Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Covid-19 Update: 670 Deaths

 The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 313 new cases of the Wuhan Virus as well as 18 deaths today. The total number of cases is 14,044. The virus has caused 670 deaths. Nursing home deaths comprise 51% of overall Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi.  More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website.

Posted below is the chart for hospitalizations, ICU's, and vents.  Unfortunately, it should it should be ignored as it states the data is incomplete for the last three days.

List of Notable Counties (Deaths)
Attala: 277 (15)
Copiah: 285 (4)
Desoto: 493 (6)
Forrest: 511 (37)
Hinds: 920 (24)
Holmes: 373 (24)
Jackson: 300 (13)
Jones: 525 (19)
Lauderdale: 699 (57)
Leake: 395 (12)
Leflore: 250 (30)
Lincoln: 250 (22)
Madison: 687 (21)
Monroe: 253 (24)
Neshoba: 565 (34)
Newton: 250 (4)
Rankin: 373 (6)


Anonymous said...

I noticed on the very useful hospitalization chart they now have a disclaimer that data is incomplete for May 23 through the 26th. Guess this chart will only be useful if you want to look back at least a week.

Anonymous said...

11:40 I saw that too. How hard is it for hospitals to tell MSDH how many patients they have at the end of each day? It presents a very misleading figure if everyone is not included consistently. And how much is it off? If a hospital doesn't send their numbers in for the day wouldn't it be more accurate to just use the last number they sent in instead of excluding them altogether?

Making decisions on the available data is very dangerous as it appears the rate is going down when it very well may be going up.

Calm Down said...

I refuse to come out of lockdown until all viruses and germs are eliminated from the planet.

Anonymous said...

"We now have really clear evidence that wearing masks works -- it's probably a 50% protection against transmission, and so, what happens in the next month or two is very much in the hands of how people respond." - Dr. Chris Murphy, director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Of course the benefit is preventing a contagious person from passing it to a healthy one. Most masks do little to stop entry of viruses if a healthy person happens to be in a viral cloud being spewed by an unmasked spreader.

A 50% reduction in the infection rate would be huge and would allow the virus to practically disappear in a matter of weeks. Schools could safely reopen in the fall with testing and contact tracing being effective for the occasional outbreak.

Too bad I don't have any faith in a lot of the American citizens who see that as an infringement on their civil rights on par with slavery and tyranny. That group is going to do their best to keep the virus spreading as much as possible just to prove nobody can ask them to be inconvenienced.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should seek out the documentarybfilm Plandemic if only because all media is attempting to deplatform, ban, censory, and remove any reference to the word Plandemic. Infact, KF may have been instructed by blogger to censor as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 1:02! I imagine that the documentary will only confirm what most of us have already concluded: that this CREATED crisis includes profit incentives for the peddling of vaccines, tests, tracking, medical supplies and devices, and products for all the "disinfecting" and "deep-cleaning" being mandated. But I'm curious, and will watch it.

Hopefully, the documentary will also touch upon the DEEPER, CORE MOTIVES (the profit incentives possibly being just lures for recruiting Useful Idiots (these include some Internet Titans), who THINK they're Insiders, but who, more likely, are just tools).

Anonymous said...

Good lord these anti-vaxxers and their kooky conspiracies. Plandemic is just straight nuttiness.

Anonymous said...

If you watch Plandemic you owe it to yourself to also check out this site that documents the falsehoods and misleading statements:

And no matter how you feel about politifact they do link to their sources so you can make an informed decision on how reliable you think they are.

The lady may have been an intelligent person at one point, but something has obviously happened to her over the years and she is suffering from mental illness.

Anonymous said...

11:58, may as well come out of the closet. This will never go away and the longer you stay locked up the better chance of your decreased immunity will continue. May end up killing yourself. Have fun and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

lol at 1:02, we should seek out a youtube video by a discredited criminal? The whole thing is a bunch of BS, that is why it is being removed. It is misleading, false, and makes dangerous claims that go counter to the consensus of the scientific community. It isn't a documentary but rather a one sided Youtube video by a crook.

Anonymous said...

I checked snopes and the Gates Foundation website so I know Plandemic is fake. I mean, websites telling about how fake it is are all that come up when you search google so it must be fake. The only videos online are videos telling how fake it is. I can't go to a library to check the sources because the the libraries are closed. Hopefully the books are still there when the libraries reopen. But there are plenty of websites with the truth. Besides I don't want ro end up on someone's list for not going with the approved narrative.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about the Plandemic video is how everyone who promoted false conspiracy theories about the 2016 victory of our current POTUS also tell us Plandemic is fake and full of lies.

That really gets the Soba stewing

Anonymous said...

billionaires have made real money(aka billions..) during coronavirus. how many “regular” americans lives have been financially ruined??

we really need a president who will reestablish the manufacturing base and get us out of debt to red china. sorry, it’s not trump or biden.. they are two heads of the same coin...

Anonymous said...

1:02 is also going to go all Don Quixote on the 5G cell towers to prevent them from beaming COVID-19 directly into our bodies. There are videos from "scientists" and "celebrities" saying it so it must be true. And don't forget to take out Bill Gates before he can put microtrackers into the vaccines.

The level of mental instability in the U.S. is downright depressing.

The Shadow said...

Snopes, hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha. Um, excuse me. Snopes, hahahahahahahahahaha, they said Snopes, hahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah, sure believe Snopes, hahahahahahahahahaha. Thanks, I needed that. That group is as reliable as any other political hack organization. To any other unsuspecting sucker, if you think the mainstream media's narrative is the truth, on any subject, I don't have the space to describe your gullibility. You can trust them you say? You trusted your parents on the Santa Clause and Easter Bunny stories, also. How did you feel after learning the truth?

Anonymous said...

@3:44 PM
Wow, strawmen personal attacks straight from Saul Alinsky's playbook. You can try to be John Oliver, but dont quit your day job. Can't you produce a convincing argument of your own? In your own words?

Anonymous said...


"If you can't attack the message, attack the messenger"

-Rules for Radicals

Anonymous said...

@4:14, Snopes is always on the front page when I log into AOL. What's wrong with snopes? Don't you like their cat?

Anonymous said...

There’s no point trying to respond to those who think Pandemic is believable.
You can ‘t deal rationally with irrational people and you can’t convince the mentally ill or drug addicted that their delusions aren’t real.
And you can’t persuade a Russian bot or political hack who is unethical.
FYI the hack laughs at the “ true believers”.

Anonymous said...

What's a Russian bot? Is it an actual Russian or is it just someone smarter than you?

Just because a person knows volumes of history that you've never heard about from Don Lemon doesn't mean that they are delusional.

Anonymous said...

@5:30, in the marketplace of ideas if you can't defend your positions then you shouldn't resort to name calling and personal attacks. Just admit your inablity to formulate a coherent argument and move on. It is intellectually lazy and even dishonest to rely on a perceived "consensus" when you don't fully understand your own belief.

Anonymous said...

The nonsense around "Plandemic" brought something to mind:

No matter what you do for a living or even a serious hobby, your knowledge and experience about your vocation/avocation let you know when someone outside of your industry or interest group is spewing nonsense.

If you are a plumber and a doctor says that their home's sewage lines don't need any particular pitch, you not only know they are wrong but that they clearly have no education or experience about what they are speaking. If you are a lawyer and a plumber says that a criminal defendant or losing civil litigant has surefire grounds for a winning appeal because the prosecutor or opposing council forgot to say "Mother may I?" before he or she began the closing argument, again, you'd know the plumber didn't know what they were talking about.

Now put that in the context of doctors, virologists, etc. when they hear nonsense from plumbers, lawyers, stock analysts, economists, etc. Some particulars surrounding masks. We know that a "surgical" mask (like that worn by personnel in an operating room) will significantly inhibit the spread by infected people and can help somewhat protect the wearer from inhaling viruses and that PPE such as a N95 "mask" (technically, a respirator) can significantly protect the wearer from inhalation of viruses and significantly protect others if the wearing is shedding viruses. That's what they were designed to do long before SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19.

We also know that "reinfection" by wearing a mask or respirator is nonsense and if otherwise sensible people would think about it, their life experience would suggest it to them, too. If you could "re-infect" yourself with a mask, respirator, or otherwise you'd never get over a cold or other similar mild illnesses because you'd just keep "re-infecting" yourself. Most folks know that if one person in a home or workplace has a cold, they almost always pass it along to one or more people via too-close contact. But you cannot avoid contact with yourself (although perhaps many should) and if humans could "re-infect" themselves in this way, the vast majority of the population would have remained sick since, well, forever. It's just plain wrong nonsense. In broad terms, you can't "re-infect" yourself because your immune system is fighting the "invader" and once it has the "code" to beat it, it has that code. Think of it sort of like a football game where one team gets the other team's playbook at halftime. Once one team knows that "Burt 21" means the ol' Fumblerooskie with certain players, the other team can keep trying it but with the "code" discovered the exact same play over and over just won't work.

Anonymous said...

Part 2:

As another example, she claims that Ebola couldn't infect people or kill them until she and her co-workers "taught it how" in the late 1990s. Aside from trusting someone who would claim even falsely to have done such a thing, it is easily proven to be bullshit by information existing long before Covid. Ebola began infecting and killing people, at the latest, by early 1970s.

I understand that while much of the "information" in "Plandemic" is nonsense to knowledgeable people in professions that deal with these areas, it sounds at least plausible to those in other lines of work, especially if you are already confused by all of the often-conflicting information out there. But the information to debunk all of that nonsense is out there and much of it pre-dates Covid-19. About the only thing that remotely touches on the factual is that some people and therefore, some companies, are attempting to profit from the situation. Some are doing it fairly and others are just scammers. It that idea really some earthshaking news that anyone seriously thinks began with Covid-19? Think Katrina's aftermath - from generous and giving to crooked scams. For example, grocery retailers advertising their online ordering, delivery and curbside pickup (or that they are open and have ice and water, post-Katrina) is normal business, but a retailer trying to price gouge is not, at least under societal conventions and the law. But the idea that vaccine companies created this so they could price gouge is just nonsensical on many levels. If for no other, if a vaccine is developed, it will take numerous companies around the world to make enough for the world, so it would take a conspiracy among literally thousands of people all working for competing companies. In other words, more bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if KF will do a separate post today, but the new numbers are in. Looks like they finally got all the hospitals to report their numbers. Hospitalizations are at 449, ICU is 148, and ventilators are at 78. Dropping the three incomplete reporting dates, things are essentially flat for the last five weeks or more.

Other states are getting a handle on their infections but we are stubbornly sticking around at the top. We haven't even met the initial requirements for phase 1 under the federal guidelines for opening back up, but Tate has sped on to phase 3. I'm fully expecting him to go for broke and implement phase 4 on June 15 and reopen mass gatherings like concerts and sporting events. At least we'll be number 1 at something.

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