Monday, August 24, 2020

To Mask or Not To Mask?

To say there is a debate over the wearing of masks is an understatement.  One of the better "Braniac" Youtube channels, Thoughty2, delved into the mask debate and laid out the facts as known today.  He covers all bases and yes, he deals with both the 1918 flu and Dr. Fauci's little comments back in March.  Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The wife and I wore masks everywhere, used hand sanitizer as soon as we left stores, she works from home, and I work in an office with only 4 others - still got it.

Anonymous said...

To me the more interesting question is not whether masks slow the spread of COVID-19; let's assume they do.

Does that outweigh the harm masks cause? You're essentially breathing in all the harmful stuff your body is trying to get OUT at all times.

Also, when I see old people wearing masks in 100 degree humidity, they all look like they're about to die. Can't be good

Anonymous said...

Same here. Took every precaution and we both got it. Thankfully I have us both megadosing immune boosting vitamins and our immune systems treated the virus as a duck treats water on its back.

Kingfish said...

Have a good friend who got it last week. Was a maniac about sterilization. Even wiping down the groceries. Still got it. It happens.

I'll say the mask is about reducing probabilities. Yes, you can still get it but it's reducing the chances of getting it. I posted a video of a petri dish experiment a few weeks ago. It did a pretty good job of showing how the mask works.

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe that if one is exposed, as we all are/have been, you will "get it" or you won't. I rarely wear a mask and have one on one contact with folks almost daily. Tested negative in late July prior to an elective procedure. Will I ever test positive? Maybe, but I don't believe anything we do, short of a Level 4 Biohazard Suit (aka: Body Bag with a view), will stop that from happening. "Also, when I see old people wearing masks in 100 degree humidity, they all look like they're about to die." Seen younger folks looking the same way. As you said, "Can't be good".

Anonymous said...

Attn. 9:19 Get over it. If your theory was correct, doctors and nurses would have died years ago!

Anonymous said...

8:59 It's not about you wearing the mask, it's about everyone wearing a mask. A mask doesn't protect you but it does cut down on the risk an infected person can pass it on to another person. If you are concerned about getting the virus then you have to make a concerted effort to avoid anyone not wearing a mask and only patronize those businesses that require masks.

But masks are just a part of the overall mitigation. Even with masks, if you spend a long time in close contact with an infected person you will be much more likely to catch it. The highest spread is in bars and at gatherings with close friends (like a wedding or church) where people let their guard down. You can bet your bottom dollar schools and sporting events will be major factors too.k Dr. Dobbs said yesterday he expects another spike to happen in the next 2-3 weeks from kids spreading the disease.

Avoid contact with others as much as possible and wear a mask when you do have to go out in public. It is a combination of those that will get the virus controlled like they have done in other countries.

fed up in Jackson said...

Surgeons and nurses and support staff wear masks, at minimum, 8 hours a day, and have for a long time, so the argument about you are breathing in your own bad fumes just needs to stop. I don't agree with the whole mask wearing thing when our population density is probably well below 200 persons per sq. mile (New York City population density is over 25,000 people per sq.mile), but if it helps keep "my neighbor" @ peace until we get through this (November election), ok, I'll wear a mask.

Anonymous said...

You miss the entire main point. Wearing a mask is about reducing the spread to others. It's not about YOU not getting it as much as it is to reduce the spread to others. So, I want to praise you for wearing a mask ESPECIALLY as you had Covid! Really!

But, it's sort of scary to think you guys, including KF, take the point of social distancing, hand washing, and wearing a mask anecdotes as advice to signal to others not to try. That's sad.

So, you may have saved the lives of neighbors, or relatives, or the cancer patient you walked by. But because you had a very fortunate outcome, the conclusion is "don't wear a mask?"

Wouldn't you think, the mask might have reduced the viral load I was exposed to (as well as keeping it down for others) and you had a mild or asymptomatic case as a result?

It just blows my mind how the "mask debate" rolls. There IS no debate among the educated.

Life is just not some simplistic binary choice of Level A or nothing. And CERTAINLY public health depends on small contributions which make a big difference overall.

Anonymous said...

Well done and informative video. Now, I wonder how long it will take the Mississippi Academy of We Know Everything (MAWKE, pronounced MOCK) professors located on this site try to punch holes on it.

Kingfish said...

"But, it's sort of scary to think you guys, including KF, take the point of social distancing, hand washing, and wearing a mask anecdotes as advice to signal to others not to try. That's sad. "

Where have I done that?

Anonymous said...

8:59am You and your wife spread it to fewer people if you were contagious when wearing the masks.

I'm older than dirt and have worn a mask in these 100 degree ( or felt like it) temperatures. I never once thought I was " about to die".

Beliefs and opinions are myths and fantasy unless grounded in something factual or rationally thought out.

Anonymous said...

roughly 80k have:had it in a state around 3 million. .3 percent. it’s statistically impossible that just about every poster on the board has/had it. or have friends that have/had it. a few- yes. but not every post. let’s leave the lies to the msm..

Anonymous said...

It is not a perfect shield or a cure. It is simply a reasonable practice designed to slow down the spread of a huge disease enough so that the medical facilities are not overwhelmed until a real cure can be found. It involves a small sacrifice from people who have been blessed far beyond most people on this planet. But many of these people won't give up even the smallest freedom to help all of society. Their "liberty" is too damn important. I know the enemies of this country are taking note and will remember how spoiled we are and how chaotic our reaction to this virus has been.

Anonymous said...

10:30 That 3% infection rate is only for lab confirmed cases. There are many, many more who have had the disease and didn't get tested because their symptoms weren't bad enough. estimates the infection rate for Mississippi is about 24%. That may or may not be accurate, but the number of infections certainly exceeds the lab confirmed cases by a significant amount.

MadisonRulz said...

The main reason I wear a mask is the anti-maskers look and act like angry crazy crack-pots.

Anonymous said...

Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Hawaii. All have been among the highest percentage of mask use, all are currently having case spikes. The Philippines has had one of the most draconian lock downs and Hong Kong has been held up as a model for the world with their mask use. Didn't stop the virus. You can show all the models and experiments you want, in the real world masks are not stopping the spread of the virus.
Many of y'all have made the oft repeated claim of how they don't protect me, they protect others from me. So when I breathe in through the mask that will pull virus particles in, but when I breathe those particles back out they're stopped? I'm well aware that a mask stops particles in my breath from going straight, but unless i'm wearing a form fitted N95, the particles are just going out in other directions, mostly straight up. Ever wear glasses with a mask? What do you think it is fogging them up? That's all your Covid breath still escaping your mask.
And I do wear a mask when required, but just to keep the Karens away.

Anonymous said...

11:05 A spike in Hong Kong is nothing like here in the U.S. They are taking action after seeing 1,000 new cases in a two-week period, that's only 70 per day in a city of 7.5 million.

I wish for the day when Mississippi would see 70 new cases per day and be looked at as a problem. Hong Kong's infection rate may not be zero, but it is many orders of magnitude better than the United States. Something is working there and masks are likely part of the solution. Just because something isn't 100% effective doesn't mean it is useless.

Anonymous said...

Crazy antimaskers. It’s JUST A MASK! It’s just a temporary lockdown, sure most small businesses won’t survive but that’s a problem for THEM and their families. It’s just a home, why do you care if the bank takes it back? We have got to give up cash and stick to debit cards to stop the spread. It’s just an injection of an untested, rushed RNA based vaccine. It’s just mandatory, just this one. It’s just a tingling in the legs and feet, it probably won’t become permanent paralysis. It’s just a small chip that shows you got your vaccine. Hey look, they even added a way to pay for things with it, it’s just more convenient. Okay, so what, they shut down the payment side of your chip so you can buy a gun, big deal! It’s just a temporary psych hold because you didn’t attend the mandatory George Floyd memorial and protest, do better next time! Crazy antimaskers.

someone said...

I have been wearing a mask and GLOVES since day one. I went against CDC and NIH guidelines when they advised the public not to wear masks. I knew they were lying because they wanted all the masks for healthcare workers.
so far I am COVID-19 FREE.

Anonymous said...

Surgeons dont spend 8-10 hours in surgery wearing the same filthy mask for months. Get a grip. Masking up is a complete waste of time. It is all about virtue signaling and submission, not actual prevention. That's a fact.

Anonymous said...

12:11 You got a source for your "fact"? There may be some conflict between those that believe masks are effective and those that don't, but I've seen nothing absolutely definitive either way. That makes any conclusions nothing more than an opinion.

If you are wearing the same mask for months then you are doing it wrong. CDC recommends either washing daily or using a new one if you have disposable masks. There is no shortage of masks forcing anyone to wear the same one on consecutive days.

Anonymous said...

This weekend I discovered I had a fire ant infestation in my backyard, but I'm not sure if it is an active or an old abandoned mound. I'm not particularly concerned with them, they're really just a nuisance with an uncomfortable bite, but to protect my neighbors I have opted to install a chain-link fence around my entire backyard - at my cost. They're a well-intentioned but fearful lot (some people have a risk of anaphylactic shock, after all), but it made them feel much better that I was going to put up that prophylactic barrier. There's no way an ant is getting through to their yard now. It was the least I could do to assuage their fears.

Anonymous said...

Wearing a mask can't hurt.
It may actually help . . . kind of like open carry.

" Also, when I see old people wearing masks in 100 degree humidity, they all look like they're about to die. Can't be good "

Agreed 9:19 AM.

When I see young people wearing masks on the back of their head, they all look like idiots.
Can't be good.

Anonymous said...

9:47: I the 🦠 appreciate your attitude and approach. Yes, as 🦠 I do not want you to take on the inconvenience or risks of masks. I 🦠 appreciate your enthusiasm. Please spread your message, keep the mask off, urge everyone here to do the same, as all that matters is one host in proximity to another host.

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