Friday, August 21, 2020


Jackson went plumb crazy yesterday as multiple shootings took place in very public areas.

One woman (name withheld) posted this on Facebook yesterday:

I’m shook. Please be careful when traveling through Jackson. My parents truck got hit with a bullet today while they were driving down the interstate. It went through the front windshield by the mirror, between them, and out the back. Like I’m in disbelief but so thankful God protected them today.
ETA: This happened going southbound on I-55 under the Riverside Dr. bridge in Jackson, MS. My dad got a little glass in his arm but was able to pull off on High St. while my mom called the cops.

Unfortunately, there was more shooting on I-55.  Another woman who is a former cop posted on Facebook:

 Well I just had an exciting experience on I-55 in front of Banner Hall. Some how I am right in the middle of a shoot out!! I hear bullets l look in the rear view mirror and approaching quickly are vehicles on both sides of me. Both have a driver and a shooter! They are in sports cars so I know I ain’t gonna outrun them because they are already traveling at a high rate of speed. So what to do what to do??? Thankfully there was no vehicle behind me so I slam on the brakes salute them and say carry on guys!!!!! Did I get tag numbers? Nope traveling too fast! But if I would have been in that charger it would have been game on!!! Wow sometimes I miss that patrol car!!!!!

Thankfully, law enforcement caught them.    However, the craziness didn't end as a bum thought it was a good idea to shoot at the police in front of the Old Capitol.  


Anonymous said...

Jackson is becoming a mirror of Chicago. Unchecked violence with the administration blaming guns instead of addressing the thugs committing the crimes. Complete incompetence in city leadership and corruption in the education system are only making the problem worse.

I hope everyone that can leave Jackson has done so by now.

Anonymous said...

I guess there were no social workers around.

Anonymous said...

More perception of gun violence. Maybe Baby Chok and the gang can blame this on Chicago. Yea, that's the ticket.

Lock & Load in Jacktown said...

I will have to step up my game on I-55 in the future. My .380 doesn't cut it, but my .45, .357 (vintage Python) and 5.56 will do the job.

Anonymous said...

Bye, Felicia! Never looking back. Glad I'm gone. Jackson is FUBAR.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for the children who live in Jackson that have parents with the means to live elsewhere. Those parents selfishly choose to endanger their family. And the poor kids are the ones who will end up suffering.

Anonymous said...

It would appear Black Lives Matter should focus. On Blacks and not cops

Anonymous said...

When are the Democrats going to realize they need to crack down on gangs, street bum & young thugs?
This elections the peoples of Jackson need to vote every city leader OUT of office. What have they got to lose.

Anonymous said...

A city run by crackheads

Unknown said...

Must be some kind of virus in the air.

Anonymous said...

had a crackhead run AT my car on I55 2 weeks ago - i was doing 65 to 70 just past County Line headed south. he jumped into the interstate about 50 yards in front of me and ran at my car, angling trying to make me hit him. i swerved and he hit my window with a shirt he was holding.

it's wild out there.

Anonymous said...

Dodge Chargers aren't sports cars

tonylloyd1970 said...

Jackson is a shithole. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

And people call me crazy for wearing plate armor and helmet when commuting through Jackson.
Armor up! Yeah carry a gun, but you need to protect your organs and your brain too.

Glass and sheet metal wont even stop a .22LR mich less a heavier round with more energy.

Green Acres said...

This is why we left Jackson and moved to the rural countryside 20 years ago. We could see this BS coming. These days, we never to go Jackson. All our health care providers left there long ago so there is literally no compelling reason to enter the city limits.

Anonymous said...

Wake up People! It's not just Jackson. Small towns all over Mississippi are being destroyed by crime. Columbus, Meridian, Natchez, Vicksburg, just to name a few. When the white middle class abandons a town it's all over. Ridgeland, Clinton, Pearl, Byram you're up next.

Anonymous said...

When are the Democrats going to realize they need to crack down on gangs, street bum & young thugs?
This elections the peoples of Jackson need to vote every city leader OUT of office. What have they got to lose.
August 21, 2020 at 10:04 AM


Stockholm syndrome

Anonymous said...

Really? 10:47. You wear armor? I never thought of that. 30 plus years ago, when I travelled the Woodrow Wilson area, I made my children lay down on the seater duck while I got through there as fast as possible in high-defense mode.

Anonymous said...

The legislature tried/is still trying to take over the airport so they need to go ahead and take over the Jackson government and JPS. We have a "git r done" legislature these days (note the flag removal success). Saddle up boys and girls, and let's take our Capitol City back!

Anonymous said...

I don't travel thru Jackson very much on I-55, but when I do, I NEVER see any kind of law enforcement patrolling up & down the interstate. At least in past mayoral regimes, the JPD did a fair job of patrolling I-55. It appears that they criminal element has completely taken over the interstate system in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

It's a total breakdown within a culture. More money/more cops ain't gonna do a damn thing to resolve the situation.

Anonymous said...

I was stopped at a light on Mossline at Ridgewood at 6 p.m. yesterday. The light changed and I looked before starting to move forward and saw a grey sedan shoot through the intersection at a high rate of speed. If I had not hesitated, I would have died.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to make excuses for Jackson, but twenty years ago, when pulling onto the loop around south Houston, they stopped you and if you had no gun, they issued you one. Jackson needs to do the same. In a couple of these exciting events in Houston, they had rolling gunfights that lasted ten miles with 40-60 shots fired. I can see the same thing happening in Jackson now.

Some promoter is losing a good opportunity to rent Veterans Stadium and have "Unlimited Warrior Shoot Outs". I could see maybe $5.00 to get in and $50.00 to sign up your team. Would be like paintballs with more interesting results than a paint splattered chest for the loser team.

Some smarter than me person could figure out the rules and firepower classifications for the various contests. Rules? Yes, what we need are rules for these things!

Anonymous said...

@11:22(1) Really? 10:47. You wear armor?

Yes I do. Always wearing it while driving. It is cheap insurance. No, I'm not walking around Kroger in full tac gear. But I'll be damned before i die gutshot from a stray fired by some illiterate punk with his underwear exposed.

Anonymous said...

Time to install a 20' high barrier around the City of Jackson. Use borders of I-55, I-220, and I-20 as the circumference.

Anonymous said...

I get extremely tired of driving 25 minutes to JA , multiple times a day, but my kids love it. Every time I get tired enough to start looking at houses on Zillow, I read JJ, and pull up the WLBT homicide tracker. Once I’m done, I contemplate how difficult it will be to sell anything in NE Jackson by the time my youngest graduates in 8 years and the urge passes.

Baby Chok said...

Welcome to your new radical capitol city.

Anonymous said...


What should concern you more is when your children reach driving age. Do you really want your kids driving in that area every day?

PittPanther said...

I do wish a few of the major employers of Jackson would move to Madison the city. There's plenty of room for UMMC, even a new capital building, and all the gov offices, in Madison. You guys can have all the big things and all the responsibilities as well. Let Madison become the major city and Jackson because the suburb.


Lock and Load 24/7 said...

-It's that darn "open carry"
-No, it's those "assault rifles"
-No, it's those gun shows
-No, it's ineffective conflict resolution
-No, it's those "large capacity" magazines
-No, it's those liberal guns laws
-No, it's Trump's fault
-No, it's the NRA's fault
-No, it's ........................

Anonymous said...

The second story you have here from a 'woman' who used to be a cop sounds just like another post I read on FB yesterday from a guy that used to be a cop. Dont know if there were two people in the car that was shot at, and both used to be a cop, or if this is a good social media story. What's the real deal?

Anonymous said...

1148 - you want us to believe your bulls**t that "they issued you a gun" as you drove around a federal onterstate?

I dont believe you.

I think you are full of yourself, or something.

Tell us how many people that passed this do-called checkpoint were handed guns; and assuming there could possibly be any semblance of truth to your claim, who paid for these guns, how many were issued, and under what authority they did it.

I call complete b/s. Anybody else believe there is anything true here?

Anonymous said...

Here's the real question: At this point at which it finds itself, can Jackson change? Seriously, is it just too far gone to come back from the brink it's on? Most of us get so frustrated and tired (and frightened) at what's frequently happening, but the culture that will now run the city in perpetuity is not capable or willing to save it.

As Dennis Miller so aptly once asked: "What have you got if you 'croak the host'?"

Yeah, we preside over a shithole, but it's OUR shithole! Is that the objective?

Anonymous said...

@2:21 - Yes, without a state or federal takeover, I firmly believe that Jackson is too far gone to change/save. I realize that likely won't happen, so the shithole that it is will just get worse. It's hard to imagine that Jackson has not hit rock bottom yet.

Anonymous said...

To 1:08, do you propose those entities move to Madison because you think that will alleviate Jackson's major problems? Or do you propose the move because, if that happens, no one will presumably care enough about Jackson to criticize its failures?

A "yes" to the first question is delusional. A "yes" to the second is pitiful. If there is a third possible reason for your proposal, please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

I worked for McCarty-Holman/Jitney Jungle when they had warehouses in the industrial park at Boling and Industrial Dr. I was in lunch line down on woodrow wilson at the famers market and struck up a conversation with several Jackson PD officers. One of them asked where I worked. I told him at McCarty in the industrial park. One of the officers asked if I kept a gun in my car. I really didnt know how to respond to the "loaded question" but before I could one of the other officers said I was a fool if I didnt. That was back in the late 90s.

True story

Anonymous said...

Just had a lady come in the office this afternoon (Friday) who was just travelling from Rankin County to Madison County, and she just witnessed the same thing on I-55 Northbound in the same Northside Dr. area this Friday afternoon (two vehicles driving in far lanes of traffic from each other, exchanging gunfire) She said that police blocked off the County Line Road exit, presumably so they would not exit and get away.

Anonymous said...

" I get extremely tired of driving 25 minutes to JA "

I honestly scratch my head about how Jackson Academy can still exist in that location.

Anonymous said...

@1:36 PM

Yes, Totally true. I seent it on the interwebs. If they were provided by Houston, the guns had to be turned back in when you exited. That way, they could make do with the 5,000 or 6,000 that had confiscated from law abiding criminals the previous day.

I read all of this on facebook and I will stick by what I said! They had a stock photo of a gun and everything.

Anonymous said...

Loved that second story. "Thankfully there was no vehicle behind me so I slam on the brakes salute them and say carry on guys!!!!! Did I get tag numbers? Nope traveling too fast! But if I would have been in that charger it would have been game on!!! Wow sometimes I miss that patrol car!!!!!" I love it when someone talks like Sally Badass after the shit's over.

Anonymous said...

9:44 AM
Don't. My brother in law is a whackadoo who lives in northeast Jackson and is looking to move back to Fondren. His child goes to a Madison county school. I left 2 months ago. Well, I really can't say I left as I got to north Jackson in September of last year. The wife left Jackson 2 months ago after 10 years. Will have a a very nice house for sale in North Jackson. Won't be too expensive. It's sad. I liked that house.

Anonymous said...

August 21, 2020 at 11:07 AM

What do Meridian, Vicksburg, Columbus and Natchez all have in common? It's democrat policies that appease lawlessness and being a good citizen. No one should be expected to tolerate crime, bad behavior, and lack of common decency for the community just because they are white. Did they abandon these towns or were they forced out by Chinese water torture?

And here's a little secret, it's not just white middle class that are leaving these towns now. 3 homes in my Madison neighborhood were sold recently to people of color from Jackson. And guess what? We all share the same values of having a nice house, in a neighborhood that cares and wants a safe environment for our children.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:26, maybe our "used to be a cop" also "used to be a man." Never can tell, these days, lol.

Anonymous said...

12:47, I worry about that, too. A lot.

Anonymous said...

At JA, you should worry every day about your children if they are outside at school. There are many drive by shootings in that area. I would never approve of my adult children driving over there after dark to pick up kids from activities.

Anonymous said...

"It's hard to imagine that Jackson has not hit rock bottom yet."

If similar decay is any indication, once what are currently and broadly known as "hipsters" (mostly white, but not all, previously known as hippies, yuppies, buppies, etc.) start moving back and gentrifying a variety of shithole neighborhoods, it will indicate that Jackson hit rock bottom a couple of years or so prior. It's a lot like a recession: you don't know it began until it is upon you. And if those areas are indicative of Jackson's future, we're 10-plus years from that. As long as decent people of all hues are still in the fleeing the literal scenes of the crimes stage, "rock bottom" ain't nowhere close. As evidence look no further than parts of Brooklyn, certain areas of New Orleans, etc., etc., etc.

Of course, if and when it happens and if the past is any indication of the future, those attempting to move in and better things will be accused of all sorts of culturally-insensitive things by those that allowed the decent into hell in the first place. Has anyone ever heard anyone say, "that was a perfectly safe, clean, and prosperous ghetto/'hood until a bunch of hipsters (or hippies or yuppies or buppies or...) forced their way in and turned it into a dirty broken-down crime-infested shithole..."? At least with a straight face. Remember, those who refuse to learn from history will ignorantly repeat it...over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

7:34 left one component out: Some years down the road, after the area has been sufficiently cleaned up and enough houses renovated that property values increase, there will be certain politcally-minded opportunists who step in with something like the following: "These outsiders have bought up all our homes and we can't afford to live here anymore. It was all a racist plan to push out people of color!" At that point, there will be no memory that many of those properties were actually vacant and derelict at one time.

Anonymous said...

Well said 7:34 & 11:41.

People don't understand the laws of nature i.e. action = reaction.

Leftists want places like Jackson to become and remain shit holes so they, the leftists, can keep controlling them...since Baby Chockwe would be out of a job if crime fell and whitey moved back in.

Hence the reason Baby Chockwe wants Jackson radical with bullets flying into passing cars.

Give Baby Choke credit, he got the radical he said he wanted.

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