Friday, December 9, 2016


JPD issued the following statement:

On December 8, 2016, at approx. 11:00 PM, Jackson Police Officers responded to Merit Health regarding a subject being transported to the emergency room via private vehicle after being shot.

Upon officers' arrival, it was learned that Larry Gaylor, 35, had been shot once in the chest during an argument with his girlfriend, Kenisha Johnson, 28. The incident occurred at 2010 Chadwick Dr., Summer Park Apartments. Johnson was detained at Merit Health and later transported to police headquarters for questioning. She was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault.

On Friday morning, December 9, 2016, Gaylor succumbed to his injuries after being transported to UMMC. He was pronounced deceased. The charges on Kenisha Johnson will be upgraded to Murder and the investigation is ongoing.  This is Jackson's 65th homicide investigation for 2016.


Anonymous said...

People cannot handle confrontation or life's challenges - so the answer for every argument, disagreement, land on hard times, or struggle - go get a gun, shoot, rob, or kill any person that stands in their way.

But we need more guns, more guns, and more guns and the good guy with a gun will save the day with - you guessed it a gun! yee-haw!

PittPanther said...

As a follow up to 1:34pm, never f&ck with someone who has nothing to lose. There's lots of people walking around this world who don't give a damn about their life, or the life of others. Undiagnosed mental illness is certainly part of the problem.

It's not an excuse for what she did, go ahead an lock her up, but we aren't doing anything to stop the general problem, so expect the killings to continue. This is not a Jackson problem, it's an American problem.

And whatever the solution is, it's not going to be easy to implement.

Anonymous said...

Never surprised by those here espousing the perversity that the rights of the law abiding should be abridged in response to those who violate the law.

PittPanther said...

2:06pm, what are you talking about? Copy back to me any line in a previous post this thread, where someone espoused restriction of anyone's rights.

Anonymous said...

There would be many more except for the advances of modern medicine and emergency room procedures. This is an indictment of a very sick society.

Anonymous said...


You can keep those b*llsh*t rights for all I care - but when you and your significant other shoot each other because one of you are mad at her or him for cheating on the other, let's talk about those rights again!?

Or when one of your children are fed up with a bully kickin' their behinds at school and decide to use one of your guns to rectify the situation.

Or how about you land on hard times and sell your guns to someone who turns around and uses them to kill their lovers fiance who so happens to be 8 months pregnant.

All it is, is that as a private citizen - I'm high tired of the senseless killings in Mississippi. Our gun homicide rate is astronomically high country, considering we are a state with barely 3 million residents.

But we push guns in this state like Nandy's does with candy.

People can't handle the responsibility of ownership and I wish the penalties were severe on the people who carelessly handle and use them and there were greater liability placed on ownership.

Even though its your "right" to own one, there needs to be mechanisms in place that would make people seriously think about the consequences of carelessly handling one. The current laws in place do not have that affect on our society.

Anonymous said...

1:34 & 4:51 The thing you both fail to see is that it really has nothing to do with the guns themselves. We've ALWAYS had a large gun ownership in this State and in the country. The difference now is it's a societal problem....and more specifically, it's a cultural problem. Growing up in the 60's, we R A R E L Y experienced the type of gun violence we do today, and when we did it was SHOCKING! All the while, everyone I knew had a rifle (and even handguns) in their cars EVERY day at school! Now, society in general, and primarily in the black culture (yep, the truth bears me out on that claim), it's no longer shocking to hear of these types of shootings. In fact, it's accepted and encouraged (revenge) to a large degree.

With the insidious increase in gun violence year after year, we've become accustomed to it. It's no longer shocking (remember how shocked we all were to hear about Luke Woodham's rampage at Pearl High School in the late 90's?) Those actions - in a school! - were beyond comprehension. Now, school shooting are commonplace. Is it due to the availability of guns? I strongly contend it's not. It's due to a change in society itself, and in no small part, due to peoples redirection of their anger and blame FROM the perpetrators TO the law enforcers, courts and jails. "Why, we have the largest criminal population in the industrialized world, and blacks are represented in the criminal population disproportionate to their percentage of society!" Any POSSIBLE chance these people are in jail because they chose to become involved in criminal activity? Is there even any chance of that? Many would tell you no.....and that proves my point.

Societal changes, and our indifference to those changes, are the problem, not gun ownership.

Anonymous said...

that is a bonafied ignorant response

Make My Day.. said...

Yes Indeedy! Throw your guns in the pond. You just never know when your spouse will lose it and come in the kitchen and blow you away. And you never know when one of your children will pick the lock on the gun cabinet and kill half the people in the neighborhood because someone kicked sand in has face on the playground.

Let's dream up all the bullshit theories we can and make the second amendment the bane of society and the underpinning of the evil empire.

After all, how can you possibly reach orgasm knowing there is a gun eight inches beneath you under the mattress?

Anonymous said...

Even though its your "right" to own one, there needs to be mechanisms in place that would make people seriously think about the consequences of carelessly handling one. The current laws in place do not have that affect on our society.

Summarial execution upon jury verdict of guilty. Will you support that?

Anonymous said...

@ 5:29pm

and I quote you directly - "Societal changes, and our indifference to those changes, are the problem, not gun ownership."

So based on the changes in our society - how can you say modern day gun ownership is not an issue for OUR SOCIETY?

In my opinion - every day you turn on the news you see countless incidents across the country showing that people cannot responsibly handle guns? They are being used to settle domestic disputes, for crime, and other ills in our society?

65 homicides in Jackson and I think 60 of those were committed with a gun, and the year is not even over.

too many people are running to guns to solve their problems or indifferences with the laws of our land.

You are starting to see as many domestic gun incidents as much as strong arm robbery.

The number of guns in our society are seriously becoming a health risk.

When are we gonna get serious about addressing this issue?

No one is not saying you shouldn't have a gun or the right to own one - but when are we going to admit we have a serious problem for an advanced civilized society?

Anonymous said...

Got a question. How many of the people in Jackson were killed by a person who could legally own or have a gun?

Anonymous said...

The problem is some people have lost all hope and feel they have nothing too lose. The best thing to do if you come across someone who wants to fight or argue is not argue just walk away if possible but thats hard to do if the two people thats having the disagreements BOTH have nothing to lose. Most of the shooting is due to these people being in bad financial situations. alot of the people that comment on here dont understand how it feels to be or have never been COMPLETELY broke even after getting paid wages on a job that barely covering the rent, utilities and other things that you HAVE to spend money on. With some of the chatter I've been hearing I wouldnt be surprised if we have double the murder rate or somewhere close to 100 murders in the jackson metro area in 2017 because believe me, it's about to get as bad as it's EVER been.

Anonymous said...

The solution to the problem is easy. Anybody receiving welfare have their tubes tied (have surgery to prevent having kids) When they get off welfare reverse that surgery. Now after a period of time crime will fall. Does the US have the political will to do this? No.We will of the people is to give welfare people a free ride.

Bring Back The Switch-Blade Knife! said...

Guns are not the problem. But, there will always be that layer of shallow-thinkers in society who seem to believe they are.

It's not that 'people cannot responsibly handle a gun'. It's that people cannot responsibly handle their responses to anger, frustration and greed.

Ban handguns; but, as long as butcher knives are sold, the ERs will remain busy.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:42pm

"How many of the people in Jackson were killed by a person who could legally own or have a gun?"

I'll do you one better - how did the gun end up in the hands of someone who is not legally allowed to carry one?

By someone who legally purchased it and then sold it on their own accord! The legal gun sellers and owners are as culpable to this problem as the illegal gun buyers and owners.

PittPanther said...

7:42, it shouldn't take you long to do the math. Please report back after you've done the research.

Or were you assuming that you already know the answer?

Buyin' This Here Gun For LaTrelle.. said...

I seriously doubt that the culprits are people who are buying guns legally and then providing them to people who cannot buy one.

Somewhere out there we have stats that show how many guns used in crimes were stolen. Legal gun sales venues are not illegally selling guns. No reason to. Too much of a market for legal sales.

But, the anti-gun crowd will stretch out there and grab ahold of whatever BS theory they can conjure up or read about.

Anonymous said...

7:58, I don't think you understand. I asked a question. You do know what a question is? We have several people who seem to know it all so I thought I would ask them. Seems like they do not want to talk about that.

7:58PM, Many people have been broke before. I have even been homeless. I didn't take by force from others. I worked to get back on my feet. That is the difference in many people and the thugs. Thugs never give a thought about the future. They do not get an education. They think they will never need one. When they get old enough to provide for themselves they do not have any way to do that. They do not have any education, skills, or experience. They chose not to take the time to get them. Of course they are going to be broke, hungry, and not able to pay the rent. That is their fault, not the fault of the people they take from by force.

Anonymous said...

12/9, 5:29 pm said everything that needs to be said. And he said it very well. Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

Many of the shootings in Jackson are money related - money related to drugs, drug deals gone bad, drug dealers getting revenge. Many more of those than people getting their weekly check and can't pay rent and utilities.

Where do many of these guns come from? You suggest that they are legally bought and then sold to folks who aren't legally allowed to have them? Check out the home burglaries and robberies. How many times do they involve stolen guns. Or the auto burglaries and the resulting stolen guns. There is a reason that when a house is broken into, the one item that ends up gone as much as cash, jewelry and electronics is guns. I'll offer than many more of these illegal gun owners acquired them from their being stolen from a legal owner as opposed to having been bought from a legal owner.

The number of guns in the society today is not the problem. As was noted earlier guns were part of our culture decades ago. At that time they were in our cars and trucks. Not only were they hanging in a gun rack in the back window, the truck would sit parked all day unlocked.

People had a beef with each other then they didn't jump to a gun - they just fought it out. Today someone gets mad at another, one or the other goes for a gun. And this is not a problem limited to Jackson - check out any medium to large city in the country and see how their numbers compare.

Anonymous said...

Boo f'ing hoo. The problem may not be limited to Jack-town, but this is where many of us live. Be it Hinds, Rankin or Mary's Town. Might as well be Dodge City.

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