Saturday, August 3, 2019

Wife-Beatin'? Firm but Fair Strikes Again.

This post is a re-post from 2017. 

Wife-beatin' apparently is a-ok in Jackson.  Jackson Municipal Court Judge Ali Shamsid-Deen didn't fine nor imprison one David L. Archie for domestic violence. Jackson police arrested Mr. Archie for domestic violence on September 7, 2016.  His wife contacted JPD on September 3.  The report states:

Officer Juliana Chisholm IBM 1789 met the complainant in the driveway of her home. The complainant gave the officer a statement she had already typed, dated and signed. The complainant stated the incident happened when she walked into the house after returning from a party on S

September 2, 2016 at 1145 hours. She stated the suspect jumped up yelling at her about a photo that was sent to his phone. The complainant stated the suspect refused to show her the photo and then the suspect wanted to see her phone. The complainant stated she told the suspect no and he began to punch her multiple times. The complainant attempted  to get her phone  from her purse and the suspect put her in a choke hold. The officer observed heavy bruising scratches and red markings just behind her left shoulder. The complainant did not want AMR and the children were at home but asleep in bed. The complainant said she waited until the suspect went to work and then she went to signs charges on him. She didn't know she had to have a case number.
He was arrested on September 7:

Mr. Archie was booked but Judge Shamsid-deen released him without requiring a bond. The case went to Judge Shamsid-deen a month later.  The Judge Shamsid-deen did not fine nor imprison Mr. Archie but did order him and his wife to participate in family counseling.  The court abstract is posted below.

Kingfish note: This case is a perfect example of why Mississippi is a horrible place for victims of domestic violence.  Mrs. Archie comes home, suffers the abuse, and calls the police.   It takes courage for a woman to do that because she has to live with the abuser, he controls the finances, you know the drill.  This woman comes to the criminal justice system for help.  The police did its job. Then Judge Shamsid-dunce gets his hands on the case.  The abuser is turned loose- he doesn't even have to post a bond.  Call it a Get Out of Jail Free Phone Call.  Mr. Firm But Fair then convicts him of a misdemeanor but imposes no fine or incarceration on Mr. Archie.  Of course, this is the same judge who gave a $50,000 bond to Deryl Dedmon after he killed James Anderson.

Firm but fair indeed.


Anonymous said...

One of the biggest problems people have today is that they have all come un-slapped and don't show know how to show anyone respect. It only takes a second to remind them. Of course they immediately call the police. But the police can't un-knock you out. Don't square up if you can't throw down. And if you do decide to test your might then don't be a bitch and call the cops just because you couldn't measure up.

That includes women. They demanded equality. Chivalry is dead.

Anonymous said...

David Archie is a worthless human being. His family will tell you the same thing. Wasn't he also arrested in canton a few yrs ago.

Anonymous said...

She's not the one who might be a Hinds County Supervisor next week. Ole Ali might be a clown judge but he ain't stupid.

Anonymous said...

How ignorant! Family counseling is contraindicated in cases of partner violence. This is an issue of power and control by the abuser, NOT a relational issue. We have known this for years! That’s why anger management classes don’t work for abusers. I would have incorrectly assumed that a judge would be informed about the dynamics of partner violence if he/she is passing judgement in these cases. How ignorant!

Anonymous said...

First of all “JJ”, referring to the man as wife beating is very offensive to WOMEN who have been subjected to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, so please reference him to another name other than offending women in general by calling him that! I don’t care for this man but I do care when you “JJ” insist on on a nick name as wife beater! Consider how all women feel, Hell” we, don’t wanna hear the word!! It’s like saying the word “ RAPIST” ! Do you understand!

Anonymous said...

7:40- Its people like you that make other not want to have discussions about social or criminal issues. You are a sad clown. Chill out.

Anonymous said...

I appeared before Judge Shamsid-Deen once, as a favor to a friend. I got the distinct impression he does NOT like white people.

Anonymous said...

A misdemeanor or felony DV conviction is a disqualifier for purchasing a firearm. The judge has allowed a criminal to not only escaped with no punishment but also to remain able to purchase firearms at any gun store.

Anonymous said...

So, this is the guy who Stokes and Bennie are trying to get on the board of supervisors because they are jealous of Darrel McQuirter? And people might actually vote for this criminal? Dear lord.

Anonymous said...

@7:40 PM - Please get back on your meds.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has ever listened to this man knows he is not able to serve as County Supervisor. His statements are incoherent in simple forums. If our honorable congressman and Stokes want him, he must be controllable by them. Sheese....... Can't Hinds County overcome Bennie and Kenny? David Archie needs mental help for many reasons, not the least of which is domestic violence. I pity his wife and family and I pity anywhere he may be elected.

Anonymous said...

When we know better, we do better! We cannot continue to allow our so called leaders to influence our votes via a fish fry or a speech on what the white man is doing or not doing. We must look at what we are doing to improve ourselves and the area we live. If we continue to live in the past we stay in the past. Look around and vote you conscience. Don’t let a piece of fish influence your vote!

Anonymous said...

4:19 pm

Chivalry did not have to die with feminism. Feminism is about meritocracy which is no more than a level playing field for competition. If I can do a job as well as a man, I want to be considered and paid equally for that. If I can't do it, fine.

I want to be in charge of making decisions for myself just like you get to do. I am perfectly capable of getting expert advice and spiritual guidance without strangers who don't know me deciding for me.

Those goals do not require me to abandoned good manners or to be discourteous or lose my temper over nothing. I open doors when I get there first and am polite to all people. I pick my battles.

By the way, for capitalism to work as intended, it requires a level playing field where competition thrives and the most capable and innovative win.

Domestic violence wouldn't exist if males who have only brawn in their favor didn't continue to insist that women are less capable in every way.

Anonymous said...

7:40 pm As a woman, I understand that what your objection to " wife beater" is based on the culturally supported idea that a wife must be submissive to and obey her husband no matter how idiotic whatever he wants to do might be. This man is a violent abuser as is anyone who attempts to dominate others through physical violence when alternatives exist.

You lose me on rape. Rape is rape and males can be and are raped by other males. While it is more rare, a woman can use objects to rape a male. Female predators as well as male predators can use grooming and seduction.

I would kindly suggest that you aren't helping bring about change. No one changes their minds when angrily confronted and/or insulted. They simply gain support from those who already agree.

I would say to every man, if someone is better at a skill than you are, shouldn't you let them do it? In those areas that require physical size and strength, if I have more than you ( and some women do) shouldn't I be allowed to compete? Don't you want the best to win and the game to be fair? Do you really feel proud of who you are if the system is rigged? Do you want someone less skilled than you are in charge of your life?

The love of my life is brilliant at many things, but I can paint a wall and do wood work and repairs and know more about cars. My Dad taught me, his didn't teach him. He's smart enough to let me and I'm smart enough to let him help me and I'll help him.

Come on guys, you know it's not smart to have the least capable person do anything. Please just think this through people in a larger context that one event.

Anonymous said...

should he be elected he will vote for the county will sell bonds to build a new jail so that all of Bennie's people can get contracts for the construction and of course there will be kickbacks too.

Anonymous said...

The reason people like Malcolm Johnson and Toni Johnson and David Archie are on the ballot is because the Jackson crew (Bennie, Lumumba and Stokes) are jealous of all the credit the supervisors are getting for paving roads and things like the continental plant. Jealous!!

Anonymous said...

@9:19, But how well can you take a right hook? Would you need a man to defend you? Perhaps you would require the help of the police or the state? What if that police state disappeared tomorrow, would feminism survive?

Anonymous said...

Did this incident take place in 2016 and is just now being heard/ruled on in 2019? How does the victim of a violent crime hold out for justice for three years???

I was surprised when I was told my simple assault case in The City of Madison may take from 6 months to over a year to ever come before a judge...

Is this long wait for justice normal in MS? This is all new to me....

Anonymous said...

Wow, there are some real philosophers on here doing their best to dilute the message....which is that Jackson's so-called "leaders" are gunning for McQuirter and McGowan because neither is from Jackson and they are making the Jackson political class look bad with the progress they have made.

There's nothing in Jackson left for Socrates to plunder, so look out Hinds County. Socrates and his cronies are coming for your board.

Kingfish said...

Read the post. Start at the beginning. Actually read it.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Johnson is bragging on the Hinds County Stump FB page that "Big Feet Media" has endorsed him and David Archie. All of 19 people follow Big Feet Media. HAHA.

Can't believe people fall for such junk. Hopefully they won't.

Anonymous said...

11:04, there was a video post several days ago of a brawl in the street. The skinny girl in the white dress took a clean shot to the mouth/chin and she didn't budge, all while her man got thumped by windmills and he could barely stand up. You may want to re-examine your assumptions.

Any man who physically beats up his wife is a "wife-beater," by definition. If the allegations are true, David Archie is a wife-beater. Any man who physically beats a woman who is not his wife is a woman-beater, by definition. These are pejorative terms that I use to let people know what I think about that.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the commercials for those running for judgeship? Very few, if any, advertise the candidate being tough on crime, applying the law fairly and impartially. Most everyone is against "mass incarceration", and for more rehabilitation programs. Why? Because so many of their constituents are in jail or soon will be. It used to be that a strong deterrent to committing crime was the shame it would bring to you and your family. These days so much of our society is prone toward lawlessness that the new attitude is that our laws are too tough and if you do go to jail we need to make it as easy on you as possible.

Anonymous said...

11:04 , 9:19 here.
My father also taught me to defend myself and how to be physically fit. I don't run like girl, throw like a girl or hit like a girl.
At 5'4" and 103 lbs, I defended myself from a would be rapist who was 6'2" and weighed over 200 lbs. You guys have vulnerable spots.
Like you, I'm subject to ambush but if I'm with a man who is ambushed, I won't be wringing my hands on the sidelines.
Unlike you, I use my a brain I as well .

Anonymous said...

Turned on the radio to the Kim Wade show a few years back and I heard this David Archie saying , "All these low down dirty white folks". I thought to myself wow,!!

Anonymous said...

As soon as you mention David Archie most people stop listening. He's a gas bad and anyone that knows him will tell you he's a waste of space.

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