Friday, August 14, 2020

Feds Seek Dibiase Mansion

The Million Dollar Man's son apparently has a million-dollar home that the Feds want.  The U.S. Attorney filed a Lis Pendens action in U.S. District Court against the Reunion home of Ted Dibiase, Jr.  on June 22.  However, the underlying case is sealed.  

Dibiase, Jr. and his wife bought the home on November 16, 2018.  The couple borrowed $1,015,000 from Renasant Bank to purchase the home.  The couple must have refinanced the waterfront home because Renasant Bank issued another deed of trust for the same loan amount on January 21, 2020.

The Lis Pendens filing states "The  United  States  of  America  is  seeking  to  forfeit  the  real  property  located  at  115  Rosedowne Bend, Madison, Mississippi."  The Federal online court filing system states the case is sealed when the case number is entered.  The Lis Pendens was filed in the Madison County land records. 

Dibiase, Jr. is the son of former professional wrestling star Ted Dibiase.  Dibiase, Jr.'s brother, Brett, was indicted for conspiracy and making fraudulent statements. Brett was a DHS employee.  DHS funds were allegedly used to pay $48,000 for his drug treatment program.  The Dibiases appear several times in the DHS scandal.  JJ reported:

* MCEC & FRC often used same vendors and gave grants to same parties.  Davis allegedly ordered them to award contracts and grants to specific recipients.  No competitive bidding took place.

*  The two non-profits paid $250,000 to Priceless Ventures.  The company is owned by Ted Dibiase, Jr. (p.23).  The two companies paid another $500,000 to Priceless.  FRC awarded another contract to Priceless for $500,000.  Priceless was paid with SNAP funds.

* FRC signed a million-dollar contract with Familiae Orientem, LLC to create a RISE program.  The company is owned by Scott Elliot in Meridian.  Actual payments were $700,000.  (p.23)

* Then there is Ted Dibiase's Heart of David Ministries. The audit states:

Additionally, these subgrants were made at the express direction of former Executive Director JD, and the son of the Executive Director of HOD was employed as a Deputy Administrator at MDHS when the initial contract to HOD was awarded.

The 2017 subgrant, from May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018, was for $500,000; an additional subgrant, from May 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018, was for $1,500,000. The FY 2019 subgrant, from October 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019, was for $1,562,500. Actual payments were $271,349 in FY 2017; $900,000 in FY 2018 and $756,224 in FY 2019. These costs are questioned in Finding 2019-032.
Dibiase, Jr. is not under indictment.  The home is currently listed for sale at $1.575 million.


Realtor my Foot said...

Hmmmm so if they get the house I’m thinking I can get for 375k to 450k. Trying to be like Rick Ross who bought Holifield’s mansion for a steal lol

Now that’s a mansion. This house is nice in its own right.

Hmmmmmm again.

Anonymous said...

Does it come with an upside-down pineapple sign too?

Anonymous said...

The standards for what are considered a "mansion" in Mississippi are very low. That looks like an oversized Acadian style Tyvek wrapped OSB tornado magnet.

Mansions are made of materials that you can't buy at the Home Depot.

Anonymous said...

$1 mil for that? Surely not?

Anonymous said...

Shallow people argue over “mansion” when the owner conned MS residents out of money for the poor and much more.

Y’all get to church Sunday....dress nice....big church now....listen to the pastor.....

Then go eat a big lunch and go to the pool

Oh Christ? Who?


Anonymous said...

Billions are squandered on the poor. You live long enough you will realize they are poor because they have poor decision making abilities. They can't plan beyond their daily impulses and habits.

There are entire shitholes loosely organized into barely functional states just full of stupid people who cant figure out how to work out basic civilization. Go cry me a river, bleeding heart.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:46

As are our standards for everything

Anonymous said...

Funny how many Facebook pictures with these clowns have disappeared.....

Anonymous said...

Theft in Madison county?


Anonymous said...

@10:46 AM - You left out "stucco." Missed troll opportunity.

Location, location, location.

Noah Hanson said...

11:19 with the Truth, the whole Truth, and not but the Truth, Amen.

Anonymous said...

$269 per sq ft??! I think not...

Anonymous said...

Did Phil Bryant help the Feds?

Anonymous said...

What's the fascination with Acadian style homes? I can understand it in South La. They are so damned boring looking on the outside.

Anonymous said...

That house is just 2 or 3 doors down from where the Reverend Rudy Warnock used to live.

Anonymous said...

To a Mississippi redneck who is one generation outside the trailer park, the style has the aura of sophistication they've seen on the North Shore of Lake Ponchatrain.

Anonymous said...

If the Feds take it, will they have to pay off the 1st mortgage? The Fed may end up with very little for their efforts.

Anonymous said...

This appears to be a mighty fine house. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Anonymous said...

@11:19a- ... but they are WOKE and believe the government has their best interests at heart!!

All sarcasm aside, you are spot on!!

Anonymous said...

Renasant apparently is on the hook if (when) they sell below this mortgaged amount. There appears to be zero equity at the asked price. If I wanted this house (and I don’t) I would low ball this price and wait until the bank decides to unload this depreciating asset, and they will sooner than later. Banks don’t like having to report repossessed assets to the FDIC.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to own a $1 Million+ house in the Jackson, MS area?

Anonymous said...

Nice house, but no where near mansion status.

Sorry for the innocent members of the Dibiase family.

But I can't help but imagining what the old school WWF players would say/do ?

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin would probably move two Ready Mix trucks into the back window . . . unload wet cement . . . and scream "Oh Hell Yeah" !

Dwayne "The Rock " Johnson would hop on a resin porch pineapple . . . and scream "do you smell what the Rock is cooking"

Vince McMahon would swear to the anyone that would listen . . . he is not Al Gore's twin brother.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of money to be made in Mississippi on payday loans and kidney dialysis. If you have to live here and you are earning millions then why would you choose to live in a doublewide or Section 8 housong like your customers?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the house is “pending” on realtor dot com. I guess that could mean “pending” fed takeover.

Anonymous said...

Closer to a Tract Shack than a mansion in most places.

There's no accounting for White trash newvow tastes!

Anonymous said...

Does Deppity Pheel have some competent legal help yet? (Asking for a friend!)

Anonymous said...

What are “newvow’ tastes??

Anonymous said...

@11:19, I watched it in real time. My ex’s mom would get her “disability” check and head straight to Dollar General, come back with 20 cases of Windex because “I had this thar coupon that if ya buy so many cases you get that many cases free.”

Me: “Why do you need so much Windex?”

Her: “Theyze havin a sale”

Her 2 days later: “I’m broke as a joke, I just gotta wait on my next “ability” check”

Sweet lady, dumb as fuck

Anonymous said...

I agree with 12:38.
Moved here from out of state a while back and have never understood the fascination with French Acadian architecture, especially in the cookie cutter subdivisions. Unless it is a Hays Town or located in Louisiana where the French Acadians actually settled, it Is just trendy and dumb.

Anonymous said...

" My ex’s mom would get her “disability” check and head straight to Dollar General, come back with 20 cases of Windex because “I had this thar coupon that if ya buy so many cases you get that many cases free.”

It's common knowledge that any man thinking about marriage, should spend at least one year studying his Girlfriend's Mother.

Thirty years after the wedding, there's a 95 percent chance the little bride today will not only look like her Mom, but will act just she like her.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, only a fact.

Anonymous said...

So lil teddy was scheming too?? He was a good quarterback but even better at the whole church/religious I’m so holy and better than you bs.

Hope the fedz are down with swinging with some rode hard dried up plastic surgery swoll face folks. Think they play tennis too or at least wear the outfits daily.

Anonymous said...

4:14pm is right.....follow the money y'all. And Shad do your job b/c you are staring to look like an empty suit kid.

Anonymous said...

I heard the advice you are giving before I got married. My wife is sweeter and more intelligent than her mother. But she gained 50 pounds within five years of our marriage and she is now roughly the same size as her mother.

Anonymous said...

Do I smell RICO? (Asking for a friend)

Anonymous said...

I honestly doubt that Shad cares about the opinion of the peanut gallery on JJ. Not a single one of you have any pull. And he has to live here. Shad can avoid the big Bass if he focuses on the plentiful bream.

Anonymous said...

Reunion country club dont need these type .people living there.

Anonymous said...

"@5:46 My wife gained 50 pounds within five years of our marriage".

However many of us guys also gain as much or more weight.

Back on topic:

If Queen Mary would permit "The Undertaker" and " kane" to have an old fashioned cage match at the Strawberry Park in Madison the City . . . the Dibiases and lending institutions might make enough money to settle this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Went off the market today
What timing

Anonymous said...

8:34: Dibiase boys have always been super friendly, but I guess once you get a taste of extreme living, it’s just hard to be a normal person with average things laying around.

I can’t tell if you are joking, but Reunion is full of wannabe con-artists, polyester car salesmen , and Sunday Eve Sluts. Good people in there as well. I laugh every time I see someone wearing a collard shirt with Reunion sewed onto the chest. I was eating lunch one day and behind me were two guys discussing their recent Home Equity Loan to pay for their membership at Reunion. Interest rates on a HELOC were around 7%. I’m beginning to think the same thing about the increasing number of Prep, JA, & MRA logos on all the new Audi cars. Y’all need to remember that if you gotta spend money you don’t have, to stay friends with your neighbors, you might wanna consider getting new neighbors. Real friends don’t give a shit if your wife’s engagement ring is .138 karats.


Anonymous said...

The wall of crosses that was most likely paid for by stealing money from poor people is rather ironic.

Anonymous said...

@8:22PM "I honestly doubt that Shad cares about the opinion of the peanut gallery on JJ."

Hello Shad! Welcome to the blog!

Anonymous said...

flim-flamming and fraud................the 2 major industries and professions in mississippi

Anonymous said...

Always good to see the riff raff on here talk a big boy game but hide in their little boy closet.

Pontoon Pete said...

It's not the house, you dumbasses! It's the location, smack-dab on the water. People in this area have an exact sort of fascination with water and boats. The style of the house is meaningless.

These are the places where you can string all manner of outdoor lighting, sit beside outdoor fireplaces on large patios, raise stems of Cold Duck, comment on the lights across the lake and clutch pearls....and slap mosquitoes.

Only commoners would live elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

@12:37 PM - This started happening when trailer parks got internet service.

Anonymous said...

12:37 & next two posts

It's because we're workin stiffs and didn't get lots of gov't grants we could blow on our personal stuff.

Miriam Webster III said...

A misleading headline; but that's no surprise.

The feds are not seeking the Dibiase "mansion", they are seeking the property. Your calling it a mansion I guess because it has a list price of $1.5M is a stretch (hell, a Reunion lot sells for 25% of that).

Its far from being a mansion in any sense of the word, even in Mississippi.

In order to qualify for 'mansion' status, this house would have to be duplicated at least once, maybe more.

We do have some true mansions in Mississippi - some built pre-civil war and some built from and since the bubble.

Nice house if you like the style, nice lot. But a mansion its not.

Anonymous said...

Attn 1: 32 I live on the same lake that this house is on. I happen to enjoy it. A word of advice, keep your drunk ass of the internet at 1:32 in the morning. If you need help ,(and apparently you do), the are numerous government agencies that can help. Or, if .you are not destitute, you can find professional help!

Anonymous said...

@5:22 PM
Jimmies Status: RUSTLED

Anonymous said...

5:22 must be the house with the Christmas lights. The HOA is up in arms over those lights as they are not appropriate. Lights that blink to the tune of Frosty The Snowman are specifically prohibited in The Handbook.

PS: In two minutes it'll be 1:32 again.

Anonymous said...

This article from May states that it's Dibiase Sr's house, not Jr. Whose house is it?

Kingfish said...

Why don't you read the deed and deed of trust I posted.

Anonymous said...

It's juniors. Interesting that it didnt have a homestead exemption.

Anonymous said...

Does Deppity Pheel still have so much money that he might not get him some of that pro boner defense if he ever wants it? Asking for a friend!

Anonymous said...

touche kingfish. I just remembered this article being posted here by a commenter and was a little confused.

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