Friday, May 22, 2020

Nursing Homes Rise to 50% of Covid-19 Deaths

Hospitalizations, vents fall, ICU's stay flat

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 402 new cases of the Wuhan Virus as well as 16 deaths today.   The total number of cases is 12,624.  The virus has caused 596 deaths. Nursing home deaths comprise 50% of overall Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi.  More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website. 

Hosptializations fell 30 cases to 432 patients while the number of patients in ICU beds remained the same at 158. Vents fell to 85 patients.  

List of Notable Counties (Deaths)
Attala: 269 (12)
Copiah: 259 (4)
Desoto: 442 (6)
Forrest: 462 (32)
Hinds: 855 (24)
Holmes: 343 (22)
Jackson: 291 (13)
Lauderdale: 647 (51)
Leake: 373 (8)
Madison: 618 (20)
Neshoba: 477 (27)
Rankin: 325 (6)
Scott: 578 (10)


Anonymous said...

402 new cases and your headline is about nursing home deaths. That ain't the story, no matter how hard you try to force that narrative, bub.

Kingfish said...

I've got that in the opening sentence. This is the first time that nursing home deaths ARE a majority of CV deaths in the state. More testing means more cases. The increase is somewhat expected.

Anonymous said...

Thought that NH deaths becoming higher were going to be givens based on age and co-morbid conditions. As KF says, more testing more positive findings. The 402 cases indicate infections due to testing. Some asymptomatic, ill or going to die (at least I assume from the article). Many will do fine and recover I'm sure. Grasshopper Life will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Per Department of Health conference call with nursing home operators yesterday, they will have tested every nursing home resident and employee by the end of next week.

Anonymous said...

@1:14 KF isn't really searching for the truth. JJ is an opinion shaper not a truth seeker. That is the only explanation for censoring the honest truth so frequently.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are testing more people who are not as sick, but at some point that rate should level out and changes in the number of positive tests will reflect changes in the infection rate. For the time being hospitalizations and deaths are going to be the most reliable indicator of the virus spread. Those are not going down. I fully expect to see those numbers begin to increase by the middle of June as we see the effects of reopening businesses.

We had no choice but to come out from under the shelter in place order but we need to look very closely at those activities that contribute to large scale spread of the disease. For example, the Neshoba County Fair that was mentioned in yesterday's news conference. You couldn't ask for a better way to achieve a huge number of infections that are carried back to all areas of the state. The whole purpose of the fair is to let people congregate and mingle in large crowds during the day and then go cabin-hopping all night over the course of an entire week. There is no way to maintain social distancing and the 100 degree heat would make wearing a mask uncomfortable. Something like that needs to be postponed.

Anonymous said...

The surge in Leake and Neshoba counties is partially due to the Choctaw tribal communities in those counties. WTOK/Meridian reported:

CHOCTAW, Miss. (WTOK) - Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Chief Cyrus Ben says he's feeling much better after recovering from coronavirus.

Chief Ben was diagnosed with the virus back in April. Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, the MBCI has confirmed 352 positive cases and 20 deaths in its eight tribal communities.

However, 138 people have recovered from the virus. As a member of the Philadelphia-Neshoba-Choctaw COVID-19 Task Force, Chief Ben said it's vital to keep people informed and up to date on health and safety.

“Just with any concerns or health risks, our people are not exempt. It has impacted our people. It is unfortunate that fatalities have impacted our membership, but I would also like to share we have a great number of recoveries,” said Ben.

Ben announced this week the Pearl River Resort and Casino and Bok Homa properties will remain closed for the time being. Some other casinos are opening for Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

Got the beginning of a clusterfuck in Madison county.

Anonymous said...

Agree with kingfish, we should expect a significant increase in cases as everything is reopened. The smart ones will be laying low for the next 3-4 weeks to see how this plays out and let the fake news crowd win the Darwin Award.

Anonymous said...

IDGAF what it takes you have got to get these bratty stepchildren out of my house! I want them to go back to boarding school!

Anonymous said...

All sheep, sheepdogs and wolves die, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Friday numbers. 343k tests. 24k positive. Not a good trend.

Anonymous said...

I seen on Television today an advertizement by a big time Miss. lawyer which states "If you lost a love one in a nursing home due to CO-VID19 contact Big Lawyer" at 666-000-0000.

Phase two of the pandemic is beginning.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If the MSDH numbers are right, we've averaged 3000 test results for the past couple of weeks, then had 5290 come in yesterday and 12,003 today. Are we really accelerating testing that much?

Anonymous said...

Folks better quit focusing so much on case, death, and testing numbers as the only factors. Here's the the problem with that: we don't KNOW what the long-term effects of Covid are yet. We do have some strong indications and many are not good. For example, many "recover," if "recovery" is defined as testing negative X times over Y days and/or no longer shedding, but their systems took so much damage it will take significant time (months or years) for them to get back to where they were prior to infection if they ever fully do. And I'm not talking about "old people" and/or those with other serious health issues. I'm talking about relatively young, previously-healthy people who led healthy lifestyles insofar as not smoking, moderate or no drinking, healthy eating, active and well within weight guidelines, etc. There are indications that a statistically meaningful number will never be fully "pre-Covid" and will suffer life-long and life-altering effects from Covid, such as lung damage. That's not ALL patients, but it is enough of them to strongly indicate that it isn't simply a matter of getting over Covid and going about your life as before for many people who "survive."

And again, "surgical"/procedure masks or the cloth masks folks make/buy are primarily to keep the wearer from infecting others (but can also provide at least some moderate protection against inhalation of the virus) while respirators (N95, etc.) are to keep the wearer from inhalation/ingestion of SARS-CoV-2 (or spray paint) and will also prevent them exhaling the virus if infected. SARS-Cov-2 seems not to be a particularly airborne virus, but it also doesn't leave the mouth or nose of the person exhaling and drop like a rock to the ground, either. Think of it like a large bag of feathers tossed into the air: in still air, they quickly drift down and land wherever they land, but the more air movement, the further they float and disperse before they all finally settle. Gently emptying the bag of feathers causes less dispersion than swinging the bag wildly around. Similarly, a sneeze, a cough, singing, cheering, etc., propels the virus further than normal exhaling.

Lastly, "infection" isn't an absolute insofar as a single virus landing on your body will instantly cause infection. A person heavily shedding the virus can sneeze on/at three people and there are no absolutes as to 1, 2, 3 or none ingesting/inhaling enough of the virus to be infected. It takes a significant number of the virus getting to the right places to become infected and "infected" isn't an absolute, either. A person could be argued to be technically "infected" by a single virus attaching to a single cell, but in such a case it is almost certain their immune system will quickly interdict such an "infection." Similarly, someone heavily shedding could sneeze a literal snotpotfull of the virus on someone's arm and if they quickly and effectively neutralized it all, there is little chance of enough of the virus getting where it needs to get to cause them to become _infected_.

The bottom line? Anyone who thinks they are somehow immune or impervious to Covid and its potential effects because of their age, health, or whatever other dead-wrong reason(s) is grossly and willfully misinformed. Anyone who assumes there won't be an even worse "second wave" is grossly and willfully misinformed. Anyone who goes out in public in the current situation and refuses to wear a mask or N95 is an idiot.

Handy said...

205 nursing homes in Mississippi.

16,000 Nursing home patients at this time.

It was 16,205.

22% of all deaths in the United States occur in nursing homes

34% of nursing home deaths are over 85

Does any of this mean anything?

Anonymous said...

The bottom line? Anyone who thinks they are somehow immune or impervious to Covid and its potential effects because of their age, health, or whatever other dead-wrong reason(s) is grossly and willfully misinformed. Anyone who assumes there won't be an even worse "second wave" is grossly and willfully misinformed. Anyone who goes out in public in the current situation and refuses to wear a mask or N95 is an idiot.

This thinking is the end of the way of life as we know it.

Anonymous said...

7:22 again, and something occurred to me. Many of the "anti-mask" people are also very pro-2nd Amendment (as am I). If someone offered you a proven Level III+ or greater body armor the size and weight of, ahem, a mask that would protect your entire body, from the tips of your pudgy toes to the top of your pointed head, for less than $3, what would you do? With this magical "armor," someone could sneak up from behind and dump an entire 100 round mag of 5.56, 7.62x39 or even .30-06 into your back, that little rectangle of material would stop it, and you'd never even know they fired. Someone could empty a riot shotgun at your head, and you'd never even feel it. Some punk with a Glock and a factory mag? He might as well have a feather boa. Sound good?

Wear a fucking 1 oz. $2 mask or N95.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know why some counties have such high infection rates. For example, Scott County's number of reported infections is more than 2% of the county's population. Holmes County is not far behind at 1.9%. Counties above 1.5% are Scott, Holmes, Leake and Neshoba.

Anonymous said...

@7:08 She singled out New York City as one particular area where the numbers have gone down significantly. Of course NYC also had one of the worst outbreaks so it isn't surprising they are dropping fast as the lockdown works to keep the virus contained.

Guess where the hospitalizations and deaths aren't going down. That's right, Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sheep @ 7:22/7:57 - If your body armor had the effectiveness of your mask, somebody could kill you with a pellet gun. Keep wearing your mask, sheep.

Anonymous said...

@7:57 The problem is masks don't protect the wearer like body armor does. These anti-mask guys seem to think it is more like giving your enemy body armor for them to wear one, and since it doesn't directly benefit them why should they bother giving one care about anyone else. They are too dense or too selfish to realize society as a whole, including themselves, benefits when everyone works together.

Anonymous said...

This blog is poison.

It’s not reality either.

It’s comments are censored by a fake journalist who profits from his own instigation of hatred.

He wants upheaved and angst.

He wants to call this a Chinese illness to instigate verbal violence against Chinese people.

I’m done with this and all advertisers who use this platform.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 7:22pm.

I would add only that these stats from MSDH are only " snap shots".

We are testing for treatment or VIPS still not for contagion so as to quarantine the contagious!

Those who are contagious or with mild symptoms are the problem and why we will reap the whirlwind if we don't follow guidelines.

KF, since nursing homes shut down early and were a priority along with hospitals for equipment, everyone should be asking why fatalities are still increasing in nursing homes! Are they increasing in ALL nursing homes and if so why or why some rather than others. What protocol or lack there of is the cause?

The "rising numbers are ok because there are more tests now raising the numbers" is "pie in the sky" nonsense. Until all those who are contagious can be effectively quarantined, only masks and distancing help at all. And, since the yokels refuse to do either, this will not go well. And, yokels, it's not your rights you are protecting, you are trampling my right to life and have already killed over 90000 Americans! You are heroes only to Russia, China and ISIS and your own self-deluded egos !

Anonymous said...

Are we really accelerating testing that much?

May 22, 2020 at 7:21 PM

Yes, especially in Mississippi- Which just loves slurping up that federal money. MS providers get $13,000 per suspected case....and $23,000 if they justify putting them on a respirator.

Anonymous said...

Oh, hit the snooze I can wake up after the BORING nursing home violin music dies down. People!!! They are OLD AS FUCK. They would not be in a LTC warehouse unless they had some “ underlying condition,” so—big surprise, they die.

On the other hand, it is encouraging to learn that the death numbers are skewed by this population.

Anonymous said...

Having a relative in a Nursing Home for the month of October, 2019, before's why I think it spread so fast from each home, and were the hotspots. This was a corporate owned home. The turnover was tremendous. They had recruiting seminars 3x a week. But of the ones I saw staying, the majority of the RN-CNAs,Housekeeping all worked at 1 or 2 other Nursing Homes. Hospice employees all went to other patients in other homes, and private residents. It wasn't visitors bringing the virus, it was the staff. If you showed up even 70% of the time, you had a job. They didn't have soap, Towels, washcloths, much less disinfectant or hand sanitizer.

Anonymous said...

"Some states combined results only briefly and say it was unintentional. Delaware said it has “shifted focus” from reporting antibody tests and toward viral tests as they have become more available following nationwide shortages. Maine, Texas, Vermont and Virginia say they have stopped lumping results together, and Georgia is working on a fix.

But in Mississippi and Pennsylvania, the practice continues."

From Breitbart News. Mississippi's reported numbers are in fact inflated, and therefore bogus....hmmmmm, wonder why. $$$$

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