Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mississippi Covid-19 Update

Vents remain flat, hospitalizations & ICU's fluctuate

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 123 new cases of the Wuhan Virus as well as 9 deaths today.   The total number of cases is 9,501.  The virus has caused 430 deaths.  More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website. 

Hospitalizations and ICU's rose while vents stayed flat.  Although the increases are unwelcome, they fall within the range of normal fluctuations over the last month.

Other Statistics
*  44% of Covid-19 deaths are nursing home patients.  (191/430)
*  13% of Covid-19 cases are nursing home patients as well (1,202/9,501)
*  55% of Covid-19 deaths are black while 41% are white.  57% of cases are black.
*  Only 18% of investigated cases are hospitalized.

Notable Counties (Deaths)
Desoto: 331 (5)
Forrest: 314 (21)
Hinds: 670 (15)
Holmes: 213 (19)
Jackson: 275 (11)
Jones: 247 (5)
Lauderdale: 482 (43)
Leake: 299 (3)
Madison: 431 (12)
Neshoba: 315 (14)
Scott: 457 (6)


Anonymous said...

There is no downward trend. Things are relatively stable since the shelter in place order was implemented. People didn’t follow it though. In other states and other countries the citizens took the temporary sacrifices and got the spread under control. Not here. Forecasts show Mississippi cases climbing all summer. Tate says people should act responsibly, but they’ve proven they can’t. When this is over and history is analyzed a lot of the U.S. will be the example of how not to operate during a pandemic.

Anonymous said...

Gotta think when the Nissan plant opens that it will become a major hotspot since so many people work there and travel from different parts of the state. Hope they are safe.

Anonymous said...

1208 Stop your whining and fear spreading. Mississippi is doing a lot more testing, including a lot of testing on asymptomatic people meaning that a lot more people will test positive. More testing means more case increase. It's simple math.

Anonymous said...

To the medical folks, I think this question might have been asked in the past, but I can’t remember the answer. If a nursing home patient is taken to the hospital and subsequently dies, is that being recorded as a nursing home death?

Anonymous said...

You can take my sportsball but you can never take my FREEDUMB!

On another note, my wife volunteers at a local foodbank and the majority of people taking donation boxes home are illegal aliens.

Albert Schweitzer said...

Thank you for the graph.
Very good to see the slope of the # of cases becoming more toward horizontal. Just hope this is reality rather than a weekend reporting error.
Again, it would be very nice, even an aid to prediction, if there were a lower (suggest red) line showing deaths.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

@12:54p- You mean, kind of like hospitals? Or, Walmart? (insert eye roll)

When, and nothing’s been announced, but when they reopen the plant, safety measures will be in place. I raise your concern and bet that many people/workers have already been exposed and carry the antibodies.

@12:08p- STOP depending on forecasts!! They are GUESSES!! No one can predict the future. Good grief, do you see the shit meteorologists put out with all their “scientific data?” I mean, seriously, do people continue to drive vehicles? Fly in planes? Walk across streets? Eat fried food? Eat sugar? Wear shoes in their homes? Touch gas nozzles? Touch cash? Lick their fingers? (Literally the nastiest thing ever and marketing campaigns have made it their focus!) I can provide you models for ALL of these situations showing how dangerous they are, but that hasn’t stopped ANYONE from carrying on their daily activities.

The models for this chaos are over-inflated to scare people. The models are (literally) behind the curve, so the data is boring and not effective. PBS put out stats showing the number of deaths and causes of deaths as of 4/30/2020, and abortions are over 10,000,000!! So, I’m trying to comprehend how a government thinks telling people “it’s your choice to take an innocent life” at a tremendously higher rate than the “possible” spreading of a viruses is not infringing on rights of those who DO NOT WISH TO BE HELD CAPTIVE BY A VIRUS that they have likely already have been exposed to! Geez, I CAN’T WAIT for the blood tests to start!!

Louis LeFleur said...

12:54, Madison County is already on its way to being a hot spot. Last week it had the highest increase in caseload of any county in the state. 118 new cases or a 41% increase over the prior week. Yes, KF, there IS a lot of very interesting data on the MDHS website.

MOX NIX said...

The ship will hit the sand when the MNG holds summer camp at Camp Shelby. Training exercises of visiting out of state NG units will spread the virus further. And there is that predicted active hurricane season.

Anonymous said...

@1:46, Did you forget your meds today? And I'm 100% pro-life, but why the fuck are you pulling abortion stats out of your ass when they're totally unrelated to a discussion of this virus? I'm also a conservative, but some of you wingnuts make me embarrassed to even say that for fear people will think I mean I'm anything like you.

Anonymous said...

1:50, Reeves he visited Camp Shelby and what a lot of people don’t know is in 2012 there was a massive construction program for barracks and you would be surprised to see how modern they are. In that same note, he has designated the NEW barracks to be used as hospitals for the so called democrat backed communist Dr Fausci and other high level politicians CHINESE virus that the Obama administration gave millions of dollars for to produce.... on other words this is a made up deal and the world is suffering because the Democrat elite want power. It would shock you as to how Camp Shelby is prepared.

Anonymous said...

@1:08 I’m referring to the chart of hospitalizations, ICU, and vent usage. Those will not be affected by additional testing of asymptomatic people. And the forecasts are based on what is happening. They showed steady up until this week when Tate decided to essentially ignore the phased opening of risky activities. The model was updated to reflect the inevitable increased contact between an infected person and multiple victims. I doubt even you think that won’t result in more cases. If anything the models may be too low. Remember Trump crowing how the death rate would be 60,000 because of the models. We’ve exceeded that by 20% already with no signs of slowing down. Last I heard Trump was saying 95,000, but every indication is we will hit that by the end of May.

Anonymous said...

@2:46p- You can call me a wingnut, but at least I’m a wingnut that can read. Also, I don’t pull things out of my ass... ewww.

Did your sad, little self even read what I said, or is it just comprehension you lack? Go back and actually read what I said. Better yet, look up the info and educate yourself. DEATH is relevant because people are hysterical over people dying from this virus. It’s all relevant.

Anonymous said...

@3:40p- Beating a dead horse here, but there has not been enough time since the loosening of stay-at-home for positive test results to show in the data. The current increase in numbers is due to an increase in testing. Many of us have likely already had it. I can’t wait for antibody blood testing to kick into full gear!!

Anonymous said...

Madison Co. has over 95,000 residents. With under 450 cases this far in, at 0.5% confirmed, she'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

@4:23 I’ll give that horse a few whacks myself. The lack of time to see results from the change in restrictions is exactly why phased easing was recommended. We should have waited to see the results from easing retail and dining before opening up salons and spas. It is likely hospitalizations will increase over the next few weeks, but until then nobody can make an informed decision on how much more relaxation is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:59pm - what in the good green f*ck are you talking about. The worst part of this pandemic is the pandemic of conspiracy theories and misinformation and the overabundance of ignorant rednecks out there that believe it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe y’all can help because MDH won’t answer my question. Where can you find the daily test numbers? The state reports daily positive hits, but I’m looking for a daily total tested. Without that number how do you know if you’re actually seeing an increase in cases relative to number tested? I’m not talking about the total number of all tests since testing began, just total number of tests that day.

Anonymous said...

6:04 - With so many venues doing the testing, how do you suppose MDH could arrive at that number on a day to day basis?

And He's Coming For Sunday Dinner said...

Talk about a prime candidate for a room at the nervous hospital...

Here's what one preacher believes (and publishes) about the virus. In other words, if you close your eyes and think real hard that this whole thing does NOT really exist, then it doesn't. (No mention of denomination and not sure if snakes or alcohol are involved.)

The word VIRUS means a contagious matter. The word CONTAGIOUS means catching or communicated by contact.
CONSIDER THIS: If you brought a corpse into a room of 100 people, who are experiencing the virus, do you think the corpse would experience the virus? (He has all his body parts and his brain. So, what would keep him from experiencing the virus? THE CORPSE HAS NO MIND !)

You only have the ability to experience what enters the believer. You can choose to accept or reject (exercise belief or unbelief). In the parable of the sower sowing seed, Jesus explained, the seed is word or thought the soil is heart or mind.

A seed left in the seed bin will not produce. To experience a harvest, the seed must be planted in the soil. (The world system has been broadcasting thoughts concerning the virus. YOU HAVE A CHOICE, YOU CAN ALLOW THOSE THOUGHTS TO REMAIN AND TAKE ROOT OR DISMISS THEM. IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO REMAIN, YOU WILL REAP THE HARVEST.)
(Romans 10:17)”Faith comes by hearing.”

Anonymous said...

@7:40p- How in the hell could MDH NOT obtain that number?? Aren’t medical procedures/tests documented? Who’s paying/being paid? Wouldn’t they need “numbers” to do so? Why wouldn’t testing sites be able to report daily?

Anonymous said...

7:40, if they can tell us the total number tested overall, they can tell us how many are tested daily.

Anonymous said...

@6:04. You will never get those numbers ("Total numbers of tests") because no one has them. No one. The labs (Department of Health; hospital labs; private labs like LabCorp and Quest) are performing thousands and thousands of tests each day but they are only required to report "positives." Adding to the mix, if a private lab does an antibody test(and they are doing thousands, nationwide) they are only required to report the positives. So you will never get your number.

Anonymous said...

You know we all are going to die regardless of what we do or think we can "beat this thing". Unless you live in an Laminar Flow environment the virus is riding your ass wherever you go or whatever you do. Air moves, and so does the virus. Masks, are just for show in the long run because you eventually remove it. It will eventually go the way of other Novel Virus's. The more infected (Asymptomatic, sub-clinical, sick or died) will result in increased anti-bodies. Stay safe and happy. Lock yourselves up if the desire is there. I prefer sunlight.

Anonymous said...

6:58, the state is currently reporting the number you say we can’t have, the total number of tests. What the original question is asking is why can’t the state report the total daily number of tests. They are already receiving the data (hence the total number cited above), why are they not reporting it on as a daily number?

As it stands, it’s up to the public to keep up with the total number on a daily basis to spot any changes and trends based on the previous day’s reporting.

Anonymous said...

If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck and swims like a duck I would feel safe calling it a duck. It's almost certain that the doctors are extrapolating the obvious conclusions from their observations also. .

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