Saturday, May 9, 2020

Daily Covid-19 Update

Hospitalizations flat, ICU's & vents rise

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 288 new cases of the Wuhan Virus as well as 12 deaths today.   The total number of cases is 9,378.  The virus has caused 421 deaths.  More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website. 

Hospitalizations stayed flat for three days in a row but ICU's rose by ten patients and vents rose by 18 patients.  This is the chart to watch. 

List of notable county infections (deaths)
Desoto: 333 (5)
Forrest: 309 (21)
Harrison: 198 (6)
Hinds: 663 (15)
Holmes: 206 (18)
Jackson: 275 (11)
Jones: 243 (5)
Lauderdale: 471 (42)
Leake: 299 (2)
Monroe: 200 (20)
Neshoba: 307 (13)
Pearl River: 190 (24)
Rankin: 248 (6)
Scott: 454 (6)
Madison: 422 (12)


Anonymous said...

Another chart to watch is the deaths by date. After April 21 the number of non nursing home deaths decreased which showed the shelter in place order was working some. It will be very telling if the deaths start to rise dramatically in a couple of weeks as a result of the reopening of almost all activities including risky ones. Do they have adequate ability to do contact tracing and see if gyms, salons, and dine-in restaurants are vectors for an outsized percentage of the possible epidemic spread so they can be shut back down without crippling the rest of the economy?

Anonymous said...

Contract tracing???? Bwhahahahaha. Good one.

This is the US Today. "What's in it for me?" and "The heck with everybody else."

You must be on drugs. DC and Tater want to "wish" Covid away.

Record cases- Tea Party told me to "open up" so I better let her rip.

77,000 dead in 2 months. That's 10 TIMES the confirmed ANNUAL flu death stats. (Because Bubba compares apple estimates to orange confirmed cases).

So, 400,000 dead in one year extra. World War Two, at 4 times the US deaths, and Bubba wants to pretend it's not coming for his family.

Or, he just doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

Life's got to move forward. Death is a part of it. You cannot have one without the other. Fear and ignorance shall not win the day!

Anonymous said...

I nominate 2:12 to lead the charge and sacrifice his own life first, for the greater good, of course. It's easy to say you'd jump on a live grenade in theory, until one falls at your feet.

That's right said...

@2:36, what exactly did @2:12 have wrong? Are you saying life will not move forward? Buttercup, you live in a dangerous world. The false sense of security you may have imagined was only an illusion. Just because you don't have the intestinal fortitude to face the enemy doesn't mean others don't. You stay huddled in your hiding place peaking through the blinds and let the brave carry on with life.

Anonymous said...

I wish that graph was my stock portfolio.

Anonymous said...

@2:36, it's 2:12. I would gladly sacrifice my life for the good of another. Your's included. Semper Fi brother!!!

Anonymous said...

Covid deaths are not the same as war deaths.

War deaths are 20-year-old boys with 50 expected years of life, potential children and grandchildren, etc., being sent to die.

The deaths we're seeing are overwhelmingly older, sick people meeting their end a bit earlier. Is it tragic? Of course. Is it the same as war? Not even close.

Why am I so sure? Because even the "lockdown forever at any cost" folks (i.e., the Karens) agree.

37,000 Americans die every year in car accidents -- more deaths per year than the Korean War or Vietnam. Most of these deaths could be prevented if we lowered the speed limit to 20 mph. But not one single Karen ever called for that. Not one Karen ever compared traffic deaths to war deaths.

3 million people die in the U.S. every year. 400,000 would be an 11% increase. We could save similar numbers by banning fast food and mandating aggressive, expensive cancer screenings for everyone. But none of the Karens propose any of these things.

Because deep down they know the Covid/War Deaths comparison is inane.

Anonymous said...

I'll say this the best I can.

Some of us have legitimate health reasons or vulnerable loved ones to protect we have the financial means to remain in quarantine. We still participate in the "economy". We're paying our bills which include all forms of insurance, taxes, utilities, transportation, medical care, food, clothing, and shelter. What we are not doing is going to dine-in restaurants, bars, salons, sporting events, the malls, etc. because those things are non-essential to us. Although we enjoy them, we can live without them, and look forward to the day, if ever, they when are financially restored to society.

Those of you who earn your living from those non-essential employments are terrified by what is happening to you financially and are demanding the physical sacrifice of the rest of us to prop you up. Why else would you be screaming to reopen everything, refusing to wear masks, and calling us cowards?

I understand your financial terror, which is much greater than our fear of contracting bat flu. You are going to have to pivot and figure out what to do now, on your own. The rest of us will reenter society at the local level when we are ready to do so. While the government can order us to shelter in place, it cannot order us to go spend our money and risk our lives to support YOU.

Ain't that the truth said...

Could you see this bunch standing on the side of the streets yelling, at the wagon trains leaving, heading west in the 1800s, screaming, it ain't safe out there. You all going to be the death of someone. What a bunch of Karens.

Anonymous said...

6:27 said it well

look at all the music that's on youtube, facebook--music of every style from performers local and

books--order them, download them--read!

movies and streaming--wow. what a selection

cooking food? free recipes that are amazing are all over the internet.

i think we've learned that grocery store workers are far more important than professional basketball players...

Anonymous said...

I'm older, I have high blood pressure, I'm at a greater risk of Covid 19. I'd gladly put myself at risk so that the younger generation does not have to live a life afraid of the virus.

How many of you who are older would rather live and destroy the economy and the future of these younger children so that you may have a few extra years?

So many generations willing to give up their lives to secure liberty and the pursuit of happiness for those that came behind them.

So disappointed in the Boomer and X generation. No wonder we raised a cowardly "ME" generation, look at how pussy we became. And for what? a mere extra few years that will be gone before we know it?

Anonymous said...

@627PM. I totally disagree. I'm older (over 50), my blood pressure is higher, I am overweight, and I am a greater risk of covid 19 than this young people, but I would gladly take the risk of losing my life rather than destroying the future for so many others.

You clearly disagree, as your "if ever" comment means, you care about your well being above all others. You are not in this boat with everybody else, you are on your own little yacht of financial security and at home work.

I assure you, the economy doesn't rely solely on "essential workers". It relies on so many other parts of the economy and when those people are out of work, it will eventually affect the people who are essential, and eventually put them out of work.

You see, I'm willing to put my self at risk for "The greater good".

You clearly are not, but think other people are selfish.

Anonymous said...

Quarantine is for sick people, this is bullshit, not all of us have trust funds and can sit on our asses and watch youtube and listen to music. I don't trust the government's numbers on anything and I need to WORK.

Anonymous said...

It will be very telling if the deaths start to rise dramatically ...

Define dramatically? What metric% would be in your opinion dramatic?

Otherwise you are only spreading FUD to be dramatic.

Anonymous said...

The Fed has poured $Trillions of QE(that's cash) into the investment banks at the behest of D.T. to push the Wall St numbers up in the face of the ever worsening national and world economic situations and now, with a pandemic exponentially worsening the national economy D.T. and his Deplorables insist that those who actually work for a living are expendable and should be thrown into the plague and hope for the best but die dutifully if needed because their lives aren't worth spending Fed money on. Their only value is pumping up the charts for the important people who count their cash with cotton scales. And just imagine,those Deplorables think that their little portfolio of ETFs puts them among the important people. Those Trump Deplorable are some real dim witted suckers and the Donald chuckles every time he seems one of those suckers wearing one of his Chinese made hats that they paid $20 for.

Anonymous said...

This is 2:36. I’ve looked down the barrel of a loaded firearm at point-blank range and stood my ground in defense of another person. I know from experience that is when you really find out what you’re made of. Until that happens, it’s all just talk. That was my point and that‘s my $0.02.

Anonymous said...

5:48- your words are so true. Also, while many can withstand 3 to 6 months financially of this craziness, many of these kids will be impacted for 50 years by missing a semester of school. We have to get kids back to school. Some people are only thinking about themselves and a virus with a mortality rate slightly greater than the flu. If you think about all the long term ramifications of shutting things down, I believe it heavily outweighs the benefits. The problem is the media cannot show you the impact to a whole generation decades from now but they can show you an outlier of a 45 year old who lost their life. The image tugs at our emotions and then clouds our judgement. It is extremely sad that people are losing their life to Covid but it is always sad when folks pass away regardless of the cause.

Take the folks 60 years old and younger out of the equation and just ask this: Which is greater- the life days saved or the quality life days lost by shutting everything down and keeping older folks scared to death and unable to do things they enjoy? Life is more than just eating and breathing. We can be smart and practice good hygiene without stopping society.

Anonymous said...

@6:27 There must be something about the Saturday crowd that you gather, Kingfish. This submission is the most rational blog piece you have had in some time. And there are others.

Nasty damn virus out there that kills us the older we get. Which means everyone over 50 has a legit reason to stay away from doctor's officers (they don't test themselves, though they could), salons and barber shops (they will be great vectors) and anyone else who wants to get close enough to us to smell us.

There is nobody looking out for us. We will just do the best we can and hope this damn thing dies out or there is some form of herd immunity. We are not counting on a vaccine knowing that the vaccine that they made for flu (doesn't work) and HIV (doesn't exist) are the models moving forward.

With the opening of society, the deaths will pile up and there will be no "down" to the curve. Here is my hope that all the healthy young folks don't die and don't get real sick and do get the virus soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree, 7:14. I don’t consider my life worth the destruction of our children’s future. I want to live another 35 years, but not if it means the end of our economy and way of life,

MBrookes said...

I'm 75 years old and have a slight immune system problem. Before this virus problem I had a great life and I was happy most all the time. I would gladly go back to that. I do not like references to a new normal.... I want my old normal back. I am willing to make adjustments, I wear a mask, I do social distancing, I am missing my children this Mother's Day. I want to see an end to this, and I think it will only come through herd immunity. It doesn't look like there is a dependable vaccine on the horizon, so it will have to come through many people having the virus and surviving. That may mean we need to get out and about. Those of us who are in the danger range may need to stay in, but there is no need for a healthy 40 year old to not be able to go to a bar.

Anonymous said...

Summa you peeples never studied Maslow. That anyone would not choose self preservation and 'give up his life' for the greater good is a myth.

Anonymous said...

It's NOT a simplistic binary choice between some BS spreading geezer pretending to "sacrifice his life" for Wall Street and little Timmy being rescued by Lassie. Horse crap and John Wayne BS.

Hoss, you deliberately not wearing a mask means you'll do two things: get sick and infect others. Both cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital costs in severe cases. That costs society greatly.

This is real life, not a hokey 1950s B grade movie. You're not going to " save a job" by getting sick, by infecting healthcare workers, and by keeping the epidemic roaring. That hurts healthcare even more.

You need to work? Dozens of places are hiring. With overtime and bonuses.

And how does the economy get going again through lots of dead folks? Tell us how THAT brilliant idea works.

Anonymous said...

6:27 -- you need not worry about 'saying it the best you can'.

What you said was spot on, couldn't have been said better.

Anonymous said...

"There is no need for a healthy 40 year old not to be able to go to a bar" Actually, there is no need to go to a bar. Several countries that have closed bars have seen deaths overall go down even with Covid. Less drunks, less DUI death. But,no, Bubba needs a drank. Small price to pay for FreeDumb. Right?

Whoo hoo! Mississippi is now 19th in infection rates and 15th in Covid Death!!!!

Let her rip Tater! We're still 50th ranked in everything good so why can't we lead the nation in grueling lonely unnecessary DEATH!!

Anonymous said...

"t's 2:12. I would gladly sacrifice my life for the good of another. Your's included. Semper Fi brother!!!" Some folks just don't understand they have no say in when death will come along.
@2:36, I too have stood my ground alone and along with others in defense of others. Found out quite quickly what I was made of and apparently it carried me to this day.
From one to another, Oo Rah, Semper Fi.

Anonymous said...

I agree 6:27. There is no way I’m going anywhere unnecessary until it is reasonably safe to do so. Do these armchair Rambos not realize they are hurting their cause with the calls for opening it all up without restriction and refusing to wear a mask out of spite. Just a few unobtrusive preventive actions and the virus spread would go down like it has elsewhere. The economy would recover quicker the faster everyone begins to participate. There are a large number of people at risk or in close contact with someone at risk to make a noticeable dent in the recovery as the continue to wait it out. For a group of people who say they are for doing what is best for the economy they sure are taking actions that show they really only care about making some kind of personal statement.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Maslow's Theory debated in 2011 by researchers Louis Tay and Ed Diener and many others found support for some of Maslow’s basic needs, the order that people go through these steps seems to be more of a rough guide than a strict rule. I have also read Maslow and don't fully agree with all put to print. Be safe and happy in your search.

Anonymous said...

@9:20 It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Even Trump was in agreement with a progressive reopening based on virus spread and inherent risk of various activities. School must start back in the fall. Food has to be produced and distributed, and many other activities can be done without risking uncontrolled spread. Other things like concerts, sports, and other large gatherings should be last to go. Everything else falls in the middle and should be done with thoughts as to both economic needs and safety.

@11:12 Why do you say it doesn’t look like there is a dependable vaccine on the horizon. There are a number of trials ongoing that show results in a clinical setting and are starting human trials right now. I can understand pessimism if they start failing, but for now it looks reasonably possible to have a vaccine approved by Fall. It will take time to distribute billions of doses, but medical professionals and at risk people would be first in line. On the other hand, if a vaccine can’t be developed it likely means there will be no immunity to COVID and previously infected people will get it again as the virus mutates. There would never be herd immunity under those circumstances.

Anonymous said...

10:16, the virus isn't going anywhere. You can't stop it, it will continue to spread whether you stay at home or you don't wear a mask. If getting viruses was as easy as you seem to think it is, why haven't we done this with cold and flu viruses? Why are we the very first generation to figure this out? Are we really that smart? Or are we really that stupid?

Viruses stay with us long after the epidemic is through. We just eventually achieve herd immunity.

Anonymous said...

Who is Karen?

Anonymous said...

@10:16 it's not being armchair Rambo to be willing to risk your life for others. It's called selfless.

A parent does not wish to die, but would be willing to risk their own life to save their own child's life.

A soldier doesn't go into battle because he wants to die for others, but will put his life at risk to save others.

A police pulling a man out of a burning car is a hero because he was willing to risk his own life to save another person's life.

It's not that they want to die for heroic glorification, it's because they are SELFLESS. I would not expect somebody who is selfish to understand.

Anonymous said...

Karen is a derogatory term for anyone who supports protective measures like wearing masks and limiting risky activities that could lead to uncontrolled viral spread. People calling others “Karen” think they are wimps for not putting their lives on the line and just charging headfirst into unmitigated epidemic spread. They think lives are expendable.

Anonymous said...

“We really can’t depend on herd immunity until we get either enough people infected, or enough people vaccinated,” he said during the Thursday interview. That means either a vaccine is developed and the vast majority of people become immune to the virus, or 70-80% of people contract the virus through community spread and develop antibody protection, indirectly protecting the rest of the population that is not yet immune to the virus.

Both of these paths toward herd immunity can theoretically occur in the long-term future, experts say, but one is more deadly than the other.

“Eventually, we [will] achieve herd immunity, but we don’t want that to happen quickly,” says Gypsyamber D’Souza, a professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. “There would be so many deaths.”

So, those of you in favor of Let Her Rip are deliberately arguing for 1 or 2 million unnecessary, gruesome, and untimely deaths.

No one has suggested a complete shutdown until a vaccine. All with science backgrounds have urged folks to wear masks and continue social distancing.

But, do the math, hotshot. 80% of the US, 240,000,000 infected, with a 1% death rate: 2.4 Million Dead, in a year or two, for no need.

Then do the political math.

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING "selfless" about choosing to get sick, deplete resources, expose family and neighbors and healthcare workers, and use up PPE, hospital beds, and ventilators. It is the definition of ignorant selfishness. Pride. Fools rushing in where angels fear to tread. Idiots run out into the line of fire, get wounded, and we lose medics or corpsmen trying to retrieve them. They get transferred out of line units, quickly.

The Lord doesn't put up with deliberate foolishness, especially when you endanger others. He gave you a mind, he gave you choice. He expects you to better society by keeping folks well.

This "I wuz a Marine so I volunteer for Corona" and "Marines is guarding the gates of heaven" crap about "sacrificing" is a joke. Sorry, but George Patton, Army, opined, "“No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.”

We can't "win" the war on Covid or "Bring back the economy" by getting sick, euthanizing our elders, killing our sick kids (40% of hospitalizations are 20-55 years of age), or other B movie theatrics.

We "win" the war by cooperating, assisting others, wearing masks, following hygiene rules, staying at home as much as possible, and using common sense. We make work safe BEFORE returning, for all, including the lowest paid, the brown skinned, the folks stretched economically.

Again, explain to us how a Geezer gets Covid and this helps. It hurts. It hurts the economy, as he is not spending anything, then or perhaps anymore. It hurts his family. It hurts the taxpayer, who will foot the entire bill. It DOESN'T create a new job. It DOESN'T stimulate the economy.

If you believe that the "hospitality" industry, spelled bars, liquor, cruises, partying, is so vital to society rather than to some investors, let THEM be isolated from society. Force them to waive medical care and sign DNR orders, and carry them on themselves. THEY are the risk to society.

As for the vulnerable, I will sacrifice for them. I'll take on the "insurmountable burden" of not partying, wearing an effing mask, and not running out to Cholesterol Corner, the Bubba's favorite chow spot, to sit and bray like a hick.

I'll get takeout, and tip heavily, as I've been doing.

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