Wednesday, May 13, 2020

State Breaks 10,000 Barrier

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 182 new cases of the Wuhan Virus as well as 8 deaths today.   The total number of cases is 10,090.  The virus has caused 465 deaths.  More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website. 

  The hospitalizations and ICU's continue to fluctuate while the vents remain relatively flat.

List of notable counties (deaths)
Attala: 206 (5)
Desoto: 350 (5)
Forrest: 336 (23)
Harrison: 210 (6)
Hinds: 698 (17)
Holmes: 231 (19)
Jackson: 278 (13)
Jones: 264 (6)
Lauderdale: 523 (45)
Madison: 493 (15)
Monroe: 203 (21)
Neshoba: 336 (16)
Rankin: 262 (6)
Scott: 483 (6)

There are also 212 nursing home deaths.  Nursing home deaths are 46% of the total number of Covid-19 deaths in Mississippi. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but this is becoming a damn farce. 8 deaths?

New York crams people from all over the world into tiny tubes and saw a massive outbreak, so we made Jim Bob shut down his fruit stand on 49 and get on the government dole.

Anonymous said...

There have been a total of 465 covid deaths in Mississippi; 212 of which were nursing home deaths.
Mississippi averages approximately 3000 deaths per month.
In the past 2 1/2 months there have been about 7500 total deaths
in our state.
Of this roughly 7500 deaths, 253 were non nursing home covid deaths.
For every 1 of these 253 covid deaths, 30 Mississippians died from other causes.

Calm Down said...

I'd suggest if you have someone in the nursing home, to be sure they are getting Vitamin D each day.

Anonymous said...

It’s OK 12:51. With the throw-the-door-open way restrictions are being eliminated you’ll get your wish for more deaths. Particularly if college and high school football programs kick off in August.

Anonymous said...

@ has been a damn farce since day one in most parts of the country. I get that it's a bigger deal in the larger cities where folks are packed in like sardines, but here in 'rural' America, our way of life should not have been altered to the extent that it has been. Our nation's economy has been decimated unnecessarily, to the liking of Red China.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 1:48. Really appreciate the encouragement.

I, like most people who've seen their businesses close, don't really care about rational cost-benefit analysis. We're all just hungry for as many dead old people as possible!

So whatever you do, don't tell old people that they're orders of magnitude more likely to die than anyone else, and that they could protect themselves without sabotaging their grandkids' futures by just staying home and letting others go to work.

Because then I couldn't have all the sweet, sweet elderly corpses I crave!

Anonymous said...

I'll be very surprised if you publish my last comment, Kingfish. I didn't realize the comment section was so heavily moderated in your favor until I actually tried to bring some opposition to your repeated use of the misnomer. Never once have you approved one of my comments. Hmm...

Calm Down said...

I'm picking up some sarcasm in that reply.

Kingfish said...

Because it is going to get it's own post this week and I'm not going to answer it in a thread. Got it, Chairman Mao?

Anonymous said...

For all those who think COVID-19 is the REAL issue...

Anonymous said...

This will be milked for as long as milk is possible....meaning federal "relief" dollars tied to those numbers. Never waste a crisis said the effective (yet POS) bureaucrat.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Terminator movie final scene..."there is a storm a-commin.."
I have my own Sarah Conner of 32 years. She's had everything on lock down for about the last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Of these 465 deaths, how many of those people would have most likely died this year anyway? Of cancer, diabetes or respiratory problems? The odds of a moderately healthy person dying from COVID 19 is incredibly low. Time to reopen the whole state!

Calm Down said...

interesting link.

Anonymous said...

@3:40 For those with risk factors the estimated loss of years of life is 10 years. Some may have died this year, others with things like diabetes and high blood pressure that are controlled could have lived another 25-40 years.

Time to reopen the state in a controlled manner. It will be better for everyone if they know they can generally go about normal routines without fearing bringing the disease home to a spouse, parent, or grandparent who might be at risk. Sure, there are some who don't care one bit about others dying, but for a lot of citizens if they suddenly see cases spiraling out of control and people they know going into the hospital and/or dying they will stay home and cause an economic setback regardless if another lockdown is ordered.

It can be done in a safe and orderly manner if people will just use a little common sense and follow guidelines to minimize the spread of the disease.

Anonymous said...

It's very comforting having Need To Know News working the beat... you people follow the dumbest conspiracy theorists.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:25, you might want to check out some legitimate numbers and lay off the nutter websites for a few months.

If it makes you feel any better, there are far fewer chemtrails out there now because of all the flight cancellations.

Anonymous said...

@4:30p- Please advise which completely unbiased (LOL) news sources YOU read?

Those of us who like to think for ourselves read multiple sources (less mainstream shit,more obscure sources), then research the data and info and decide for ourselves. Further, just because we lend thought or effort to certain information, DOESN'T mean we are following conspiracy theories.

For the record, "you people" is growing daily.

Anonymous said...

@3:25 I downloaded the data they used and saw something. First, the data they use is the first 16 weeks which would cover from January 1 - April 18 (or 21, depending on when the week starts). It doesn't go through April 30 like the article states.

Second, the initial death from COVID in the U.S. was on February 29. Nothing that happened before March 1 would be relevant.

Recalculating for the above adjustments shows an average of 55,541 deaths per week for 2016, 17, 18, and 19. The average number of deaths per week in 2020 is 60,396 which gives an excess of 4,855 per week for 7 weeks or a total of 33,985 as of April 18, 2020. Cumulative COVID deaths as of April 18 was 34,181. So you can see the reported COVID deaths is just about exactly equal to the calculated excess deaths.

Statistics are only as good as the context. By using 9 weeks of irrelevant numbers out of 16 total weeks they were able to manipulate the result to suit their preconceived notion.

Anonymous said...

5:15 pm - don't you understand? You used logic and relevant statistics, but the nutjobs that like to post these links on websites like this don't give a damn about using numbers with actual value (kinda like the comparison of the number of flu deaths a year compared to COVID, when the flu deaths cover 12 months and were being compared to two months of COVID.)

Your corrective calculations do give good meaning to the Need to Know News - even those that claim to read multiple sources (those other sources are generally as relevant and worthwhile.

Thanks for your clarifying the idiocy of the link; maybe some will read you comments during a time that they have temporarily removed their tin foil hats.

Anonymous said...

@5:15p & @6:06p-

Please review Table 2 from the CDC and notice HOW MANY states have LESS than normal percentages of deaths. (Footnote item #2 for your reference.) VERY FEW are experiencing higher than normal deaths. NYC (obviously) is the worst. You gotta wonder how many deaths in NYC were due to improper treatments and/or bad policies and procedures.

Regardless, we’ve destroyed the NATION’S economy and the livelihood of folks in all 50 states over a FEW hotspots. And, to make matters worse, these hotspots were only above average for a handful of weeks.

Anonymous said...

The virus is real.
I know three people that have died from it.
None fit the CDC guidelines.
All were under age 65.

But I also know 25 plus people that have lost their jobs FOREVER.

The damn "War Between the States" is not even a remote Comparison to this shit.

The American Revolution is a much better analogy.

Anonymous said...

MORE bad news for Fat Melvin.

Male coronavirus patients with low testosterone levels are MORE likely to die from COVID-19.

Anonymous said...

@7:59p- I never said the virus wasn’t real. On the flip side, I know 4 people that died this week and none of them were COVID-19 related deaths. I, too, know a number of people who have lost their jobs, and potentially, their businesses. The point is, the course of action taken didn’t “prevent” death. It accelerated loss of livelihood and business... but didn’t prevent death. Shutting ourselves down was not the right course of action. Keeping those most at risk at home would have been the correct course, and would have caused a lot less damage to many people.

And, who said anything about a war between states? It’s simply factual that all 50 states are paying a hefty price for the unfortunate situations in a few hot spots.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful none of you make decisions that affect me or my family.

Anonymous said...

With too few exceptions, those commenting above:

Think they know more than the National Academy of Scientists, the CDC and Johns Hopkins and all the top epidemiologists in the world to name a few.

One of you provides a link to an unreliable source of news that hasn't anywhere close to the resources of Reuters,the Associated Press or BBC and is more than likely one dude in his underwear in his basement. But, that is typical these days.

And, still the statistically inept don't seem to realize that CV 19 deaths are a new addition to the death totals and unlike the deaths they mention, is a highly contagious virus that is still mutating and causing surprising after effects.

Given my family medical history since the American Revolution, I should have a minimum of a decade more and most likely 2 decades. In those hundreds of years going back to every line and all their children back to 1690, only wars ( the most being the Civil War, none in the Revolutionary War or World Wars, Korea and Vietnam though the family members serving saw combat) one hunting accident and one car wreck( hit by a drunk driver) killed anyone. We have 3 causes of death, all related to aging.

So much for your "other causes of death" and you seem to think in a population of 300 million all families are at risk of all those kinds of death. Amazing.

So, some of you are hell bent to deprive me of seeing my grandchildren as adults and enjoying the fruits of my labor.You care about your livelihood but not that of my employees who will lose theirs if I die (and I'm paying them for no work right now as they are good loyal people and I want them safe). You invade my space, you don't wear masks.

You pretty much meet my definition of arrogantly ignorant selfish jerks.

Anonymous said...

7:59 pm

You can get another job. You can't come back from the dead.

See the difference?

I realize it's scary to not have a job when you need one. Been there, done that after a move when young. Had relatives whose industry moved to Mexico. Many relatives talked about being out of work during the Depression.

Because they were good employees and hard workers, they eventually not only got jobs, but more than a few would call it a " blessing in disguise" as they got job with more opportunity to advance...and they did.

IF you have a business that was profitable but now in danger of folding, do NOT wait for the government. Call some of your loyal customers.

Put together a " portfolio" of your business. Decide how much of the profits you made could be used to pay back private investors. The amount doesn't have to be high as interest on money is low. Show them how you operated and how you will operate to pay them back.

Jeff Good started Bravo with private investors that he paid much earlier than anticipated and at higher than the interest rate they could get at the time.

I know it's seems a shocking idea, but once upon a time, most businesses depended on initial private investments. If you are good at what you do and have a good reputation for being smart and honest, people will take a chance on you.

But, you can't do anything if you are dead or permanently handicapped.

Anonymous said...

9:14 AM, feel better?

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