Thursday, August 8, 2019

ICE Releases 300 Aliens

The Justice Department issued the following statement.

As part of an immigration enforcement operation throughout central Mississippi yesterday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) concluded their processing of detained aliens last night and followed their procedures by releasing many on humanitarian grounds, announced Jere Miles, HSI Special Agent in Charge in New Orleans, and Mike Hurst, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi.

Preliminarily, it appears that approximately 30 detained aliens were released yesterday on humanitarian grounds at the individual sites where they were initially encountered, and another 270 detained aliens were released after being processed by HSI at the National Guard base in Pearl and returned to the place where they were originally encountered.

Pursuant to HSI procedures as part of this operation, all those detained yesterday were asked when they arrived at the processing center whether they had any children who were at school or childcare and needed to be picked up. In order to make it possible for detained aliens to contact family members and address childcare issues, HSI made cell phones available for use by detained aliens to make arrangements for the care of their children or other dependents. In addition, HSI had liaison officers working with the school districts to facilitate this process.

As part of HSI procedures pursuant to this operation, if HSI encountered two alien parents with minor children at home, HSI released one of the parents on humanitarian grounds and returned that individual to the place from which they were arrested. HSI similarly released any single alien parent with minor children a home on humanitarian grounds and physically returned that person to the place where he or she was originally detained. Based on these procedures, it is believed that all children were with at least one of their parents as of last night.

If there are children who are without parents, individuals are required by state law to contact Mississippi Child Protective Services (“CPS”) at 1-800-222-8000. CPS will assist in taking care of that child and placing the child in a safe foster care home or licensed facility.

Family members of those detained can call ICE’s toll-free detainee locator hotline for information about an individual’s detention location and status, as well as information about the removal process. This hotline operates in English and Spanish. The phone number is 1-888-351-4024.

This operation is part of multiple ongoing criminal investigations and these investigations continue.


Anonymous said...

If ICE wants aliens, they need to storm area 51!

Anonymous said...

After the last few this...I just cant support the President any longer. I can no longer justify him as a means to an end.

I didnt drink any Kool-Aid. I just looked in the mirror and saw an enabler, and I want no more of him.

Anonymous said...

I knew it was too good to be true. I guess we just have to accept it. Or we dont accept it.

Anonymous said...

August 8, 2019 at 3:22 PM = Fake Comment

Anonymous said...

i guess the chicken plant needs it’s workers...

Anonymous said...

I have been arrested a time or two. I can't remember a single time even being asked about children. When I was released from being arrested I was told to get out and find my own way home.
Sure seems like it is much better to be an illegal alien rather than a citizen of the U.S. Citizens do not have the rights an illegal does.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:55 Gee there is no wonder why no one showed up to pick you up. Don't think it has anything to do with your citizenship status. How bout you stop being a useless snowflake?

Anonymous said...

You should check out WJTV's picture of the arrested illeg men smiling. They knew the routine and knew they would be back. The little crying girl talking about governments releasing her daddy was a manipultion to make you think she wad all alone. He mother was released and probably coached her on what to say for the camera. The kids all had a pizza party and played ping pong and waited for Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon to show up for hot dogs.

Kingfish said...

Not approving the comment. It was very good, nice paragraph, all the way until the last sentence where you wrote "you're an idiot".

Anonymous said...

UMMMM......they are acting on what the current immigration laws are. These are not Trumps laws.....Immigration was broken under Obama (see comments on using legal means necessary to enter and work in this country), under Bush (see same comments), under Clinton (see same comments). Congress, and their inability to act is the problem. Congress has not successfully completed its job in many a year.

Anonymous said...

The law used to say you could own another person and even bang his daughters. There's the law, and there's right and wrong. Not always the same.

Anonymous said...

The immigration "laws" of this country are the softest, easiest in the world yet you still have nuts who talk of the dehumanizing of people who choose to subject themselves AND their children to whatever risks are involved in dodging those laws. The laws are too lax, why respect them?

Anonymous said...

They received court dates which none of them will show up for, then ICE will have to waste time and money rounding them up again for deportation. Why again isn't e-verify the law of the land? If it doesn't work, FIX IT; and impose stiff penalties for non-compliance. People are really getting tired of this shit, and the amount of tax money being spent supporting people who habitually break local, state and federal laws.

Anonymous said...

So, Trump ordered this ICE bust? Who was president when the largest bust of illegals in Mississippi history took place over in Laurel? I don't think it was Trump. You need to go look in that mirror again.

Anonymous said...

Most people will say Bush, but it was Obama here in Mississippi. They were blantly breaking the law.
ICE operating as an independent agency made that call. Obama neither ordered the raid nor was he advised that it was going to happen. He in noway influenced or hampered their job either.

Anonymous said...

We should just ban chicken consumption. No more Chic-fil-a, Raisin Cains, etc. We can eat more beef and fish. Because none of the right wing idiots on this site will step in to take up the chicken plucking jobs that now stand vacant.

Anonymous said...

4:33 There's still the Law. If the Law is wrong as it was in slavery it will be replaced by the new law. For immigration to make sense there must be law.
The problem with the present law is not that it is wrong but that it is not enforced. It's like a traffic light that malfunctions and no one stops for it. The traffic light is not wrong and it is not unfair. It's just broken and it needs fixing. Those who violate the traffic law should still pay the price when caught.

Anonymous said...

So the democrats promise free healthcare, free college, & decriminalizing border crossings on national tv and the border continues to be overrun with these people. I’ve been to Honduras and Mexico. They have Spanish news covering this. The masses are paying attention. Democrats are literally causing this to happen and then they get mad and pull this anti trump white supremacy shit. Get out of here with that. Anyone whose common sense still works can see this.

Cisco and Pancho said...

AOL this morning features a little Mexican girl weeping because her daddy has been rounded up by those terrible Trump officials in Jackson, Mississippi. The story line attempts to insinuate the Gestapo has climbed out of tanks and is busting down the doors where the weak labor for pennies a day.

Of course AOL also tosses in the obligatory buzz phrases to stir Antifa and the socialist crowd into action: “gut-wrenching, heartless government, in the wake of mass-shootings, let my parents be free”. (For maximum effect, insert the name Trump before and after each comma).

Anonymous said...

Go read Nehemiah. They built a wall. We can too.

Anonymous said...

AOL?! Somebody actually still uses/views AOL?? Holy dinosaur!

Anonymous said...

My, my how things have changed over the last 20 years. I can remember ICE (or whatever its predecessor's name was) rounding up illegal immigrants all over central MS via raids on chicken plants or stops on I-20 and hauling their butts straight to the airport, putting them on airplanes and deporting/flying them somewhere south of the border. There was no public outcry over that; as a matter of fact, it was celebrated. By and large, we have become a nation of chicken-shit (no put intended) cry babies. The bottom line is that if one, including his/her family, has not followed the proper channels to come to this country legally, then they don't belong here, period!!!

Anonymous said...

I was distressed to learn that ICE apparently doesn't trust our Governor and Head of Children's Protective Services enough to co-ordinate with them in advance.
A sufficient number of social workers in children's protective services in nearby areas could have been put on call or the day without having to know why.
They could have been alerted the minute the raid began and been handed a list of names of registered sex offenders in the area to make certain none of those kids fell into their hands. They could have arrived at the scene and have taken information from those on the buses before the children got out of school or day care.
With good planning , both the secrecy of the operation and all the children could have had immediate assistance so the fear of the unknown would not add to their distress and reunification with parents could happen without a hitch.
As a former social worker in children's protective services, I was often put " on call".
I was part of law enforcement operations to raid a string of bars where addicts were reported to leave their children in cars. I was part of raids on gang hangouts where children were on the premises.
ICE's " defense" of the need for secrecy is just ridiculous . It's inexcusable ignorance of one agency knowing how the other works. Long before the first raids, ICE's head of operation could have developed a workable plan with the Head of Children's Protective Services on the national level. That plan could have been sent to every Governor and he in turn would alert the head of Children's Protective Services.

Our ignorance of how things should and can work is causing crisis and baseless opinions where none need exist.

Anonymous said...

I'm a long-retired fed; as a matter of practice in Mississippi we would never tell state or local officials when we were about to initiate any type of enforcement activity. Whether with corrupt intent or not, people in Mississippi just can't keep their mouths shut, and the kinds of operations like this week's take serious time and money to execute safely.

Anonymous said...

E Verify is more or less pointless since many of these people use stolen social security numbers and other forms of identity theft when they apply.

Anonymous said...

11:17 - E-Verify is only part of the solution and must be coupled with other research. A fairly comprehensive background check can be had for roughly $25 and will quickly reveal inconsistencies in the information provided by the prospective employee. In a previous career, my team regularly constructed defensible, well-backstopped, statecraft-level identities for some of our folks traveling to ugly places; it is very expensive and takes months of prep and planning to ensure an identity checks out, and I doubt the coyotes providing transportation and documents to migrant workers are operating at that level for the price they are charging. That said, it is a shared responsibility for the job applicant to provide genuine documents, and the employer to verify their authenticity; neither of which seems to be happening in this case.

Anonymous said...

Where were the Belhaven/Fondren hippie social justice warriors when Obama did all of this? Asking for a friend.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else caught the article that Koch just settled a nearly $4 million federal EEOC lawsuit with the illegals? Thats why the raid happened. The feds had to save face. They charged an American company with discrimination based on race/nationality and sexual harassment while while simultaneously raiding them for hiring illegals.

Anonymous said...

Again boys and girls Obama let the guys at ICE do their job in a clearly defined set of parameters, once those were established he stayed out the way and supported the decisions his administrators made.You may not agree with his pilices, but he ran it like a fine tuned car.

Anonymous said...

We have to get order at the border. We can't function if we don't at least control it. We do need immigrants and their ideas and talent. We can figure out.

Trump is awful. He is a racist. He has committed treason.

Signed- a conservative...

Anonymous said...

7:10 - just asking for clarification. Your saying Obama "let the guys at ICE do their job in a clearly defined set of parameters, once those were established he stayed out the way and supported the decisions his administrators made" may well be correct. But are you saying, or insinuating that ICE now does not operate within "a clearly defined set of parameters" and that the current president does not support the decisions made by ICE and law enforcement administrators?

I don't doubt that Obama did do so, and I also believe that the current administration, despite all the Trump haters protestations to the contrary, is doing the same thing.

I do not believe that US Attorney Hurst, along with the local ICE officials, got a directive from the White House to conduct these raids. (I have seen comments from local officials that believe this raid was politically motivated, while they evidently don't believe the raids in MS under the Obama administration were nothing but enforcing the federal laws.)

Anonymous said...

4:33, yes the law did use to say you could own another person. Don't remember anything in the law saying that you could bang their sister, but that's neither here nor there. That law was changed.

And afterward, many local and state officials felt that despite their oath to the contrary to enforce the laws, they tried their best to nullify it. Then almost a century later, local and state officials decided to take on a policy of nullification of the federal laws they happened to disagree with, only to be told (eventually) that the feds would come into our state and others to enforce the laws of the country whether local officials AND CITIZENS agreed with the laws or not.

You are probably too young to remember personally the struggles of our state in the 50's and 60's but some of us are still around that remember them - watching local LEO defying the federal laws publically and officially, using the power of their office to allow lawlessness to openly continue. How'd that work out for us then? You think we should start that process all over again - picking and choosing which laws we want to follow because we agree with them, or at least accept them and ignoring and defying those that we don't like?

We are a country of laws. That is what makes us a model country to the rest of the world. In fact, the results of that is what makes many of these people who enter our country illegally, rather than coming in through the established gates and through established procedures, want to live here rather than in their home country.

I'll be the first to say that the current immigration laws need to be revised - but the problem is that there are two different philosophies regarding what should be done. The Democrats of a decade ago argued for policies that could be accepted today, but because of their hatred for the POTUS, they have totally changed their stance and now demand open borders and free citizenship for all. Plus, they want to provide those here illegally with all the benefits of citizenship - a concept that is a privilege not a right.

Until there can be meaningful immigration reform enacted by those in Congress, the laws of the land are as they were established over many previous years - including significantly revised under the Obama presidential administration during the time the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.

Just as the laws you refer to, or make up additions to, were changed a century plus ago, the current laws could be changed to your liking but they haven't been.

Just because you don't agree with them either because you actually know the laws or just don't like the president and their being enforced while he is in office (just as they were enforced under the previous president)
doesn't mean that the action taken this past week were improper.

Disagree? Please try to explain why.

Anonymous said...

“So, Trump ordered this ICE bust? Who was president when the largest bust of illegals in Mississippi history took place over in Laurel?”

Uhhh... George Bush?

What’s your point?

Anonymous said...

“...they have totally changed their stance and now demand open borders and free citizenship for all.”

Show me a credible democratic leader who said that.

I’ll wait.

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