Friday, May 1, 2020

Chokwe Chickens Out

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba hid from process server yesterday in the open-carry ban lawsuit.  Mayor Lumumba issued an executive order last Saturday that banned the open carry of firearms in Jackson.  The order expired yesterday but not before a State Representative sued him and the city in federal court. 
The Mayor loudly defended his executive order banning the open carry of firearms at a press conference yesterday.  While he talked tough on the steps of City Hall, a process server for State Representative Dana Criswell attempted to serve him with a copy of the lawsuit, only to be stopped by a small army of goons.   The press conferences are sparsely attended by the media right now thanks to the pandemic so it is a safe bet to assume that Mr. Lovett's presence was immediately noticed.

Mr. Lovett's affidavit of his experience was submitted to the Court yesterday.  The affidavit tells the story of how the process server was repeatedly diverted and intercepted by the Mayor's handlers and bodyguards while the Mayor thundered against "outside agitators."  Typical behavior for a bully.  The affidavit is posted below. 

Upon arriving at City Hall, I approached the area where the press conference would be held. At which time, an unknown gentleman with graying hair who was approximately 6'2" inquired if was a member of the press. I responded, "No". He then asked why I was present. I informed him that I had process to serve on the Mayor. He immediately responded, "No! You need to go inside and serve the process on the city clerk." I then informed him that I had been instructed to serve the mayor personally, as required by Rule 4(j)(2)(B) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules 4(d)(7) and 4(d)(8) Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure.

Two unidentified Jackson Police Officers walked over and began to question my presence. They instructed me, "Go inside and wait at the city clerk's office." The taller gentleman then stated, "We will try to bring the mayor by to accept the process from you there."

I then went inside as instructed and waited in the lobby inside the clerk's office.

While inside, I spoke with a representative in the city clerk's office. I was told, "If the process is for the mayor personally the clerk's office cannot accept the process on his behalf."

At the conclusion of the press conference, two men wearing tan suits, one Jackson Police officer, two clerks and the previously mentioned gentleman approached me inside. They asked to see the process. I handed the process to the tall gentleman I spoke with previously. He and the two men wearing suits began to inspect the process and took a photograph of the top page which was the summons.

The male with graying hair stated, "If the process states Chokwe Antar Lumumba, it has to be served on him personally." One of the two men wearing suits then stated, "Since the process states in his official capacity as Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi and City of Jackson, Mississippi, it should be served on the city clerk." They then suggested that the summons should be changed to state Chokwe Antar Lumumba.

I then asked, "Does this mean he is refusing to accept this process". They did not respond to my question.

One gentleman then instructed, "Get the process changed, then you will have to catch him."

I then departed from City Hall with the summons, complaint and other documents.
Will the Mayor get served? Stay tuned. 


Anonymous said...

I predict nothing will happen

Article 1 - IN GENERAL. § 97-9-75 - Resisting service of process. Any person who knowingly and wilfully opposes or resists any officer or other authorized person in serving or attempting to serve or execute any legal writ or process, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Anonymous said...

It was predicted that he would be a total wuss. Many who have known him his entire life know him as a limp wristed ninny with a big mouth that writes checks his fruity booty cant cash.

Anonymous said...

So, is he considered the Chief LEO for the city? Just gotta laugh at folks like him. Proof that CS isn't always dead when it hits the coop floor.

Anonymous said...

Typical. He thinks he is the law and then hides when it is time to face the judiciary. If he’s so confident he was right why run scared?

Anonymous said...

THAT IS INSANE! Antar is also an officer of the court. I don’t know which federal judge got the case, but I’ll be interested to see what he does about this. I think criminal conspiracy charges may be in order for obstructing the service of process. If the summons was deficient, I think the way for Antar to address it was to accept the summons and complaint and then file a motion to dismiss. These people really seem to believe laws and the Rules of Court don’t apply to them.

Anonymous said...

So the actual number of deaths from Covid 19 is more like 35,000 so far.

Anonymous said...

Chokwe? Choker.

Anonymous said...

Don't comment to often on any forum.. But your blatant style is obvious on this one. The title and the ending bleed with your discontent of the mayor. His idea was a noble one but won't work with the current laws. The pendulum swings and it amazes me different folks react to it.. look at the fools in the capitols across the country all strapped up.. what a reaction! Freaks!

Anonymous said...

@10:14 AM
In Michigan, the armed citizenry is peacefully reminding those that they elected who is the boss. Why does that seem "freaky" to you? You may want to seriously reflect on your conditioning. What bothered you the most? Did it bother you that they were mostly white men or was it because they practiced a constitutional right? Honestly it should be repeated in every state capitol as well as the nation's capitol.

Anonymous said...

10:14 noble idea in practice often do more harm than good. Let me go fix the things in your life that I deem to be broken, would you dare say I was noble?

Anonymous said...

Again, Kingfish shows he knows very little about practicing law. This was very inappropriate by the process server.

Kingfish said...

Quit being a crybaby. I didn't claim to be an expert on the practice of law so don't put words in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

"His idea was a noble one but won't work with the current laws."

Uh, actually, his idea, noble though you think it may be, won't work with the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. It's been around for a few hundred years, so you should familiarize yourself with it, and how it governs what laws are allowed, and what laws are not allowed.

Anonymous said...

@10:08 Off topic, but anyway. From your link “ Death counts are delayed and may differ from other published sources (see Technical Notes)”

Go to the CDC COVID page and you’ll see a different number that is an estimate but isn’t delayed for reporting purposes.

Anonymous said...

@10:34 Please explain how the process server was at fault. He attempted to personally serve the summons and complaint as required by both state and federal law. The mayor's team acted in concert to prevent this. The affidavit that was filed appears to be an explanation as to why the process server was unable to serve the process.

Anonymous said...

@10:38 please explain what the process server did that was inappropriate. It appears he tried to personally serve a summons and complaint on a defendant as required by law. It also appears the mayor used a team of surrogates to avoid it. The affidavit was likely required by counsel to explain why the server was unable to serve the process. But what do I know....

Edwin Finley Taliaferro aka Antard Ladumba aka Gum Flapper aka Libitard said...

What a pussy. And April was a record history of killings in Jackistan.
So how are the violence interruption programs, conflict resolution classes and new orange colored police cars working to implement community policing in the most radical city?

Anonymous said...

Chokey would've really looked like a fool to his NYC financiers had he been served that process during his photo-op. (You know they were watching)

His cronies knew this as well and made sure it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Running like a “lil biatch!”

Anonymous said...

@ 10:08, interesting read. Sure there will folks, on both sides of this issue, that will cry foul. Thanks for the link, appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Don't comment to often on any forum.

So what? What is your point? That because you are now your anonymous comment is somehow special and more worthy?

Anonymous said...

People avoid service of process all day every day. Some people do it for years, literally years.

Anonymous said...

@12:15 There isn't anything to cry foul over as long as you realize the statistics in the post are not complete, a fact which is disclosed on the page itself. That is only for cases where a death certificate has been issued and the information has been coded into the NCHS system, a process they say may take several weeks and lags by a 1-2 week average.

It is good information when taken in the right context; however, anyone relying on it to be a reflection of total deaths currently is going to be significantly misinformed. Go to this page instead to get a current figure based on the latest information.

Anonymous said...

No no no- quit making excuses. No officer of the court should duck service for themselves, their clients or any group they represent. The courts are bogged down enough to add countless unnecessary steps. He had recourse if he felt service was improper. He just needlessly involved a dozen or so people. During a crisis all issues that can be expedited should be.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mayor, you are not setting a good example for our children. If we all avoid process, it would be chaos for law enforcement and the court's!

It’s just sad!

I just avoid Jackson.

Anonymous said...

As a long-time licensed conceal carry, my personal opinion about open carry is that these folks are posturing fools looking to provoke a response and in a more dangerous sense, might as well wear a “Shoot this Doofus First!” t-shirt. Why on earth would you want anyone to know you are carrying? Having concluded my gun owner rant, and putting on my lawyer hat, in my opinion, the Mayor’s actions are a weasel move.

Anonymous said...

He's s milking the cow and enjoying every minute.

Anonymous said...

@2:01, go ahead and turn in your man card and start wearing a pink pussy hat. People like you have let this nation slide so far left down the slippery slope because you "cringe" at what others might think. No more.

Anonymous said...

the open carry law allows for "concealed carry". you do not need a permit to conceal carry as long as it's in a holster or the like

that aside, the proclamation also attempted to make conceal carry illegal. it ignored written law and substituted it's own language

Anonymous said...

People 'open-carried' in this country for hundreds of years and it didn't seem to cause a problem. As for me, I'd rather a gun be out where I can see it and deal with it than have it hidden in some little pussy's coat.

Anonymous said...

You big anonymous men absolutely love the P word.

And 11:05 "April was a record history of killings in Jackistan."
EXACTLY. Which is WHY the Mayor was trying to do SOMETHING to give law enforcement some authority to take action when weapons are seen. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

Anonymous said...

For those that don't know, Canada just lost their Semiautomatic weapons. Justin Trudeau has his gun ban.

And I thought that's what those knitted pink hats are called.

Anonymous said...

so, 6:10pm

It's your contention that the mayor tried to do something unconstitutional against everyone so that the police don't have to try to do something unconstitutional against criminals

that's some weird-ass logic right there

Anonymous said...

How many "bodyguards" does this Mayor need ?

And why ?

Anonymous said...

2 or 3 days after the initial lockdown by the mayor, I was traveling southbound on I-55 with very little traffic. It was about 9-10am and when I came over the Woodrow Wilson bridge, 2 JPD cars came flying onto the interstate perpendicular to the lanes of traffic from the onramp.

One stopped short, but the other continued into middle lane. I was in the inside lane and was standing on my brakes trying to avoid broadsiding the JPD car if he continued into the inside lane. I gave my anti-lock brakes a great test. It was dangerous, uncalled for but is exactly how this majoral administration acts.

The other JPD officer continued into the lanes of traffic broadside to block traffic, while the first one tore off southbound.

Lo and behold, it was the mayor in a limousine with 5 or 6 JPD cars and 5 or 6 regular looking civilian cars. The civi cars in the rear looked like they were struggling just to keep up, but they had their hazards on.

The entourage continued into South Jackson with JPD blocking each onramp for the group to pass..... like he was the President.

I decided to buy a dash camera system after that, because that is something that needed to be youtubed or something

Anonymous said...

Typical of Mayor

Anonymous said...

" I gave my anti-lock brakes a great test. It was dangerous, uncalled for but is exactly how this majoral administration acts. Lo and behold, it was the mayor in a limousine with 5 or 6 JPD cars and 5 or 6 regular looking civilian cars. The civi cars in the rear looked like they were struggling just to keep up, but they had their hazards on.

The entourage continued into South Jackson with JPD blocking each onramp for the group to pass..... like he was the President. "

I've witnessed a very similar situation.

If this behavior wasn't so dangerous, I would be laughing.
But it's not funny.

When the first innocent citizens or JPD Officers get killed in such nonsense, I will bet a lot of money that all the victims will be Black Jacksonians.

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