Friday, May 8, 2020

Jackson Reopens May 15 w/Restrictions

Mayor blames burbs & Governor for "forcing my hand."

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba is holding a presser that is streamed below.

* Mayor says city has one of the lowest death rates for Covid-19 in state and a low one compared to similar cities in the nation.

* Mayor said it is not the right time to open the city according to the data. However, he said he has to recognize that the surrounding cities are opening up. Limitations have no effect if people can go to the burbs and return to Jackson. He blamed the Governor for forcing his hand. The words "our hands are tied" were used.

* Jackson will reopen with restrictions when the current order expires on May 15. The Mayor said he won't hesitate to to tighten restrictions if the numbers get worse.


Anonymous said...

OMG Where's his mask/ Where's his mask? Anybody watching? Anybody seeing this?
Soylent Green for everybody!

Anonymous said...

Too bad people aren't making decisions based on science.

Anonymous said...

Is "forcing his hand" code for "the burbs will spend all their money in the burbs if I don't get on board?"... asking for the governor.

Anonymous said...

He sound a little bitter. Bitter isn’t cute.

By the way, Mayor, don’t come up to Madison County for a steak dinner this weekend.

You said you were going to stay home.

Anonymous said...

KF: If the Governor says Salons can open Monday, doesn’t that override the Mayor’s May 15?

Anonymous said...

That was the biggest CYA Press Conference I have ever seen in a long time. He is going to let businesses reopen only because the suburbs are the rest of the state is opening. But if the cases spike up in Jackson, it's not his fault. Spineless.

Anonymous said...

The May 15 date is meaningless...…..if you need anything it's available in Madison or Rankin Counties.

Anonymous said...

What a freaking cop out! Additionally, he really thinks waiting a week for businesses to re-open is going to make a difference? Guess I'll be spending my tax money in the suburbs for the next week - I'm tired of getting my own refills.

Anonymous said...

Masks are completely pointless. At least half the people I see wearing one have their nostrils sticking out.

Anonymous said...

I live a few houses down from this brilliant minded mayor (sarcastic language) his hands are tied bc other municipalities have leaders that lead not grandstand. Chokwe my sister told me at st Joe you were called ludumba... now I know why!!! Your an absolute slow learner. How dumb can one be. Just look at chokwe... he's likely standing on a soapbox... not just bc he's 5 ft 3 in.

Anonymous said...

This guy has already moved ahead of Enoch Sanders, and is rapidly closing in on Kenneth Stokes as the funniest public figure in Jackson Mississippi.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hands tied? Yes, the leaders of the surrounding cities (real leaders, not just elected mouthpieces like Chocke) have realized that there is not only a medical crisis there is an economic crisis. Same message as the Governor has been saying in his daily briefings.

Let's see - what's the difference here? Mayor of Jackson


Mayor of Clinton, Flowood, Madison, Ridgeland, Byram


Governor of Mississippi ?

Dang - think I figured it out. One is looking to maintain his 'power base' wherein he tries to let a crisis lead to his other agendas and the others all recognize the constant equations that must be balanced.

Difference between real governing and idiocy.

Thankfully, the metro area only has one body that is controlled by Democrats.

Anonymous said...

So he takes credit for low death rates but says if the rates spike up it’s not his fault it’s the suburbs and governors fault. How pathetic

Anonymous said...

I bet Tico is glad to be in ridgeland.. he actually lives in Jackson. No Lumumba barrier to jump. If Lumumba only knew what people think of his ideas he would make his own tin foil hat and voluntarily wear it.

Anonymous said...

To his credit, he has followed Tate's unspoken new fashion statement.

Ya'll know.
( Cool black jacket with the City of Jackson seal and the word "mayor" in gold) .

Anonymous said...

He got the cop out from Tater Head. What the hell is the point of a “Stay-At-Home” order when you are opening everything up?

Albert Schweitzer said...

Jackson has not had a great number of nursing home deaths, like, say, Meridian. It has been spared worse because of many factors. The city government is surely VERY far down that list.

How many have died from murder since the pandemic began here in Jackson? More than from the chinese wuhan virus.

The chinese virus killed more Americans last month than we lost in Viet Nam in almost a decade, but the "mayor" shouldn't break his arm while patting himself on the back for the wonderful job he did.

And speaking of homicide, what of his proclamation of "no open carry"?
Idiotic at best; scary at worst. His pontifications are at best a joke.

Anonymous said...

I have more complaints and criticisms of Mayor Lumumba that I have digits on which to count them. That said, I have noticed that after an initial jump, Hinds County has for the last few weeks maintained C-19 reported infection rates slightly lower than its proportion of the state population.

Anonymous said...

You idiots are going to make him look smart and he will say, "I told you so",in less than 30 days.

fed up in Jackson said...

so why did he just not say "Look, I am not a leader, and have no idea what leadership is, so I will blame others and not be held responsible."

Anonymous said...

Jackson closed for businesses about 15-20 years ago

Anonymous said...

Apples and oranges. Approximately 620,000 soldiers died from combat, accident, starvation, and disease during the Civil War. Approximately 77K Americans died of Covid Vietnam had roughly 55K dead. Have no real idea what people are trying to say, but what the hell. Makes them feel better, so be it. Now I'm sure we will hear how many Americans died over a shorter period of time or some such garbage. Dead is dead and no one has any control. Now list the other deaths from other factors and see where we stand. See, ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Top Years for Jackson Murder:

2020 = 99 (Projection based on current murder rate.)

1995 = 92
1994 = 91
2018 = 84*
1993 = 84
2019 = 82*
1991 = 76
2008 = 73
1996 = 67

* Antard Lumumba Yearly Average = 83

Anonymous said...

Alls i got out his message was North, South, East and West.

Anonymous said...


2019 had 83 homicides, not 82. Celeste McDonald was killed in Jackson even though JPD doesn't count her because they didn't investigate the case.

Anonymous said...

Can we go to your zoo-

Anonymous said...

Mayor, please keep your city locked down. Please keep your citizens in Jackson. Please keep them locked down safely in Jackson. We in the suburbs will feel safer. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Vietnam - Over 58,000 that are being counted. Not roughly 55,000.

3000 bodies represent a lot of lives. Sooner or later, we're talking real people.

Jim Bob said...

If a Mayor is solely responsible for the crime/deaths within their town then every level of elected office should have the same responsibility. I’d like to see the same energy towards how Gov Reeves and everyone before him is responsible for MS being last in every possible negative stat.’s easier and more tasteful to criticize the minority leader and his cities shortcomings”. MS is the biggest loser here. We all bickering over which city sucks more.....comical and “1940 ish”

Anonymous said...

How are the Jackson residents that practice medicine in Madison and flowood as well as the Jackson residents that own businesses in M adison and flowood suppose to open in your opinion... juniker jewelry regon family sports med docs... nearly 60 percent of Jackson prep students loads of st Andrew school students. I mean several restaurants... ticos just one example.

Anonymous said...

6:04 - Unless you just arrived at this blog-site, you should know that, with regularity and constant lambast, this state and it's leadership are outed as keeping us 50th or 51st in most every respect. And we've never had a statewide, black, elected official, so it can't be their fault. But nice try at throwing down a race card. The wind carried it off.

Moving to Costa Rica said...

So the kungfu virus knows what time it is and comes out after 10pm? It knows to leave on May 15th? It does not go to Walmart or home depot or liquor stores. It only goes to restaurants and salons?

This level of incompetence is full retard.

Anonymous said...

Believe that we, as a society, have been taken hook line and sinker. Next we'll bitching about Football/Baseball/Basketball seasons requiring masks and seating every other 2-3 seats. But can also guarantee the fan will also pay the extraordinary ticket costs associated with said plans.

Anonymous said...

5:18 please promise me that you won't be a hypocrite.
Next time you puncture your skin on a rusty nail, please don't get a tetanus shot.
All those guys who pulled strings and manipulated the system to avoid 'Nam didn't die in combat, did they?
Remember, your philosophy is that you have no control over when you die.
Please engage in the riskiest behaviors you can find to prove you really believe what you say you do.

Anonymous said...

The politicians are more concerned about their popularity and political asses than leadership.
I really wouldn't care if the State sponsored propaganda ( China and Russia) wasn't the source of 98% of the BS being spouted in the comments or by our politicians giving in to your pressure ,if our Nation's demise wasn't their target and if our enemies weren't absolutely right that ignoring the virus will be the perfect vehicle to destroy our democratic republic.
The worst to me is that you all between to be Patriots and yet you can't sacrifice anything for our Nation.

Anonymous said...

The virus isn’t going away May 15th, or next month or next year, its going to be with us forever. There is no guarantee that a vaccine will be developed, there is still no vaccine for SARS. Even if a vaccine is developed it will not be 100% effective and there is no guarantee everyone will take it. Not everyone gets the flu shot now.We can sit in our houses forever and live in fear; however, that is unsustainable. Doing that will cause the entire system to collapse, no taxes to collect means at some point local governments will no longer be able to provide services, fire, police, water, sewer on and on. Then being safer at home is no longer an option. The medical systems will collapse since no one can pay for insurance since they are unemployed and the government is broken so they can’t be the backstop anymore. Everything is so intertwined that it all collapses if individual parts fail. We must learn to live with this virus, take precautions as best we can and especially care those most vulnerable. Each time you get in your car you are taking a risk that someone may carelessly cause an accident that may seriously injure or cause your death. But we still drive. Again, we can take precautions but I choose to live life rather than exist in fear.

Anonymous said...

Nice straw man 8:38. There is no vaccine for SARS because it was stamped out through contact tracing and isolation quickly with only 8,000 cases worldwide. There hasn’t been a suspected case of SARS since May 2004. There was development of a vaccine, but with no spread among humans it couldn’t be trialed.

Also, not everyone needs to take the COVID vaccine for it to be effective. As long as those at risk take it, and hopefully it becomes part of normal childhood vaccines, it will do its job in preventing a good portion of deaths and major illnesses which will make it safe for people to rejoin the economy.

Anonymous said...


They can stay in Jackson with their radical mayor.

Nobody will miss them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm heading to flowood from NE Jackson this morning and I will be seeing patients. Please inform those residents that myself along with the several other physicians that live in Jackson will be in town today! In fact like I said dude across the street from me in NE Jackson owns a plastic surgeon center in flowood. I'm texting him now to inform him we should start signing in. Some of the ergon family that lives in Jackson should know the drill already in assuming.

Anonymous said...

I am aware of the plastic surgery clinic your speaking of. You do know that more than one plastic surgery clinic in flowood are owned by NE Jackson physicians. One has been there for quite some time. The one your talking about is more recent.

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