Monday, May 11, 2020

Covid-19 Update: 48 Fewer Hospitalizations

Correction: The post originally stated there were 108 fewer  hospitalizations.   Yours truly misread a "9" as a "3."

The Mississippi State Department of Health reported 173 new cases of the Wuhan Virus as well as 5 deaths today. The total number of cases is 9,674. The virus has caused 435 deaths. More information and a complete list of infected counties can be found at the MSDH website.

Hospitalizations decreased from 447 to 399 patients, the lowest since April 24. Patients on vents or in ICU beds dropped as well.

Pre-existing Conditions of  Deceased
Hypertension: 53% (58% black)
Obesity: 26% (65% black)
Diabetes: 41% (75% black)
Cardiovascular disesase: 50% (60% black)
Lung disease: 26% (55% black)
None: <5 p="">

Nursing home deaths: 193 (44% of overall deaths)

Deaths: 55% black/41% white


Anonymous said...

That's impossilbe!!! With all those Freedumb advocates not social distancing and not wearing masks! We need to turn our freedumb over to the government that will care for us.

Anonymous said...

Tater's going to look smart for a few days. By June the numbers will go back up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dobbs, GIGO. Keep paying for those positives Dobbs. We know what you are up to.

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting to hear from Dr. Dobbs if there was any kind of procedural change that caused the drop in hospitalizations. That is a huge drop in one day. It is possible they have dropped off an entire category of patient that was previously being counted, for example they may have previously counted people in rehab due to COVID effects and now are not. Same thing with suspected patients, a huge drop there too.

I hope that is the beginning of a trend.

Anonymous said...

By June the numbers will go back up.

So what?

Anonymous said...

Where are the cuts in government Reeves? Where is the shared sacrifice?

Anonymous said...

So... basically, the deaths are largely attributable to nursing homes (germ centers... ever been in one? Housekeeping is extremely poor!!) and those who are high-risk. Someone PLEASE explain how we got to this place? How statistics and fear took over common sense?

It's horrible that people have died, but people die EVERY SINGLE DAY. Some naturally, some tragically. People die of causes at much higher rates than this virus and the world still spins. The whole COVID-19 situation stinks and was/is nothing more than a manipulation campaign but some very sadistic people. (And before anyone blows a gasket, I'm not saying the virus isn't real and deadly... I'm saying it wasn't worth destroying the economy and locking the nation down. The only people content with the lockdown are those who are comfortable with their hands extended out to the government.)

Anonymous said...

@12:18p- I'd be willing to bet everything I own the decline is due to the cleaning up numbers. I firmly believe the cleanup will continue and eventually expose the EXTREME over-inflation of cases and related deaths.

I personally know of a 90+ year old man that went to a Jackson area ER due to an accident (he fell.) (Note: He's been in isolation for over 2 months.) Because the accident knocked the breath out of him, and he stated that to the robotic nurse, he was immediately whisked to COVID-19 unit due to "shortness of breath." So essentially, he was TESTED, LOGGED, AND TREATED for a virus that he WASN'T EVEN EXPOSED TO until the robotic nurse followed government protocol and placed him in the viral unit. I swear, it's like medical professionals have lost their common sense and all knowledge from their education. WHY would they do this?? WHO in their right mind thinks this is good policy and procedure??

Anonymous said...

So what? Death. Hospitalization at full taxpayer expense. Kidney damage. Dialysis shortages. Strokes. Kawasaki diseases. Heart damage. Long term COVID damage costs and suffering. A worse economic outcome than if folks followed even the most basis CDC guidance, long term.

I know, I know. You're for "What's in This For Me?" and "The Heck with Everybody Else."

Short term gain, long term pain (for others).

You hope. FreeDumb. Tea Party, ain't a gonna tell me what to do!!!!

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

12:29 pm Hoping for an inheritance?

Anonymous said...

What's so damn disturbing is so many on the far left who await the numbers everyday in Mississippi and elsewhere hoping there is bad news so it will help destroy Trump and the Republican Party. One of the most shameful things in my many decades on this earth. 😷

Anonymous said...

It will continue to be what we don't know about CV19 as yet that is dangerous.

We don't know if it is seasonal and our warmer weather is helping.

We still haven't seen 14 days of a consistent fall in cases.

We still don't know why CV19 children are showing up in hospitals and how many will have long term damage. Nor do we know how many adults will be left with long term damage.

We still aren't prepared for consequences because we don't know what they are with the mutations of this virus that is NOT like the ones in the past.

And, yes, with the new drug available, fewer will die or need to be in ICU and with more testing available, those infected can be treated earlier. Sadly, that varies widely from State to State...good that we are red. Not good for our Nation that it matters.

Anonymous said...

12:40 What is needed is a plan, which is exactly what we don't have now. When we did have a plan for phased reopening that Trump said he supported he turned right around the next day and celebrated protesters that were against it. Anyone that wanted a test could get it but actually almost nobody could unless they were knocking on death's door. Hydroxychloroquine was a game changer that turned out to be a dud. CDC tries to issue guidelines for businesses to reopen and the White House shuts it down because it is too "prescriptive". The false puffery is doing just as much to make people discouraged as the disease itself.

Jesus Christ on a cracker, what we need is good, solid leadership to provide a path to reasonable economic operations that is clearly communicated and supported by scientific data. We absolutely need widespread antibody testing to see who is still susceptible to the disease, a plan to open up businesses and activities that are not excessively risky vectors for epidemic spread, effective contact tracing to ensure outbreaks are controlled quickly, and a way to protect those at risk of complications.

Anonymous said...

A worse economic outcome than if folks followed even the most basis CDC guidance, long term.?

Worse for whom?

Anonymous said...

Worse for America. Worse for everyone, long term. Worse as in "W", a W shaped recovery.

Mainline GOPers, now resigned to POTUS Biden, and most likely a Dem Senate, don't want any more aid, so, we're basically screwed with the half assed effort so far. So, when COVID hits the second worse wave, with flu and COVID ravaging, it's going to get worse, not better. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. And shit like rushing to re open barbershops and toting toy ARs about screaming at nurses doesn't help. It hurts to be stupid.

"A double-dip recession would significantly heighten the risks for an already debilitated U.S. economy. Congress has provided roughly $3 trillion in aid — by far its largest rescue ever — to help households and companies survive the next few months. That short-term aid, though, assumes any recovery will last. If a second downturn were to flare up, it’s far from clear that Congress would be ready to offer trillions more to enable businesses to survive yet another round of months-long shutdowns.

Nor do many companies have the cash reserves to cushion against a second recession. And just as threatening, a double-tip downturn would sap the confidence of individuals and businesses that is essential to an economic bounce-back. If consumers don’t trust that a recovery will last, many won’t resume spending, and the economy would struggle to rebound."

Anonymous said...

@2:29p- Hydroxychloroquine didn't turn out to be a dud... geez. It works/worked for many!! And, it's insanely cheaper than the Fauci backed drug! Not every drug for every disease works on every person. Gasp... every person cannot tolerate and/or see results from Tamiflu... but it's touted as the Holy Grail for flu! Not every person with diabetes injects the same insulin. Not every heart disease patient takes the same drugs... and on and on.

What we needed from day one was NOT to shut down our country! What we needed was for our President to close the borders (he's tried for years) and stop travel immediately (I believe he shut down China as soon as possible, but should have shut down all international travel immediately.) The initial cases came from international travelers. My favorite was Gates' home state seeing some of the first documented hotspots. He's such a slimeball!!

What we needed was for VULNERABLE people to lockdown... not everyone! What we need was an honest media and government... NEVER going to happen! What we need are MORE healthcare providers willing to speak out with the truth and not cower in fear of losing licenses. What we need is for people to stop living in fear of a virus that has killed far less than many other illnesses/accidents/murders (abortion). What we need is common sense!!!

Anonymous said...

"Plandemic" is not crazy.

Anonymous said...

No way - Mississippi Today plastered all over social media this morning a story titled with how we have a record number of cases!

Anonymous said...

12:40, I'm not content with the lockdown, but I also realize that crap like you are spewing has nothing to do with reality.

First off, the number of deaths in MS is not "largely" due to nursing homes / long term care facilities - today they announced that the total deaths from LTC was 43%. Yes, that is a big number but when I took math many decades ago, largely did not define less than half.

Also, your "People die of causes at much higher rates than this virus and the world still spins" is an interesting statement, but it would be much more valuable if you could provide one cause that is 'much higher rate' than COVID.

While you are looking for that, I'll sit back and have a drink - without my hand reaching out for the government to put anything in it. Let me know when you have your answer.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you don't have any common sense to go along with your "math" many decades ago.

Largely, can most certainly be half or less. It is the largest population of groups. It's not the LTC deaths vs everyone else.

Anonymous said...

And, while you guys are arguing over whom to "lock-down", the same selfish narcissists as usual, are circling above Madison, pointlessly joyriding in their loud little planes, depriving people of of desperately-needed sleep. Sleep deprivation is an immunosuppressant. And in a time when people need their immune systems the most (to fight-off Covid-19), these guys are being allowed, in essence, to MURDER with noise, the healthcare workers and first responders in Madison, who work night shifts.

Calm Down said...

Comments on this blog make me lose hope for my country. Even those that I mostly agree with.

Anonymous said...

UMC had more patients in the hospital and specifically in their ICU today than all but one day during this entire event (tied for 2nd,)at least according to a report released by UMC internally to employees.

The entire group of metropolitan area hospitals are at full capacity, this is the result of the COVID-19 patients and the usual trauma and illness associated with the "return to normal" operations.

You usually have pretty good sources at UMC--they are at least as good as the ones I have. Isn't this the truth on the COVID-19 hospital capacity locally?

Anonymous said...

@5:15p- I responded to you, yet, once again my comment doesn’t get posted...

Kingfish said...

Hmm.... It might be because you began with: "@5:15: Are you dumb or just slow??? I specifically said..."

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