Thursday, August 27, 2020

Health Dept. Receives Nearly 400 Complaints on Restaurant Covid-19 Violations

The Mississippi State Department of Health has received at least 53 complaints about restaurants in the Jackson metro that have violated Covid-19 guidelines.  JJ obtained a list of complaints through a public records request.

The Health Department provided a spreadsheet of all complaints submitted through email.  The ancient database was unable to include complaints submitted by telephone.   The Health Department sends a notice of each complaint to the allegedly offending restaurant.  394 complaints were submitted through email in July and August. 

Cities & Number of Violations
Jackson: 6
Gluckstadt: 1
Rez (Unincorporated Rankin County side)

Flowood: 7
Ridgeland: 8
Madison: 4
Clinton: 1
Byram: 5
Brandon: 3
Flora: 1
Pearl: 2

Restaurants (City)

Ace's Bar (Jackson)
Angelos (Gluckstadt)
Asahi Japanese Restaurant (Brandon)
Back Yard Burgers (Flowood)
Bonnie Blair (Rez)
Bop's (Brandon)
Buffalo Wild Wings (both)
Captain D's (Clinton)
Cotton & Tumbelweeds (Flora)
Donut Shop (Brandon)
Fannin Bowling Lanes (Rez)
Fratesi's (Ridgeland)
Frisco Deli (Pearl)
Grant's  (Flowood)
Gibbes (Learned)
Ichiban (Madison)
Krystal (Brandon)
Mac's (Ridgeland)
Martin's  (Jackson)
Mayflower (Jackson)
McAllister's (Ridgeland & Richland)
Moe's (Madison)
Newk's (Flowood, Byram, Ridgeland)
OEC 2 (Rez)
Papitos (Flowood)
Pelahatchie Bay (Rez)
Picadilly  (Jackson)
Popeyes (Pearl)
Pop's Bar (Surprise) (Jackson)
Sal & Phil (Ridgeland)
Sam's (Pearl.  Sams?)
Shuckers (Ridgeland)
Smokehouse BBQ (Brandon)
Sophomore Spanish Club (Jackson)
Steak Escape (Flowood)
Steve's (Ridgeland)
Tico's Steakhouse (Ridgeland)
Vowels  (Bryam)
Waffle House (Byram)
Wendy's (Both Madisons)
Wynndale Steakhouse (Byram)
Zaxby's (Flowood)
Zeeks (Flowood)


Anonymous said...

So, the omnipotent health dept. publishes unverified accusations publicly, further damaging the restaurant industry with apparently unsubstantiated charges. This is how the taxpayers money is being wasted. I don’t have a problem with releasing “verified” charges, but there is no evidence of that in this narrative.

Anonymous said...

Do they list the types of violations? I'm still only using drive-thru operations these days, so I'm wondering if the violations are of a social distancing nature (not wearing masks, etc.) or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

1219, no the competent health department does their statutory duty, follows the law, and responds to FOIA requests. If they receive a report, they have to record it (how else would they satisfy you, and also do their job, by verifying its accuracy?)

Also, there can be no verifying of someone's report that at some time yesterday, restaurant ABC did or didn't do so-and-so.
I assume the health department notifies the restaurant and advises them of the complaint. If they receive repeated complaints, or an improper response, then they may take action.

But KF notes that this information was in response to a request. What ghe hell can you legitimately bitch about the health department's action. (Note; I qualified my inquiry with the term legitimately)

Anonymous said...

@12:19, this blog submitted a public records request so maybe you should be chastising Kingfish for publishing the info

Anonymous said...

No, the Department of Health didn't publish anything. KF did a proper public records request and HE published the results.

Anonymous said...

Did the Health Department (a misnomer if there ever was one) nullify the right to face one's accuser? That right being stripped from these businesses among others has likely resulted in most of these slanderous claims.

Anonymous said...

This is basically a list of restaurants where normal people can go eat away from the Chicken Littles?

Anonymous said...

All I know is that every chicken strip place in the state is printing money. Why is it that when a pandemic hits, people decide they want to wait 30 minutes in a car line for chicken strips?

Anonymous said...

I really hope someone reports Robert Foster’s restaurant in Desoto. He has openly bragged about thumbing his nose at the COVID regs.

Anonymous said...

Look! A list of places to go that we won't get harassed by the mask Nazi!

Anonymous said...

The list needs validation. Previous reporting by Kingfish of false restaurant complaints begs for a sorting (and reporting) by complainant.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the virus I want to thank any restaurant whose staff aids and abets our goal as a corona virus: the placement of one human host within proximity of another live human host. And no, masks do not assist our goal of spread to new hosts. Just relax!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you for a fact that 2 establishments on that list were anti mask, and sort of arrogant about it. Till a family member died of Covid, and another developed cancer. Now, after painful loss, they wear masks.

Fools rush in (unmasked) where angels (and folks with an IQ about room temperature) fear to tread.

Anonymous said...

Where have they buried all the restaurant workers? Is it near Walmart and grocery workers’ cemetery?

Anonymous said...

Idiots and their stupid idioms.

Anonymous said...

On a related note: Why do I hear so much complaining about masks? Do I LIKE wearing one? Hell NO. Does it make some sense you me? Actually, YES. Is there evidence out there that supports their efficacy? Absolutely. Again, why so much complaining? If the government asked me to stick a hot piece of steel up my butt, OK, I'm resisting that......but it's a piece of cloth on your face! Is it just the the whole "no one's gonna tell me what to do" position? Believe it or not, I understand that too, as I don't like it either. But again, it's just common sense about a piece of cloth! And there's not a one of you MF'ers who will convince me it doesn't do SOME good. Barrier vs no barrier. You're gonna have to explain how none is as effective as one.......

Anonymous said...

@1:22, while sad, I’m glad those folks started taking cancer seriously and started masking up to prevent it

Anonymous said...

Amen 2:25

Anonymous said...

No one likes a snitch

Anonymous said...

lol @1:40

You are making the libs fume with impotent rage!

Their lack critical thinking skills leave them a limited of number of replies programmed by the MSM. It really upsets them to be outwitted so often. That is why they ALWAYS resort to personal attacks.

Once again, it's in the programming they receive from the likes of Jon Oliver, Bill Maher, etc. They are programmed to fear laughter for not following the rest of the herd so they expect you to react with the same fear of social stigma when mocked by them.

The resulting error in their dialog scripting leaves them with only "you're stupid" as a response.

Anonymous said...

I dined in at Newk's in Flowood recently. They indicate proper distancing on the tables with signs. I made an inquiry with the manager regarding the table I had chosen to use to dine solo. He said that I was allowed to use that table. (No one was within 6 feet of me.) He also said that several people had called the Flowood police on him for not enforcing proper distancing in the restaurant. Obviously a lot of Karens out there who just want to stir up a stink.

Anonymous said...

“ Their lack critical thinking skills leave them a limited of number of replies programmed by the MSM.”

God I hope that’s supposed to be satire.

Anonymous said...

Omg. Who cares. Don't go there if all you're going to do is bitch.

Anonymous said...

Martin's and the Mayflower have always offered a free case of small cell lung cancer, and now throw in a side of Covid with every FreeDumb burger.

The next Legislative Super Spreader Event will be headlined by PC Flag Gunn and the Hypocrites.

Not surprised by the list, nor by the signs "going out of business" at some on the list. If you won't follow simple health rules, who the heck wants to eat there?

When 4 year olds ask why (not really) grown men don't wear a simple mask to help protect others, it's time to stop pretending you're a "Christian." Or, really, even a man.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah...
Personal insult..
Blah blah..
Appeals to emotion...
Indoctrinated children...
Another personal insult (maybe insulting our manhood will work next time)

It's all so tiresome. You need a new script.

Anonymous said...

We have more (karens) and their male (Soy Boy) counterparts than I realized.

" Martin's and the Mayflower have always offered a free case of small cell lung cancer, and now throw in a side of Covid "

Until I read that comment, I was not aware there had been a mass escape of the poor mental patients in the "metro".

Anonymous said...

I don't get your comment about Martin's and lung cancer. Maybe you haven't been in there since the 80's. Its the cleanest place to eat downtown (including the air).

Anonymous said...

Um, guess what? The more popular places are going to have more complaints. Restaurant owners should not have to police every action of every customer. Karen can find something to pitch a fit over in every open business in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

The local "Karens" are coming out in force, just like in E. Germany until 1991.

Anonymous said...

My complaint about these eating establishments is that NONE of the food served looks as good as the food pictured.

Anonymous said...

3:46, your indoctrinated children aren't evidence of anything more than you are a soul less commie. Reminds me of the child performers in North Korea who regurgitate their undying love of the Dear Leader and know that every American (really just democrats) are literally a baby murdering devils.

Anonymous said...

@3:46, on a second drunk reading, I can’t determine if you are actually arguing my pint with me and I mistook it, if so, rally on!

Anonymous said...

2:36(1) appears to live vicariously through bad-cop movies and gansta rap.

2:36(2): We of liberal persuasion bow and yield to your superior intellect (eye roll).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list of places where I can go eat without the oppression.

Bevis said...

Heh Heh, Chortle...6:22 mentions being drunk and then mentions his 'pint'. Did you see that, Butthead?

Anonymous said...

@11:46, haha, damn. I meant point but it looks like my Freud slipped

KidRock said...

"Hey Joe Dirt, you want some french cries with that wahburger???"


This list should never have been posted. Who knows what the infractions were? They could’ve even come from a complaint from a disgruntled customer! Restaurant, nationwide, are struggling enough without the help of JJ. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Soon to reffered to as the American GRU.

Anonymous said...

That cop with muscles rippling in his head who went back in the kitchen and tried to fire everybody in Nawlins mean he didn't even file a complaint?

Anonymous said...

You liberals and conservatives are damned funny. You allow yourselves to continue to do the will of those in high places to your own detriment. You all need to indoctrinate your children with some real truths and watch them change the world. It is too late for you all, as you have too much to lose now. Teach your children the way, and they will not have to live with this socialist BS from either side of the aisle.

Green Acres said...

I find it amusing that the anti-maskers are usually pro-lifers/anti-abortion fanatics. But none of them consider what COVID-19 does to fetuses in utero. There are instances of full-term babies born dead with stroke-like symptoms to women who contracted Covid during pregnancy. Bat flu is passed to the fetus via mother's blood. But I guess "it is what it is" as that dumbass keeps posting here every time there is an article about pandemic statistics.

Karen from E. Germany said...

Karen sure frequents a lot of restaurants, and her snitch list went viral (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

"those in high places"

Now I have that 90's Garth Brooks tune in my head.

Thanks 11:32

(Blame it all on my roots,
I showed up in boots,
And ruined your JFP affair . . . )

♫ ♫ ♫ . . .

Anonymous said...

"There are instances of full-term babies born dead with stroke-like symptoms to women who contracted Covid during pregnancy.

Please post a reference from a medical journal.

Anonymous said...

It's a public service for JJ to make these periodic posts. It's nonsense to say that 'these restaurants are undergoing financial pain' so, therefore, cut them some slack in following Health Department regulations. Pure Nonsense! These requirements are not suggestions or guidelines. They exist to protect the health of the public.

In fact, I'd like to see the Health Department inspectors require a red flashing light above the door and blinking lights at the drive-thru-entrance to alert the public of their failure.

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