Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Panhandling in Style

Some poor schmuck made the mistake of pointing out on social media that some of our local panhandlers are begging in style:

I hate posting these things but we need to STOP giving these people money. The same 3 guys around St. dominics, Lakeland Dr. get dropped off in this car at those intersections and sometimes park in the Mcdades parking lot. Just saw all 3 walking together to their car minutes ago. 

 Since this post has obviously stirred the pot, I just want to clarify that I, am in no way saying that we shouldn’t support the needy. We should absolutely try to help those in need. I am just bringing attention that there may be individuals taking advantage of the situation and to be more aware when you offer aid and in how you do it. Sometimes throwing money at someone is not the way to do it. It they truly need aid, food and supplies, work opportunities would do more good than cash.

Our local do-gooder didn't realize what he was doing when he tried to make Jackson a better place because the professional do-gooders in Belhaven and The Fondren came down on him Hard. Real Hard.  Bet he doesn't try that again.  They told him. 


Anonymous said...

Go to some of our larger neighboring state Capitols and you will find adult males wearing vague athletic attire and holding well worn football helmets aggressively panhandling. They pretend to be high schoolers, but it is pretty obvious that they aren't. The locals apparently tolerate them knocking on windows and shouting at motorists at stop lights.

The panhandling in Jackson is tame. But it shouldn't be tolerated. It isn't tolerated in Rankin.

Anonymous said...

I panhandle for about 2 hours a day to get by. The way I see it, the capitalists in the metro don't offer fair compensation for my labor. Panhandling gives me cash for liquor and lotto tickets. My housing, food, and healthcare are paid by taxes from you wage slaves.

Voltaire said...

I saw the post and replies. Many people in the neighborhood agreed with him, as do I. Apparently few of those who disagreed were aware of the in-depth investigation by the Clarion Ledger (yes, there were such things) some years back that verified that these folks are all or almost all professional beggars, who have chosen that work over other options.

If you choose to pay them for their work, I strongly suggest that you go to a fast food place and get a bunch of gift certificates, keep them in your car, and hand them out judiciously. That would help to prevent your money going for drugs or alcohol.

More reason, less irrationality.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the REAL money is in Madison County. Go to the intersection of Gluckstadt and Bozeman Road any Saturday morning and look at the panhandlers. Civitan Club, Volunteer Firefighters, "Select" sports teams are all out begging for money. And they get as much from me as the St. Dom panhandlers do during the week - that is to say, nothing!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this guy was absolutely hammered by the nextdoor fondren crowd. They said he was heartless to point out such a thing and claimed he shod keep opinions to himself. It was unreal the nasty comments he received. Lemo liberals.

Anonymous said...

If you don't work you don't eat. If you are a working age, able bodied person (especially male), there are VERY few excuses to not being able to provide for yourself.

We should not enable this type of behavior as a society. In fact, we should actively shame it.

Anonymous said...

At least they choose a form of "work" to gain monetary compensation instead of crawling in a window somewhere in the vicinity.

Hypocrites said...

The Belhaven liberals love to spew hate while talking of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Rather than just asking for cash, perhaps the panhandlers should start thinking about selling some of those "World's Finest Chocolate Bars".

Anonymous said...

2:34 pm


You are just that stupid.

Lemo is not a limo. It’s not even a typo.

It’s your abject stupidity shining through.

And its why we are here today.

Ignorant people provide baseless opinions and spew hatred.

They are 99% of trumps supporters.

Its all right there in one word...lemo.

You attempted to belittle others using sharp pointy word play....but you can’t.

Do the world a favor and quit trying to use your brain for constructive thought....it’s over.


And So It Goes said...

No, 2:47. You're confusing some bleeding heart liberals with conservative Trumpeters, whose hearts are stony and bloodless, yet so many are unrepentant evangelists. Back in the day such a phenomenon was labeled "cognitive dissonance." I would label it "Satan worship."

Darkness falls across the land.

Anonymous said...

2:35 Society doesn’t allow shaming anything anymore.

Anonymous said...

3:10 This has nothing to do with Trump. Temper your moxie. Do not excuse mediocre conduct of people scamming the system nor conflate outrage of this type of behavior with some lack of sympathy for those in unfortunate situations. Excoriating people and insulting groups does nothing to further discussion or solution. Bad Actors do need to be called out. Root problems need to be identified and corrected. Safety nets need to be springboards to self sufficiency/ zero reliance. At the same time cities and businesses need to protect against an overall loss of quality of life which makes everyone oh-so much poorer. Sleeping on sidewalks, improper hygiene and panhandle restrictions are essential for the entire community and the poorest communities the most. spare us the short term ad hominem attacks that only exacerbates
the many problems. Go out and solve something if you are so triggered.

Anonymous said...

3:10 is a fine example of loving, caring, liberal tolerance.

Sadly, 3:10's ilk will win the day as the US slides into totalitarianism.

Anonymous said...

When anarchy breaks out @3:10 is first.

Cynical Sam said...

About four years ago I stopped at the bottom of an interstate offramp at the light, intending to turn left.

Standing on the left shoulder was a man panhandling. It was the middle of Summer, i.e. quite hot, so I opened my window and gave him a bottle of Dasani water. He took it and said "it's not cold" and tossed it.

Bless the hearts of panhandlers.

Anonymous said...

Well, the fast food voucher idea didn't work for me.

It did sound like a reasonable idea on "paper", so I gave it a try.

After giving a $10.00 McDonald's gift certificate to a "homeless" panhandler, he frowned at me . . . mumbled something, and let my gift fall out of his hand.

From my rear view mirror, I watched my perfectly good hot meal certificate float into five o'clock traffic on Lakeland Drive.

Never again will I try to help these con artists.

Anonymous said...

Half of y'all would shame Lazarus.

Anonymous said...

Write a big check to the Salvation Army. Their administration costs are very small and they are pros at working with the down out of society.

Never give to a panhandler. If they are truly hurting they can get to the Salvation Army. Gateway Rescue Mission is the real deal as well.

Anonymous said...

Similar experience. I was waiting to get a car wash at the Exxon near the old Hooters when a man startled me by walking up to my window (which was down while I activated the car wash) in broad daylight. He asked me for an oddly specific amount of money - $17 I believe - which he claimed would cover a tank of gas to get back to his grandchildren in Meridian. Feeling extremely vulnerable with my window down and out of sight of any bystanders, I gave him what I had which I think was $4. He grew furious and dropped the money on the ground before storming off. That was several years ago, and I haven’t given anything to a panhandler since.

Anonymous said...

All the bleeding hearts should give their addresses so these beggars can be dropped off on the street corner closest to their house to ask for handouts. It’s clear they don’t seem to mind them, have no issue with their presence and will shower them with wonderful gifts.

Anonymous said...

One the bums at Exit 100 has been working that location for easily 6-7 years. Every time I see him I hassle the shit out of him. Just waiting for him to make a move.

Anonymous said...

" Half of y'all would shame Lazarus."

Nope 6:47.

We learned our lesson and are no longer gullible.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Try getting out every once in awhile . . . and then you can perhaps relate to these facts.

Anonymous said...

Some of you have absolutely lost your mind. What the hell is wrong with wanting someone to earn what they eat? There is not a damn thing bloodless about expecting a grown man to be a productive citizen. The liberal minds are seriously skewed. Calling someone out or shaming someone still keeps most people honest and with a conscience to try to do better next time. For the people who do work and are proud to be productive, keep it up. The panhandlers just weren’t taught any better and they will never be able to assist someone who is really in need. There are plenty of businesses looking for honest help.

Anonymous said...

You can't give a homeless person a gift card for a fast food restaurant so far away that they must burn more calories and risk death walking through the warzone that is Jackson to buy sustenance with your shitty insulting giftcard. You people may have inherited your grandfather's money but you are so dumb. If you want them to buy food with your money then give them a tenner and a pint of Wild Irish Rose to wash down supper.

Anonymous said...

Ask them for a dollar before they can ask you. It throws them for a loop.

Cynical Sam said...

More than once a panhandler has approached me and asked me for money for food. I would then offer to buy them something to eat.



However, one time a young man approached me and said that he was very hungry and needed money to eat. There was a McDonalds nearby and I said that I wouldn't give him money, but I would buy him a meal. He said yes. I told him to order all that he wanted and I paid for it. He was very grateful.

He was the 1%.

Anonymous said...

"You can't give a homeless person a gift card for a fast food restaurant so far away that they must burn more calories and risk death walking through the warzone that is Jackson to buy sustenance with your shitty insulting giftcard. You people may have inherited your grandfather's money but you are so dumb. If you want them to buy food with your money then give them a tenner and a pint of Wild Irish Rose to wash down supper."

OK, millennial...

Screw 'em. Give them a loaf of outlet store bread and a pack of 99 cent hotdogs and if they don't like it, hit them with a firehose. Or take them home with you, but make sure you stop and get a handle of Gentleman Jack, a few filets and some foie gras, and a really nice Bourdeaux. Of course, before you let them hit the rack, you might want to take them for a couple of hours at a spa (or PetsMart for a wash-n-dip) and swing by Brooks Brothers for some silk jammies and at least one business outfit and another suitable for both a nice brunch and a business casual happy hour.

PS - if you find 'em under a bridge, maybe they could help you out with the trolling and earn their keep...

Anonymous said...

"Ask them for a dollar before they can ask you. It throws them for a loop."

Amateur. Ask them if they have change for a hundred and when they pull it out, snatch it and drive off laughing maniacally.

Anonymous said...

3:10’s just playing the game the only way leftists can play it.

Claiming Trump supporters are not compassionate, are racist and dumb is pretty much all they’ve got since they can’t win on their results (highest crime/murder rates, heroin needles and human shit on their streets to name a few).

Of course that jig is about up since most (except the truly mentally challenged) have figured out that:

Leftist are the least givers to charity;

Leftist are the absolute most racist; and

the most obvious fact of all is that

Leftists rely on the dumbest of the dumb to keep electing them.

Why do leftists want the voting age reduced to 16? Because science says brain development doesn’t reach full maturity until the age of 25 i.e. 16 years olds for the most part are dumb-asses.

To see which party really has the dumbest constituents, let’s require all members of congress i.e. “representatives” to take an IQ test and make the results public.

P. S. 9:34 & 11:25, I love your recommendations! Keep them coming.

Socrates said...

Psych 101: If you want more of a behavior, reward it. If you want less of a behavior, ignore it. This is inarguable. Do you want more begging on Jackson streets?

Anonymous said...

Giving without unaccountably is not Biblical. Have I given out the window of the car, hat ebbing told, 'Bless you' it encourages bad behavior.
Saw two guys fight in Houston over a corner, there were 6 total, not enough lanes to go around I guess. A prized lane is worth fighting over.
It is hard work to live off the fruit of the land.

Messick said...

For the record; Lazarus drove an Audi.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any difference between panhandling on Lakeland Dr/County Line Rd and begging on TV for offerings for a preacher to buy a new jet.

Anonymous said...

People who give to panhandlers do it to make themselves feel good. This is not a good way to work off your own guilt nor to get a small jolt of feelgood for doing good. You are encouraging them to beg. You are supporting their bad habits -- believe me, not their good habits. Give to the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Stewpot, and many other local charities. These need your support. Give to your local clergy person. They daily have families in real need for prescriptions, clothing, milk, and light bills. These are the true needs in our City. NOT the beggars on the corners. And, please don't compare them to TV beggars. It is easy to change the channel; not so easy to remember to donate to real charities.

Anonymous said...

@ Stfu I do not find you charming. Quite the opposite. Judgmental and

Anonymous said...

^^^ 4:48

Anonymous said...

Hey, everyone look at 3:10. 3:10 is so smart, so good at spelling, so talented and compassionate. Only 3:10 has a right to an opinion, no matter how wrong it is.

Keep it up 3:10! You're a winner and everyone else is a loser.

Anonymous said...

On a recent trip to Seattle I witnessed many of the "Panhandler" scams. Pretending to be pregnant or a Veteran, etc.

But the most outrageous was the disabled, starving person, in a wheelchair in front of Nordstrom's. A poor woman sat their begging for money to feed the dog in her lap. You see she was crippled but did not fret over her own discomfort but simply needed your money to feed the dog.

The poor woman couldn't walk so how was she to provide for the dog. Funny thing is that at shift change she got right up and walked off and a man sat right down in the same wheelchair with the same sign and same dog.

Neither of them seem particularly grateful that you used your hard earned cash to try to help then out. In fact, they seemed entitled.

One other thought- 3:10 you STFU

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