is much, much higher!

And, in any town or city in the U.S. , there are parts that just aren't safe. It has always been true and now with the mentally ill and criminally insane out on the streets instead involuntarily institutionalized, the risks are greater.

And,those who appear vulnerable, especially the elderly, are always the most likely to be targeted by criminals.

My heart goes out to this nice woman's family. She is not to blame, but we have to be careful when we travel , especially alone, and know what areas should be avoided. We should buy gas during the day if driving anywhere. Night time along highways, particularly I-95 is very risky.

There is no reason one cannot come to Jackson and be safe while here.

Anonymous said...

Lee Vance has been a mouth piece, they have not had a chief who could find hid ass since McMillian

Anonymous said...

So, 6:30, if you have been a spokesman for JPD no matter what else you have accomplished, you are just a "mouthpiece"? How tacky.

My sincere condolences to Mrs. Mitchell's family. Beautiful grandbabies that will forever miss their grandmother. Friends and neighbors who will dread ever even driving through Mississippi. Bitter pill for them to have to swallow all because another youth raised in Jackson chose to become a killer. It is terrible and so very sad for all of us and for the victim.

Sending prayers to Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Murder rate was FIFTH HIGHEST EVER when Malcolm McMillin was serving as JPD Chief. FACT.

Anonymous said...

@robert redd
I detected great sarcasm in 3:37's comments. I hope I am correct in that assumption. If not, he (or she) needs to be dropped off in the area of Mt. Vernon Ave. and Road of Remembrance in the middle of the night, unarmed and sans cell phone.

Anonymous said...

Lee Vance is overwhelmed - the wheels are completely off. He's up against predators with local support.

Anonymous said...

well said 1.40

Anonymous said...

Any info on the Woman at the shell station ?

Anonymous said...

Other news outlets are reporting that the suspect was a junior at JSU studying civil engineering and had a job at a tire shop (which he quit yesterday). This doesn't seem to be the typical high school dropout drug dealing criminal we're used to seeing in these type headlines. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

@3:12. Tell it to the widow of Matt Devenney

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Thugs with guns always have friends and family and usually a preacher coming out saying they are nice, and they are surprised at what they did. He killed two innocent women for absolutely no reason except he enjoyed doing it.

Also, there was an armed robbery at the service station on the east side of I-55 at Briarwood Drive last night, too. More thugs.

Kingfish said...

Crime went up under Mac and then there were budget problems. Check the crime stats.

Hooter said...

His girlfriend probably broke up with him.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the haters because they are quitters and troublemakers.
I don't like the haters because they are fueling the divisions in this Nation at every level at a time we need unity.
I don't like the haters because they bitch and don't offer any rational solutions.
I don't like the haters because they have turned politics into character assassination, and away from the issues.
I don't like haters because they exaggerate and over-react.
I don't like the haters because they think name calling and yelling and strength is numbers is a good strategy. In short, they are bullies or wannabe bullies.
I don't like haters because you are the reason things are such a mess particularly in Mississippi and you constantly manage to embarrass our State.

But, the main reason is because it's people like you that let groups like ISIS succeed or join one yourselves. You don't stand up and fight. You make it hard if not impossible for those who will fight to succeed. You don't have the patience needed to solve problems. You can't cooperate with others. You are the ones that give legitimacy to hate groups like ISIS with your nastiness or become a member. Of course, hate groups can make young , unaccepted, bullied young people join their cause because when they tell them they are wonderful and you don't see them as having any redeeming qualities or being redeemable. You are the voice of hopelessness and defeat and a hate group offers acceptance and victory.

Keep it up and you'll see our downtrodden and hated join terrorist groups just like has happened elsewhere and then an ISIS group will just use force once their numbers have grown enough.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the crybully movement had their first successful kill yesterday. It would be interesting to see just how many young black socially progressives tweet how she deserved to die, etc.

Anonymous said...

This is not a lack of education, or because of drug dealers or anything else.

It is black people are hating white people and they just hate so much for reasons no one can do a thing about.

Oh, But We Have Diversity said...

" a time when we need unity." What a hollow and meaningless phrase. There is no such thing as unity. There has never been unity. There will never BE unity. Well, unless you're talking about a jury verdict or a family agreeing that it's dinner time or six cases of canned corn stacked on a shelf.

Unity does not apply to sociological situations or large-group dynamics. If you want unity you should have signed up with Jim Jones, but even his cult had it's doubters. You are a childish twit if you have visions of community unity.

Anonymous said...

We certainly were unified on 9/11 and you might remember there was no racial or political conflict for quite some time afterward.

And, then those who make a living on conflict and chaos started back in. And folks like you fell into line like good little Germans.

We were certainly unified during WWII as well.

Unity in a society is not defined as perfect agreement on every issue. The threat of an external enemy, agreement on cultural values, homogeneity are ways societies achieve a workable unity.

Perfect unity? There is no perfect anything and if that's your standard, you are the childish twit!

And, if you haven't noticed the threat of an external enemy is worse than after 9/11 and it's people like you who will keep us from defeating our mutual enemy if you keep this shit up! The jihadists love you buddy! You create homegrown recruits for them every day!

Anonymous said...

12:09 am Black people don't automatically hate white people anymore than white people automatically hate black people. Prejudice is learned.

And, if you haven't noticed, blacks are more often the victims of crime.

I have far more in common with a well educated, and/or self-educated,ethical person of any race than I do with YOU!

Oh, it's harder to make black friends since they have reason to be cautious and mistrustful of whites, but if you can demonstrate that you judge people on behavior and not color or the size of a wallet, you'll find yourself lucky to expand your friendships. You can't have too many friends who will help you in times of need.

Kingfish said...

OK, get back to subject of post, remembering this victim.

Anonymous said...

How incredibly unexpected to be shot dead getting gas, or even walking to a restaurant next door. Now the suspect has family claiming mental illness. Fuck him. No excuses. What will they say about the suspects that may eventually get arrested about the man that was killed at the auto parts store, because he couldn't open the safe. ""They was crazy, dint know what they doin."Fuck them too. If they are that sick, cull them out.

Anonymous said...

The parking lot at Logan's has been a known hotbed of drug dealing for years. My guess is that's why he was there in the first place.

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